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Summer School: Chapter Thirteen is the thirteenth episode and season finale of the second season of Stargirl, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. This episode aired on November 2, 2021, on The CW.


SEASON FINALE - As Eclipso unleashes the final part of his master plan, Courtney, Pat and the JSA band together to take him down once and for all.


An eclipse shines down on Blue Valley. In American Dream, Young Bruce tells Beth and McNider that they should be afraid, and that he knows they can see him for what he really is. Beth says that their friends are coming, and Bruce says that what he wants. Eclipso has the power of darkness, and it's been growing because of all of them. However, he still needs the power of light.

McNider asks Eclipso what he plans to do with the power of light, and Bruce tells him that he should be more worried about what he's done to the people in American Dream. Beth wonders where her father is, and Bruce tells her that James was working late to avoid going home. Bridget was concerned and came there, so they could talk about their "sad, sick" daughter... and coming there is going to kill them both.

Beth and McNider run out of the room to James's office, where an illusionary Beth is yelling at both parents that she hates them. The real Beth yells to her parents, but they can't hear her. Bruce watches the entire thing.

In the Whitmore house, Jen writhes on the bed, and sees the Eclipso/Stargirl standing over the other's bodies. Jen wakes up yelling, and Barbara come in and asks Jen if she's okay. Jen tells Barbara that she had a vision, and tells Barbara that she has to stop Courtney from going to Eclipso because that's what Eclipso wants. Barbara tells them that Courtney and the others have already gone.

Stargirl, Wildcat, Shiv, and Pat head down the street. Pat says that his robot is under repair. A gap to the Shadowlands opens above American Dream.

In the garage, Rick works at reassembling the hourglass from his father's notes. When he can't get it to work, he knocks the pieces off the workbench in frustration. Jakeem and Mike are down below, and hear Rick yell in rage. Jakeem looks admiringly at STRIPE, and Mike says that once the robot is fixed and Thunderbolt returns, they can meet the other JSA members and fight Eclipso.

Zeek yells in frustration and tells the teenagers that he can't fix STRIPE, and asks what they're doing.

Stargirl and the other run into American Dream, and find Bruce waiting for them. He says that Beth is watching her parents die, and Stargirl tells Pat to find Beth while she, Wildcat, and Shiv square off against Bruce. They charge but the boy teleports away. The original Wildcat grabs Wildcat and throws her across the room, and Bruce summons a young Cindy. Stargirl blasts Bruce with the Staff, and Bruce disappears as Shiv charges forward.

Wildcat bares her claws and prepares to fight her predecessor.

Pat knocks on the door of James's office, and a vision of Pat walks up and says that he wants a piece of Pat. The two Pat's fight and the vision punches Pat repeatedly.

The vision Wildcat tells Wildcat that she got weepy after killing Brainwave, knocks her down, and tells her that she doesn't have what it takes to get the job done.

Young Cindy begs Shiv not to hurt her like she hurt their mother. Shiv says that she isn't afraid, and Cindy tells her that she is. Shiv kicks Cindy down, but Cindy just giggles, leaps to her feat, and stabs shiv in the stomach with shivs of her own.

Wildcat knocks vision-Wildcat back, and they keep fighting. As he throws her across the room, Shiv and Cindy fight. Bruce taunts Stargirl, teleporting away as she tries to blast him. Stargirl says Bruce is trying to bring the Shadowlands there, and Bruce says that once the two realms have merged, he'll be able to consume all of humanity and become a god.

Vision Pat tells Pat that he dragged the kids into the fight out of ego, and Pat is nothing but a grease monkey and a sidekick. Pat grabs a keyboard and beats the vision, which says that the whole world is going to die and Pat can't stop it. McNider steps out and yells to Pat that the vision isn't real, and grabs Pat's fist.

Beth spots Eclipso with her goggles and directs Stargirl. Stargirl turns and blasts Eclipso, back. The visions of Wildcat and Cindy disappear, and Wildcat, Shiv, McNider, and Beth join Eclipso. He knocks them back, and Starlight and Shiv fight against him but he easily dodges their blows. They team up and continue fighting him, but he knocks them down and then throws them out the window onto the lawn below.

At the garage, Rick goes back to work on the hourglass, but it doesn't work. Rick grabs the duffle bag with his costume and goes to fight. Mike and Jakeem play cards while they wait, and Zeek tells them that no junkyards are open and he can't find the part to fix STRIPE that night. Mike figures Pat knew, and Jakeem tells Mike that Pat was trying to protect his son.

The Thunderbolt arrives with Chinese, and Zeek calmly takes in the sight of the supernatural being.

At American dream, Eclipso climbs to the top of the clock tower and looks down on Blue Valley. Inside, McNider tells Pat to help the others, while he tends to the unconscious Wildcat.

Eclipso is declaring that he's on the edge of victory, and STRIPE slams into him and knocks him down to the street. STRIPE flies down with Mike inside. Zeek is at the garage eating Chinese, and tells Mike over the walkie-talkie that wishing for the part was a good trick.

Eclipso gets up, while Pat runs out and realizes that Mike in inside STRIPE. Zeek tells Mike how to turn on the mounted chainsaw, and then the flamethrower. Jakeem and Thunderbolt arrive behind Eclipso, and Jakeem tells Thunderbolt to electrocute Eclipso. Thunderbolt does so, flying into Eclipso, but Eclipso grabs Thunderbolt and throws him into STRIPE, which shorts out and falls over.

Pat goes to Mike, and Eclipso leaps in front of Jakeem. The pen doesn't work, and Hourman arrives and tells Eclipso to leave Jakeem alone. Hourman says that he still has super-strength and it will last more than an hour. Grundy arrive and sends Eclipso flying, then attacks him. Eclipso catches Grundy's fist and knocks him back, then fires a blast of darkness through Grundy's chest, taking him down.

Hourman attack Eclipso and the demon knocks him aside. Jakeem goes to Hourman, while Eclipso walks off.

At the house, Barbara and Jen notice that the rift in the sky is growing. The doorbell rings, and Barbara stares at the doorbell ringer in surprise and recognition.

Pat runs to STRIPE and tells him to reboot the system. Eclipso grabs Pat, drags him away, then breaks his arm. Stargirl arrives and tells Eclipso to stop, and Eclipso says that he'll twist Pat's arm off and then torture Stargirl's family. The demon asks her how she feels, or Pat dies. Stargirl yells that she hates Eclipso, and the demon sighs in satisfaction.

Eclipso zooms over and grabs Stargirl by the throat, and says that everything he did was to help the darkness inside of her grow. All he needed in her was one thread of darkness, and now she has embraced the darkness. Eclipso turns into darkness and enters Stargirl. The Staff glows with shadow energy, and Stargirl becomes Eclipso-possessed. He speaks through Stargirl saying that now he wields the power of light as well as darkness, and laughs manically.

Eclipso/Stargirl says with the power of both, she can merge Earth and the Shadowlands. She fires the Shadow-Staff into the sky, and creates a second rift.

Beth asks McNider what they do to save her parents. Dark energy pours out of James and Beth, and the barrier over the door fades. Shade arrives and tells McNider that merging the Shadowlands with reality revived him, and saving Beth's parents was just a bonus. He dismisses his death in the theater as his flair for the dramatic, and goes.

McNider and Beth suit up in their Dr. Mid-Nite costumes, and Beth tells her parents that they're superheroes and they should stay there where it's safe.

Wildcat arrives as Shiv snaps her bones back into place. They see Stargirl, and Shiv tells Wildcat that they have to kill the host. Wildcat insists that they won't hurt Stargirl, and the key is getting the Staff. The two of them charge at Eclipso/Stargirl. They try to subdue her, and Eclipso/Stargirl says that the Staff is the power of enlightenment and only one can control it.

Eclipso/Stargirl knocks them away, but Sylvester arrives and starts to pull the Staff away from Eclipso/Stargirl. The two of them float into the air as the others gather and watch from below. Sylvester tells Stargirl that she was chosen by the Staff for a reason, and she has to fight Eclipso. Stargirl draws on the memories of her friends, family, and the Staff, as Eclipso tells her that she's unloved.

Pat yells at Courtney to be herself and free herself. Eclipso is cast out, and Sportsmaster II arrives with her parents Sportsmaster and Huntress. Shiv admits that she called Sportsmaster II and had her break her parents out of prison, and Eclipso that she's forever and not finished. The heroes and Shade gathered, and Shade tells the heroes to act quickly. Sylvester and Stargirl use the Staff, Jen uses her ring, and Thunderbolt blasts Eclipso to a piece of a burnt toast.

The next day, Courtney, Yolanda, and Beth sit on Courtney's porch while Rick and Jen look on. Courtney figures that things are all good now that they're all back together, and asks Yolanda if she's back for good. Yolanda says that she's back. Rick says that he has some things to do, and Jen and Beth have to say their goodbyes.

Later, Courtney goes to the basement and talks to Pat. She wonders how Sylvester is alive, and wonders if Sylvester came back to take the Staff back. Pat says that the world is safe, and they'll figure things out eventually. He tells Courtney that they beat Eclipso because of her, and she points out that the villains helped. Pat points out that it was because of Courtney, and Courtney says that Eclipso was right about there being darkness in everyone.. However, he didn't understand that there's good in all of them, and all he did in the end was make Courtney believe in people even more.

Sylvester comes down and says that belief is why the Staff picked Courtney. He tells Courtney that he's there to take the Staff away from her, but maybe he can show he what to do. Pat says that it'll be after school, and Sylvester says that superheroes don't need school.

Upstairs, Barbara tells McNider that they have plenty of room and he doesn't have to leave so soon. He figures that she has another houseguest with Sylvester, and McNider has to find his wife. Beth comes in and says that she found McNider's wife, and she's in Indiana. She also says that the wife was pregnant when everyone died, and tells McNider that he has a 10-year-old son. When Beth wonders what happens if the world needs Dr. Mid-Nite again, McNider says that the world has one and gives Beth the costume.

Mike and Jakeem are delivering papers, and Mike says that Pat will only let him pilot STRIPE under supervision for the summer. He tells Jakeem that maybe him, Jakeem, and the Thunderbolt can form their own team. Mike suggests that Jakeem wish the Thunderbolt deliver papers, while they go talk more about the team over donuts. Jakeem figures that nothing could go wrong, and sees the Thunderbolt flying overhead. Mike says that he has everything under control.

Cameron has finished the mural of his father, and his grandparents come over and tell him that it's time to tell him the truth about his family. The two of them give off cold energy.

Yolanda leaves the church, and finds Cindy waiting for her. Cindy says that maybe Courtney was right about people embracing the "light side", and says that she wants to join the JSA.

Rick is out in the woods planting an apple tree on Grundy's grave.. Shade comes up and says that it's ironic that Rick is mourning the beast that killed his family, and says that Grundy can come back if he's buried in the right place. When Rick hopes that Shade tells him more before he leaves town, Shade says that the young JSA is rather intriguing so he's not going anywhere.

Beth goes home, and her parents are thrilled that she's a superhero. They say that the danger and excitement rekindled their feelings, and they're going to be the best parents a superhero ever had... and they have a lot of ideas about her costume and career.

At home, Pat, Barbara, and Mike are setting the table for dinner. Jen made it home, and Sylvester is setting up to live in the basement. Courtney comes in and says that things are back to normal, and Barbara mentions that the house next door sold. The doorbell rings, and Pat goes to answer it. It's the Crocks, who brought muffins.

At the Helix Institute, Nurse Louise Love tells the transparent-skinned Mister Bones that Jennie got home, but found other superheroes. They live in Blue Valley, along with super-villains. Bones is intrigued by heroes and villains living side-by-side, as an interesting "experiment". He suggests that they take a trip to Blue Valley.



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Notes and Trivia

  • As of this episode, Cindy/Shiv could be considered an anti-heroine due to her willingness to team with the JSA.
  • Cameron's grandparents decide it is time for him to learn of his true heritage.
  • Sofus Mahkent appears in this episode. He was last seen in the Season 2 episode, "Summer School: Chapter One".
  • Lily Mahkent appears in this episode. She was last seen in the Season 2 episode, "Summer School: Chapter Five".
  • With the revelation that Sofus also possesses cryokinetic abilities, it is confirmed that the Mahkent powers come from Cameron's paternal side.
  • Charles McNider is revealed to have a ten-year-old son with his wife Myra, who is still alive.
  • Mike pilots S.T.R.I.P.E. for the first time.
  • When Cindy shows up outside the church to find Yolanda, the white streaks in her hair aren't as prominent, and notably shorter.
  • Beth's parents learn of Beth's superhero activities and call off their divorce, becoming her support system as the second and first female Doctor Mid-Nite.
    • Bridget pitches a new idea for a costume - yellow and black. This is a mention to Dr. Mid-Nite's comic costume, which is a full body yellow and black super suit. In the comics, the suit is made by Beth's mother.
  • This episode marks the first time anyone refers to Rick by his full name, which is Richard; Mike says it when he makes a comment to Jakeem about how Rick needs to learn to meditate.
  • Mike makes a direct reference to Bender from Futurama when he arrives in S.T.R.I.P.E. and says, "Kiss my shiny metal ass!"
  • This episode shows that Hourman's Hourglass has some technological circuitry.
  • Nurse Love reveals that she knows Jennie is the late Green Lantern's daughter.
  • During Mike's conversation with Jakeem at the end of the episode, Mike refers to Courtney as his sister. This is the first time he has done this in front of someone who isn't within his family circle.





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