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Sportsmaster Suit is a multi-faceted complex suit used Larry Crock when he is fronting as the villain, Sportsmaster.



Sportsmasters suit utilizes several athletic and sports-related weaponry and aesthetics. From his hockey mask to his baseball bat, he has one of the most diverse suits of the ISA. To conceal his identity and protect his face, he wears a white and black hockey mask that has stains of blood around the edges. His hair covers his forehead in a shagged, messy style. He also wears a black shirt with elbow sleeves. It is usually tucked into his baggy black athletic pants. Over his chest, he wears a grey and silver-ridged hockey vest with thick padding. The padding covers his chest, torso, crotch area. It buckles around his sides and waist. The back of the vest holds a large black weapons bag where Sportsmaster stores his numerous weapons and devices that he uses in combat. On his left arm is a padded shield made of the same colors as his vest. He uses this padding as a shield against offensive blows to protect his arm. He also wears black fingerless gloves that reach his wrists. He is usually seen carrying a black metal baseball bat.

Weapons and Devices

  • Black baseball bat
  • Hockey stick
  • A modified hockey puck that works like an explosive. This puck also has magnetic properties as it attached itself to the Cosmic Staff. The explosion is powerful enough to disable the staff for several seconds.
  • Three white baseballs used as tactical offensive weapons. These baseballs caused Hourman to bleed despite him being affected by his Hourglass.
  • Badminton Shuttlecock that disguises its true nature as a smoke and flash bomb.


During a flashback to Christmas Eve, 2010, Sportsmaster is seen wearing this suit while fighting against the Justice Society of America.[1]

In the present day, Sportsmaster is better known as Larry Crock, the Blue Valley fitness junkie and owner of Ripped City. When he and his wife, Paula Brooks, restart their villain exploits, they are visited by ISA leader, Jordan/Icicle. Jordan tells them that it's time to get their suits out of storage, as they are going on their first mission in several years. Sportsmaster then wears this suit to Empire Enterprises, where he engages in a vicious fight against the newly assembled modern-day JSA, more specifically, Hourman and Stargirl.[2]



Additional Season 1 appearances include being pictured in "Wildcat", "Shiv Part One", "Brainwave Jr.", and "Shining Knight".
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Notes and Trivia

  • On June 26, 2020 Neil Hopkins and Stella Smith did an AMA over on the Stargirl reddit forum where they answered a couple of fan questions. [3]
    • Neil mentioned that the creation of the Sportsmaster Suit was a long one, and he had to try on several versions of it as they developed it. But it is apparently very comfortable to wear.