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"Shiv Part Two" is the eighth episode of the first season of Stargirl. It served as the final part of the two-part "Shiv" centric-arc.

The episode aired on July 6, 2020, on DC Universe and on July 7, 2020, on The CW.


"THE JSA GOES UNDERCOVER — After Courtney gets herself into some trouble following an unexpected confrontation, Pat decides they need to come clean to Barbara. Meanwhile, Cindy takes heat from her father after a plan to take matters into her own hands goes awry. Finally, Yolanda, Beth and Rick lead an investigation into one of their own classmates."


In the cover of night, Pat races through empty streets before intentionally crashing into a lamp post.

Meanwhile, over dinner, Barbara comments to Jordan how nice their hotel is. He says it was recommended by a friend, and takes a moment to thank her for their successful sale - he couldn't have done it without her. He has to leave to meet that same friend, but asks her to have dessert and bids her good night. As he walks away, Jordan looks back at Barbara and smiles.

Back at the car crash scene, Pat calls Barbara to inform her of an accident. Courtney wakes up in a hospital bed, and is informed by Pat that Barbara is coming later tonight and she's been told they've been in a car accident. Courtney notices the bruise on his face, and he says he crashed his Buick, much to her shock. Pat tells her she's coming home tonight, get some rest and that he will get as much information on Cindy Burman and her family as he can possibly get. Courtney apologizes for going rogue but Pat says nothing's worth her getting hurt like this, and they need to be honest. Courtney understands, but Pat clarifies he means her mother. He doesn't want to keep lying to her, but Courtney protests she won't let her continue to fight. Pat says she deserves to know, but Courtney convinces him to tell him after they stop the ISA and Blue Valley's safe one more, or else Barbara will take this away from her.

In the Dragon King's lair, Shiv proudly announces she found Stargirl, though he knows already for the surveillance screens. He comments that she didn't alert him, and asks if she's dead. Shiv answers probably, as he takes her Staff and angrily throws it, saying she isn't as he sent for her body and it wasn't there. Shiv tells him she beat her, though there was someone else there. He says it was presumably another JSA member, and begins to angrily berate her for taking the Shiv suit, her reckless actions that almost jeopardizing everyone. She says she hurt her, to which he doesn't doubt as he snidely says she hurts a lot of things. Shiv demands he stop bringing up her mother and begs for him to listen to her but he's done. He laments how instead of focusing on his important work, he had to explain his daughter's ill-attempt to the other ISA members, and notes she might never get her seat at the table. Shiv exclaims she did no wrong, but he reports that she was in the tunnels, and she's still alive. He ordered her to go back home and he'll call for her when the time comes. She stares in defiance, and he dares her to make him remove her hood. Scared, she leaves.

At Pat's garage, a furious Rick wipes a counter clean of its tools as he lashes out at his teammates for standing here and doing nothing, as Cindy sent Courtney to the emergency room after almost killing her. Yolanda asks what they should do, and Rick responds to break down her door and take the bitch out. Beth refuses, as she has powers, but Rick counterpoints that they have powers too. Beth elaborates that either her mom or dad might be in the ISA too, much to Rick's immediate delight. He grabs his hourglass, but is stopped by Beth. She says they have no idea who or what they're up against and there must be a smart approach to this. Rick yells an eye for an eye, but Beth admits she's mad too, but he needs to cool off. She tells him he must hurt so much that he needs to hurt everyone else. Rick, dead quiet, turns around and punches the table. She announces that she cares for Courtney, for them, for all of Blue Valley. They need to find who Cindy's parents are. Yolanda agrees, and Rick relents, asking her what they should do. She smiles, saying she was a plan.

Pat wheelchairs Courtney though the hospital, and stops at Henry King Sr.'s room. Spotting Junior, she says hello, much to his initial confusion. He gets up and approaches her, but slams the door shut.

At home and in bed, Mike comes in and offers her some pizza bites. He apologizes for what he said at the homecoming game, and that he shouldn't have said it. Courtney says she'd already forgotten. He says they've been spending a lot of time together, and as much as he says he doesn't want to do the same with Pat, he's still his father and he never shared him with everyone else before. He accepts her as his sister, and Courtney likewise. Downstairs, Pat tries to "wake" the Staff, and announces they need to talk. Stuttering initially, he addresses their troublesome history as they never saw eye to eye and labels it as impulsive and reckless. He says it came to Sylvester Pemberton as he already became an adult, experience din the life. However, Courtney still has a lot to learn. He knows it wants justice for Sylvester, and he does too, but pleads with it to lead Courtney away from danger than into it. He motions for it do something as a sign that it understands him, but the Staff doesn't do anything. Upstairs, Barbara arrives, and Pat admonishes himself for talking to a stick. As he leaves, the Staff glows in its truck, emitting a sad garble before going black.

In her bedroom, Barbara checks on her sleeping daughter and kisses her goodnight, closing the door behind her. Pat greets her, but Barbara sighs thinking he wouldn't let her drive yet. Pat nervously stutters as Barbara moans her first time behind the wheel was at night. Pat agrees it was a bad idea. She asks about Mike, and Pat tells her he wasn't in the car. He says he needs to talk to her about something else, but Barbara isn't in the mood and wants to go to bed, rebuffing his offer for help.

Back in Oakville, Jordan greets a man named Mr. Reilly as he enters his hotel room. He tells the man he's been waiting for him, and Mr. Reilly retorts to keep waiting as he reaches for the door handle. However, he finds the doorknob and his hand frozen in ice, much to this pain. Reaching over at the tabletop, he compliments the man at his success with a chemical company, noting it was a far cry from his previous employment at one named Bannerman. He asks Jordan what he wants. Jordan replies he wants a country free of companies like Bannerman who poisons water supplies and watch public schools be built over bulldozed lots, and community members get sick and die. He tells him of Christine Mahkent, a schoolteacher who loved her students as much as she loved her own son. He says he may haven't gotten rich like his superiors, but he didn't blow the whistle and save lives, including his own. Just then, blue ice ripples through Jordan's skin until he becomes encases like Icicle, and uses his breath to freeze the business to death.

At the King residence, Henry frantically searches his father's desk as the telepathic ringing in his mind worsens. He finds prescription pills and tries to open the jar, but the ringing stops as he finds and picks up a key, much to his confusion. However, the ringing returns with a vengeance, so bad he shakes the jar and causes the pills to disperse across the desk. Grabbing his head, he notices a pill levitating up in the air, which falls when he closes his eye. As the ringing continues, he focuses on levitating another pill, catching with his hand as the ringing dies down.

Rick and Yolanda are staking out Cindy Burman's house, and are caught by pat, who asks them what they're doing. He questions where Beth is, and the two look ahead where Beth rings the doorbell. Pat whispers her name loudly, and runs to the front door to get her. However, Bobbie Burman answers the door. Beth introduces herself as a classmate of Cindy's, whose here to learn cheerleading moves. Bobbie cheerfully states Cindy isn't home, and asks who Pat is. They answer differently, eventually concluding Pat is her adopted father. She warmly tells them to come in, and Pat reluctantly does.

At home, a bored Courtney texts Yolanda to no avail, and is informed by Barbara that one of her friend sis here to see her. She sits up, but is horrified to see Cindy, who offers her balloons. Barbara leaves, and Cindy looks around her room, complementing it as "third store chic". She says she doesn't do this, like ever, but says she owes her an apology, much to Courtney's confusion. Noting her facial expression, she clarifies the incident yesterday, remaking it was one of those days and blaming it on Henry, her father, Jenny, and Courtney bailing on her, she overreacted. Thus, she apologizes, ensuing silence from Courtney. Cindy plops down on the bed, inadvertently hurting her, and remarks that they eat the chocolates.

At the Burman residence, Pat finds fake books on a bookshelf, much to their bewilderment as Bobbie comes back with a plate of fresh cookies, to Beth's delight. She asks Pat what he does, and he answers mechanic as Beth replies doctor. He clarifies that he gets called the car doctor, and asks what she does. Bobbie replies she's a mother, a homemaker before remaking she used to do other things, though nothing is as important as raising a child. Beth asks for a cup of water, and as Bobbie leaves pat urges her to wear the goggles and take a look around. Beth proceeds too, as is told by Chuck Pat's new weight gain. Bobbie comes back, weirded out by her goggles but her inquiries are dismissed by the pair as something for Beth's poor eyesight. However, the goggles fail to identify who Bobbie truly is. Beth asks where the bathroom is, and as she proceeds further into the house, she's told by Chuck how scarce the house is for a family, and finds the keypad. Cracking the code, she opens the door.

Back at the Dugan-Whitemore's, Cindy knit-picks through sweets, failing to notice how uncomfortable Courtney is. As she lays in bed, Cindy says she realized something yesterday - they're not that different, and in fact they're kinda similar. Courtney asks what she means, and Cindy replies their dads and stuff. She remarks that if things were a little different, she'd be a lot more like her. Courtney repeats the statement, to Cindy's reluctance. She finally admits to Courtney that she needs a friend, and receives an uneasy smile.

Beth cautiously walks down the industrial stairs leading into the secret tunnels, and finds Chuck's AI glitching and herself losing communication with Yolanda and Rick. Outside, Rick decides they need to do something.

Cindy remarks that was her calorie count for today, and announces her leave. Courtney thanks her for stopping by and she approaches it. But before she's int he clear, Cindy says she almost forgot something. She compliments her Staff, and calls her Stargirl to her shock. Cindy taunts that after the time they spent together, that she wouldn't recognize her under the mask. Cindy tells her not to worry, in that he secret is safe with her as she didn't tell her father if it meant getting sidelined. Sighing, she tells her to rest up. She warns her she'll be back, after she killed her friends.

Yolanda's getting angsty, and gets a text from Courtney who says Cindy knows who she is. Yolanda fails to respond, causing Courtney to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Beth continues to walk down the scary hallway, but Solomon Grundy's roars scare her back into the house. Just then, Cindy arrives home, and Yolanda begs Beth to get out but she determinedly enters Cindy's bedroom looking for clues, even against Chuck's advise. As Cindy enters her house, Rick and Yolanda agree to suit up. Inside, Cindy finds Bobbie conversing with Pat, whose out of sight fixing the sink and goes upstairs. Beth finds a photo of Dr. Shiro Ito, a dead Japanese war criminal. She hears Cindy calling her mother, and in a panic tries to hide. Yolanda, now as Wildcat, taps the window to get her attention. She opens the window, and tries to explain her fear of heights but is unceremoniously thrown out, to Rick's waiting arms. Cindy enters her bedroom, and hears their rustling. She looks around her window, but Rick and Beth disappear from sight and Wildcat climbed up to the roof. In the kitchen, Pat's finishing up and notes it looks good now, to which Bobbie echoes as she makes a move on him. Surprised, he hits his head and makes a hasty retreat, to her protests. He meets the kids outside, and is informed by Wildcat that Cindy knows, and Beth hands him Dr. Ito's photograph. Pat knows who he is, and as they get away admonishes Yolanda for getting suited up.



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Notes and Trivia

  • "Shiv Part Two" has the smallest cast to-date, having only two co-stars and one guest-star.
  • Pat's jokes about Beth's poor eyesight are nods to Beth's comic book counterpart, who was blinded in a chemical explosion at a hospital.
    • Comic-Beth was also saved by Rick Tyler, who was under the effects of Miraclo. Interestingly enough, Beth is saved by Rick later in the episode when he catches her from falling from the roof.
  • "Shiv Part Two" is the first episode in which the audience sees Jordan transforms into his Icicle physiology.
  • On July 7th, 2020 during the airing of Shiv Part Two on The CW, Brec revealed in a tweet that the hospital scene was a re-shoot. That in reality, they shot this scene weeks after wrapping the episode.[2]
  • Pat races through the streets of Blue Valley at 88 miles-per-hour, which is the same speed that the DeLorean in Back To The Future has to reach in order to travel through time.
  • Production was unable to gain clearance for "pizza rolls" so they had to come up with "pizza palooza bites".[3]
  • Ed Reilly is mentioned to be working for Firebrand chemicals. Firebrand is a superhero that dates back to 1941, and a member of the All-Star Squadron and the Freedom Fighters. Firebrand's real name was Rod Reilly, with his father's name being Ed Rielly.[3]
    • He also works for Bannerman chemicals, which is the company that Rex Tyler worked for in the comics when he invents the Miraclo drug that gives him powers.
  • The keypad code that Beth uses to access the tunnels is 1999. This is the year that the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. comics were first published and Courtney Whitmore received her mantle as Stargirl.[3]
  • When Henry King Jr. shares the scene with Stargirl on the asphalt, the only word Henry speaks aloud is "Courtney". The rest is telepathic communication between him and Courtney.[3]
  • The Shiv and Stargirl fight left a giant mess on the set that the crew didn't want to clean up so they waited about four-weeks before cleaning the set.
  • Nelson Lee was unavailable to shoot the Dr. Ito human-form photo so the crew sent the lab coat to Nelson in Toronto, where he was then photographed by his younger sister.[3]
  • According to the show's script supervisor, Cameron had a scene with Courtney when he visits her house to give her a corsage. The moment had to be cut as it didn't fit well with the established tension between Cindy and Courtney.[4]




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Cannonball Run Ray Stevens Pat crashes his car into a pole. Also plays during opening credits.



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