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Jerry Spinelli (born February 1, 1941)

Spinelli was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Phoenixville, PA. At the age of sixteen, his love of sports inspired him to compose a poem about a recent football victory. Later, unbeknownst to him, his father published it in the local newspaper. It was at this time he realized that he would not become a Major League Baseball player, and decided to become a writer instead.

His first four novels were written for adults and were all rejected. His fifth novel was also intended for adults, but became his first children's book. This work, Space Station Seventh Grade, was published in 1982.

Spinelli graduated from Gettysburg College in 1963 and acquired his MA from Johns Hopkins University in 1964. He married Eileen Mesi in 1977, who also writes children's books. They have six children and sixteen grandchildren.

He also wrote:

Space Station Seventh Grade

Who Put That Hair on my Toothbrush



Smiles To Go