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Something was here... Someone? Chuck calls it Solomon Grundy.

Solomon Grundy is a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl.

Solomon was once a wealthy merchant named "Cyrus Gold", who was murdered in the 19th century. Fifty years later, he is reanimated to serve a new leader.[2] His imprisonment at the hands of the ISA forced him to commit several murders, including that of Rex and Wendi Tyler. He was finally let loose upon the JSA where he battled Rick Tyler, who was under the mask of Hourman. Rick ultimately allowed Solomon to escape with the threat that he should never return to Blue Valley.


Born in the 19th century as a wealthy merchant, Cyrus Gold lived a life shrouded in mystery. He was brutally murdered during the 19th century, but reanimated over fifty years later. After his death, Cyrus became the undead supervillain, Solomon Grundy. It was after this that he joined the Injustice Society of America. Pat Dugan alluded to Grundy being controlled by the ISA to do their bidding.

After the battle against the ISA in 2010, Grundy was detained in a reinforced cell in Blue Valley, underneath The American Dream. He was released in 2011 so he could kill a fleeing Rex and Wendi Tyler. Grundy was later detained once more. The cell is located in the Blue Valley tunnel near the Injustice Society's headquarters.


On Christmas Eve 2010, Grundy fought alongside the ISA in a battle against the JSA. Icicle commanded him after a fleeing Stripsey and Starman. Grundy only managed to damage the car which ultimately allowed the heroes to escape.[3]

Jordan Mahkent returns to Blue Valley after ten years and stops by a reinforced cell in the hallway of the ISA's underground headquarters. Growling can be heard from behind the cell and a distorted face barely seen. Jordan says hello to his old friend before walking away.[4]

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During a flashback to 2011, Solomon was unleashed and killed Rex Tyler and his wife by slamming the front end of their car. The car then swerved into a tree and the impact killed the couple. The incident was ruled an "accident" by the police. His hologram was later projected by Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles during a holographic recreation of the murder. Beth remarks that Chuck calls the monster Solomon Grundy.[5]

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In the present day, Cindy is walking through the underground tunnels of Blue Valley when she ventures past Grundy's holding cell. He growls at her and she snaps at him to shut up and he obliges. Later, during a training session, Pat Dugan attempts to teach the newly assembled JSA about the Injustice Society. He tells Courtney that she has no idea the danger she faces if the ISA still controls Grundy. His picture is on the bulletin board of ISA members, however, there is a red question mark next to his name alluding to the fact that Pat doesn't know Grundy is still a captive of the ISA.[6]

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With time to complete Project New America, the ISA was forced into a battle against the JSA which they almost lost. Grundy was released from his prison by The Gambler in the hopes he could help the ISA. Grundy punched STRIPE away from a depleted Icicle and managed to create a distraction long enough for Icicle to escape. Hourman tried to attack Grundy to avenge his parents but Grundy flung him aside. STRIPE and Grundy had a drawn-out fight throughout the tunnels where STRIPE was bested. Grundy pulled the robot's limbs off and beat the robot with his limb. He mangled the robot and was about to beat Pat Dugan, the operator of STRIPE when Hourman intervened and stopped him. Overcome with rage and wanting to avenge his parents, Hourman spent his final minutes under the effects of his Hourglass to pummel the beast. He was about to drop a large pile of debris on the beast when he noticed Grundy's fear. He spared the beast, who rose to his feet and lumbered out of the room. Hourman warned him to never come back to Blue Valley. Grundy disappeared into the tunnels.[7]


Solomon Grundy is best described as deranged with an uncontrollable temper and answers everything with violence, perhaps stemming from an unstable mindset caused by his reincarnation that failed to bring back a civilized, developed adult mentality. As such, he acts and is generally treated more as a beast than the human he was once, as he has seemingly been kept locked away for the past decade since the destruction of the Justice Society.

Somehow, from what little was seen of Grundy, he is seemingly loyal to the Injustice Society, as he follows their orders without question or complaint.

During his fight with Hourman, the zombie proved he is capable of vulnerable human emotions like fear and terror, responding in a childlike manner like tearing up when he was about to be hurt and putting his arms out as a defense mechanism. He appeared to understand his opponent was in a pain that wasn't physical and looked confused when Hourman refused to fight him any further. When Hourman yelled at him to leave and never return, Solomon, scared with the emotional hero, obediently did so with minimal hesitation and looked back to give one final, defeatist growl.

Physical Appearance

Grundy is a massive hulking being, comparable in size to Pat's robot suit, with an unnaturally large upper body and extremely muscular build. Befitting his undead nature his skin along with his hair is pale white, while his face is sunken in, almost resembling that of a skull. In terms of attire, Grundy wears ragged clothing, including a jacket, pants, and shoes.


  • Mystical-Zombie Physiology: Grundy is essentially a living corpse brought to life by magic and therefore his body acts differently than a human's body. To that end, he can survive for decades without any type of degradation or the need for food or oxygen.
    • Superhuman Strength: Grundy is stronger than a normal human being. He was able to hold Pat Dugan's Car with his bare hands, regularly knock cars off the road, and even tear Pat's STRIPE armor apart with his bare hands.
    • Superhuman Speed: Thanks in part to his massive size, Grundy can move much faster than an average human, having no difficulty keeping up with a moving car.
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to his size and strength, Grundy is able to take heavy amounts of punishment without slowing down, being repeatedly pummeled by both STRIPE and Hourman yet still able to keep fighting.


  • Diminished Intellect: Grundy's below-average intellect makes him susceptible to manipulation by stronger minded individuals.
  • Intimidation: Likely due to his limited mental capacity making him more akin to an animal than a man, Grundy is capable of being intimidated to the point of submission best seen when Rick was able to scare him enough into retreating despite the fact Grundy by that point could've killed him thanks to his hour of power running out.


Additional Season 1 appearances include a picture in "Wildcat" and a growl/picture in "Shiv Part Two".

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Notes and Trivia

  • Grundy was created using special effects.
  • According to Pat Dugan, Grundy is being controlled by the Injustice Society which is what makes him so dangerous.