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  • I live in Nova Chrysalia
  • My occupation is a donut eater and all-around geek
  • I am a chocobo/part-time timeline caretaker (literally) and frequent grammar gestapo (meaning I'm usually annoying)
  • Bio This one-of-a-kind chocobo is a disorganized geek. It continually leaps from realm (wiki) to realm, as if it runs on unlimited caffeine fuel and has ADHD (it does).
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Chocobo chick emoji by chocolate-rebel

a.k.a. Khosmo


Using one of the gate cards below, one can go into the chosen realm where the rare chocobo can be often seen.

This chocobo also spends a lot of time in the realm known as Discord. You can summon it by chanting "CosmotheChocobo#1296".
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Arrowverse Wiki
A crisis is coming.

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Arata Primal Wiki
Present meets past.
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Happy Death Day Wiki
Heeey, it's your birthday!
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Stargirl Wiki
A star is born.

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The one true king is...

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