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The Shiv Armor is a suit used by Cindy Burman when she fought as the supervillain, Shiv. The suit protects the wearer and potentially grants enhanced abilities such as super strength.



The Shiv armor is a complex and technologically advanced suit that supports Shiv in her fights. It is a one-piece suit, the top of which interlays just past the leather neckline that attaches to dark green breastplates. There are deep red armored pauldrons that cover her shoulders and are robotic in nature. The green textured cloth of her upper-top and arms stretches down into red elbow-high gloves. The gloves themselves are supportive around her wrists to protect her when throwing punches. The gloves are also fingerless, however, Shiv always wears rings that are visible with black nails. Around her biceps and waist are knife holsters and black straps. The center of her suit has the same fabric as the upper-top and arms, however, on the center of her stomach, is a red leather chest plate with a robotic embedded device on the top of it. The functionality of the device is unknown. It also lights up in the dark.

Around her waist is a red belt made of red fabric that is seemingly velvet. It fastens in the center with a large red circle. On the left side of the belt sits two throwing knives. On her upper-legs is another, larger, holster that holds unknown weapons. Her boots are thigh-high beige fighting boots that zipper on the sides. Thick red leather straps wrap around the boots. A knife holster sits on the side of the boot and allows for quick access to her knives.


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This scepter is black and only a few feet long with a long handle. It is seemingly made out of a metal material that doesn't get hot. The top of the scepter has a dragon's head and two ruby eyes that glow when the scepter is activated. One command, fire erupts from the dragon's mouth and is capable of severely burning a person or object. It is short and light enough for Shiv to wield with minimal effort, despite its devastating effects. Dragon King was extremely protective of the scepter and wasn't ready for Shiv to wield it, presumably because of its destructive properties.


While arguing with her father, Cindy discovered the armor hanging on the wall. She was mesmerized and grabbed the scepter from its place on the wall. Dragon King told her to leave it be and roughly snatched it from her hands. That night, after feeling neglected by her father and friends, Cindy stole the suit and wore it to fight against Stargirl.[1] When she returned victorious, her father scolded her for taking her "graduation suit" early while it was unfinished. He demands she take it off and return home, a command she is forced to oblige.[2]



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Notes and Trivia

  • Dragon King made the armor for Shiv to use, however, she took the suit prematurely.
  • The suit might give the wearer super strength as Shiv had yet to demonstrate any enhanced strength until she was wearing the armor.

Behind the Scenes

  • Meg DeLacy wears several fashionable rings off-screen, so the producers and crew allowed her to wear them in the show. One day in Burbank, she discovered a dragon ring that she then showed to the producers. They loved it and told her to wear it. That is why Shiv has her signature rings. The gloves were also designed to allow Meg to showcase the rings. In reality, the rings also function as a weapon as many of them are sharp and jaded, thus, harming anyone who is hit by them.[3]



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