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If Ted Grant came back, then I have a chance, too. That's what being Wildcat really is. Thank you, Courtney. Thank you for picking me.
Yolanda to Courtney in "The Justice Society"

Yolanda Montez is a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

Yolanda was a straight-A student at Blue Valley High who never did anything wrong until she was put in a situation in which she had no control. Her popularity quickly vanished and she became an outcast due to a scandal.

She forms an unlikely friendship with Courtney Whitmore, Beth Chapel, and Rick Tyler as they worked together to stop the villains of the past. With her new friends, Yolanda continues the legacy of the Justice Society of America as the second Wildcat.


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Yolanda was once a popular and attentive high schooler with big dreams. She attended church with her family and was voted most outgoing at BVHS alongside Henry King Jr. Three months ago, she ran for class president and was supported by her doting parents, grandmother, and younger cousin. She had been in a relationship with Henry King Jr. for quite some time and believed they were serious. He supported her campaign, however, her classmate and presidential rival Cindy Burman, was jealous of Yolanda's relationship with Henry.

One night, Henry asked Yolanda to send him revealing photos of herself. She was hesitant at first but eventually did send him a topless photo. The next day, Henry showed off the images to his friends while Yolanda discussed things with Principal Bowin. Cindy grabbed Henry's phone long enough to see the messages, though he quickly grabbed it back. At the school assembly, Cindy sent the pictures of Yolanda to the entire student body and faculty. Yolanda was humiliated and disgraced by her family. Her relationship with Henry fell apart and she faced serious consequences by her religious parents. She was grounded until they said otherwise and her phone privileges taken away. They stopped bringing her to church and made it known how Yolanda had disgraced the Montez name. At school, she was dubbed the school slut.[2]


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In the crowded cafeteria at her usual table, Yolanda is silently eating her salad, paying no attention to fellows students and table companions, Rick Tyler and Beth Chapel. They are suddenly joined by new-girl Courtney Whitmore. Courtney introduces herself and Beth warmly responds while Yolanda continues to ignore Courtney's presence. When Courtney tries to converse with the group Yolanda stays silent along with everyone else. Beth informs Courtney that the people at the table aren't friends and are losers. Yolanda merely looks up at Beth and barely reacts when Rick sulks out of the cafeteria. The trio is soon joined by Henry King Jr. and two of his football friends. Two boys lean on the table to Yolanda's left, while Henry leans close to Yolanda's right. She leans away from Henry, visibly uncomfortable. Henry tauntingly asks her if she has any new pictures of herself that she would like to share with them. Courtney tells him to leave Yolanda alone, much to Yolanda's surprise. Yolanda incredulously witnesses a struggle between Courtney and Henry that results in Courtney going to detention with the principal.[3]

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The next day at lunch, Yolanda is eating a salad at her usual table. She is ignoring Beth Chapel's conference call with her parents but occasionally glances up or rolls her eyes. Courtney joins the table and after the video chat, Yolanda notices Courtney looking at her but doesn't say anything at first. After a few moments, she angrily snaps at Courtney to stop staring at her and abruptly leaves the table.[4]

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The days that followed were still unkind to Yolanda, as she dealt with taunts from Cindy Burman. Yolanda comes to school to find that someone wrote "SLUT" on her locker in white paint. She traces the words rubbing at them, but they don't budge. Courtney approaches Yolanda and tells her that if they have nail polish remove they can get the words off, but Yolanda tearfully closes her locker and walks away.

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That afternoon, Yolanda is taking books out of her locker, which now has a beautiful floral mural painted over the heinous word. Cindy teases Yolanda about the flowers and taunts her. Cindy reminds Yolanda that she never should have dated Henry when Cindy realized she liked him. Yolanda stays silent during the onslaught and Cindy asks Yolanda to say what she is - a slut. Courtney confronts Cindy for the slut-shaming but is retorted that no one cares about her opinion. Cindy leaves and Courtney's prepared to go after her but Yolanda stops her, saying it'll make it worse for both of them.[5]

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Three months ago, Yolanda Montez awakens from her alarm and sits up grinning happily. She gets dressed and hurries downstairs where she is affectionately greeted by her mother and Grandmother, who are all wearing some kind of "Vote for Yolanda" merch. Her cousin jumps out and opens his shirt revealing a "Vote for Yolanda" t-shirt. She smiles at him and leaves for school, where she hangs a "Vote for Yolanda" poster. She then greets her boyfriend, Henry King Jr., and enthusiastically puts a voting pin in his shirt. They walk down the hallway together smiling happily, his arm casually draped over her shoulders. Cindy Burman walks past them and Henry barely glances at her, paying the most attention to Yolanda. They continue down the hallway despite Cindy's glares.

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That night, Yolanda is doing homework when she receives a text message from Henry. He eagerly texts Yolanda asking her to send him a picture of herself - something sexy. She is apprehensive, calling him bad but he pleads with her. He assures her it will just be for him and claims to love her, then sends "please" with an emoji. She hesitates but stands up standing in front of the mirror. She looks at the picture of her and Henry on her nightstands and then does send him a topless picture. The next day at school, Henry is gathered with his friends by the lockers. He is showing them something on his phone, which can only be assumed to be the photos Yolanda sent him. Yolanda walks past with Principal Bowin smiling happily. He lowers his phone as his gaze follows Yolanda as she passes and he continues to smile. Before he knows it, Cindy snatches the phone from his hand. She sees the images of Yolanda on his phone though he quickly grabs it away, scolding her.

The Betrayal

At the assembly for student government elections, Yolanda's entire family gathered in support for her, even wearing "vote for Yolanda" merch. Henry is also in the audience. Yolanda is on stage giving her speech when a text message is sent to every student and faculty member in the auditorium. Yolanda looks down at her phone in confusion and is stunned to see the photos of herself that she sent to Henry. She tearfully looks up at the crowd. The students cheer and clap until she runs off stage, humiliated by the betrayal.

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In the present day, Henry runs into Yolanda in the hallway, earning an "ow" from her. He places his hands on her shoulders and apologizes for knocking her off-balance. He awkwardly continues, while she readjusts her backpack looking at him as he leaves. Henry is pulled aside by his girlfriend, Cindy Burman, who interrogates him about what Yolanda said to him. He tells her it was nothing but she pushes him on. He blows her off and walks away, ignoring her yelling his name after him. Cindy takes it upon herself to confront Yolanda.

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Yolanda is trying to get her books out of her locker when she is confronted by Cindy, who is accompanied by Jenny. Cindy taunts Yolanda, telling her that she knows Yolanda said something dirty to Henry. She presses that he's seen enough of her - everyone has. Courtney quickly defends Yolanda who sneaks away as a tense standoff between the girls commences. Cindy warns Courtney that she has no idea who she's dealing with, but Courtney returns the sentiment, much to Yolanda's surprise. Cindy stands close to Courtney warning her that she'll never see her coming before angrily walking off with Jenny. Yolanda walks off but Courtney follows her and they converse in another hallway. Courtney tries to explain she's trying to help but Yolanda insists that she doesn't want Courtney or anyone else's help and wants to be left alone by the whole school.

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Courtney finds Yolanda in the school gym angrily punching a punching bag. Yolanda once more asks Courtney to stop following her. Courtney says she can't and begins to say that something is happening, to which Yolanda counters that she's right - because she has a freak following her around. Courtney ignores the comment and clarifies that it's something in Blue Valley and she needs Yolanda's help to fight it. Yolanda says she wants nothing to do with her or anyone in this school, but Courtney begs for the chance to be heard and invites her to dinner. She asks for her phone number but Yolanda snaps back that her mom took her phone. Insistent, Courtney writes down her address, but Yolanda doesn't promise anything.

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Arriving home, Yolanda quietly greets her cousin, grandmother, and mother. Mrs. Montez curtly tells her daughter to go upstairs and that she'll call her for dinner. Yolanda hesitates then tells her that she got invited to a friend's house for dinner and asks if she can go. Mrs. Montez refuses, saying she's grounded. Yolanda protests for how much longer, but her mother sharply responds that she's grounded until she says so. This hurts Yolanda but she doesn't say anything and obliges her mother's wishes. Meanwhile, Courtney looks at an old BVHS yearbook where she finds a photo of Yolanda and Henry together, having been voted most outgoing. Courtney suddenly realizes the perfect way to approach Yolanda.

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The next school day, Yolanda finds Courtney waiting for her at the gym. Yolanda angrily tells her to get a hint. Courtney, having discovered her and Henry's past relationship, reveals that she was the one who blew up Henry's car. Yolanda is dubious, but Courtney reveals that she knows what he did to her. Yolanda remarks that everyone does, and sits down as Courtney praises her bravery for coming to school day after day. Yolanda tears up, confessing that she knew he could be a jerk sometimes but he was so nice to her. After a few months, she thought it was getting serious, now thinks that Henry didn't see her as anything other than just another girl. Her parents were devastated and embarrassed by the scandal. They couldn't bear to be around her, don't take her to church, or talk to her. She admits that she doesn't want to hate anybody but she does hate Henry. Courtney asks if she wants to see how she blew up Henry's car, to which Yolanda admits that she does.

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Courtney takes Yolanda to her basement and shows her the Cosmic Staff, whose brightness is blinding Yolanda. She sets it down, and an unimpressed but curious Yolanda asks about it. Courtney proudly says that it belonged to her father, Starman. Yolanda doesn't know who Starman is, clearly confused. In simple terms, Courtney says her father was a superhero and now she's one too - she even has a costume. Yolanda is skeptical, clearly thinking Courtney must by crazy. Courtney eagerly tells her that she has a costume for her too. Yolanda follows Courtney out of the basement, awkwardly avoiding the cosmic staff that is resting on a post.

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Once upstairs, Courtney, dressed as Stargirl, eagerly asks Yolanda to come out of the closet and show her to the costume. Yolanda doesn't due to the ill-fit of the suit as it looks bad on her. Courtney retorts that there isn't a mirror in there so she can't possibly know that, then reminds her that it's just them and no one else is home. Reluctantly, Yolanda emerges and glumly compares her suit to Courtney's, with hers being baggy and lame while Courtney's is cool. Courtney begs her to put on the Wildcat headset, and Yolanda compares the smell to gym class. With insistence, Yolanda puts it on and the suit suddenly molds to her body on a sweeping blue nanotechnical wave. The girls are wowed, and Yolanda admires herself in the mirror than asks what Wildcat could do.

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They check Wikipedia, finding that the original Wildcat had claws that could cut metal. She whips out her long claws to their amazement, and head downstairs to test her ability on the toaster. The girls are thrilled when it works, squealing in excitement. They go outside to assess Yolanda's physicality. The suit enables her to jump onto a picket fence with a catlike ability and walk on top of it by sending blue pulses through her. She's even able to land on her feet perfectly. Flying to The American Dream clock tower, they see if she can jump off the building. Yolanda's nervous as there's a big difference between murdering a toaster and jumping off a building. Courtney backtracks and says she doesn't have to do it. However, Yolanda says this is the first time in months she listened to herself and prepares to jump but stops mostly due to Courtney's protest. Courtney reassures her that it's okay and they can take the stairs.

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Once downstairs, she fills Yolanda in about the ISA and their history. Henry Jr. drives by so the staff knocks Yolanda to her knees. Courtney mentions that Henry's father is another supervillain, Brainwave. Yolanda takes a moment then mentions that his being a villain makes sense. She guesses that the other villains in Blue Valley must also want to visit him in the hospital; though probably not in their supervillain alter-egos but rather as their assumed civilian identities to avoid suspicion. Courtney's excitingly agrees with Yolanda noting that she's a natural.

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They head for the hospital, where Stargirl presents the plan - she'll create a distraction while Yolanda, as Wildcat, steals the visitor's log in Brainwave's room. Brainwave's room is on the seventh floor. Wildcat is confused as to how she'll get up there, to which Stargirl responds that she'll climb, gesturing to the brick wall. Wildcat is hesitant but Stargirl remarks that she'll help her through the radio communication in their masks. She encourages her and hears Wildcat praying before finally building up the nerve to whip out her claws and jump. She manages to get a grip on the side of the building and begins to claw up, but mid-way, some bricks give way and she loses her grip. Wildcat falls and desperately rakes her claws against the building as she finally stops. Loose bricks shatter on the ground. Below, a medical orderly look at the bricks on the ground, but a conversation with Beth Chapel prevents him from looking up. Wildcat climbs back up again and through the open window. She finds herself in a stranger's room and has to hide behind the door as a nurse comes to check in on her patient. The nurse doesn't notice Wildcat. Through their intercoms, Stargirl says she's going to turn off the electricity but the Staff prevents her from getting close. Wildcat urges her not to do so as some people are on life support, including the guy laying in front of her. Stargirl embarrassingly smiles at the Staff, and Wildcat confronts her on how long has she been a superhero, to which Courtney awkwardly confesses that it has not been for longer than a week. Wildcat then inquires as to how long Stargirl trained under her father’s tutelage, with a guiltier Stargirl again confessing that no such training ever happened — much to Wildcat's chagrin. Yolanda remarks that she shouldn't be listening to Courtney if that's true.

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Stargirl is eventually able to create a diversion, and the nurse hears the commotion and leaves her post. This allows Wildcat access to the receptionist area and finds the visitors log. The nurse comes back and blames the janitor, as Wildcat can sneak away. She slips into a random room but is surprised when she turns and sees Henry with his comatose father. In a fit of rage, she whips out her claws and raises her hand, ready to strike but is stopped when Junior tearfully tells his father he misses him. No longer feeling angry, she backs away but bumps into a table. Henry hears the noise and looks behind him but finds no one. Wildcat is clinging to the ceiling to avoid being seen.

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Once he leaves, she drops to the floor and calls out to Stargirl, whose mid-air on the Staff. They hear someone else coming in and hide, as Principal Anaya Bowin briskly comes in with a suitcase. She opens it and holds up a violin, proceeding to play a dramatic tune. Yolanda watches in complete shock, mouthing words to Stargirl who is also shocked. Henry Sr.'s heartbeat monitor increases, but nothing changes physically. Anaya packs up and leaves, much to the shock of the girls, who wonder if she's also a villain. Stargirl calls out Yolanda's name as she leaves out the window, and the two are overheard and watched, by Beth Chapel.

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At Courtney's home, the girls are disheartened to see only Henry Jr.'s name on the visitor log but remark that Principal Bowin didn't sign hers. Courtney doesn't take this as a loss, thinking out loud about how they can track the villains. Yolanda sadly confesses to Courtney she's isn't her Wildcat - she needs to retrieve her old life first before she can put on a costume. She hands Courtney the suit and leaves to go home. Courtney understands but is extremely saddened by Yolanda's choice.

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Yolanda arrives home and parents are angry to see her come in from the outside, as she should have been upstairs. Before she goes upstairs she states that she needs to make an announcement. She emotionally admits that she made a mistake by trusting someone she shouldn't have. She knows she brought shame to the family and asks for their forgiveness. She wants them to help her get back to the girl she was all those months ago. They stay silent until Yolanda's mom tells her she'll never be the girl from before as she disgraced her family and herself. Her father tells her to go to her room. Yolanda tearfully cries on her bed but notices the open window behind her. She finds the Wildcat suit and a note from Courtney says she can't do it alone. Resolved in finding a new way to move forward, she suits up as Wildcat and heads to Courtney's whose delighted to see her.[6]

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In the days that follow, Yolanda helps Courtney in trying to find new JSA members. She is annoyed that Courtney brings the bag of JSA artifacts to school, as they struggle to fit the bag into Courtney's locker. Courtney explains that she didn't have a choice but to bring it to school as her mom was going through her closet this morning. The girls are unaware that Beth Chapel is following them and eavesdropping on their conversation. Courtney tells Yolanda they need new members, and Yolanda points out Artemis Crock, saying she's the best athlete in the school. Courtney says she thought about her but she's too competitive. As if on cue, Artemis tackles a jock to the floor, much to Yolanda's cringe. Courtney explains that they need someone with heroic traits too, as they can't have anyone less than deserving to carry on the Justice Society's legacy. Yolanda asks if they can think of anyone outside of Blue Valley High School, but Courtney claims that adults can't be trusted. After all, anyone could be an ISA member.

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That night, Yolanda meets with Courtney to help her find Rick Tyler, a new recruit. She admits that when Courtney told her that she found a new recruit for Captain Mid-Nite, she wasn't expecting Beth Chapel. Courtney corrects her that the alias is Dr. Mid-Nite, but clarifies that she didn't exactly find her - Beth just found the goggles and activated them. She makes an off-hand comment about Beth having not stopped talking since then. Yolanda notes that everyone knows that talking is Beth Chapel's superpower. Beth, having overheard the entire conversation, remarks that it's true much to Yolanda's surprise. Now outside the Burman household, Yolanda refuses to go inside, having seen Henry King Jr. through the window. Courtney assures her that it's okay and they'll call her when they find Rick. A few minutes later, Henry leaves the party and, from across the street, Yolanda thinks jerk at him and Henry hears her. He stops and looks around confused. He notices Yolanda and asks what she said, but she claims not to have heard anything so he walks off.

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Yolanda joins Courtney and Beth by the pool, as Courtney managed to find Rick. He goes through each girl noting their superhero aliases - Stargirl and Wildcat. He gets to Beth but she is interrupted by Yolanda who clarifies that Beth is just borrowing the goggles for the night. Yolanda stays quiet as Rick activates the hourglass but seems unnerved when he is able to crush a keg with ease. Rick rejects joining the JSA saying he's doing his own thing. Courtney protests that he can't take the hourglass, but Rick reminds her it was his father and now it's his. He sharply tells her later before leaving. Yolanda sarcastically congratulates Courtney for making the biggest delinquent in school an unstoppable beast, but Courtney's determined to get through to him. Yolanda doesn't think he'll listen, but Courtney tells her he won't when they're dressed like this. The girls leave to confront Rick.

105 SC122.png

As the night dwindles to an end, Rick returns to the sight of his parent's death - the tree. Stargirl and Wildcat appear. Stargirl states that they just want to talk. Rick exclaims that he isn't playing games with them. He doesn't understand how his parents dying in a tragic accident could be God's plan, but Yolanda tells him sadly that it wasn't God's plan. It was just an accident. This angers him as he needs someone to blame. Stargirl says she understands but Rick yells that she doesn't. She doesn't know what it's like to be filled with such anger that he feels poisoned. He thinks about hitting something all the time, and asks her if she thinks he likes that. Yolanda listens to Stargirl's attempt to reason with him. He repeats that it's his choice and a moment passes. Enraged, he punches the tree, causing it to split where his fist connects with it. He says he never had the choice and approaches the pair. Stargirl points the Staff at him, telling him she can't let him keep the hourglass when he's in this state. Wildcat assumes a fighting stance, her claws ready as Rick dares them to try and take it from him. She then witnesses Beth use the goggles project what really happened that night: that Rick's parents were actually murdered.[7]

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Courtney faces the unhappy wrath of Pat Dugan and fills him in on the new JSA team she has built that includes Yolanda Montez as Wildcat. Pat tells her to get all of the JSA objects back from the team as they aren't ready. Courtney obliges and arrives at Blue Valley High School where she meets Yolanda in the gym. They are watching a fight between Ted Grant and another boxer. She explains that despite false accusations against him about fixing fights, he bounced back in his career. Resilience is what being Wildcat means. If he can do it, so can she. Yolanda thanks Courtney for choosing her to be Wildcat.

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That afternoon, Yolanda and Beth sit together at lunch when Courtney approaches them. They are excited at the idea of having their first mission, with Beth admitting that she is nervous but excited. Yolanda remarks that she's ready. Courtney admits that she needs the JSA stuff back as Pat found out and wants them back. Yolanda instantly gets defensive over her Wildcat suit, saying that being Wildcat gives her a purpose. She's not going to give it up. She angrily stands up and walks away from the table.

106 SC43.png

Beth and Yolanda leave school and are chased down by Courtney, who offers to talk to Pat with them. Rick arrives behind her explaining that he was just with Pat and calls the man useless. He then asks Courtney what she would do if Pat asks for her staff back, causing Yolanda to look expectedly at Courtney who can't meet their eyes. Rick hands his father's journal to Beth, explaining that it belonged to his father and he wants to know if the goggles can recognize the coding inside. Beth agrees to try and puts her goggles on. Chuck is unable to identify the formula, and Beth sadly states that Chuck doesn't know and returns the book. She suddenly gasps and the goggles begin to show her that The Gambler, an ISA member, is active once again. He's hacking into Empire Enterprises. Yolanda prompts Beth and asks her what's going on, so Beth fills them in on everything. The team wants to head out and agree to go with or without Courtney, who is more hesitant to go. She eventually concedes, however, they need to conceal their identities.

106 SC83.png

The newly costumed Justice Society of America stands outside the Empire Enterprises building ready for their mission. When prompted by Stargirl, Wildcat nods that she is ready for the fight. She watches Beth enter the code for the door and enters.

106 SC96.png

The team navigates the halls with Wildcat following the lead of Stargirl. They approach a desk where they discover a man who was shot in the head and they are shocked at the sight. Yolanda has a horrified look on her face and slowly lowers her hand from her gaping mouth. They are interrupted by voices that Chuck quickly identifies as Tigress and Sportsmaster, Icicle's attack dogs. He apologizes for the mix-up and Dr. Mid-Nite relays their names to the rest of the team. Stargirl has a plan to stick together which Dr. Mid-Nite is all for, but Hourman has other plans and attacks Sportsmaster. The villains split in different directions, with Wildcat proclaiming that she's got Tiger lady covered. Dr. Mid-Nite stands in the hallway nervously trying to figure out who to follow. She then decides to run after Wildcat.

106 SC112.png

Wildcat searches the building for Tigress. She lifts a metal door in an attempt to see if her foe is in the other room. Tigress sneaks up behind her and punches her in the back, sending Wildcat tumbling off the ledge. She manages to use the railing to hang from but Tigress flips over the railing and grabs Wildcat by the back of her suit, throwing her to the ground. Wildcat is on her feet rather quickly and engages in intense hand-to-hand combat. Tigress flips over Wildcat and gets her in a headlock choke, snarling as she does so. Now bent backward, Wildcat manages to free herself from the headlock only to be kicked across the face by her foe. Wildcat angrily rises to her feet and lets out a shout as she flings her hands downward, her claws appearing from her gloves.

106 SC129.png

They exchange slashes and blows with Wildcat holding her own against the seasoned villain. He does a backflip over one of Tigress's attacks. When she lands, she scales the lockers using the technology within her suit to then balance on a railing. Tigress achieves the upper-hand here and throws Wildcat against the lockers on the opposite end of the room. Wildcat is pinned against the wall when Tigress produces a crossbow and shoots an arrow at her, remarking that she can't end things too quickly. When Wildcat doges the arrow Tigress decides that they have to end things now. She shoots another arrow that Wildcat catches and throws to the ground. She jumps on the wall, using her claws to scale the concrete. Tigress grabs Wildcat's legs and throws her off the wall placing her foot against Wildcat's neck. Before Tigress can shoot a fatal arrow, Dr. Mid-Nite uses a fire extinguisher to distract Tigress so they JSA women can escape. They burst out of the door and see Hourman laying on the pavement, badly injured and rush to his side.

New Justice Society of America.png

A few moments pass before Wildcat appears to Stargirl's left, the rest of the JSA falling into formation around their leader. They assume a fighting position just a giant robotic armor lands behind the group, much to everyone's amazement. Wildcat takes a moment to appreciate S.T.R.I.P.E., before turning back to shell-shocked Tigress and Sportsmaster. The newly assembled JSA assumes fighting positions and she watches as a badminton shuttlecock flies at them then explodes, causing a smokescreen that allows the villains to escape.

106 SC158.png

Beth and the rest of the JSA return to The Pit Stop. Rick, Beth, and Yolanda are still dressed in the superhero attire as they admire S.T.R.I.P.E., while Courtney sits above with Pat. Rick admires the way Pat managed to build the suit out of cars, initially in disbelief about the feat. Yolanda remarks that it looks like Pat built it out of a hundred cars. Rick then smiles lightly as he admits that Court was right and there's more to Pat then they thought. A few moments later, Courtney and Pat watch Rick, Yolanda, and Beth admiring S.T.R.I.P.E.[8]

107 SC24.png

Yolanda settles into her role as the new Wildcat and follows her daily routine of working out at the BVHS gymnasium. She boxes with the gym bag before turning to her bag where she pulls out the Wildcat cowl. She holds it up and squeals as she jumps around in circles, clutching it to her chest out of sheer delight. Later that morning she walks the halls of BVHS, she joins Courtney and Rick who are walking together down the hall. Rick gives a crooked smile to each of his new teammates while Yolanda looks confidently ahead. Their moment is interrupted when Cindy Burman shoves into them knocking them apart. She calls them losers before walking off. Courtney asks why Cindy is so mean, to which Beth explains that Cindy lost her mother in third grade. Yolanda remains quiet on the subject but seems to be more on Rick's side about her meanness not being excused because of her mother's death. She and Rick leave the group to go to class.

107 SC61.png

After school, Yolanda joins the rest of the JSA at The Pit Stop where they meet Pat. Pat expresses that he's been working on something really special all day for their training against the ISA. Yolanda doesn't seem impressed when Pat states that they have to start with two things: what they can do and what the bad guys can do. As they walk through the Pit Stop, Rick remarks that they already know what they can do. He can punch things really hard, Yolanda can climb walls and murder toasters, and Beth can talk about anything. He then comments that Courtney has a glowstick that blows things up. Yolanda remains quiet during the bantering between Pat and Rick. Pat asks the group to be patient and shows them his makeshift ISA group that will serve as their practice dummies. Yolanda is underwhelmed but willing to give it a shot as she walks in.

107 SC79.png

Once inside, Yolanda doubtfully looks at the lo-fi training course, with mop buckets and the like representing members of the ISA. She listens as Pat gives them information on the ISA. However, impatient for some actual training, Court and the Cosmic Staff make quick work of the mop bucket enemies, wrecking the course before any of her frustrated teammates get a crack at it. Yolanda remarks that she could have at least saved her one - she needs the practice too. She collects her things and leaves now that the training is over. Pat promises that Rick, Yolanda, and Beth will get to try the course tomorrow. Yolanda glares at Courtney as she leaves.[9]

108 SC23.png

Yolanda and Beth watch as Rick angrily swipes objects off a table in The Pit Stop as he learns that Courtney's in the emergency room. He wants to act instead of just standing around. Yolanda wants to know his plan so he bluntly states his plan to break down Cindy's door and "take the bitch out". Beth refuses the idea by saying that Cindy has powers, but Rick gestures to himself and Yolanda saying that they have powers too. Yolanda is confident and stands behind Rick, siding with him in the choice. She watches as Beth and Rick banter with Beth wanting to wait and form an actual plan before bursting in. He takes a moment before turning and slamming his fist on the table as he sets the hourglass back down. Beth reiterates that they need to be smarter about their next move, to which Yolanda agrees with her over Rick this time. A moment passes before Rick steps forward and asks Beth what she wants to do, at which point, she holds up her goggles saying she has a good plan.

108 SC70.png

Rick and Yolanda hide behind the bushes at Cindy Burman's house, anxiously waiting to see if Beth can pull off her plan. Yolanda asks if he thinks the plan will work, to which Rick retorts that it better. A man asks will what work, causing Rick and Yolanda to whirl around, startled. Pat stands behind them and questions what they're doing, to which Yolanda claims they are keeping an eye on Cindy but she's not home right now. Rick fumbles saying that while they were standing there they came up with a plan. Pat notices Beth is missing and inquires about her, to which Rick guiltily points to the front door of the Burman residence. As Pat scampers off, Rick and Yolanda resume their positions behind the bushes. They watch Pat and Beth enter the home and exchange nervous glances.

108 SC95.png

After some time, Beth puts on her goggles and begins to have a look around. Rick speaks to her through the JSA comms, asking if she found anything yet. Beth responds that she hasn't yet, seeing as how even Chuck can't identify Cindy's mom. Rick asks about her dad, but Beth doesn't think he's home yet. As Beth travels to the underground tunnels she begins to lose connection with Rick and Yolanda, their voices coming through jumbled and robotic. Yolanda looks to Rick telling him worriedly that she lost Beth.

108 SC108.png

As the duo waits for Beth, Yolanda relays a text message from Courtney saying that Cindy knows Courtney is Stargirl. They watch as Cindy pulls up in a black car, and Yolanda warns Beth that Cindy is home and knows Courtney is Stargirl. Rick gives her a worried and disgruntled look. As Beth continues on in the house, Rick decides to take matters into his own hands. He takes off his backpack and Yolanda asks what they should do. They exchange a look and instantly know what the other is thinking. Yolanda unzips her bag and takes out her Wildcat cowl, looking at it intensely.

108 SC118.png

Beth finds herself trapped in Cindy's room with no escape, and frantically looks around for a place to hide. It is then that Wildcat taps on the glass, coaxing her outside. Yolanda wants her to jump but Beth isn't good with heights - or falling. Impatient, Wildcat grabs Beth by the collar and throws her out of the window. Beth screams on her way down but is caught by Rick, who is under the effects of the hourglass. The pair is long gone by the time Cindy looks out her window, having heard them running off. She fails to look up at the roof where Wildcat is clinging to the tile silently. Yolanda is present when Beth gives Pat the photograph of Dr. Ito and runs off when Pat tells them they have to get out of there before anyone sees Wildcat.[10]

109 SC59.png

At the gym in Blue Valley High, Yolanda is incredulous that Courtney wants to recruit Henry Jr. to their team after what he did to her. Rick steps forward, saying that people only change on the surface but never deep down. Beth argues that isn't true or fair since each of them has changed since joining the JSA, especially Rick. Yolanda claims that Henry is his father's son, and won't think twice about hurting any of them. Rick agrees with Yolanda, but Courtney wants them to take a leap of faith. Rick quips back that he can take a leap of faith - right before he lands on his face. Courtney retorts by saying she took a leap of faith with them, and she's still on her feet, claiming that they need every advantage they can get. Annoyed, Yolanda takes her things, telling Courtney that she's not on any team with Henry on it, and leaves the gym. Rick leaves moments later, remarking that he agrees with Yolanda and Courtney should let it go.

109 SC133.png

That night, Henry is getting water at Blue Valley Medical Center when he is yanked into a room and thrown against a wall by a mysterious figure. He is terrified until he looks up and reads the mind of his assailant, recognizing her as Yolanda - dressed as Wildcat. She warns him to stay away from Courtney to which he quips that Courtney needs to stay away from him. She knows Courtney thinks his soul is worth saving but Yolanda knows that it isn't. She tells him to read her mind, thinking the most horrendous thoughts about him and the ways she wants to kill him. He is overwhelmed at first but digs deeper into her mind and she admits that her actions come from a sense of betrayal. She trusted him and he betrayed her. She loved him, even. As soon as she thinks about loving him she stiffens and averts her eyes. She then reiterates that he needs to stay away before jumping out of the window and disappearing into the night.[11]

110 SC118.png

The next school day, Courtney brings Henry to the group where she tells them that Henry knows about them being the JSA. Rick sarcastically congratulates Courtney for giving away their identities to the enemy, but Courtney says that he's not the enemy. Yolanda protests against Henry's presence, and Henry says that if it helps, Courtney didn't tell him anything; he read her mind, to which Courtney hastily adds that he's not going to do that anymore. Beth says that's only polite, earning a glare from Yolanda. Courtney explains that her mom wants them to leave town today, forever, and Beth says she can't leave with Yolanda not wanting that either. Courtney thinks that if they can get the staff and defeat the ISA, they can save the town, along with Pat and Barbara. Rick adds that they'll also be saving Henry's dad, reminding Courtney that if Brainwave gets his memories back, he'll kill her first, then all of them. He worries that Henry will them up first, and Henry insists that he won't tell anyone anything. The boys begin to argue and Rick wants to fight right now but Henry rejects the idea, but loses control and telekinetically throws Rick, who instigated the fight, across the cafeteria. Yolanda reminds Henry that she told him to stay away from her friends and that he knows what she'll do to him. She threatens him by holding her hands like claws but Courtney intervenes telling her to save it for the bad guys. Yolanda angrily retorts that Henry is the bad guy. Rick says there's no way he's working with Henry, and Beth asks what Pat thinks about it. Courtney explains that he's with her mom, and Beth tells everyone that they have to do it for Courtney. Yolanda takes a moment before telling Courtney that she's only going along with it because she knows Court will do it anyway, and she wants to be there to watch her back. She glares at Henry as she claims someone has to watch Courtney's back. She then glares at Courtney, crossing her arms over her chest, saying that Courtney since chose Henry over her after all he did, they aren't friends anymore.

110 SC125.png

The group travels to the underground tunnels through the Burman residence, which is empty now that Cindy has "transferred schools". The group stands at the steps with Courtney informing them that Pat isn't answering so it's on them to retrieve the staff and Brainwave. She leads the group through the tunnels with Yolanda staying close to Courtney. She is later annoyed by the fact they don't have any assistance from Chuck as Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles failed to work, no cosmic staff, and has to work with Henry.

110 SC129.png

The tunnel splits into two parts, but Wildcat is hesitant, proclaiming that Courtney always says to stick together. Courtney notes that they don't exactly have a choice. She and Henry should go one way while Beth, Yolanda, and Rick going the other way. Yolanda quickly states there's no way she's leaving her alone with Henry, and that she's going with her. She also moves to stand next to Courtney as she says this, standing between Henry and Courtney. Courtney agrees as they don't have time to argue. Beth and Rick go left while the other three go right, and decide to meet back at the split in fifteen minutes.

110 SC136.png

As the trio walks through the tunnels, Henry and Yolanda lag behind before he asks her to stop. She is annoyed by him and he remarks that he wishes she could read his mind, with her angrily retorting that she would never want to be inside his head. He explains that he wishes she could know how sorry he is for what he did and how he would do anything to take it back. She is surprised by his honesty and how much he understands and regrets what he did. She is quiet for a moment before angrily snapping that he can't take it back before stalking off after Courtney.

110 SC153.png

Courtney, Yolanda, and Henry arrive in Dragon King's lair, where they see Brainwave in his suit, hooked up to different wires. They spot the Cosmic Staff which is in a golden cage hanging from the ceiling. They walk past Cindy, who is still imprisoned by her father. Upon seeing them, Cindy yells for her father and tells him that the bitch is here and begging him to let Cindy kill her. Dragon King looks at them, and signals for his henchmen to kill them. Courtney grabs a spear from the wall, while Wildcat unsheaths her claws standing in a battle stance as they prepare for a battle against the army of henchman. Wildcat begins slashing the henchmen with her claws and combatant skills before she spots Stargirl being overwhelmed by the henchmen. She hurries over by doing flips and acrobatic skills, helping Stargirl fight off the henchmen by clawing them.

110 SC189.png

The team is separated once more until Wildcat notices that Stargirl is fighting Dragon King, who is heavily armed and skilled. She looks for the staff which is still caged at the ceiling. She nonchalantly slashes a minion before running and leaping into the air, using the podiums to propel herself into the air soar through the air. She grabs the cage, cuts the metal with her claws, and lands promptly on her feet. She tears the cage open and grabs the staff, angrily shaking it in the hopes it will work. She notices Stargirl is about to be stabbed by Dragon King and runs toward her. She slides across the floor, barely handing the staff off in time for Stargirl to protect herself. The women stand side-by-side ready to face Dragon King, who whirls around - his hood gone and his reptilian face revealed. Wildcat and Stargirl scream before the latter blasts him with the staff. They are joined by Henry moments later, who tells them they are too late and Brainwave is back to his normal self so they have to leave. The trio runs through the tunnels with minions and Brainwave on their heels. They meet with Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite who also have minions on their trail and they retreat together.

110 SC215.png

They reach a tunnel that is gated off by metal bars that stops them from progressing. Hourman bends the bars creating a space large enough for them to move through. He motions for the girls to go through first, with Wildcat following Dr. Mid-Nite through the gap. Seconds later, the metal bars snap shut cutting the team off from each other. Wildcat stiffens when she sees Brainwave and then hears his ferocious voice telling them to calm down. Stargirl doesn't hesitate and attacks with her staff. Unable to help her teammates, Wildcat stands back and watches Henry assist Hourman in pulling the bars apart, now that Brainwave is controlling the bars. Henry snaps at Hourman to move it through the bars. Stargirl refuses to go through before Henry, who can't leave her behind despite Wildcat calling for Stargirl to come. He uses telekinesis to move her through the opening bars which snaps shut seconds later.

110 SC232.png

Father and son face off in the tunnels, with Brainwave sending a telekinetic attack toward Henry that cripples him to the ground. Wildcat doesn't hesitate to motions for Stargirl to move out of her way as she slashes at the bars with her claws. A few slashes in a telekinetic force field covers the bars, making it impenetrable. Henry attacks back at his father with a blast of his own, while Wildcat and the rest of the JSA attack the force field with everything they have. The team realizes that their efforts are futile and stop long enough to hear Brainwave admit to murdering his wife. Henry is angered by his father's attempts to get him to join the ISA and throws debris at his father, much to Wildcat's awe.

110 SC264.png

Brainwave throws Henry into the bars causing Wildcat to scream Henry's name in fear. Wildcat and the team once again attack the force field with slashes, punches, and blasts, but their efforts are still futile. Henry looks over and up at Yolanda, Brainwave seconds away from collapsing the ceiling on him. He assures her that he really is sorry and she nods, tears falling even through her cowl. He tells Courtney that she's right and people are good - don't let this change her mind. Brainwave collapses the ceiling on Henry and disappears. Wildcat shields her face from the falling debris before looking back at the area where Henry used to be. She breaks down in tears and turns to Hourman, setting her face on his chest as she sobs. He places his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her through her crippling grief. After a few seconds, she tears away from Rick and looks at the rubble, her knees buckling under her as she struggles to stay upright in her grief.[12]

111 SC123.png

Over the next few days, Yolanda struggles to cope with Henry's death. She doesn't go with Beth and Rick to the Pit Stop before school as she usually does, and instead, goes to church to pray for Henry. At lunch that day, she is quiet but still listens as Courtney explains that she's giving up on being Stargirl because she doesn't deserve the mantle now that she isn't Starman's daughter. Yolanda tries to reason that Ted Grant wasn't her father either, but she's still the new Wildcat. Courtney won't hear it and cries as she explains the staff doesn't want her anymore. The group falls quiet as they eat the rest of their lunch in silence. Yolanda attends the memorial service for Henry at Blue Valley High School and is shocked when Henry Sr. gives a speech on the loss of his son.[13]


For months I’ve been afraid... to listen to myself... to be me. I'm not gonna do it anymore.
Yolanda Montez to Courtney Whitmore in "Wildcat"

Yolanda used to be the pretty, popular, attentive class president candidate at Blue Valley high. She made her parents proud of her great grades, religious affiliations, and positive outlook on life. She woke up happy and excited for the day ahead. She was happy in her relationship and didn't let the pressures of running against someone get her down. She held herself at a higher standard. She trusted Henry to keep her topless pictures safe and was devastated when the images eventually were leaked.

When the images were leaked Yolanda's entire world collapsed. She lost everything with a simple swipe of a finger. She lost her candidacy for class president, ended her relationship with Henry, and dealt with the shame that comes from being revealed. She was instantly marked as an outcast by not only her peers but her family, as well. They stopped taking her to church and grounded her, taking her phone away as punishment. Yolanda was ostracized from those who used to adore her and spent her time either at school, the gym, or home. She didn't have friends and kept to herself.

She began presenting herself as a shy, introverted girl who doesn’t talk much to anyone. She prefers to be alone and doesn't want others to help her as she thinks things will only get worse for both parties. However, after a talk with Courtney, she shows a feisty and spirited side of her personality. She is defensive and assertive in her initial stance of not being friends with Courtney. Yolanda eventually has an amazing night as a super-hero, finding amazing abilities in herself - both given by technology and her inner courage. She allows herself to have fun for the first time in months and form a friendship with the pushy and bubbly Courtney. Yolanda gains enough confidence in herself to stand up to her family about her mistakes and has the bravery to accept the mantle of Wildcat.

Despite all her heroic qualities, Yolanda has also shown some darker qualities, most noticeably a sense of bitterness and anger. During her infiltration of the hospital upon spotting Henry, she prepared to use her claws, likely to seriously injure him as revenge for what happened in the past. It was only thanks to seeing him show his vulnerable side and longing for his father that she held herself back. However, she refuses to let go of this anger, again threatening Henry directly late at the hospital, even stating both verbally and mentally that she will kill him without hesitation. However, this was coupled with feelings of intense betrayal that was rooted in love.

In spite of all her negative feelings towards Henry, Yolanda ultimately still cared for him as shown during the Justice Society's confrontation with Dragon King and Brainwave. When Henry was trapped by his father, Yolanda desperately tried to help him and watched in utter horror as Brainwave crushed Henry under the weight of the ceiling, crying and seeming to finally forgive him.

Physical Appearance

Yolanda is a pretty young teenager with long black hair, an olive complexion, dark brown eyes, and a tall athletic figure. She is a boxer and well-trained athlete, a trait that seems to be hidden under her now introverted personality and the way she carries herself. She wears her hair in two french braids. She has a relaxed yet stylish sense of fashion, usually seen wearing dark-colored open front sweaters over a colorful top. She always wears sneakers or flats. Yolanda's hairstyle changes throughout the first season. During a flashback to her popular years, her hair is down in waves. When she is shunned by her peers, Yolanda wears her hair in two braids that sit in front of her shoulders.

When fighting as the heroine Wildcat, she wears her signature suit and lets her hair down in its natural waves.


  • Abilities via Wildcat Suit: While using her Wildcat suit, Yolanda has some special abilities.
    • Retractable Claws: Yolanda can generate claws from her fingers. She can control when they appear, and they can retract back into the suit. Her claws can break through almost anything, including metal and brick.
    • Wallcrawling: She can use her claws to secure traction over solid surfaces - not just the horizontal - and, with that, scale up or down any building side such as when she scaled the hospital wall which was made of brick.

      Yolanda balancing on a fence

    • Superhuman Agility: Because of the Wildcat suit's incredible technology, Yolanda has an enhanced sense of agility. She can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks and do numerous other gymnastics. She can do incredible athletic and martial arts with little to no effort. This allowed her to match Tigress in combat.
    • Superhuman Balance: While wearing the Wildcat suit, Yolanda always lands on her feet. This was seen when she easily walked across a narrow fence and jumped off of it.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Yolanda has superhuman reaction time, as she was able to catch one of Tigress' crossbow bolts fired at her with one hand while wearing the suit.


  • Peak Human Condition: As a boxer and superhero, Yolanda is in top physical condition and thus capable of performing as well as maintaining strenuous activities, with the Wildcat suit serving to optimize those capability parameters when worn.
  • Skilled Martial Artist: Yolanda is a proficient boxer, who regularly trains after school and has learned to incorporate her claws in combat. However, she typically requires the Wildcat suit to be able to contend with extremely dangerous opponents like Tigress. However, while virtually unable to land a legitimate hit on the older but faster combatant for the extent of their skirmish, Wildcat was fast enough to manually catch in time one of Tigress's arrows that she shot from her crossbow. Later on, she demonstrated being able to take on and felling several of Dragon King's drones while fighting alongside Stargirl and Henry, long enough for the costumed Yolanda to retrieve the Cosmic Staff for her friend.
  • Skilled Acrobat: Though Yolanda practices boxing and it is widely considered to be a rigid form of fighting style due to the combat stances and firm-footed maneuverability it implements (i.e. allowing to fight and defend using only the upper body, leaving the lower body exposed and vulnerable to attack due to the somewhat grounded footwork), as Wildcat, Yolanda has steadily proven herself to be a very agile and flexible combatant, as seen with how she fought in the private chamber of the Dragon King and even succeeded at freeing and collecting the bound Cosmic Staff in practically one acrobatic move before relaying it to Stargirl.
  • Stealth/Infiltration: Fairly rooted to her humiliating high school experience that regressed her into keeping to herself, Yolanda is extremely secretive. And as the new Wildcat, this works to her advantage of being able to approach or hide from other people without being sensed, making Yolanda rather stealthy when she wants to be. The fact that she could sneak up on a newly psychic Henry to actually catch him unawares would even suggest an aptitude at reining her thoughts in check.


  • Anger: While Yolanda is shown to have a fair grasp on her emotions, she is shown to give into her darker emotions on occasion, especially when Henry is involved, which can cause her to make rash and even dangerous decisions.
  • Lack of Proper Training: While Yolanda has experience as part of her school's boxing club, she is primarily self taught and lacks the years of dedicated training that members of both the Justice Society and Injustice Society have. As such this requires her to rely much more on her suit and even then she greatly struggles when matched against skilled opponents like Tigress and Sportsmaster.


  • Wildcat Suit: Yolanda wears a suit as her alter-ego, The Wildcat. The suit was previously worn by Ted Grant, who died in a battle against the ISA.


Courtney: I said it wrong before. It’s not you who needs my help; it’s me who needs your help.
Yolanda: What?
Courtney: There’s something going on here.
Yolanda: Yeah, I have a lunatic following me around.
Courtney: I think you’re really freaking brave coming back here day after day. I mean, I don’t know if I’d be strong enough.
Yolanda: I never should have sent them those.
Courtney: He never should have shared them.
Yolanda: I knew he could be a jerk, but he was so nice to me. After a few months, I thought it was getting serious, but I guess not for him. I don’t think he ever saw me as anything more than the next girl. My parents were destroyed. They won’t even come near the school anymore. They don’t bring me to church. My whole life has changed. They act like I don’t even exist. I don’t want to hate anyone, but I do. I hate Henry King.
Courtney: You want to see how I blew up his car?
Yolanda: Yeah.
Yolanda: Please, I need you to really hear me, all of you. I made a mistake. I trusted someone I shouldn’t have. I did something I shouldn’t have, and what I did brought shame to our family. I know that, and I’m sorry, but that was months ago. I feel like I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ve been punished enough. And I’m not going to apologize anymore. You’re my family. I love you all so much, so I’m asking for your forgiveness. Help me move forward with my life so I can be the Yolanda Montez I used to be.
Maria: You will never be the Yolanda Montez you used to be. You disgraced yourself. You disgraced this family. Go to your room.
-- "Wildcat"

Yolanda (to Courtney): If Ted Grant came back, then I have a chance too. That’s what being Wildcat really is. Thank you, Courtney. Thank you for picking me.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Yolanda comes from a religious family and is also religious herself. She is most likely Catholic.
  • The way she holds herself and positions her lower body while assuming a boxing stance and maintaining footwork would suggest that she is a southpaw; a person who is left-handed but leads with their right.
  • She is the first member of the Modern Age Justice Society of America to kill someone. She killed Henry King Sr./Brainwave in "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two".
  • Yolanda was afraid of height and jumping off buildings, something she wasn't able to do in "Wildcat". She overcame this fear in "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two" when she jumps off The American Dream building to catch Stargirl.

Comic Comparisons

  • Yolanda is inspired by the comic character of the same name, who was the goddaughter of the original Wildcat and a metahuman with enhanced agility.