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"Summer School: Chapter Two" is the second episode of the second season of Stargirl, and the fifteenth episode overall. This episode aired on August 17, 2021, on The CW.


UNEXPECTED ARRIVALS - Still on the lookout for evil in Blue Valley, Courtney grows suspicious after an unexpected visitor shows up at the Dugan house. Meanwhile, Barbara and Pat become concerned after a visit from a mysterious antiques collector named Richard Swift. Elsewhere, Cindy puts her plan in motion.


Cindy's Mother, now free from the spell the Dragon King put upon her is celebrating her new found freedom when Cindy arrives to ruin the fun. She uses the diamond to place her former fake mother back under her control. We then head to Jenny leaving her foster home. She has hit the age of 18 and is being forced to leave as an adult. Jenny gets a gift left to her by her father for her 18th birthday. Along with a note, Jenny discovers and wears the Green Lantern Ring. It was the ring that drew Jenny to Blue Valley. Jenny is able to recognize Pat via his name and knows him as the legendary Stripesy.

Jenny's arrival makes Courtney concerned. She is looking for a villain to fight, and for a reason to still be special and Jenny is fitting in perfectly with her family. She even makes breakfast! Courtney wants to go with Pat and Jenny to work on the lantern at the garage but she has her first day of summer school. She is at least excited that Yolanda is also in school, her family forced her to enroll to keep her "in check". Rick skips his first day of summer school to check if Grundy got the food he provided. It looks like he did and Rick leaves more pizza for him. Beth calls Rick in to meet with Jenny at the garage. Working through the lantern Jenny and Pat are surprised that the ring remains powered without the lantern's recharge. Pat begins instructing Jenny on how to use the ring and create constructs.

If a man had to tell you he was Shade without telling you he was Shade, Richard Swift was the perfect embodiment of the former ISA villain! As we noted before, he is after William Zarrick's entire collection of stage magic props. The business card he hands Barbara has no contact info and when Barbara calls him on it, he simply says he'll be in touch. He is off to explore all that is Blue Valley. Back at the garage, Courtney and Yolanda arrive to meet Jenny already showing her powers off to Rick and Beth.  Courtney is abrasive and Jenny leaves but not before being called out by her team. Back at Cindy's place, Eclipso is planting the seed that her mother needs to kill Cindy.

Courtney and Pat talk about how Courtney is feeling. She is jealous that a real superhero's daughter is visiting but Pat reminds Courtney that was how she felt before in season one. He inspires her to reach out and make things right by Jenny. Barbara calls and asks Pat to check out Richard Swift. He heads to the cafe to check on him. Pat tests Swift and is curious who he might be. He sees the JSA running to the park with the Lantern looking to explode. Jenny isn't able to control her emotions and the lantern might bust. It turns out that Jenny is the source of the energy, not the lantern and that's why the ring works with her. Jenny attempts to absorb the power of the lantern into herself. While doing so, the lantern explodes blasting the JSA back. Jenny has taken all the energy into herself and can fly now!

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Courtney awakes on the couch again only to learn that Jenny has left. She is searching for her brother and won't be joining the JSA like Courtney hoped. Pat reviews the JSA files and believes that Shade is indeed Richard Swift! Jenny has influenced Courtney to put her friends and family first and then Pat reveals that Shade is back in town. At Cindy's place, Cindy is attacked by her mother via Eclipso's manipulations. The Black Diamond then takes over Cindy to punish her mother for the murder attempt. Eclipso sucks Cindy's mother into the Black Diamond stealing her soul and body! Eclipso then gives control back to Cindy. Eclipso's manipulations are starting to take effect on Cindy.



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Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature any super suit aside from the physical model of S.T.R.I.P.E.
  • William Zarick is mentioned. He was last seen in the Season 1 episode, "Icicle", when he was murdered by Jordan Mahkent.
    • William's artifacts are now in the possession of The American Dream, as he left his belongings to them in the case of his death.
  • Richard Swift arrives in Blue Valley. This is his first physical appearance since his brief cameo in the Season 1 finale, "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two".
  • Alan Scott is mentioned. He was a member of the Justice Society of America as the infamous Green Lantern.
  • Summer School: Chapter Two serves as an origin story for Jennie.
  • The Ordway Home for Children is an Easter Egg to Jerry Ordway, the co-creator of Jade and an infamous comic book artist.[2]
  • The scene at The Ordway Home for Children was filmed much later in the season for unknown reasons.[2]
  • Andi Armaganian had the idea for Courtney to tell the Cosmic Staff to go to the crate. The reasoning was to save money so the staff didn't need to be VFX'ed during the entire scene.[2]
  • Paul Deisinger, the teacher that hosts Summer school, is a teacher in the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comics.[2] Paul Deisinger is the supervillain named Paintball, and an early villain of the Star Spangled Kid, which is Courtney's alias in the comics.
  • The Green Lantern ring is fitted for Ysa Penarejo's middle-finger specifically. The ring was initially on her left middle-finger before production changed the hand the ring was on.[2]
    • There are actually two versions of the ring, with the one in the tin being Alan Scott's before the ring resizes itself to fit Jennie.





Behind the Scenes


Title Artist Scene Description
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper In the cold open, Bobbie gets ready to leave the house until she receives a surprise arrival from Cindy who uses the diamond on her.
Peer Gynt Suite I op.46 Südwestfunks Baden-Baden Courtney wakes up to find the family having breakfast Jennie made.
Gonna Get Me a Satellite Ernest Tucker Pat meets Swift.



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