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What's going on is that you, Mike Dugan, are now in control of me, The Thunderbolt! As in Johnny Thunder and The Thunderbolt. Of the Justice Society of America! You're so lucky.
Thunderbolt introduces himself to Mike in "Summer School: Chapter Three"

Thunderbolt is a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

He is a magical, electrical, fun-loving, wish-granting pink imp. The wishes he grants often cause more trouble than the wish-asker would ever expect. But despite his somewhat constant supernatural disasters, the Thunderbolt's heart is always in the right place, even if it is wounded by the friends he has lost throughout his long existence.

He was previously thought to be a powerful weapon used by a member of the Justice Society of America used to fight crime. It appears to be an ordinary pink pen; however, it contains a powerful electrical charge.


Thunderbolt is from the homeland of Bahdnesia, a location that is no longer on the map. He found his way to the equally lonely Johnny Thunder and they teamed up to become the crime-fighting duo, "Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt". They joined the infamous superhero group the Justice Society of America, and fought foes with the team. However, due to the unpredictable nature of Thunderbolt and his literal interpretation of wishes, the pair were often sidelined during great battles. They were initially benched on the December 24th battle against the Injustice Society of America, but were called into action by Wildcat. Sadly, Johnny Thunder was killed during the battle but made a final wish that Thunderbolt would find a new friend. Thunderbolt went inactive for eleven years as his pink pen sat at the JSA's headquarters.


Season 1

When Pat Dugan brought Courtney Whitmore the Justice Society of America Headquarters she discovered the Thunderbolt among the artifacts that the JSA left behind. Courtney became inspired to use the artifacts to reform the society but Pat warned her against using the pen because he felt it was the most dangerous weapon in the collection. Later when Courtney returned to the JSA headquarters to steal the artifacts she attempted to take the pen but it produced an electrical charge when she tried to grab it which caused it to make a laughing noise at her. She grimaced but placed it in her bag in spite of this.[1]

She later tried to use the Thunderbolt by clicking the pen but nothing happened. She repeated this action several times before giving up, thinking that it is just a useless object. But when she leaves the room, a laughing sound emits from the pen.[2]

Season 2

Thunderbolt later choose Mike Dugan as his new friend and owner after realizing he was alone. Thunderbolt later put a password on Mike's newspapers for him to summon him. When trying to grant some wishes Mike wants, he misunderstands them and causes disaster. When the new JSA offered some of their wishes, Pat was against it as he stated that Thunderbolt was "not exactly a monkey's paw but he is close." Pat later orders Mike to summon Thunderbolt to speak to him privately. When summoned, he becomes fun-loving and tells Pat what Johnny's final wish was. Thunderbolt later assists the JSA in finding Richard Swift by zapping where Richard Swift was hiding on a map of Blue Valley. He tried to attack Richard Swift, but was restrained and forced back into his pen, incapacitating Mike. He is last seen with Jakeem Williams in pen form after Mike wished for him to be "in better hands".[3]

Thunderbolt's time with Jakeem is vastly different then his time with Mike. Jakeem doesn't have a guiding hand and begins to misuse the power to make wishes. His wishes are grand and catch attention, such as turning an entire house into candy, planting gigantic candy canes on the sides of the street, and pink lightning being seen across the skies of Blue Valley.[4] When Mike does find Jakeem, it is after discovering a giant burger on someone's lawn. He confronts Jakeem over having the Thunderbolt, and demands to know where he is. Jakeem explains that he wished for Chinese food and Thunderbolt flew off. He's been gone for a couple hours and Mike realizes that Thunderbolt probably flew to China to get the food. As Mike explains the JSA and the true power of the Thunderbolt, Jakeem reveals that he doesn't want to get rid of the Thunderbolt as they're friends. Mike agrees to let Jakeem keep the Thunderbolt, but that means he has to help them save the world from Eclipso.[5]

Thunderbolt later reappeared in the finale episode after his run to get Chinese food for Jakeem much to Zeek's surprise. He granted the wish for the part needed for the S.T.R.I.P.E. armor to be fixed. Afterwards, he joined the ongoing battle against Eclipso, with Jakeem requesting for him to electrocute the villain. As Thunderbolt flew through Eclipso in order to attack him via his electric body, he was caught by the villain and thrown into the S.T.R.I.P.E. armor housing Mike Dugan, crashing it and temporarily incapacitating him. Thunderbolt later joined Jennie-Lynn Hayden, Courtney, and Sylvester Pemberton in defeating Eclipso by turning Eclipso into a piece of burnt toast.


Thunderbolt is a fun-loving, electrical, and magical creature whose good intentions aren't always conveyed well. He is very literal and can only grant wishes at their face value. He is charismatic, boisterous, and exaggerated in his movements. He lives to have fun and has fun to live. He is eager to teach his ways to any new friend. He is attracted to like-minded individuals and can only be activated by those who feel as he does - absolutely, completely, alone. He is sarcastic, witty, and doesn't hold back his insults or underhanded remarks.


  • Wish Granting: He can grant the wishes of others, manifesting the desires of his wielder into reality and making their wildest dreams come true. The wisher must be extremely specific as to what they what Thunderbolt to do, as he can only do what he's commanded. Thunderbolt can grant an unlimited number of wishes, but can't grant the same wish twice per wielder.
    • Conjuring: Thunderbolt is able to conjure anything it's host may wish for, examples being him conjuring numerous stop signs when Mike asked Thunderbolt to stop three boy bullies from bullying a girl, bringing down water on Mike when Mike requested water, and summoning a massive cheeseburger for Jakeem when he was hungry and asked for it.
  • Electrokinesis: Thunderbolt has been shown several times to be able to create and manipulate purple electricity, with massive amounts of it appearing when he is summoned, and his body physically being made of it. When inside his pen, this lightning is occasionally used to resist attempts from incompatible hosts to wield it.


  • Exact Command: Thunderbolt's powers are confined to specific rules that he must follow. The first being that "you gotta be specific". He is a very literal being that can only grant a wish at face-value. For example, Mike was thirsty and asked for water, so Thunderbolt made it so Mike was drenched with water. Because he did not specify how he wanted the water, Thunderbolt was forced to merely give him water. For this reason, Thunderbolt warned Mike against attempting to use his powers to alter his body.
  • The Rules: Thunderbolt's powers are limited, as he cannot do the following:
    • Grant the same wish twice.
    • Grant a wish for someone to die.
    • Grant a wish to bring someone back from the dead.
  • Physical Form: Despite Thunderbolt's immense power, his physical form itself is not invincible, allowing him to be damaged by powers such as those of The Shade, with The Shade's shadows being able to restrain him despite attempts at resistance and send him flying backward. Thunderbolt was sent back to his pen and his wielder at the time was knocked unconscious. On another occasion, as he was attacking Eclipso, Eclipso managed to grab his physical form and throw him into S.T.R.I.P.E. who was incapacitated due to his electronic armor being overloaded by Thunderbolt's electric body.

Notable Wishes

  • Made by: Johnny Thunder
    • Find a new friend. Thunderbolt obliged and remained dormant for eleven years, until he found someone worthy of his friendship.
  • Made by: Mike Dugan
    • "I'm thirsty. I wish I had some water." Thunderbolt granted the wish by dousing him with a giant splash of water.
    • "Wish I was dry." Thunderbolt granted this wish by drying Mike and his newspaper off.
    • "I wish I was taller." Thunderbolt granted that wish by raising him onto a bench, thus making him "taller".
    • "Thunderbolt, I wish you'd make them stop!". Thunderbolt granted the wish by raining "Stop" signs all around a group of bullies who had stolen several boxes of cookies from a little girl. He couldn't stop making the stop signs appear until the bullies stopped moving. Eventually, Thunderbolt was distracted from his mission and let the bullies escape.
    • "In conclusion, show us the location of "The Shade," not to be confused with a lamp or window shade, but the last known member of the Injustice Society of America, hiding somewhere in Blue Valley, Nebraska, 68060, USA." Thunderbolt burned a hole in a map to signal where The Shade was hiding.
    • "Thunderbolt, I wish you'd zap the villain known as "The Shade," not to be confused with a lamp or window shade." Thunderbolt attempts to attack The Shade, but is captured and subdued by Shade's umbrakinesis before he can succeed.
    • "I kind of just wish it was in better hands." Thunderbolt obliged and vanished from Mike's hands and found Jakeem Williams.
  • Made by: Jakeem Williams
    • An unspecified wish that resulted in either the creation of or alteration into a house made near entirely of candy.
    • For a big burger. Thunderbolt granted the wish by summoning a big burger at a family's front yard.
    • For his bike to fly. Thunderbolt granted this wish by causing his bike to fly away uncontrollably without Jakeem.
    • For Chinese food. Thunderbolt temporarily leaves Jakeem, traveling to China to acquire the requested Chinese food. He returns several hours later with a massive amount of the requested Chinese food, stating that he "got lost".
    • For the part required to fix the S.T.R.I.P.E. armor. Thunderbolt summoned the piece needed to fix the S.T.R.I.P.E. armor.
    • "I wish you would electrocute Eclipso!" Thunderbolt granted this wish by passing through Eclipso with his electric body, causing Eclipso to yell in pain, but was caught by him shortly after and thrown into S.T.R.I.P.E., accidently electrocuting him.
    • "I wish this guy was toast." Thunderbolt granted the wish by firing a powerful blast of purple lightning, which transformed Eclipso into a piece of heavily burnt toast.


Other Season 2 appearances include being mentioned in "Summer School: Chapter Five", "Summer School: Chapter Nine", "Summer School: Chapter Ten", "Summer School: Chapter Eleven", and "Summer School: Chapter Twelve".
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Notes and Trivia

  • When Courtney tried to remove the Thunderbolt, it not only shocked her with an electrical charge but also laughed at her.
  • He is the second CGI character following Solomon Grundy. He is the first, however, to be voiced by an actor.
  • The word "sowkewl" is used to activate Thunderbolt and pass control from one owner to the next. The word is part of his native language and means "set free the all-powerful force upon the Earth of the magical and awe-inspiring Thunderbolt!". It's also a synonym for the sound on the chalkboard that drives most people crazy.
    • Thunderbolt enjoys the usually unpleasant sound that a chalkboard makes.

Comic Comparisons

  • In the DC Comics, the Thunderbolt is, "a semi-transparent pink anthropomorphic thunderbolt-shaped magic genie named Yz who can do about anything if it has a human guide to steer it." He currently resides in a magic pen and is only called into action when Jakeem Thunder clicks it.[6]