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The Tigress Suit is an identity concealing suit used by Paula Brooks while fronting as the supervillainess, Tigress.


The Tigress suit is a yellow and black two-piece dynamic suit. The top is a primarily black leather halter with a v-neck neckline. The sides of the top are yellow and rectangular where they meet the black material. There is also a black weapon's holster that goes around her shoulders, down her back, wraps around her biceps once, and travels down her sides. The sides then have holsters for two silver handguns that rest on her upper rib cages. The padding of the holster goes around her shoulders and buckles at her jugular notch. It extends to cover the tops of her shoulders and wings out. There is another buckle, presumably for the weapons holster, around her mid-riff where the leather halter top ends.

Around her waist is a rigid bronzed belt that holds ammunition for an easier reloads of her guns. The buckle resembles that of a skull and is fairly large. Her shorts are yellow with black rectangular edgings similar to that of her top but in the reverse color scheme. They reach a quarter of the way down her thighs. On her left leg at the cuff of her shorts, is the first of three straps for another gun holster that holds her third visible gun. The straps all have black buckles.

Tigress also wears black padded fingerless gloves that are wrapped in a way that resembles a boxer. The gloves reach just above her wrist and are then met with ombre white and brown fur. In her left-hand glove are three small loops that each hold a single small arrow with silver tips and black wings. Her boots are black combat boots reach past her ankles and have ombre white and brown fur that matches that on her gloves. Around her neck is a black spiked choker. She has an interesting black facial tattoo, which is most likely painted on, that covers only her left eye, which is white.


During a flashback to Christmas Eve, 2010, Tigress is seen wearing this suit while fighting against the Justice Society of America.[1]

In the present day, Tigress is better known as Paula Brooks, the BVHS no-nonsense gym coach. When she and her husband, Larry Crock, restart their villain exploits, they are visited by ISA leader, Jordan/Icicle. Jordan tells them that it's time to get their suits out of storage, as they are going on their first mission in several years. Tigress then wears this suit and her signature crossbow to Empire Enterprises, where she engages in a vicious fight against the newly assembled modern-day JSA and Wildcat.[2]



Additional Season 1 appearances include being pictured in "Wildcat", "Shiv Part One", "Brainwave Jr.", and "Shining Knight".
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Notes and Trivia

  • Tigress has a discolored sclera and seemingly blue iris, which is vastly different than her day-to-day persona, Paula Brooks, who has brown eyes.