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Arizona is a fascinating state, quite different from northern states and eastern states. The soil is sand. Cactuses grow easily. A grassless front yard is common. Summers are very hot and dry in the mostly desert-like environment.

The setting for Stargirl was Mica, a made-up town in Arizona. It was a fairly new town, developed around an electronics business park a decade and a half earlier.

Not too much grows in the desert, right? And deserts are always dry. As it turns out, the Arizona desert is just about the perfect setting for the goings on at Mica High because the high school is just as dry as the ground on which it sits. The students are rather dull, and they worship a dull guy, Wayne, who thinks it's cool to be boring, disconnected, and altogether lame.

The high school landscape is downright lifeless until Stargirl shows up on the scene with her colorful outfits, quirky songs, and general joyfulness. Think of her as a rainstorm, who brings a much-needed dose of water, or life, to the school.

The name Mica may hold some significance, too. Mica is a very strong mineral that remains stable when exposed to things like electricity, light, and even moisture. Stargirl brings a lot of light to Mica, which raises the question: does the town remain stable, or does it change after encountering her? Is Mica the town as sturdy as Mica the mineral?

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