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The American Dream is a corporation located in Blue Valley, Nebraska. They believe in rejuvenating Blue Valley while honoring the town's roots.


The American Dream was established in 1909 but grew over the decades of its existence. Jordan Mahkent opened a branch of the corporation in Blue Valley, a business corporation aimed to economically revive local businesses and factories with a large philanthropical aspect to it. In fact, the corporation is largely responsible for stopping the number of foreclosures on shops and eliminating the town's economic slump, and thus revitalized the town's local economy. Driven by his promise for a better America, Jordan took leave a year ago under the guise of traveling across the nation to research other "forgotten communities". When he came back, Jordan, more determined then ever, set an ambitious plan to expand the company and rebuild America.

However, behind the pristine façade and relatively authentic business endeavors, The American Dream hides the same promise with a more sinister plan, Jordan Mahkent's long-in-the-making Project: New America. In fact, the headquarters of the Injustice Society of America is underneath the building, and is the heart of a series of secret, long-distance tunnels that connects The American Dream building to Blue Valley High School and other residential areas.


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Additional Season 2 appearances include the name being seen in "Summer School: Chapter Ten".
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Notes and Trivia

  • Underneath the building for The American Dream is the Injustice Society of America's headquarters.
  • Given Jordan's death and Steven's unknown whereabouts, the American Dream is still operating but it is unknown who the boss is. However, it appears Summer School: Chapter Seven seems to have answered this question as Barbara is seen to have a more senior role.