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The Whitmore-Dugan House is a residential building located in Blue Valley, Nebraska. It is home to the blended Whitmore-Dugan family. It also stores superhero paraphernalia.


Season 1

The Whitmore-Dugan family move across the country from sunny California to the quiet town of Blue Valley, Nebraska. They move into their new, and much larger, house. Courtney Whitmore moves her things into her new room and is reluctant to accept her new house. She angrily storms into the basement where she discovers a slew of superhero paraphernalia, including an image of the Golden Age Justice Society of America. A nearby box begins to glow and she is drawn to it. When she removes the lid she discovers the Cosmic Staff inside. The object takes her on a wild adventure. When she returns, she finds Pat Dugan waiting for her. He shows her the Injustice Society of America files that he keeps in the basement.[1]

Season 2

Notable Events


  • Cosmic Staff: Courtney, on her second night at the house, discovers the magical artifact known as the Cosmic Staff. She wields it for the first time and begins to discover the power it possesses. It takes her on an adventure outside where she learns to fly, shoot energy beams, and perform acrobatic feats with the staff. Months later, Courtney reclaims the Cosmic Staff after it ceases to work for her.
  • Wildcat's Powers: When Courtney looks to recruit a new member of the JSA, she brings Yolanda Montez to the house. She shows Yolanda the Cosmic Staff and has her try on the Wildcat Suit for the first time. The girls discover that the suit conforms to its wearer and they begin to explore the powers the suit gifts Yolanda. She can balance on the fence in the backyard, absorb impacts when she lands, and even uses her claws for the first time on the family toaster. Yolanda also returns, though later accepts, the mantle of Wildcat here.
  • Beth Discovers the Goggles: When Beth visited Courtney, she saw Buddy playing with Dr. Mid-Nite's Goggles in its mouth. Beth was able to wrestle the goggles away from the dog. She inadvertently activated them and discovered the true origins of the goggles. The goggles became damaged by Icicle. Beth worked hard to fix them and she was able to find that Charles McNider was alive in the Shadowlands and communicated with him and her allies.
  • Jennie's Identity: Jennie was given the Green Lantern ring by her adoptive family when she became an adult. The ring was formerly her father's. The ring activated and lead her to the Whitmore's house where she discovered the charging lantern. Jennie was about to steal it but was confronted by Courtney and her cosmic staff which resulted into a fight in the house. She stayed at the residence on occasion until she was called back to help with the battle with Eclipso.


A number of fights have happened in the Whitmore-Dugan household, usually between Stargirl and an assailant. The damage done by these fights are usually immense, but fixed promptly. The first notable fight was between Tigress, Stargirl, and Barbara Whitmore. The fight resulted in damage to the couch, arrows in the walls, a cosmic blast into a doorway, and kicking Tigress through the glass door to the backyard.





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Notes and Trivia

  • The family had to replace the toaster in "Wildcat" after Yolanda Montez tested out the claws on her suit.
  • Courtney and Mike's bedrooms are the only bedrooms that have been seen.