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I've got everyone's back here, no matter what. And you all know that, because you're my family. Nothing will ever change that.
Rick Tyler in "Chapter Nine: The Monsters"

Richard "Rick" Tyler is a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl.

Rick was a high school delinquent and an outcast who was orphaned at the age of seven when he was left in the care of his uncle. As a result of being a social outcast, Rick mainly keeps to himself. He is the son of Wendi and former Justice Society of America member Rex Tyler/Hourman. Through adversity, Rick is recruited into the Justice Society of America and inherits his father's mantle of Hourman.

Like Rick's father, Rex, he draws his powers from an hourglass that boosts his strength, speed, agility, and endurance for one hour once per day.

By 2031, Rick is still an active member of the JSA.


105 SC7

Nine years ago, Rex Tyler and his wife, Wendi, lived in West Farms, Blue Valley, Nebraska, with their son, Rick. Rex had been tracking the ISA for a long time and had been onto something. One night, in a frenzy, Rex recorded down a burst of discovered information. He and Wendi quickly packed their bags into their car and planned to flee Blue Valley, much to the confusion of Rick. Wendi’s brother, Matt Harris, arrived confused as to why he had been called to Blue Valley. Rex quickly explained that inside was the deed to the house, which they left to Matt, and records pertaining to Rick. On the certificates, Matt was listed as Rick’s biological father and having the last name Harris instead of Tyler. Though Matt was hesitant, Rex told him about the $50,000 he left in the house for the pair. While they hoped to not be gone long, he wanted to have a backup plan just in case. Rex and Wendi tearfully said goodbye to their son. Rex gave Rick a 1966 yellow mustang keychain and told him to hold onto it while he was away. He alluded that it was more important than Rick knew. Rick's parents then got into their car and sped away while Rick yelled after them, begging his parents not to leave him. Rex and Wendi died in a car "accident" that night, and Rick fell into the custody of Matt.

Rick became a troubled kid at Blue Valley who was in and out of trouble be it at school or around town. His relationship with Matt was tumultuous and abusive, due to Matt's quick temper and bitterness over being left in charge of a kid he never wanted. Rick felt this neglect and, upon entering high school, became a delinquent. He often sat at a loser table where he kept to himself, stole school property, and frequently received detention. He also drank alcohol when he wasn't attending classes. In his free time, Rick worked to repair his father's mustang.


Season 1[]

101 SC31

In the crowded cafeteria, Rick is somewhat eating lunch, but mainly staring at the table, at his usual spot with Yolanda Montez and Beth Chapel, when they are suddenly joined by new-girl Courtney Whitmore. Courtney introduces herself and Beth warmly responds while Rick continues to ignore Courtney's presence. When Courtney tries to converse with the group Rick stays silent along with everyone else. Beth informs Courtney that the people at the table aren't friends and are losers. Rick is irritated by this and abruptly stands up, telling Beth to speak for herself. He grabs his bag and sulks off, grabbing a school-issued product from a cart and shoving it in his bag on the way out.

101 Rick in Detention

He is later put in detention for an unknown reason, though the product he stole from the cafeteria earlier might have something to do with it. Courtney and two other students are in detention with him but they don't interact. Rick is using a pocket knife to carve something into his desk which annoys Courtney, so she whirls around to stare at him. He looks up at her for a brief moment before he returns to his carving. She looks back the clock not saying anything to him.[1]

103 SC87

The next day or so, when school is let out, Rick spends his free time leaning against a wall with a Blue Valley Tires mural on it. He is drinking out of a bottle that is cleverly concealed inside a brown paper bag. When Courtney approaches he looks over at her. As she begins to pass he grabs his bag and walks past her without a word. When she looks over her shoulder at him she sees him taking another swig from the bag and round a corner, disappearing.[2]

105 SC9

In a flashback to nine years ago, a young Rick Tyler is led out of his house by his mother, Wendi. His father Rex calls Wendi saying that they have to leave. Rick asks where they are going, so Wendi crouched down to look him in the eye. She explained that mom and dad had to leave for a little while but he was going to be okay. Rick clearly didn't understand but was interrupted when Rex who knelt in front of Rick. He expressed his love and gave Rick a toy yellow mustang, telling his son to keep it safe for him as it is special. He explained that it was his first love before he met Wendi. They hug tightly before Rick's uncle, Matt Harris, suddenly arrived. Rick went off to the side and played with the yellow mustang. Rex and Wendi explained to Matt that they had to leave and left everything to Matt, including falsified birth certificates that listed Rick as Matt's son. Matt didn't want to be a father as he had no idea how to raise a child, but Wendi told him to just do his best. The couple quickly hugged their son goodbye, with Rex picking Rick up in his arms to hug him and kiss his head. Rex and Wendi than left while Rick yelled after his parents begging them not to leave him.

105 SC15

In the present day, October 31, 2020, Rick is hard at work on his father's real 1966 yellow mustang when he rolls out from under the car and runs a rag over his face and hair. He picks up a box and is annoyed when it is empty. Matt comes out of the house and dismissively tells Rick not to wait up. Rick asks what happened to the carburetor that was in the box, as it was the last piece for his car, to which Matt told him he sold it. This angered Rick, who expressed that Matt can't just sell the part - it was his. Matt slammed his car door shut and approached Rick, asking him what he thinks pays for the bills around the house. Rick goes quiet but Matt presses on reminding Rick how he ruined his life. This prompts Rick to call him out on not being a Silicon Valley millionaire and instead, being a Blue Valley dirtbag. Matt steps closer to his nephew's face and tells him to take a swing - he'll just put Rick on his ass, again. Rick averts his gaze clearly distressed so Matt condescendingly mutters that was what he was thought and leaves so Rick tosses the empty box aside.

105 SC17

Rick walks to school and goes down the same road every day. He stops at the tree where his parents were killed and drops his bag. He stares at the tree for a moment, getting emotional. He then punches the tree then grips his now bleeding and scabbed knuckles. He shakes it off, rolling his hand into a fist. He grabs his bag and walks off.

105 SC34

After school, Rick is walking back home when he encounters Pat Dugan, whose car had broken down. He stops to comment that the alternator might be the issue, earning a positive reaction from Pat. After some prompting, Rick explains that he works on one car - yellow a 1966 mustang that belonged to his father. Pat seems thoughtful, and inside Courtney notices Hourman's hourglass shining brightly. Pat asks Rick if he can help him push the car down the street some, but Rick is quiet for a moment than declines and mutters an apology. Suspecting the person hiding behind the hood is responsible for the hourglass's reaction, Courtney stares after Rick's retreating figure and sees the hourglass dimming down. Pat asks what she knows about that kid, but she claims not to know anything. She says she'll walk and takes out the large duffel bag, and proceeds to follow Rick through town.

105 SC42

Rick eventually stops at the same tree as earlier, the one his parents died at, and stares at it emotionally. He takes a moment then looks down over his shoulder asking Courtney why she's following him. He isn't interested in talking to her and tries to leave but she is persistent. She suddenly pulls out an hourglass and shows it to him but he is confused as it's just an hourglass. Confused, Courtney shoves it against Rick's chest earning an agitated look from Rick as the hourglass still isn't reacting. She doesn't understand muttering that something is wrong, but he sharply tells her that something is wrong and she should stay on her meds. He then walks away from her. Later that day, Courtney learns through Beth Chapel that Rick Harris's name is really Rick Tyler and that he's the son of Rex Tyler - Hourman.

105 SC77

That evening, Rick delivers three kegs to BVHS jocks who are throwing a Halloween party. He tells them that the price is $100 each, earning disgruntlement from the jocks. Brian argues that the kegs are worth $50 each to which Rick tells him about inflation. The price is $300 for all three kegs. Brian and his friend try to hassle Rick by using intimidation, but Rick threatens to break their arms if they don't pay up. The jocks eventually pay Rick and mutter about him being crazy as they carry the heavy kegs away.

105 SC96.5

That night, Courtney, Beth, and Yolanda's search for Rick takes them to Cindy Burman's Halloween party. Courtney eventually tracks Rick down outside by the pool setting up the kegs. She tries to talk to him through her Gremlin head mask, but he enthusiastically tells her that he doesn't understand what she's staying. She removes the mask and tells him that she knows that his real father is Rex Tyler. He clenches his jaw staying quiet, so she presses on and shows him the hourglass again. She tells him that his father was Hourman, which catches Rick by surprises and he asks what she's talking about. She tells him that she should get the others and explain.

105 SC108

They are joined by Yolanda and Beth, and Rick goes through each girl noting their superhero aliases - Stargirl and Wildcat. He gets to Beth but she is interrupted by Yolanda. Beth later tells him that the hourglass was built by Rick's father, a brilliant chemist. The hourglass gave him super strength for one hour per day, which doesn't initially impress Rick, but Beth notes that the hourglass only worked for Rex as it was tied to his DNA. Rick's interest is piqued but he's confused about how to turn it on. Beth tells him to turn it over. He puts the hourglass on around his neck and turns it over. Upon doing so, the sand inside glows gold once more, beginning the drip to the bottom as a gold wave envelopes him. Testing his strength, he easily lifts a keg and crushes it like a soda can. He drops it to the ground smiling. Courtney advises him not to test his superpowers like that in public, and Beth informs him of the need for secret identities and that he might need a costume. Rick rejects the idea, saying he's doing his own thing. Courtney protests that he can't take the hourglass, but Rick reminds her it was his father and now it's his. He sharply tells her later before leaving. Yolanda sarcastically congratulates Courtney for making the biggest delinquent in school a beast, but Courtney's determined to get through to him. Yolanda says he won't listen, but Courtney tells her he won't when they're dressed like this.

105 SC116

Rick walks through downtown Blue Valley when he stops in front of Richie's Diner and peers inside. He sees his uncle harassing a waitress who is uninterested in his advantages. He clenches his jaw but forces himself to walk away. As he is leaving he sees his uncle's pickup truck. He gazes into the side mirror and stares at his reflection for a moment before punching the mirror clean off the truck. He staggers backward surprised by his strength and flexes his hand, noticing that it is unharmed. He then looks at the truck and back at his hand before shouting and punching the truck. The truck separates and skids to the middle of the road, a large dent in the driver's side door. He smiles slightly as he looks at the damage in front of him.

105 SC125

As the night dwindles to an end, Rick returns to the sight of his parent's death - the tree. Stargirl and Wildcat appear. Stargirl states that they just want to talk. Rick exclaims that he isn't playing games with them. Stargirl says she understands but Rick yells that she doesn't. She doesn't know what it's like to be filled with such anger that he feels poisoned. He thinks about hitting something all the time, and asks her if she thinks he likes that. He hates feeling this way. Stargirl tells him of her father, Starman, and how she gets to keep his legacy alive. She encourages Rick that he can continue his father's legacy as a superhero and that it can be his choice. He repeats that it's his choice and a moment passes. Enraged, he punches the tree, causing it to split where his fist connected with it. The tree falls to the ground and across the road. He says he never had the choice and approaches the pair. Stargirl points the Staff at him, telling him she can't let him keep the hourglass when he's in this state.

105 SC136

He dares her to take it when Beth runs up, announcing that his parent's death wasn't an accident. She says Dr. McNider can show them and in a holographic projection stemming from the goggles, the group is shown the series of events that led to Rex and Wendi Tyler's deaths as Beth narrates. As the holographic car passes through Rex, he witnesses the last faces his parents made and his mother's dying scream. Stargirl tells Rick that the people who killed his parents are the same ones who killed her father, which is why she assembled this team - for justice. Rick tearfully says he'll do it, but not for justice. He states that he wants revenge causing the Cosmic Staff to warble.[3]

106 SC32

The next day, Rick is walking to school when he comes across Pat Dugan, who is leaning against his car. As Rick gets closer Pat calls out to the boy calling him by his name. Rick makes a sarcastic comment on the car being broken down again, but Pat laughs it off. Pat then reveals to Rick that he knew his dad - his real one, and asks if they can talk. Rick grows quiet as he looks precariously at Pat.

106 SC40

Pat and Rick go to The Pit Stop where Pat shows him Matt Harris' truck that has a large dent in it. He explains that it was towed to the Pit Stop last night but Rick tries to blow it off. Pat knows that he did the damage with the hourglass but just wants to know why he did it. Rick merely states that his uncle is a jerk who had it coming. Pat scolds Rick, saying that his father would never have abused the hourglass's power like that. Rick snaps back that his father is dead so it doesn't matter what he would do, because the ISA killed his parents. Pat just learned about that and is trying to stop them and thought he might be able to help him decipher with Rex's journal.

106 SC47

As he sifts through the journal, Rick notices several inconsistencies in what his father wrote. His father wrote about growing up in Michigan and meeting his mother at Calvin College, but Rex grew up in Connecticut and met Wendi when they were kids. None of the information is right, and he ponders if the writing itself is some kind of code. He takes out the hourglass and holds it up to the writing at Pat explains that he didn't think the diary entries were code just the equations. Rick hops off the barrel he's sitting on and remarks that he'll keep looking at it but Pat tells him that he can't keep the journal, even though it was Rick's fathers. He also tells him to leave the hourglass with him too because he doesn't think he's ready for it. Rick doesn't believe that Pat knows him at all just like he didn't' really know his father. Pat calls him out on abusing the power within the hourglass, something that Rex never would have done. Rick accuses him of looking at him like everyone else in the town - like he's trash or not worth a damn. Pat tells him he's wrong as that isn't how he looks at him. Rick lashes out by reminding Pat of all the things he didn't know about the Tyler's or the ISA and doesn't understand what Starman used him for and calls him useless. He then storms out of the pit stop with the hourglass and journal, while Pat looks after him incredulously.

106 SC74

After school, Rick goes to BVHS where he meets with Yolanda, Beth, and Courtney. He explains that he just talked to Pat and doesn't understand what Starman or Courtney saw in him. He then asks her if Pat asked for her staff back if she would hand it over. He takes her silence as a no and gives Beth his father's journal, asking her if the goggles can decipher the equations. The goggles are unable to match the equations and Beth gives it back to Rick. She then receives a message from Chuck saying that someone is trying to hack into Empire Enterprises, but Rick doesn't see the importance of a hacker trying to get into a lame phone company. She explains that the Gambler, a member of the ISA, is the one behind the hacking and fills the group in on what he does. Yolanda wants to go capture The Gambler and Rick chimes in that they'll interrogate him and make him talk or else. Courtney wants to tell Pat but Rick rejects the idea and decides to go anyway with Yolanda and Beth chiming in that they're going too. Courtney tries to stop them but he argues that it's just a hacker. Courtney notes that they each need a suit to protect their identities, which Rick isn't thrilled about unlike Beth, who really wants one.

106 SC83

That night, Rick, now dressed as Hourman, and the rest of the newly assembled JSA arrive at Empire Enterprises, ready to fight The Gambler. Hourman wonders who came up with the names for the ISA and rolls his eyes when Beth says she likes them. Stargirl asks them if they're sure they want to do this, so Hourman activates his hourglass as confirmation. He wants to go in and get answers and brushes off Courtney with a whatever when she says to follow her lead. He goes on ahead without her. Wildcat and Dr. Mid-Nite follow. They come to a sealed metal door which Stargirl stops him from punching down as he'll set off the alarms. He then impatiently waits for Dr. Mid-Nite to put in the door code. The group then goes inside.

106 SC102

Stargirl leads the group through the halls of Empire Enterprises. They enter an office where they come across a man who was shot in the head and is now lying on the floor dead. The sight causes the JSA to freeze with Hourman looking at the body in shock. Their focus is broken when they hear a woman call out to the group, asking what they have here. The JSA are greeted by Tigress and Sportsmaster. Hourman holds his fists up ready to fight but comments they don't look like hackers. Stargirl has a plan to stay together but he isn't interested as he thinks he can do this himself. He charges at the couple but they tag-team him and Hourman is knocked aside. Sportsmaster then hits Hourman with a baseball bat in the back, then kicks him through a door and into the electrical room. He warns Hourman to stay down, calling him a kid. Hourman struggles to his feet then runs after Sportsmaster, speaking through his coms that he's got "Jason Vorhees".

106 SC110

He tracks Sportsmaster outside and barely dodges a high-speed baseball in time that is aimed at his face. Sportsmaster remarks that he knew the last guy who wore the suit and calls him a dumb idiot too. Hourman is overcome with anger and charges at Sportsmaster only to be hit in the face and chest with three baseballs. Sportsmaster checks Hourman causing him to fly backward and roll on the ground. Hourman struggles to his knees, blood dripping from his mouth as Sportsmaster asks if he's ready for more. Hourman rises to his feet and holds his hands up ready for another round.

106 SC117

Hourman continues to fight Sportsmaster in hand-to-hand combat but his punches don't land and he is struck again with a baseball. Enraged, Hourman shoves a car at Sportsmaster and finally gets the upper-hand. He charges at his enemy, picks him up by the waist, and leaps several feet into the air before slamming Sportsmaster down on a car. They both fall to the ground before resuming their vicious battle. This time, Hourman is slammed into a car but Sportsmaster is stopped from hurting him further when Stargirl launches the Cosmic Staff at the bat-wielding villain.

106 SC126

She is able to fight him off with her staff and steal his bat much to his acknowledgment. They continue to fight until he knocks her to the ground stealing his bat back as she lies on the pavement. Hourman calls to "Gretzky" while lifting a car over his head which Sportsmaster praises him for but notes that the car is heavy before hitting a baseball at Hourman's legs causing him to drop the car. The staff slides under the car propping up while Stargirl slides under it and pulls Hourman to safety just before the car can crush him.

Sportsmaster and Tigress overwhelm Courtney, who is now alone as Hourman lies on the pavement in pain. Wildcat and Dr. Mid-Nite see him as they exit the building and rush toward him.

106 SC145

A few moments pass before Hourman appears to Courtney's left, the rest of the JSA falling into formation around her. They assume a fighting position just a giant robotic armor lands behind the group, much to everyone's amazement. Hourman takes a moment to appreciate S.T.R.I.P.E., before turning back to shell-shocked Tigress and Sportsmaster. The newly assembled JSA assumes fighting positions and Hourman watches as a badminton shuttlecock flies at them then explodes, causing a smokescreen that allows the villains to escape.

106 SC153

Rick and the rest of the JSA return to The Pit Stop. Rick, Beth, and Yolanda are still dressed in the superhero attire as admire S.T.R.I.P.E., while Courtney sits above with Pat. Rick admires the way Pat managed to build the suit out of cars, initially in disbelief about the feat. He then smiles lightly as he admits that Court was right that there's more to Pat then they thought. A few moments later, Courtney and Pat watch Rick, Yolanda, and Beth admiring S.T.R.I.P.E.[4]

107 SC4

The next morning, Rick visits the site of his parent's death as he does every day. His backpack lies on the ground, his father's journal resting inside. In the meantime, Rick is seen carving an hourglass into the remaining tree trunk with a pocket knife. He steps back to admire his handwork but gives it a solemn look as if remembering his parents. He then grabs his backpack and continues to school.

107 SC23

As he walks down the halls of BVHS, he notices Courtney and gives her a smile. She returns the smile and joins him in the middle of the hall. They are soon joined by Yolanda Montez and Beth Chapel, and Rick gives a crooked smile to each of his new teammates. Their moment is interrupted when Cindy Burman shoves into them knocking them apart. She calls them losers before walking off. Courtney asks why Cindy is so mean, to which Beth explains that Cindy lost her mother in third grade. Courtney is sympathetic but Rick snaps that isn't an excuse. He adds that Cindy is just a terrible person. He then leaves to go to class.

107 SC61

After school, Rick joins the rest of the JSA at The Pit Stop where they meet Pat. Pat expresses that he's been working on something really special all day for their training against the ISA. Rick doesn't seem impressed when Pat states that they have to start with two things: what they can do and what the bad guys can do. As they walk through the Pit Stop, Rick remarks that they already know what they can do. He can punch things really hard, Yolanda can climb walls and murder toasters, and Beth can talk about anything. Beth chimes in that she'd be happy to causing Rick to roll his eyes. He then comments that Courtney has a glowstick that blows things up. Pat asks the group to be patient and shows them his makeshift ISA group that will serve as their practice dummies. Rick is extremely underwhelmed but remarks to Pat that he's trusting him as he walks in.

107 SC77

Once inside, Rick doubtfully looks at the lo-fi training course, with mop buckets and the like representing members of the ISA. Rick listens as Pat gives them information on the ISA, but looks pained when Pat starts talking about Solomon Grundy. However, impatient for some actual training, Court and the Cosmic Staff make quick work of the mop bucket enemies, wrecking the course before any of her frustrated teammates get a crack at it. Rick remarks that it was lame of her and leaves now that the training is over. Pat promises that Rick, Yolanda, and Beth will get to try the course tomorrow. Rick glares at Courtney as he leaves.[5]

108 SC25

Rick angrily swipes objects off a table in The Pit Stop as he learns that Courtney's in the emergency room. He wants to act instead of just standing around and tells Yolanda his plan to break down Cindy's door and "take the bitch out". Beth refuses the idea by saying that Cindy has powers, but Rick gestures to himself and Yolanda saying that they have powers too. Beth tries to explain that Cindy's parents might be members of the ISA but Rick hopes that they are and storms past her. He grabs his hourglass and tries to leave. Beth blocks his past and tries to rationalize with him that there is a smarter approach to all of this. Rick merely states that an eye-for-an-eye is how things work. He tries to move past her but she stops him by putting her hand on his chest. He looks down at her in surprise until she tells him that she's mad about this too, but he has to sit down and cool off. He asks where what she'll do if he doesn't, making a snide comment about her not having powers, to which she is hurt by. She calls him out on being so hurt that he wants to make everyone else hurt too. He takes a moment before turning and slamming his fist on the table as he sets the hourglass back down. Beth reiterates that they need to be smarter about their next move, to which Yolanda agrees with her. A moment passes before Rick steps forward and asks Beth what she wants to do, at which point, she holds up her goggles saying she has a good plan.

108 SC67

Rick and Yolanda hide behind the bushes at Cindy Burman's house, anxiously waiting to see if Beth can pull off her plan. Yolanda asks if he thinks the plan will work, to which Rick retorts that it better. A man asks will what work, causing Rick and Yolanda to whirl around, startled. Pat stands behind them and questions what they're doing, to which Yolanda claims they are keeping an eye on Cindy but she's not home right now. Rick fumbles saying that while they were standing there they came up with a plan. Pat notices Beth is missing and inquires about her, to which Rick guiltily points to the front door of the Burman residence. As Pat scampers off, Rick and Yolanda resume their positions behind the bushes. They watch Pat and Beth enter the home and exchange nervous glances.

108 SC86

After some time, Beth puts on her goggles and begins to have a look around. Rick speaks to her through the JSA comms, asking if she found anything yet. Beth responds that she hasn't yet, seeing as how even Chuck can't identify Cindy's mom. Rick asks about her dad, but Beth doesn't think he's home yet. As Beth travels to the underground tunnels she begins to lose connection with Rick and Yolanda, their voices coming through jumbled and robotic. Yolanda looks to Rick telling him worriedly that she lost Beth.

108 SC100

As the duo waits for Beth, Yolanda relays a text message from Courtney saying that Cindy knows Courtney is Stargirl. They watch as Cindy pulls up in a black car, and Yolanda warns Beth that Cindy is home and knows Courtney is Stargirl. Rick gives her a worried and disgruntled look. As Beth continues on in the house, Rick decides to take matters into his own hands. He takes off his backpack and Yolanda asks what they should do. They exchange a look and instantly know what the other is thinking. Rick unzips his bag and takes out his hourglass, putting it around his neck.

108 SC116

Beth finds herself trapped in Cindy's room with no escape, and frantically looks around for a place to hide. It is then that Wildcat taps on the glass, coaxing her outside. Wildcat then throws Beth out of the window as the girl refuses to jump. Beth screams on her way down but is caught by Rick, who is under the effects of the hourglass. He looks her up and down before remarking, "got you". The pair is long gone by the time Cindy looks out her window, having heard them running off. Rick is present when Beth gives Pat the photograph of Dr. Ito, and runs off when Pat tells them they have to get out of there before anyone sees Wildcat.[6]

109 SC60

At the gym in Blue Valley High, Yolanda is incredulous that Courtney wants to recruit Henry Jr. to their team after what he did to her. Rick steps forward, saying that people only change on the surface but never deep down. Beth argues that isn't true or fair since each of them has changed since joining the JSA, especially Rick. Yolanda claims that Henry is his father's son, and won't think twice about hurting any of them. Rick agrees with Yolanda, but Courtney wants them to take a leap of faith. Rick quips back that he can take a leap of faith - right before he lands on his face. Courtney retorts by saying she took a leap of faith with them, and she's still on her feet, claiming that they need every advantage they can get. Annoyed, Yolanda takes her things, telling Courtney that she's not on any team with Henry on it, and leaves the gym. Rick leaves moments later, remarking that he agrees with Yolanda and Courtney should let it go.

109 SC105

After school, Beth and Rick greet Pat at The Pit Stop. Pat asks where Yolanda is, clearly having expected the girl Rick says she's pissed since Courtney wants to recruit Henry, and asks why Pat would even let Courtney recruit him in the first place, saying it's a "classic anti-Pat plan." Pat reminds Rick that Courtney trusted him when no one else would, and Rick retorts that he's never sent pictures of some girl around. Now annoyed, Rick asks what they're doing here in the first place, to which Pat explains how he wants them to find out if there's a tunnel system under Blue Valley. He shows them old books and thinks that Beth's goggles will speed along the process. Rick isn't impressed with the homework but Pat claims that planning and preparing are all part of being a superhero. Pat leaves on a family matter leaving only Rick and Beth there. Rick starts to walk off in the other direction of Beth but she stops him by saying that they should get started. He isn't interested in helping, as she and Chuck can handle in on their own. He takes his father's journal out of his backpack noting that he still has to figure out the formulas in the journal. Something in it is the reason his parents were murdered, and he has to figure out what it was.

109 SC146

That night, Beth finds something with her goggles and looks to Rick who is sitting beside her. She says that Blue Valley was settled in 1876, by a group of Freemasons that called themselves The Other Founding Fathers who wanted to make the land free of interference from the outside. Rick bluntly asks if Beth thinks that a group of separatist freaks built the tunnels, and Beth tells him that it explains why the ISA chose their town--because they could meet in secret, underground and do whatever they wanted without being seen. They exchange an equally worried look.[7]

110 SC118

The next day at lunch, Courtney brings Henry Jr to the table, informing her teammates that Henry is aware of their superhero antics. She also tells them that the Cosmic Staff has been taken hostage by Icicle, along with Brainwave, whom Henry wants to rescue. Rick isn't pleased with the situation, believing that once Brainwave wakes up he'll kill Courtney first, seeing as how he knows her real identity. Then he'll kill all of them, making a snide comment about Henry telling his father everything first. Henry assures the group that he isn't going to tell anyone anything, elaborating that Courtney didn't even tell him about the group, he read her mind and found out by himself. Rick strongly believes that once they find Brainwave they should snap him in two while they have the chance. Henry stoically tells Rick that he isn't going to hurt his father, to which Rick dares Henry to try and stop him. He stands and entices Henry to a fight to settle their issues right now, even jerking away from Yolanda's hand that pulls on his sweatshirt in an attempt to get him to sit. Rick demands Henry stands up, who in turn, tells Rick to sit down. Henry loses control of his powers and flings Rick across the floor of the cafeteria along with a lunch tray, the contents of which cover Rick's shirt. Yolanda leaps to Rick's defense by threatening Henry by reminding him what she'll do if he doesn't stay away from her friends. Beth reminds everyone that they have to do this for Courtney, who will be forced to leave if they don't save Blue Valley. Rick refuses to work with Henry but begrudgingly agrees to help Courtney.

110 SC125

The group travels to the underground tunnels through the Burman residence, which is empty now that Cindy has "transferred schools". The group stands at the steps with Courtney informing them that Pat isn't answering so it's on them to retrieve the staff and Brainwave. She leads the group through the tunnels with Rick lagging behind and giving brooding glares at Henry. He overhears Beth telling Courtney that she lost access to Chuck, though she can still see through her goggles. Rick comments that now they don't have Chuck or the Cosmic Staff which is just great.

110 SC129

The tunnel splits into two parts, so Courtney suggests splitting up but Wildcat is hesitant, proclaiming that Courtney always says to stick together. Courtney notes that they don't exactly have a choice. She and Henry should go one way while Beth, Yolanda, and Rick going the other way. Yolanda quickly states there's no way she's leaving her alone with Henry, and that she's going with her. Rick doesn't seem to have a preference with the plan and just glances at Beth as they are paired together. Courtney agrees as they don't have time to argue. Beth and Rick go left while the other three go right, and decide to meet back at the split in fifteen minutes.

110 SC139

Beth and Rick are walking through the tunnels when they hear growling and snarling coming from down the hall. Beth is nervous as to what could be making the noise, but Rick doesn't hesitate to go towards the noise and investigate what it is. They come to a large cell where a creature is locked inside. Beth wonders what the creature is, with Rick angrily stating that is Solomon Grundy, the thing that killed his parents. He angrily storms to the cell doors and activates his hourglass out of emotion. She questions what he's doing, and he snaps back that he's going to rip the door off and kill the thing - thought it was obvious. Beth tries to calm him by saying that killing Grundy isn't why they're here, but Rick retorts that there has been a change of plans.

110 SC203

Rick tries to pry the metal door open but has only managed a small dent. Beth sees the henchmen, and tells Rick they have company. He initially doesn't care and is intent on his task until he notices how many henchmen there is. He simply punches one of them, which causes a domino effect, and the rest of them fall to the ground in succession. Beth tells Rick they should go, pulling at his cloak as he tries to pry open the doors. He angrily gives up but tells Solomon Grundy that he'll be back, and runs off with Beth. As they run, they meet with Stargirl, Wildcat, and Henry, who also have minions on their trail, along with Brainwave, and they retreat together.

110 SC217

They reach a tunnel that is gated off by metal bars that stops them from progressing. Hourman bends the bars creating a space large enough for them to move through. He motions for the girls to go through first, with Wildcat following Dr. Mid-Nite through the gap. Seconds later, the metal bars snap shut cutting the team off from each other. Hourman is confused then stiffens he hears Brainwave's ferocious voice telling them to calm down. Stargirl doesn't hesitate and attacks with her staff. Hourman takes this moment to try and pry open the bars once more, which are being kept in place by Brainwave's telekinesis. Henry assists Hourman by using his telekinesis combined with Hourman's strength. The bars move and Henry snaps at Hourman to move it through the bars, and Hourman complies. Stargirl refuses to go through before Henry, who can't leave her behind despite Hourman calling for Stargirl to come. He uses telekinesis to move her through the opening bars which snaps shut seconds later.

110 SC228

Father and son face off in the tunnels, with Brainwave sending a telekinetic attack toward Henry that cripples him to the ground. Wildcat doesn't hesitate to motions for Stargirl to move out of her way as she slashes at the bars with her claws. A few slashes in a telekinetic force field covers the bars, making it impenetrable. Hourman tries punching the barrier but makes no impact. Henry attacks back at his father with a blast of his own, while Hourman and the rest of the JSA attack the force field with everything they have. Hourman falls into a rhythm of punches and panicked blows. The team realizes that their efforts are futile and stop long enough to hear Brainwave admit to murdering his wife. Henry is angered by his father's attempts to get him to join the ISA and throws debris at his father, much to Hourman's awe.

110 SC265

Brainwave throws Henry into the bars and the JSA once again attacks the force field with slashes, punches, and blasts, but their efforts are still futile. Henry looks over and up at Yolanda, Brainwave seconds away from collapsing the ceiling on him. He assures her that he really is sorry and Hourman watches in disbelief of the situation unfolding. Henry tells Courtney that she's right and people are good - don't let this change her mind. Brainwave collapses the ceiling on Henry and disappears. Rick shields his face from the falling debris before looking back at the area where Henry used to be. He grimaces and clenches his jaw. Wildcat turns to Hourman, setting her face on his chest as she sobs. He places his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her through her crippling grief. After a few seconds, she tears away from Rick, who is emotional in his own right.[8]

111 SC50

The next day, Rick and Beth head to the Pit Stop before school per the morning ritual. Pat enters claiming to have news that he wants to share with the duo, but the kids are eager to share their news as well. Rick states that he's been working on his father's journal nonstop and has read every chemistry book at BVHS in an attempt to crack the code. Pat tells him that is a great feat but asks where Yolanda is, earning a solemn moment of silence in the garage. Beth informs Pat that Yolanda went to church to pray for Henry before school. Pat is quiet for a moment before telling them that Courtney's father is back, much to Beth and Rick's surprise. Rick thinks it's great since maybe Starman can help him crack the journal while Beth is shocked that Starman is alive. They are confused when Pat informs them that Courtney's father isn't Starman. They are interrupted by an older man who calls Pat by Stripesy, asking for his help. Rick is confused as to why their school janitor is at The Pit Stop - and why he has a sword. Justin becomes hostile quickly and Rick is eager to fight the man, but Pat keeps him at bay by saying that he thinks he knows the man. Rick tells Pat to let him take the man but Pat refuses, finally able to talk Justin down from his hallucination episode that led to his violent outburst. He had hallucinated Rick and Beth as Dragon King's minions. Pat comforts a now emotional Justin, while Rick asks Pat how he knows this freak, with Pat explaining that Justin the bravest and strongest man he's ever met.

111 SC78

Rick looks at an old picture of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, dubious their leader, the Shining Knight, is huddling in front of him in a lowly custodian's attire. Pat takes the picture hands it to Justin, urging him to remember who he is. Rick reminds him he tried to attack them with a sword, to which Justin angrily names it "Excalibur". This furthers Rick's disbelief in Justin's story. Pat quiets Rick then urges Justin to retell the story on how he got the sword. Honored, Justin recounts his past a "lowly but loyal" stable boy who bestowed King Arthur's sword on his deathbed, being told, "heroes can come from anywhere". Beth asks is he's from the past, to which Justin replies he was from the time of dragons and knights. Rick slyly comments that the man is delusional. Pat ignores Rick and encourages Justin to open up about he got to Blue Valley. Rick listens to Justin's story and then watches as the man admires S.T.R.I.P.E. Later that day, Rick attends Henry's memorial and is visibly surprised by Brainwave's speech.[9]

112 SC56

Rick, Yolanda, and Beth meet at the Whitmore-Dugan cabin to wait for the family to arrive. When they do, Courtney greets Yolanda and Beth with a hug, though Rick stands off the side not too comfortable with the gesture. He greets Pat with a nod before the group notices an unfamiliar car approaching. They are on edge with the suspense of who is inside before Justin emerges with groceries, and Rick rolls his eyes at the former janitor. S.T.R.I.P.E. lands several feet away much to everyone else's awe, while Rick is mildly impressed with the remote control feature of the robot. He then initiates the walk inside the cabin.

112 SC87

Once inside, Rick ignores his food as he works tirelessly at cracking his father's journal. Justin appears and attempts to reach out to the boy by asking what he's reading. Rick hesitantly tells Justin that it is his father's journal which Justin finds interesting. The man hovers over Rick giving him an encouraging and inquisitive look. Rick sighs telling Justin that his father was investigating the ISA long before Justin even was, and they killed him for it and his mother. They sent Solomon Grundy after them and Rick thinks it's because his father figured out what the ISA was doing in Blue Valley, a secret believes to be in the journal. Unfortunately, the journal is all written some form of code that he can't crack. Justin loves a good puzzle and hunches over the desk more to examine it. Rick explains that the equation on the last page is the key but he's missing the last number. That's all he needs to crack the journal. He's tried all their birthdays but doesn't know what it could be. Justin tells Rick that all things reveal themselves in due time. Rick sighs stating that he has until morning to figure it out - eight hours, to be exact. He asks if Justin has any ideas and the man zones out for a few seconds. He then briskly nods stating that he's going to clean the bathroom. He scurries off leaving a depleted Rick at the desk. Rick clears his throat telling the man to have a blast.

112 SC114

Rick is still starting at the journal when he is overcome with annoyance and throws the journal aside. He runs his hands through his hair in frustration just as Pat appears asking if Rick's having trouble. The boy snaps back asking what Pat thinks, before explaining that he knows there's a number that will unlock the code. He tried birthdays but those didn't work, then he though since his dad was Hourman that he would try 60 seconds, twelve hours, twenty-four, and still nothing. Pat picks up the journal and approaches Rick at the banister pondering what else Rex cared about that had a number. Rick emotionally admits that who the hell knows, he didn't get to know his father because of the ISA. He turns away just as Pat asks about Rex's car - the yellow mustang that Rex loved. Rick realizes that it was a 1966 mustang and snatches the journal from Pat and fills in the code, then solves it several seconds later much to Pat's confusion as to what the boy is writing. Rick smacks the journal saying that it worked and that's the answer right there. He grins happily for the first time in a long time.

112 SC118

He gives the journal to Beth to scan with her goggles and explains to the gathered group that the formulas were coordination for the map of the tunnels. His father went to the tunnels and scoped them out. The map shows the tunnel entrances, which he points out, their meeting room, and the center which is where they're building some kind of machine. Courtney believes the satellite codes were used to build something with Beth adding that it's something big. The amplifier is meant to transmit brainwaves to reach other's minds. Rick thinks Dragon King's minions were just a test run with Pat agreeing that they're getting ready for the big rollout. Mike questions if they're going to make everyone else zombies, but Barbara is reluctant since that isn't Jordan's "American Dream". She thinks they want to make everyone follow without question. Pat notes that they have to destroy the machine before it can get that far. Courtney asks Rick if there's an entrance S.T.R.I.P.E. can fit through, with Rick pointing it out on the map but sharply tells her he's going with her. She tells him no as he, Yolanda, and Justin should enter from above ground on the other side of town. Rick questions that she wants them to split up but she reminds him that it's just to avoid detection and they'll meet up at the machine. Beth determines that she will go to the American Dream and hack the hackers with Barbara noting that she's going too.

112 SC135

The team figures out everyone's roles and disperses from the living room as they suit up. Hourman leads Wildcat and Shining Knight to the Burman residence. They access the tunnels through the keypad in the hallway, hurrying down the steps with their gear. Beth speaks to the team through their coms and tells them about the countdown clock and the ISA's manifesto for the broadcast. They want to combat global warming, force people to embrace solar and wind power, and eliminate discrimination of all kinds. Hourman stops in the tunnel in surprise asking if she's kidding. Beth adds that they want universal healthcare too. Stargirl mentions that it's good and asks if it isn't. Hourman squeakily asks Pat if they're on the right side of this fight with him adding that there as to be something else. Beth then explains that some people will fight too hard against the programming process and their brains will shut down causing death. Hourman stalks forward with his group as they find out that 25 million people will die from the process as Gambler takes control of Beth's goggles. Gambler informs the JSA that the broadcast begins at the 30-minute mark and there are 30 minutes until Brainwave is finished programming. Hourman and Wildcat exchange a worried look as they turn to notice Justin staring off in the distance. Rick attempts to reach Justin to no avail as the man appears to not be able to hear anyone.[10]

113 SC33

Wildcat tries to break through to Justin before asking Hourman what is wrong with him. Hourman believes that Brainwave has control over Justin's mind just like he does all the others. Wildcat speaks to Justin telling him to remember that he's the "Silent Knight". Hourman looks at her incredulously and corrects he's the Shining Knight. She turns to Hourman reasoning that she doesn't know. Hourman speaks over the comms to Beth, telling her that they need help. She whines back that she knows but she doesn't know what to do. This sparks an idea that she can hear them while the JSA listens to Beth. They are confused as she asks about a frequency blocker in the tunnels.

113 SC59

Beth begins to hack into Gambler's bank accounts with the assistance of Chuck, explaining that she volunteers with the Red Cross every Christmas. There are so many charities so she can't just pick one - she picks them all. Hourman grins at Beth's plan as he exchanges a triumphant look with Wildcat. Once the frequency jammers return due to Gambler's distraction over his money, Shining Knight snaps out of his trance. Wildcat asks Hourman if he thinks Justin is back to normal, with Justin proclaiming that he is now free to slay the dragon, stalking past the heroes. Justin looks after him thinking how peculiar Justin is. He answers Wildcat saying that Justin is back to his normal. They exchange a look with Hourman looking in the opposite direction of Wildcat to tell Beth she did a great job, then telling Wildcat they should go.

113 SC63

Hourman stalks through the halls of the tunnels angrily. He informs Wildcat that after they take out the machine he's going after Grundy. He's gonna rip the bolt doors open and kill him. Yolanda asks if he thinks that's really going to help him, which he thinks it will. She asks why prompting him to say that this way that thing won't hurt anyone else. It won't make another orphan. She counters that killing si wrong, causing him to whirl around and stop asking her who says so - God? She responds yes but he counters that God shouldn't let bad things happen - like his parent's being thrown into a tree. He warns her not to try and stop him as he walks away from her.

113 SC69

Hourman, Wildcat, and Shining Knight run into Dragon King's lair ready for a fight. They meet with Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. with everyone confused as to why the lair is empty. Stargirl asks if everyone is okay, and Hourman sharply retorts with yeah and all good. He then asks where this machine is, with Stargirl finding the door it is supposed to be behind. They are about to find a way inside when they hear Sportsmaster's sinister laugh calling to them. The JSA hurry to the center of the lair where they fall into place around Stargirl who raises her staff. Hourman falls into his place on Stargirl's left. Sporstamster and Tigress remark on their deja vu from the fun they had the last time they killed the JSA. This upsets Rick who clenches his fist as he prepares to charge. He follows Stargirl's lead as they charge toward the ISA and collide with their villainous counterparts. Hourman leaps into the air and raises his fist to strike Dragon King.

113 SC96

He misses Dragon King but falls into an intense hand-to-hand combat fight with Sportsmaster, who gets ahold of Hourman's leg and throws him several feet away. Hourman lands on the concrete steps and rolls once he lands. Stargirl looks over to see Hourman and Sportsmaster fighting once more. Sportsmaster is hitting Hourman with his baseball bat, though Hourman is managing to block his attacks until one blow to the face knocks him to his knees. Next to him is Wildcat, who is fighting Tigress and being overwhelmed by the woman's fighting skills. Hourman is on his feet seconds later as he fights back with Sportsmaster. Stargirl knocks Tigress aside and then kicks Sportsmaster's head using the full force of her body, rendering him unconscious. Hourman sits up from the floor out of breath as he looks at Stargirl. He notices Icicle preparing to attack with a frozen fist, and charges at Icicle punching him in the stomach once. The punch sends Icicle into a beam where he is then ambushed by a furious Wildcat who punches him then throws him aside. Stargirl strikes him under his chin and sends him flying across the room to the steps. The JSA assemble around Icicle with S.T.R.I.P.E. preparing to send a final punch when his sent across the room.

113 SC110

The JSA turns to see Solomon Grundy emerge from the tunnels and let out a roar. Hourman is overcome with emotion and ignores Stargirl's plea for him not to attack. He charges at Grundy yelling as he does, only to be knocked aside with a slap that sends Hourman into the wall. Stargirl screams Rick's name as he is flung aside. Pat tells Stargirl to get to the machine - he'll take care of Grundy and protect Rick until she gets back. She has to finish what they came here to do. S.T.R.I.P.E. and Grundy then embark on a battle between the two heavy-hitters of the group.

113 SC177

Grundy gains the advantage over STRIPE as he dismantles the robot and tears into the cockpit furiously. He is about to kill Pat when a maskless Hourman suddenly appears and punches Grundy in the face and knocks him aside. Hourman turns to Pat and tells him that it's his turn. With Grundy wounded, Rick asks if Pat is okay, but his concerns are only for Barbara who is in trouble. Rick heard about it over the comms and tells Pat to go save his wife, but Pat is hesitant without STRIPE. Rick angrily tells him that he doesn't need the damn robot and to go, pointing to the exit. Pat obliges and hurries out of the tunnels. Rick turns ot face Grundy, angrily snarling that he has five minutes left and it's all for him.

113 SC195

Rick sends Grundy flying into Dragon King's lair as he soars after Grundy. He lands on the beast and delivers blow after blow of devastating punches filled with emotional shouts. He gets into a rhythm of punching him with one hand while pinning him down with the under, letting out a shout as he does. Grundy stares up at Rick in distress though he isn't fighting back anymore. Rick grabs a slate of rock and lifts it over his head, ready to drop it on Grundy and end the beast once and for all. The beast lets out a groan and distorted "no", raising his hands up in a defensive position. Rick is breathing hard as he stares down at the defenseless creature that murdered his parents. He screams at Grundy to fight back panting as he screams to fight him, but Grundy doesn't as he just merely closes his eyes and raises his hands. Rick screams emotionally that Grundy is a stupid animal. He then throws the slate aside and walks a step backward. Grundy begins to sit up but Rick screams at Grundy which scares the creature who skitters back on his rear. Rick yells at him to go on and get out of there. Grundy stands and then lumbers out of the lair as Rick yells at him to never come back. Grundy's wail can be heard from the tunnels. Justin approaches Rick commenting on how he spared the beast. Rick dismisses it with a whatever claiming that his hour was up anyway and they have to go. He rushes out of the lair shouting at Justin to follow.

113 SC217

Rick and Justin dart out of The American Dream building to find Beth, who rushes to Rick asking if he's okay. He claims to be fine but asks where Yolanda is. Beth notices bursts of energy and ice coming from the top of the building and mutters oh no, pointing to the top of the building. Rick and Justin turn and look up at the battle commencing before them. They are unable to assist Stargirl as they watch their leader battle it out with the ISA leader. They witness Stargirl be knocked from the top of the building with Wildcat leaping after her and saving her from falling to her death. Icicle also falls to the ground but is about to attack when Mike Dugan rams into Icicle with a car, shattering the man into pieces. Rick looks over at Mike and Max with a confused, surprised, yet exhausted look on his bloodied face, letting out a sigh. With everyone safely on the ground and the battle over, a sense of relief is found in the group who exchange camaraderies. Courtney, Beth, and Yolanda stand by Rick, who pulls them into a group hug who are surprised yet pleased by the hug. Rick has one arm around Beth and the other around Yolanda's Wildcat cowl, but all four of their heads touch as they hug. Once the hug disperses, they look up at the top of the building where Pat and Barbara exchange a loving victory kiss.

113 SC222

The group reunites at the Blue Valley High School football field where Rick drapes his arms over the chainlink fence, Courtney by his side. She remarks that it's as if the event never even happened, but Rick makes a dry joke of not really, referring to their mutually cut and beat-up faces. He is smiling as he talks about it. She chuckles but asks if he's okay, to which he takes a moment before smiling slightly. He responds with a genuine yeah before turning to look at Beth and Yolanda who are sitting apart on the bleachers. Courtney assures Beth that they'll fix the goggles but Beth isn't worried about the goggles, it's Chuck she's worried about. He assures that they'll get him up and running, asking Yolanda if she agrees. She gives a half-hearted sure, though Beth doesn't notice and smiles at Rick and Courtney. Rick and the rest of the team are present in the parking lot of BVHS as Justin says goodbye and leaves Blue Valley to find his horse and the rest of the soldiers.

113 SC266

Six-weeks later, the battle is over and the dust has settled in Blue Valley - just in time for Christmas. Rick spends the holiday with the Whitmore-Dugan's house alongside Yolanda and Beth. Pat tells Rick to make himself at home, with Rick waving and responding with a gleeful thanks. He joins Yolanda at the drinks as they converse. The group is summoned together by an eager Mike Dugan, who is setting up a polaroid camera. They huddle together and Rick smiles as the camera flashes, capturing a photo of Rick and the family he never had but has managed to find within the Justice Society and the Whitmore-Dugan's.[11]

Season 2[]

201 SC16

In the months since the defeat of the Injustice Society of America, Rick continues as a member of the JSA despite Blue Valley being a quiet town once again. While on patrol, Stargirl uses her Cosmic Staff and nearly attacks a raccoon. Hourman, Wildcat, and Dr. Mid-Nite appear from the corner. The trio knows there isn't any real threat in town anymore. Hourman sarcastically asks if she checked inside the trash can, but Stargirl doesn't let his attitude phase her. It isn't until Dr. Mid-Nite's scan of the town comes up clear that Wildcat insists they are protecting a small town that doesn't need protection. Hourman recaps that the ISA is gone now that everyone is either dead or in prison. The rest of the JSA agree to put away their superhero acts for now but will gladly suit up if any trouble arises.

In the morning, Rick drives on the outskirts of town in his yellow Mustang, listening to the radio recap the bear attacks on small businesses. A bear broke into the Taco Whiz and ate 200-pounds of nacho chips. The bear attacked Waffle World a few days later, as management found every jug of syrup missing. Rick tracks the creature into the woods, where he finds broken-down trees and empty bottles of syrup. He finds a footprint by the lake, which is where the trail goes cold.

201 SC61

Rick attends to his final day at BVHS, where he is held after class by his math teacher, Miss. Woods. She calls him Mr. Harris, but he corrects that he prefers to go by Rick Tyler now. She ignores his request and calls him Mr. Harris again. She asks how he cheated on the test, which insults him. Miss. Woods presses that she doesn't believe he passed the end-of-year exam. He scoffs but defends himself as he studied hard for that grade. She accuses him of cheating and wants him to take a test from last year while she supervises. Rick is offended and emotionally reveals that he saved her and everyone in this stupid town. She is confused, but he doesn't elaborate. He tells her to go ahead and fail him, then storms out of the classroom. After school, Rick returns to the lake where he tracked Solomon Grundy. This time, he comes with two shopping bags. Rick removes three buckets of fried chicken from them and leaves them by the lake. He looks around before leaving, the ground around the chicken shaking slightly with the weight of something drawing near.[12]

The following day, Rick went to feed Grundy pizzas when he got a call from Beth. She was thrilled to announce their was a new superhero in town, something that surprised him. He met with Pat and Beth at The Pit Stop, where they introduced themselves to Green Lantern's daughter, Jennie-Lynn Hayden. Courtney and Yolanda arrived later, but Courtney accuses Jennie of only returning to join the JSA or run it. She offends Jennie who runs out of the building. Rick snaps at Courtney that her actions weren't cool. Beth, Rick, and Yolanda convince her to come back inside. Courtney approaches the group to apologize. She admits she was jealous of Jennie having everything that Courtney doesn't - including being a real legacy. Jennie lashes out over the accusation, making Rick jump backwards as the green lantern clamors to the ground. Rick watches in interest with the rest of the JSA as the object begins emitting waves of green energy.

They run the artifact to the park where Rick brings up crushing it, but Beth logically protests that breaking it could make things worse. Rick, unable to hold the wild energy, drops the artifact. Pat suggests that Jennie contain her emotions, with Courtney realizing that Jennie is the lantern now; she's charging the ring and causing everything to happen. Rick watches as Jennie absorbs the energy into herself, but the team is blasted backward with the destruction of the lantern. They roll onto the ground where they look up to see a giant crater where the lantern and Jennie once were. But floating above the crater surrounded by energy, is Jennie - gleefully stating that she can fly.[13]

Rick was late for a meeting at Pit Stop lies that he was "feeding his dog". Yolanda questions when he got a dog but Rick doesn't answer, instead asking about the meeting. Pat explains The Shade's past and that Shade was responsible for the death of the original Dr. Mid-Nite, and Beth concludes that Chuck is the only person they haven't gotten justice for yet. Rick assures her they'll get The Shade, but Yolanda wonders how they can beat a shadow. Courtney turns to Pat for the answer, but he doesn't have the answer to that yet.

The JSA and Mike regroup at The Pit Stop where Mike tries to prove himself worthy to Pat, now that he possesses the Thunderbolt. Rick is supportive of him joining the team, and stands with Courtney and the others when it comes time to vote Mike into the team. Pat is against it at first but the team presses that Thunderbolt could help them find The Shade since they haven't had much luck yet. Pat agrees but it has to be the perfect wish, so they take turns writing and re-writing the wish on the whiteboard until they reach the perfect outcome. Mike makes a wish and Thunderbolt burns a hole in the map where The Shade is hiding. The JSA, minus a benched Mike, are cleared by Barbara Whitmore before they head to William Zarick's old house in search of The Shade.

The team bursts in with Hourman amped for a fight. The Shade merely invites them to sit for tea. Pat coolly dismisses his proposal as they want to know what he's doing in Blue Valley. Shade places Pat's name as the superhero sidekick known as Stripesy, and learns that the new hero is Stargirl. He invites them to sit down again as they could do it they other way but he wants the more genteel approach. Dr. Mid-Nite lashes out at that Shade murdered the Golden Age Dr. Mid-Nite so he doesn't deserve the genteel approach. Hourman pulls her back to stop her from attacking Shade. Shade calmly responds that she doesn't know what she's talking about. The team has a reluctant seat at the table but continues to question Shade's motives for being in Blue Valley. Hourman also warns that if Shade tries anything he'll knock his teeth out. Shade wonders why he would hurt the town, but Wildcat answers that he's a member of the Injustice Society. Shade assures them he did not agree with Jordan Mahkent's plans. He assures them he has no dark design for Blue Valley, and if they stay out of his way, he'll be gone before they know it.

As things begin to calm down in the room, Mike Dugan bursts in and makes a wish for Thunderbolt to zap The Shade. Thunderbolt attacks but Shade easily renders the being useless. The rest of the JSA react to attack Shade, but he incapacitates them. He pins Hourman to the floor and restrains him using shadows . With the team unable to move, Shade tries to take the Cosmic Staff from Stargirl but fails. He then warns them to stay out of his way before he disappears into the shadows. With Shade gone, the team is freed from their restraints. They clear the house and surrounding area but find now sign of Shade, so they disband for the night.

Beth returns to The Pit Stop with Rick as she tries to fix Chuck once again. She fails and angrily slams the computer shut as she feels frustrated that it's still not working. He assures her they will get Chuck back. She snaps that they won't because it's pointless and she's never getting Chuck back, plus they lost Dr. Mid-Nite's killer. She proclaims that everything is falling apart. He softly asks what's going on with her, but she gets up to leave instead. Rick quickly reminds her that she can talk to him. A moment passes before he tells her to pretend he's Chuck. She stops and takes a moment as he waits patiently. She admits that she thinks her parents are getting a divorce as she found the papers. He logically reminds her that papers are just papers so she should ask her parents about them. She wipes a tear away and he simply states that he would talk to his parents if he could. A moment of silence passes before they are interrupted by the goggles which call out to Beth. She puts them on and the voice still doesn't know who she is but warns her to be careful, as Eclipso is here. His voice cuts off before he can finish. Beth lowers the goggles and relays the warning to Rick.[14]

The next day, Rick returns to BVHS where he retakes his math test in front of Miss. Woods. She is surprised that his score is once again perfect, and admits her mistake in doubting him. He merely nods that he's used to it and leaves the room, no longer needing to attend summer school. That afternoon, the JSA meet at Richie's Diner where Yolanda is beginning her first shift as a waitress. Yolanda brings Beth and Rick the wrong order which upsets Yolanda. Courtney gives Rick a look that makes him admit that chocolate is fine, while Beth adds that Rick can have her whipped cream. Courtney quickly changes the subject to their research, as she and Beth have learned a lot about Eclipso, the black diamond, and where it all came from. She and Beth explain through maps and books that the diamond itself is from Diablo Island, a now-forgotten island in the Pacific Ocean, that was removed from maps by 1832, as those who visited never returned.

According to legend, there were two waring tribes living on either side of the island. One tribe summoned an evil entity of vengeance trapping it inside the black diamond, which Courtney believes is also Eclipso. Rick wonders how the diamond came to Blue Valley, with Courtney stating that an explorer named Bruce Gordon rediscovered Diablo Island, but when he arrived everyone had been dead for decades. He wrote many books about the island and was the only person who ever returned. She hopes to find books written by him in the used bookstore. They make a plan to meet up later, with Courtney leaving. Rick has to leave to feed his dog, but orders a dozen burgers and fries from Yolanda. Yolanda asks if he's joking but Rick's expression tells her he isn't. She leaves to get his order, leaving Beth and Rick alone at the table. Beth asks him what kind of dog he has, to which Rick merely say a big one. She smiles and offers a toast with their milkshakes and they clink glasses before drinking.[15]

Rick visits The Pit Stop one day to find Beth and Pat arguing. He quickly asks about the bickering. She ecstatically says that she heard the real Dr. Charles McNider last night, that he's alive, and that's why he didn't recognize her voice. Rick tries to joke that the goggles are a Ouija board now, with Pat interrupting to say they can't talk to the dead. Beth states that he must be alive, though Pat still isn't convinced as it could be Eclipso making her see or hear what she wants. Rick believes Beth and asks Pat what that could mean, so Pat states that if Dr. McNider is alive then they'll stop at nothing to help him. But until they know for sure, they have to focus on the problem at hand.

At nightfall, Hourman and the rest of the JSA gather outside of Blue Valley High School, where the goggles are indicating an electrical disturbance and odd weather pattern above the school. As the group waits for S.T.R.I.P.E., Stargirl sees Paul Deisinger's car still in the lot. She knows he could be in danger and leads the team inside to search for him. They cautiously enter the art room where they find paint splattered across the walls and floors, and frantic nonsensical drawings covering every canvas and blank space of wall. Mixed in with the nonsensical paintings are sketches of the black diamond. The team begins to look through the canvases when the door to the art room slams shut as Stargirl looks at a drawing of the black diamond on the wall. It morphs into a face that pushes through the wall. It then spirals upward in a giant black glob of paint. Stargirl realizes it's Eclipso and tells her team to run.

Hourman breaks down the door as they spill into the hallway. However, the team is soon ambushed with paintings of their darkest fears. Hourman's eyes glaze over in paint. He sees paintings of Solomon Grundy and himself as Eclipso's voice taunts that he's the monster and not Grundy. Hourman angrily lashes out as he out by punching the lockers that he believes has the images. Hourman is unaware that Stargirl not only wasn't affected, but had left to save Paul Deisinger. Hourman and the team are released from their trances and Dr. Mid-Nite quickly realizes Stargirl isn't there. They run to Stargirl who is crouching over a barely conscious Deisinger. They retreat to The Pit Stop where Pat tells them Paul is under psychiatric evaluation. Their cover story is that Courtney forgot something at school when she found him. Yolanda remarks that Eclipso made her see things, with Rick adding that it was things that weren't really there. Beth chimes in that Eclipso was working through Mr. Deisinger and it was scary. Pat asks if Deisinger had the black black diamond on him, but he didn't, which means Eclipso's powers are getting stronger as they are spreading beyond the containment of the black diamond.[16]

The following day, Rick gathers with the rest of the JSA as they face-off against the Injustice Unlimited who have kidnapped Mike and wounded Pat. The JSA head to BVHS and arrive to a tense showdown against Isaac Bowin, Artemis Crock, and Shiv - the newly formed Injustice Unlimited. Stargirl demands to know where her brother is, but Shiv taunts her first, leading to the first blows being delivered. Shiv and Stargirl pair off, Wildcat lunges for Artemis but misses, leaving Artemis to aim her crossbow at Dr. Mid-Nite. Dr. Mid-Nite freezes in shock as the arrows fly toward her, but Hourman jumps in front of Dr. Mid-Nite and the arrows breaks upon contact with his back. He whirls around to catch the third one, throwing it to the ground. Artemis attacks him as Isaac sends a sound blast at the heroes, sending them crashing into a table. Artemis stands over Dr. Mid-Nite and taunts that it's "jock 1, nerd 0". She is about to deliver another blow when Dr. Mid-Nite uses her goggles to project the mugshots of Larry and Paula, distracting Artemis as she's surrounded with the imagery. This allows for Hourman to attack Artemis and kick her across the room, her body hitting a pillar before landing on a table.

Hourman pairs off with Artemis then, exchanging blows and hits as they battle it out.[17]

Season 3[]

301 SC (27)

With Summer ending, Rick finishes burying Grundy, then checks the timer for his hourglass. It only has 33 minutes remaining. The next day, he starts his junior year at BVHS, joining Beth, Courtney, and Yolanda at their usual table. He's tired expression tells the girls he's not having much luck with Grundy. He's had no luck with Grundy yet. He's buried him everywhere The Shade's told him to. In a clear field under a full moon, between two oak trees, but nothing ever happens. Yolanda instantly thinks The Shade is lying, that Grundy is never coming back. She shoots Courtney a pointed look, earning an exasperated one in return.

Cindy interrupts the meeting as she pulls a chair up, welcoming them back to school. She quips that they can't call it the "losers table" anymore if she's there, with Rick retorting that it never was the losers table. Courtney tries to start their meeting by discussing teamwork, wanting to wipe the slate clean. If she can look beyond her past with Cindy, the rest of the JSA can, too. Yolanda isn't so eager to forgive and forget, with Cindy snapping that she should get over her trauma already. Yolanda makes it clear they don't want her here. Courtney argues that they agreed on this, but Rick corrects since she and Beth agreed, while he and Yolanda didn't. They skip ahead to Starman being back, with the JSA anxiously wondering what's happening to the staff. Sylvester plans to teach Courtney how to use it since it has a few more tricks up its proverbial sleeve. An eager Artemis slams her fists on the table as she proclaims a "go, team!" on her way past them. This action confuses the JSA. Yolanda snaps at Courtney that it seems anyone can join the JSA now, storming off as Cindy promises to see her later, calling her a teammate.

That night, the JSA gathers for a truck robbery outside a warehouse. It's their first mission since Shiv's membership. Shiv's presence annoys Wildcat and they begin to bicker. Stargirl cuts it off as they don't have time for squabble. She runs towards the gang until Artemis leaps over a wall, donning a super suit. She takes out the gang alone as Shiv smiles proudly from the sidelines. An astonished Stargirl looks at her team.

They return to The Pit Stop to debrief. Cindy is incredulous over them hanging out at a greasy garage, even if it's the only place big enough to keep S.T.R.I.P.E.. She remarks that it smells like a gas station bathroom. Rick asks if she's going to complain about everything. She offers her house as an alternate meeting place, as she has comfortable chairs and wine. Rick presses that they don't drink on the job, with Beth adding they aren't 21 and don't drink at all. Cindy calls the situation lame. Beth gets a hit on the gang, who are the No Limit Gang that used to work for The Gambler. Yolanda and Rick don't think that's a coincidence, as Gambler is back in town. Bad guys like him don't change. Cindy proclaims that it's boring and to call her when something exciting happens. Courtney's attempts to stop her are useless.

301 SC (187)

Courtney turns back to her team. Yolanda makes her annoyance clear, as the JSA isn't gonna work if she lets people like Cindy Burman join the team. Rick says to screw Cindy Burman and go after The Gambler, as he's guilty and they all know it. He's sorry for Court, but her little experiment where they hang out with supervillains, is over. The foursome heads to the trailer park to talk with The Gambler. Dr. Mid-Nite continues to search for connections between The Gambler and his old gang, but hasn't found anything. She doubts they're working for him now. Hourman is ready to wreck him, but Courtney wants to give him a chance to explain, that's it. Wildcat asks why she's giving someone like The Gambler a chance. Stargirl takes a breath as she faces her team, admitting that he's trying to be better for his daughter. The Gambler, of all people, is a better dad than hers ever was. Wildcat and Hourman avert their eyes at the revelation, while Dr. Mid-Nite gives him a matter-of-fact expression. A gunshot startles the team. They race to the source - The Gambler's trailer. They find the trailer destroyed, Gambler on the ground dead, and Shiv crouching by his body. She stands, his pistol smoking in her hand. She looks to Stargirl, insisting she didn't do it.[18]

Courtney, Yolanda, Beth, Rick, Pat, and Sylvester meet at The Pit Stop. Courtney tells him that someone murdered The Gambler. Pat asks who would have the motive to do that. Sylvester glibly says it could be anyone who ever met him, which is exactly why Rick doesn't care. Courtney reminds him that a man is dead, and there's a killer out there. Rick and Yolanda still think Cindy Burman did it, as she was standing over his body. She was, but Cindy told them she didn't do it. Yolanda exclaims that the case is closed then, a sentiment Courtney ignores. Cindy went to investigate when she learned The Gambler's old gang was back together. When she showed up, she found the trailer destroyed and The Gambler dead. Sylvester reminds Courtney that she was holding a gun, but Cindy said she saw the gun, picked it up, and it accidentally went off.

Beth tells everyone that the goggles couldn't find a bullet hole anywhere. Rick tells her that doesn't mean Cindy didn't kill him, and they exchange looks. Sylvester surmises that whoever twisted that trailer into a pretzel had to be as strong as Solomon Grundy. Rick is sure Grundy's dead, while Yolanda repeats that Cindy is strong. She's a walking science experiment, who knows what else she's done to change herself. Courtney argues that she isn't that strong, and that Dragon King changed her, and he's dead. Rick adds that it's only because Cindy killed him. He adds that if Courtney thought she was innocent she would be at this meeting. Courtney quickly tells Pat about the missing laptop, which still hasn't come back online yet, and that Cindy didn't have it. If they find the laptop they can find the killer. Sylvester is guessing it was one of The Gambler's former colleagues from the Injustice Society that they're hoping to reform. The fact is, it wasn't until The Gambler came back to Blue Valley that he was murdered, making the former villains all suspects, including Cindy Burman.

The next morning, Rick goes to Grundy's burial site and finds it untouched. He kneels beside the massive grave and places his hand on the mound. Beth, Rick, Yolanda, and Courtney sit at their usual lunch table. Beth accesses the coroner's report, which lists the official cause of death as blunt force trauma from the tornado. Rick assures them that Grundy did not kill The Gambler, earning dubious looks from Yolanda. He checked the grave site and he's still buried. Beth believes him and refocuses on the autopsy report. Aside from the broken bones and bruisers, The Gambler also had a stab wound right to the heart. The coroner theorized it was debris thrown by a tornado. Yolanda is certain it wasn't a tornado, just as Cindy slams her bag on the table. She's upset they held a meeting last night without her, realizing they're having another one now. Yolanda sneers that The Gambler died from a stab wound, like a shiv. Courtney adds it could have been a knife or an arrow. She apologizes to Cindy about the meeting, with Yolanda cutting her off as the circumstances were she was standing over a dead body. Those circumstances were completely circumstantial, according to Cindy. Courtney reminds everyone that The Gambler's laptop is missing, and whoever has it, is who killed him. The sooner they find the laptop and catch the killer together, the sooner they can all move on. She eyes Cindy, telling her non-verbally to sit, and the girl does.

302 SC (172)

Once night falls, Rick works on the hourglass in The Pit Stop, pensively looking at the wiring. Beth thought he fixed it. He thought so too, but the timing's off. He sighs that he's supposed to be Hourman. One hour of super strength a day every time he puts that thing on. But lately, it's been completely random intervals. 48 minutes, then 6, and then 17. He sighs that he can't have his powers drop out mid-fight, especially if The Gambler's killer is as strong as they think they are. Beth looks at him sympathetically, understanding his struggle. A whoosh makes Beth turn around, just as The Shade arrives on the couch. She crinkles her face as she doesn't look so good. He grumbles that he ran into something rather large, and rather stupid. Rick prickly asks what he wants. Shade is leaving Blue Valley, for now. There are things he needs to attend to elsewhere. Quite honestly, this town is too small for the vast egos of Sylvester Pemberton and himself. He just wanted to apologize that he wasn't able to help Rick with Grundy's return. He tells him not to give up. Rick nods and asks what he's supposed to do with him now. Shade simply smirks and puts his top hat on, disappearing in a cloud of black smoke.[19]

In the morning, Beth and Rick drive down the street in his car. She wears her goggles for a video chat with her mom. Bridget is in disbelief that they still don't know who killed The Gambler, conferencing in Beth's father as he'll want to hear about this. He questions if this is about The Gambler, pressing that he can't believe he worked with supervillains. Beth can't talk about it right now. She has to run, but tells her parents to have a good day. They're still chattering away when she hangs up. She smiles nervously at Rick, apologizing for that. He thinks her parents being so into her being Dr. Mid-Nite is kind of cool. She shrugs at the idea, then asks if his uncle ever gets in the way of him being Hourman. Rick tenses as he admits that Matt's gone, which surprises Beth. He doesn't know where he went and sure as hell doesn't care. Just as she's about to respond, her goggles flick on and make a clinking noise. He glances over to ask what it is, but she's not sure, as she's never heard the goggles make this sound before. She sees bank statements appear in the lenses. Someone is forwarding her a bunch of documents. She thinks The Gambler was blackmailing someone. He asks who sent it to her, but it doesn't say. They exchange looks of confusion.

Courtney, Yolanda, Beth, Rick, and Cindy sit at the JSA table to discuss what Beth found out about the documents. The deposits made to The Gambler came via wire transfer from an Irwin Hasen, which is an alias for Lawrence Crock. She concludes The Gambler had been blackmailing the Crocks before his death. Courtney instructs them not to tell Sylvester, as he'll want to rush right in. Beth cheerfully points out he's like Courtney, who darts her eyes at her friend. She meant that he'll rush in like he did with The Shade. Rick thinks they should all rush in if they're guilty. Courtney laments they have to wait. Cindy asks what they're waiting for - Beth has solid evidence for murder. Courtney tells the team that just because The Gambler was blackmailing the Crocks doesn't mean they killed him. She looks over to Artemis who is sitting on a cafeteria table laughing with her friends. If they're going to take Artemis' parents away from her again, they have to be sure. The team is quiet as they agree to regroup with Pat and come up with a plan. Until then, they don't say a word to Sylvester.

303 SC (88)

The bell rings, signaling the end of class. Miss Woods stops Cameron as he's leaving. As they talk, she opens up about her struggles at BVHS and in high school. If there's anything he would like to talk about, she's happy to listen. Cameron snaps harshly that he said he's fine, and to leave him alone. From the doorway, Rick calls out to Cameron, telling him not to be a jerk as she's only trying to help. Cameron glares at Rick then looks back to Miss. Woods, apologizing. She assures him that's quite all right. Rick steps into the room. Just because Cameron's a spoiled rich kid doesn't mean he can talk to people however he wants. Cameron already said he was sorry. Cameron starts to leave but Rick refuses to move, resulting in a rather strong shoulder-check that sets Cameron back. Miss. Woods calls out to the boys in a disciplinary tone. They stare at one another intensely with piercing looks. Rick warns that if Cameron talks to her like that again, he will be sorry. He questions "cool" and Cameron scoffs back "cool" before leaving the room. Rick looks up to Miss. Woods, who admonishes his actions. She knows his heart's in the right place, but calling Cameron names isn't going to help. He nods as he picks up his bag, merely replying with an okay.

That night, Rick arrives late to the Pit Stop, something Pat points out. He apologizes as he had a flat. He looks up at Courtney who stands on the balcony with Yolanda and Beth. He asks if they're going after the Crocks. Courtney and Pat are going to talk to them, give them a chance to explain. They're just waiting for Cindy. Her phone rings with a call from Mike that shocks her. He tells her that Sylvester went after the Crocks alone. The team sends S.T.R.I.P.E., who interrupts the intense battle that spills into the parking lot of Bell's Market. He tells Sylvester the fight is over.

The next day at BVHS, Courtney tells her team the Crocks didn't kill The Gambler. They seemed pretty sincere, and the way the trailer was ripped apart isn't really their style. The can now rule out the Crocks, Grundy, and Shade. Yolanda asks about Cindy, since she did exactly what Courtney told her not to do by going straight to Sylvester. Cindy arrives just in time to hear Yolanda's remark. She didn't want to just sit around and do nothing. The Crocks looked guilty, so she wanted to take them down, and prove herself. She thought if the great Sylvester Pemberton gave her the seal of approval, they would too. Turns out, he's kind of an ass. Courtney stands up so she's at level with Cindy. If she does anything like that again, she's off the team. Cindy nods as she's got it. The team sits down together.[20]

When Sylvester is brutally attacked at Cornhusker Estate Trailer Park, Yolanda talks to Rick on her phone about Sylvester's attack and theorizing if the attacker is going to target the rest of the JSA. She wonders if it's an old JSA enemy like Eclipso. Yolanda's mother calls out, so Yolanda tells Rick she has to go. Later that evening, the JSA heads back to Cornhusker Estate Trailer Park to look for clues about who attacked Sylvester. Dr. Mid-Nite uses her goggles to look for clues around the destroyed trailer. Stargirl asks her if she's found anything, but there was no evidence - no strands, no drop of blood, as if someone wiped it clean since Sylvester was here. Shiv thinks someone probably did, as whoever attacked Sylvester wasn't stupid. Wildcat accuses her of doing it. Shiv assures her that she would've made sure Sylvester was dead, much to the discomfort of the whole group. She shifts as she's just being honest. Dr. Mid-Nite thinks they've hit a dead-end, so the team prepares to leave. Suddenly, Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles find a single skin cell, though it's unidentifiable. Since it doesn't belong to Starman, the team determines it belongs to the person who attacked him.

STG304 0068r f

A new day begins at Blue Valley High School. Rick, Beth, Yolanda, and Courtney walk the halls as they discuss Dragon King being the prime suspect now. He thought Cindy killed him, but Courtney admits that Pat said Dr. Ito experimented so much on himself, that he might be unkillable. Yolanda's skeptical, but Beth confirms as Dr. McNider said the same thing. Courtney wants to warn Cindy that her dad might be back, though Yolanda worries he's working with him. Courtney knows she'd never do that, but Rick points out that she literally just did, last year. The group stops as Courtney admits she didn't tell them everything that happened in The Shadowlands. She saw glimpses of Cindy's childhood, as if she were living it too. Her dad treated her like a lab rate and not a daughter. It was a lifetime full of abuse. Now she's finally free, and would never work with him again. Beth wonders if Dragon King came back to Blue Valley for Cindy. Courtney asks if anyone's seen her today, but no one has.

Sylvester stares at the Starman suit which lays on his bed. Yolanda and Rick head into the basement, looking for Courtney. They've been trying to find her as Beth and Dr. McNider found evidence that Dragon King is the one who attacked him. They think he's back and in the tunnels under Blue Valley. They were going to check. Sylvester looks at his costume and agrees to come, making the duo smile. He tells them to let him suit up.[21]

The JSA arrives in the underground tunnels, with Wildcat remarking she's never been down here before. Sylvester questions what it is, before realizing it's the ISA meeting room. They see the lab equipment and determine someone's been working there, though they aren't sure what all the stuff is for. Rick thinks it has to be Dragon King's. The younger team members turn to Sylvester, asking his opinion. He thought The Shade went after the Gambler out of pettiness and the Crocks because of blackmail. But someone's made an awful lot of effort to cover their tracks and almost killed him for getting on them. This thread they're pulling, he thinks it's going to lead them somewhere big and he doesn't like it. He looks at the ISA portrait, growing angrier by the second. He sneers to look at them, the ISA mocking him even when dead. He shakes with rage and the staff glows brighter. Sylvester screams out of pure rage and blasts the portrait, burning a searing tear across the portrait. He turns to Hourman and Wildcat, who are in stunned silence. He screams that whoever did this, whoever attacked him, Dragon King or not, they're going to find them and make them pay.

The JSA, with the exception of Cindy, sits at lunch as they discuss Sylvester not finding Dragon King at the other lab. Beth wants to bring her up to speed on everything since she's part of the team, and could probably help. Yolanda still doesn't trust her, but is open to it if that's what Courtney wants. They look at their leader expectantly, but she's lost in her phone, looking at a place called the Ice Inn. Beth calls to her to no avail, so Yolanda calls Earth to Courtney Whitmore, snapping her back. She insists she's listening and agrees to loop Sylvester in. Rick shakes his head as that's not what they were talking about.

Cameron walks up behind Courtney and stops next to her. He greets with a hi and a smile. She returns the hi back at him, smiling sheepishly. He looks at the table and asks how it's going, trying to be friendly. Rick scoffs as they're in the middle of a conversation. He tells Cameron to get lost. The boy's kind demeanor falters as he asks what exactly Rick's problem is. Rick retorts that he's staring right at him. Courtney snaps at Rick to knock it off. She apologizes to Cameron and claims they're in the middle of a project. Beth chimes in that it's for the Science Fair. He didn't mean to interrupt and apologizes to Courtney, who tells him it's okay. He'll see her later and walks off.

With him gone, Courtney throws her arms in the air in exasperation as she looks at Rick. He hopes she's not hanging out with that creep, earning a cold look. She firmly says he's not a creep and not to say that. Beth intervenes as it's kind of bad timing as they're trying to find a killer and need her. Yolanda agrees, as Sylvester's great, but Rick adds he has a temper. Courtney snaps back, asking if Rick doesn't. He looks to the ceiling in annoyance. She insists she's focused on the case, but she's helping Cameron too. They're the JSA they're supposed to help people. Beth asks what Cameron Mahkent needs help with, but Courtney doesn't answer. She's finally found someone she likes, questioning why they can't just be happy for her. Truthfully, Yolanda can't, not when it's him. She's sorry but starts to talk about his dad. Courtney snaps back that Cameron isn't anymore his father then she is hers. That's not fair to him or to her. She stands and grabs her bag, tearfully storming away from the table. Beth, Yolanda, and Rick exchange looks.

After school, Rick parks his yellow mustang outside The Pit Stop. Inside, Rick, Yolanda, and Beth fill Sylvester in on what happened during lunch. They've never seen Courtney like that before. Sylvester thinks it does sound like they went after her a little bit. Yolanda questions if he's on her side. There are no side and she shouldn't ever think that way. They know the story by now. The JSA got into a fight about what happened with Bruce Gordon, they never fully reconciled, then his choice about Bruce made everyone pick sides, which eventually destroyed them. He should have listened to Pat. He should have done whatever he had to bring the team back together. He asks them to please learn from his mistakes. So if Courtney wants to hang out with Cameron Mahkent, let her. Beth adds they still have a murder to solve. Yolanda still thinks Cindy's not telling them something, maybe about her dad. Sylvester tells her follow her gut, while Rick still has to fix the hourglass. Beth's goggles ring so she puts them on, answering a call from her parents. Bridget and James grin on the other end, asking how her math test went. It was horrible because she cheated, but can't talk right now as she's in the middle of a JSA meeting. The goggles automatically analyzes Sylvester's mood, first showing agitation, then curiosity. James tells her that Barbara said the Crocks were following up some leads. Bridget thinks that if the Crocks can help, they can certainly do something. They want an assignment or a special mission believing themselves to be ready. She promises they'll talk later tonight and hangs up. She explains they want her to give them a mission. Sylvester knows it's hard when the family finds out and gets involved. His sister Merry did, who Yolanda recognizes as being Henry's mom, Merry Pemberton. Sylvester adds that Brainwave killed her. Beth asks what she should do. His first rule is to protect the family.

305 SC (168)

Sylvester is leaving for the night when he sees Rick still there, struggling to figure the hourglass out. He tells Rick not to be so hard on himself, as his dad had a lifetime of education before he invented that thing. Rick sighs, wondering how he can be Hourman if his strength gives out after twenty minutes or two. Sylvester thinks it has to be the limiter, which is news to Rick. Sylvester explains there's this thingy, for lack of a better term, on the hourglass that limits it to working an hour a day. That's gotta be busted. Rick thinks he can remove the limiter and asks if it will work 24 hours a day. Sylvester isn't sure, but whatever he decides, he has to be careful. His dad created the limiter for a reason. If he needs him, just call. They say goodbye and Rick flips through the journal. Later in the night, Rick removes the limiter from the hourglass and puts the pieces back together. He stands up and puts the hourglass on, turning it over. The dust glows gold and emits a wave of energy that floods over his skin and through his veins. He lets out a breath as he clenches his fists.[22]

He breaks into Ripped City to test his super strength using a barbell weight. He does effortless reps and curls. As his timer increases, he adds more and more weight. When the timer passes the one hour mark, he adds the last plate to the bell. He lifts it over his head three times. He sets it back down with a grin and gives a celebratory shout.

At The Pit Stop, Yolanda tells Sylvester, Rick, and Beth that she found The Gambler's laptop hidden in Cindy's room. Sylvester surmises she did it, but asks why. He needs to know what's on this laptop right now, telling Beth to do it. She's hesitant as there are probably the usual encryptions and firewalls, but she should be able to get through them with an assist from the goggles. He instructs her to download everything, and then Yolanda will put the laptop back where she found it. This confuses Yolanda, so Sylvester explains that if Cindy knows the laptop is gone, she'll know she's busted and might run. There's still a chance Dragon King's a part of this, or maybe someone else.

Yolanda is caught returning the laptop, spurring a brutal fight between Wildcat and Cindy. As the two face-off again on the lawn of the Burman house, a metallic creaking catches Cindy's attention. She sees a car flying towards her. Cindy jumps out of the way just as Hourman leaps into the fight, surpassing the house in his grand leap. He lands on the bus as he knew she wasn't good. The trio begins to fight and Wildcat restrains her long enough for Hourman to kick her away. Cindy stands back up, preparing to fight more, though her sleeve rips to show the green scales emerging. Rick asks what the hell that is, so Cindy quickly covers it up. Wildcat snears that Cindy's just like her dad. Cindy unsheaths her shiv for the first time. Wildcat and Hourman gang up on Cindy, slamming her into the ground. From above, a bright light emerges as Stargirl performs the shooting star into the center of the fight, blasting everyone away from each other.

Stargirl looks up, her eyes glowing brightly from the power of the staff. Wildcat and Hourman run behind Stargirl, ready to continue the fight. She turns to Cindy, asking what she's doing, though Cindy points out Yolanda started this. Wildcat reveals Cindy stole The Gambler's laptop, but Cindy swears she didn't kill him. Wildcat thinks she's just like her father, telling Courtney to just look at her scales. Stargirl realizes the DNA at the crime scene wasn't Dragon King's DNA, but Cindy's. She asks what's happening to her. Cindy wants her to stop acting like she cares. Stargirl does care, asking her to please talk to them. Fighting back emotions, Cindy explains she started changing when they got back from The Shadowlands. She doesn't know if it triggered this or if it was always going to happen. She doesn't know what her dad did to her. She was just trying to figure it out. She stole The Gambler's laptop so she could go through his files, locate labs, find a cure, but she didn't kill anyone.

306 SC (168)

The JSA stares at her and Cindy emotionally exclaims for them to stop looking at her like she's a monster. Her eyes flash reptilian and she covers them up, squelching and groaning. Stargirl wants to help her, though Cindy only throws the offer back at her. She's so tired of all of this. Stargirl defends that if she was just honest with them in the first place like they asked her to be, but Cindy cuts her off. She asks if she should be honest like her. She urges Stargirl to tell the JSA about her little secret she's been keeping about Cameron. Wildcat already knows she's dating Cameron. Cindy shakes her head at the definition, taunting a "like father, like son". Courtney's teaching that little psycho how to conjure up icicles, just like Daddy. This news shocks Hourman and Wildcat. Cindy presses that Cameron has powers like the rest of his family, turning to Courtney. When Cameron finds out what she did to his dad, which he will, he'll come for her. She hopes that he wins. Cindy storms off, leaving Hourman and Wildcat to glare at their leader with disdain.

Courtney nervously paces at The Pit Stop, rubbing her hand. She criticizes them as they should have had a plan. Rick bluntly tells her they did have a plan, she just wasn't involved. Yolanda adds it's because she hasn't been around. She's been too busy training the new Icicle. Courtney's not training anyone, she is just trying to help him, just like they should be trying to help Cindy. Yolanda snaps that this isn't about Cindy anymore - it's about her lying to them. Courtney didn't mean to. Yolanda thinks that after everything that happened with Pat and her mom that she would realize how damaging this is to them. Courtney insists it was Cameron's secret and wasn't hers to tell. Rick asks if Cameron mattered more than them, which isn't true. She promised not to tell anyone. Rick angrily shouts that he's a threat. Courtney snaps back that he's not. Rick thinks he is, but she made that decision by herself when all of them who are a team are at risk. Yolanda calmly adds she turned her back on them for him. Courtney, emotional, looks at Beth who shakes her head. She's been on her side this whole time, trusting everyone because she thinks they should. But Rick and Yolanda are right, she should have told them. Courtney nods, crying, as Yolanda talks Courtney wanting them to trust each other. Turns out, the person she's closest to is the one that can't be trusted. Courtney apologizes again, she's really sorry. She looks away taking a shaky breath. She thinks until they get this sorted out, that Sylvester should lead the JSA. Yolanda glares that he already has been. Courtney nods, her face scrunching in pain as she cries.[23]

Beth discovers that an unknown person has been spying on them using hidden cameras. The JSA makes a plan to locate and remove the several cameras, as identified in the feeds Beth discovered. As they attempt to act normal for their voyeur, Rick, Zeek, and Jakeem play a board game in The Pit Stop. Sylvester critiques this being a normal Wednesday night for them. Zeek sure does love board game night, as does Jakeem. This whole "situation" reminds Zeek of his granddad and the case of the stolen Studebaker. Jakeem thinks that sounds exciting, but Rick glances up from the game, telling him to just wait. Zeek launches into his story. There hadn't been a robbery in Blue Valley in almost ten years, and back then, his granddad was a volunteer sheriff's deputy. He knew all the goings-on in town.

Zeek tells Jakeem and Rick about his granddad's special spot on the salvage yard with a vantage point of the whole town. That's where they spotted the Studebaker that was stolen off the lot a few days prior. They didn't know who took it or who was driving it, but there it was in all its glory on Maple Avenue heading to the highway. They never found the car, as granddad fell and broke his clavicle. But the lesson that day was don't spy on people. Rick's game board bounces and the pieces pop out, aggravating him. Jakeem notices the timer ran out, but Rick promises his other one won't. He lifts up his shirt to show his hourglass, tied to his belt, ready to go.

When the power goes out across Blue Valley, Dr. Mid-Nite and Hourman arrive at Blue Valley High School. She scans the lunchroom to find a camera pointing directly at their table. He sighs as they're definitely being targeted, and she thinks so and Sylvester does too. She wonders what Courtney thinks, and so does he. But he also wonders if she still even wants to be Stargirl. Dr. Mid-Nite sighs that he knows she does. Hourman spots the camera and she relays that The Gambler must have stumbled onto the same security feed she did. He asks if she thinks whoever's watching them knew that and killed him for it, and that is what she thinks. It wasn't The Shade, the Crocks, Dragon King, or Cindy Burman. He rears back and punches a hole in the wall, ripping out the camera as bricks go flying. He throws the camera aside and it smashes into pieces. He glibly remarks that another one bites the dust. His actions surprise her, and she asks if he turned over his hourglass just for that. He doesn't have to anymore - he took off the limiter, so now it works 24-7. He tells her to watch this, punching a huge chunk out of a concrete beam. A loud ringing echoes through the room from the impact, causing her to cover her ears. She demands to know what he's doing, but he chuckles that he was just showing her. That seems kind of extreme to her, and he relents that it might be, but it was kind of fun, too. Being Hourman can finally be fun for him and he never has to worry about time running out on him again. He's amped and ready to move.

307 SC (193)

They walk into a math classroom. He rips up a desk and throws it across the room into the chalkboard. Annoyed, she asks him to stop doing that, but he has to flex - it feels good. He asks where the last camera is and she points to the wall. As they walk over, he remarks that whoever's doing this is a real creep and she agrees, but wonders who's doing it and why. Hourman shrugs it off. What does anyone who comes have them want - revenge, power, never matters, he'll crush them all the same. The lights whir on and the building clicks back online. She remarks that isn't good. Hourman turns to the camera and speaks to the person on the other end warning that, "whoever you are, we're coming for you". He angrily punches the camera.[24]

Courtney unwittingly goes on overnight trip to Civic City with The Shade, Jennie, and Pat. It puts her on a collision course with The Helix Institute For Youth Rehabilitation, letting her tick one more suspect off the list of The Gambler's killer.[25] She and Pat return to Blue Valley, with Courtney attending an overdue JSA meeting where she apologizes to them once again, as it was never her intention to put Cameron before them.

Beth thanks her for the apology and accepts it, eyeing Rick when he's silent. The boy briskly nods they're good. Yolanda urges her to tell them the rest, making Rick shift in his seat. Courtney admits that she wants to tell Cameron everything, and Rick questions why she would want to do that. She can't be with him if she can't be honest with him about the JSA, about his father, or about her being Stargirl. She's asking for their support, but Rick quickly says no. She can't keep doing this to them. Every time she shares their secrets, it makes all of them less safe. Especially for that kid, all because Courtney likes him. He notices Courtney looking at Yolanda for support, and questions if she knew about this. She did, and he scoffs that she's gotta be kidding. Yolanda admits she was wrong about Cindy - not completely wrong, just a little wrong. Courtney wants to tell Cameron about who his dad really was and why they had to stop him. He can't spend the rest of his life never knowing anything. Courtney looks to her team, as she knows it's going to be hard, and she knows there's real risk here, but once they get through it, she has faith they will all heal. She needs to tell him the truth. Beth looks around the table and asks if they should vote. Rick tells her not to bother, leaning back in his chair. Courtney looks at him, hurt, but he averts his eyes emotionally. He tells her to do what she wants to do - he's got her back. He's got everyone's back here, no matter what. They all should know, because they're his family. Nothing will ever change that, but don't say he didn't warn her. He runs his finger along the hourglass as he quiets down.

After school, Yolanda, Beth, and Rick walk down Main Street. Yolanda muses that when this all started, she thought this would be easy, knowing the good guys from the bad. But she isn't sure anymore. Beth reminds her of what Courtney says about there being good and bad in everyone. Rick scoffs that some have more bad than others, though. He winces in pain, stopping on the sidewalk. Yolanda asks if he's okay, while Beth questions if it's the hourglass. He's fine, insisting it's just a headache, though Beth isn't so sure. The goggles continue to ring so she puts them on. He asks what's going on. She's been trying to lock into the signal from the camera, but it's been bouncing all around the country, sending Sylvester everywhere. The goggles show her information as she talks. This could just be another false lead, making her look around nervously. He asks where the signal is coming from, stating her name twice. The goggles pick up on his rising agitation levels. She nervously admits it's coming from inside the Mahkent house. Rick looks to Yolanda as she shakes her head.

309 SC (111)

The trio suits up, though Hourman doesn't wait around for Wildcat or Dr. Mid-Nite. He impulsively attacks and bursts through the backdoor of the house. Cameron takes a few steps forward in front of Courtney, who looks at Hourman in surprise. The masked hero shouts up at Courtney that he warned her. He assumes a fighting stance and Lily steps forward. She sneers that the children will finally die for what they have done, her eyes freezing over. Hourman shouts that these creepy old ghouls are the one who have been watching them. He attacks but Cameron blasts him aside with his powers, knocking him into a table. Courtney shouts out a no as she grabs and lowers Cameron's arm. Sofus pulls Lily out of the study as Cameron, stunned, tells Courtney they have to get out of here. She protests, as that's Rick, surprising Cameron even more. Hourman readies himself for another attack. Courtney yells at him to stop but he ignores her, charging forward and lifting Cameron over his head. Courtney is caught in the crossfire and sent flying across the room, smacking into the bookshelf, just as Hourman slams Cameron to the ground.

Lily and Wildcat battle in the hallway, the force of which is enough to knock several books off the shelf. All the books land on Courtney's head, disorienting her. Hourman grabs a table and flips it aside, nearly hitting Courtney, who rolls out of the way. The boys engage in hand-to-hand combat as she shouts for Rick to stop. Hourman snaps Cameron's arm which makes the boy scream. He throws Cameron forward, sliding him into Courtney, knocking them both to the ground. They look at each other as they sit up. Hourman grabs a ladder and swings it at Cameron, who has one arm around Courtney. She shields her face as he projects an ice shield over them, leaning her against his leg. The ladder smashes against the ice and splinters into pieces, leaving the couple unharmed. This doesn't deter Hourman, who comes at them again. Cameron slides Courtney across the floor to safety, ducking under Hourman's attack. As he tries to stand, Hourman punches down at Cameron, who blocks it with a smaller ice shield around his hand. The pair are evenly matched as Cameron dodges and blocks each punch. He uses his powers to stun Hourman, who then counters with a punch. They both fall and Hourman tries to kick Cameron, who at the same time, sends an ice blast. The impact causes them both to fly over the railing and land in the room below. Hourman is on his knees in an instant, locking eyes with Cameron, who crouches. They charge at one another, yelling angrily.

They are evenly-matched now as they exchange punches. However, Hourman lands a hard punch in Cameron's ribs, making the boy double over. He follows up by punching Cameron to the floor. As Hourman recovers from his injuries, he looks at Cameron's still body. The boy leaps up as he recovers quickly, crouching down for another round. Hourman looks up slowly, a dark expression in his eyes. Cameron pushes his ice to the ground, using the blasts to propel himself upwards and through the air. Hourman reaches out a single hand and grabs Cameron by the chest. Courtney looks up from the mezzanine, her eyes widening at the sight of Hourman choking her boyfriend.

She quickly leaps to her feet and jumps over the railing. She yells for Rick to let him go, grabbing at his arm and tugging on him. He throws her aside without a second thought. She slams into the wall with enough force to make a cracking sound. Hourman turns back to Cameron, whose eyes dart to his girlfriend, bleeding on the floor. He clenches Hourman's arm, letting out a scream as he sends ice crawling up his arm and shoulder. Hourman drops him and Cameron quickly attacks him with ice, then freezes each of his feet to the ground. He blasts ice under Hourman, using it to slide under the hero, hit the wall, and launch himself into a flip. He braces his feet on the wall as he sends a blast of ice strong enough to knock Hourman to the ground. Lily watches with a smile.

Hourman struggles to his feet and Cameron kicks him in the torso, sending him back to the ground. Courtney watches as she struggles to regain her composure. Hourman crawls away from Cameron, who glares at the boy. Lily calls out for her grandson, catching his attention. She reveals they killed his father. He looks to Courtney who can't manage the words, though her emotional expression is the confirmation he needs. He swells with emotion as ice swirls around his body, his eyes freezing over. He blasts Hourman backwards with enough force to smash the stairs. Hourman lays there, weak, unable to breath well. Cameron holds out his hand which swirls with ice. Lily cheers from the sidelines, telling him to do it, as Hourman reaches his hand up weakly. Sofus enters and tells him to stop. This hate is what killed his father. His anger, his grief. He tells Cameron to not let them take control of him. Cameron looks to Hourman and then to Courtney. Sofus croaks out for him not to ignore love, then falls to the ground, clutching his arm. Wildcat, Artemis, and Dr. Mid-Nite enter the room. Cameron walks up to his grandma, sitting next to her. Courtney crawls over to the steps, managing to sit next to Rick.

309 SC (196)

Dr. Mid-Nite reads that Sofus is having a heart attack. She decides to call her mom, who tells her that Sofus's heart has stopped. James reminds her about the gloves, which double as defibrillators because of their power. The suit will insulate her, she just has to get everyone clear. She sends a shock through Sofus then another, successfully reviving him. The man groans as Lily holds his head, relieved that he's alive. Wildcat and Artemis share a look. Cameron holds Lily's shoulder as they look down at Sofus. He looks over at Courtney, who is crying. She looks away as Hourman croaks out that he's sorry. When the carnage rests, Beth calls 911.[26]

The morning after the fight, Rick goes to the Chapel's house. Dr.. Bridget Chapel examines Rick's facial wounds. He asks what his prognosis is and if he will ever be able to play the violin again. Beth replies that it's not funny, and that Mr. Mahkent almost died. Rick snaps back that he didn't, neither did he. Dr. Chapel tells him while that's true, his blood pressure and heart rate are elevated to unnatural levels. Beth insists it's that hourglass, as he's been wearing it for too long. He chuckles, standing up, as he feels better than ever, and with Cameron Mahkent and his grandparents out there, none of them can let their guard down right now. James tells Rick that from what Beth told them, it sounds like he just rushed in, even hit Courtney. Rick angrily and offensively yells back that it was an accident. Beth looks at her parents in surprise and he looks to Beth, insisting she knows that. She gestures for him to calm down as she takes a step closer. They do know that, but also knows he hasn't been acting like himself. They're all really worried about him him. Rick grabs the hourglass, insistings he's fine, really. Beth tells him to take off the hourglass, then. Take it off for ten minutes and see how he feels. Rick scoffs and approaches Beth, looking down at her. He warns her to don't ever tell him what to do. He leaves the house as she shouts after him, with James telling him to hold on. Rick ignores them as he leaves. The Chapel family stands together in worry.

Rick remains AWOL from the team, failing to return any of their phone calls. He missing the JSA meet discussing the Ultra-Humanite. Pat disapproves of his absence, telling the team that he needs to get his head on straight, because the man Mike and Jakeem found, he's the worst threat they can imagine.[27] Beth tries to call Rick again when the Crocks go missing, but he doesn't return her calls. The remaining JSA members and Artemis can't wait for him and go to the tunnels without him. They find the human remains of Larry and Paula, who were frozen to death.[28]

Across Blue Valley in West Farms, Rick stands in the bathroom of his house. He breathes heavily as he clutches the hourglass. He takes it off and immediately starts experiencing side effects. The room around him blurs as waves of pain wash over him. His vision flashes then goes red. He cripples over and groans in pain, clutching his side as he stumbles back to the sink. He can barely breathe as he pulls the hourglass back on. Rick splashes his face with water as he pants, everything going dark until the power of the hourglass restores his strength. He looks up in the mirror, wheezing, letting out an shout. His phone buzzes with a call from Beth.

That night, Courtney, Beth, and Yolanda prepare to leave the Whitmore-Dugan House to find Rick. Barbara asks them to call her when they do, leaving herself. Courtney opens the kitchen door to find Rick on the other side. He tearfully needs their help. The JSA convenes in Courtney's living room. Yolanda thinks he should take the hourglass off. Barbara offers to help him manage the pain if it hurts. Beth thinks her mom can help. He asks about Ultra-Humanite and Jordan, as they need him powered up. Courtney assures him they just need him healthy. He shakes his head, asking where Sylvester is, as he might know what to do. He knew about the limiter. He told him how to take it off, which surprises everyone. Beth did some reading. His father went through the same thing once and the JSA helped him through it. Courtney notes that Sylvester would know the dangers of the limiter, with Beth confirming Starman was there. If he was there, he knew what it would do to Rick. They question why he would tell Rick to remove it.[29]

313 SC (17)

A storm brews over Blue Valley as the JSA convenes in the Whitmore-Dugan House. Courtney reorients everyone that "Sylvester" told Rick about the hourglass's limiter, but he didn't warn Rick what happened to his father years before. "Mr. Pemberton" also told Beth to protect her parents. Courtney realizes that he was really getting her to do was push them away. After all the help they've given Beth, she knows that was a mistake now. "Sylvester" told Yolanda not to let up Cindy, so she never gave her a chance. Barbara wonders why "Sylvester" would purposefully give them all bad advice. One by one, the JSA realizes it was to keep them distracted, to break them apart, to weaken them, and Courtney morosely adds it was to take away their confidence. He took the staff from her and said she wasn't worthy of it. Barbara knows he's dead wrong, but Courtney questions why she couldn't bring it back to her. Yolanda thinks "Sylvester" might have wanted the staff for himself this whole time. Rick doesn't understand why he wouldn't just take it from Court in the first place, why he would wait. Barbara laments that they have to find Pat.

Courtney can't reach Mike on his phone, and Barbara's only getting Pat's voicemail. Beth relays that Zeek has S.T.R.I.P.E. fixed back up, but he hasn't seen Mr. Dugan since he went to the Mahkents'. Rick is ready to start there when Courtney's phone buzzes. She answers a call from Cameron, who tells her Starman is at the junkyard. He asks if she's looking for him and she questions how he knows that. He apologizes as his family is coming so he has to go. She tells him to wait, but he hangs up.

The JSA walks the grounds of Zeek's Junkyard. Dr. Mid-Nite hopes Barbara can find Artemis. Hourman knows she'll be here, as Icicle made her an orphan. Wildcat thinks she'll show up just when they need her. She wonders how Artemis always does that. They stop when they see Icicle, "Starman" who wields the staff, and Sofus, Lily, and Cameron waiting for them. Icicle greets Courtney, though Cameron barely meets her gaze. Icicle stands alongside his family and "Starman" tonight, here on neutral round, with only good intentions. Stargirl asks where Pat is. "Starman" is sorry, but she's gone. Pat came to see him after Jordan and he settled things. He apologized and tried to convince Pat to join forces with both of them, but he refused. He went into the woods alone, looking for the Ultra-Humanite, who killed him. This lands hard with Courtney. As she processes, Icicle tells her that if they're going to get any justice for Pat, they need to team up. She doesn't believe anything he says. "Starman" knows he was harsh earlier, but Stargirl cuts him off. They're both lying, and Sylvester has been lying since he came to Blue Valley.

Cameron chimes in for the first time, as he wouldn't lie to her. He's sorry about Pat, he's so sorry, but the only thing they can do now is work together and stop that monster before it hurts anyone else. Stargirl struggles for a moment until a whooshing sound gets everyone's attention. From the sky, S.T.R.I.P.E. appears, landing behind the JSA as his boosters burn into the ground. The motor revs and Stargirl questions if it's Pat. It is him, but that's not Sylvester, it's the Ultra-Humanite. The team turns back to their enemies. Ultra-Humanite rhetorically shouts out if Pat's kidding him, and angrily questions why Stripesy won't die. He shoves past Icicle and blasts S.T.R.I.P.E. with the staff, sending the robot tumbling away. He takes to the air after S.T.R.I.P.E. Lily steps forward as now, the wicked children will freeze. She summons ice to her palms and the JSA assumes their fighting positions.

313 SC (60)

Stargirl dodges ice blasts, landing on the roof of a car, just as the explosion from S.T.R.I.P.E. appears behind her. She stands and looks at Cameron, saying that Jordan lied to him. Jordan cuts her off telling her not to say another word. He holds out his hand and she gasps for air as her breath turns to ice. She clutches her throat and falls off the car, rolling onto the ground. Cameron shouts out for Courtney, rushing to her aide. Hourman charges forward and punches Icicle into a car. Courtney gasps for air as Icicle's hold on her fades. Hourman turns to Cameron, telling him not to be a tool. He's being played by his own dad, but he's still going to kick his ass. Cameron gets up and Hourman starts to advance when he suffers a disorientation spell from the hourglass. He tries to throw a punch anyway but misses. Cameron blasts him backward, with Icicle adding a secondary blast that propels him even further away.

Stargirl hurries to Hourman's side, checking on him. Icicle gives Courtney one last chance to pledge her loyalty right now. He holds out his hand, ice appearing. He's suddenly shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Everyone looks in shock to see Barbara a few feet away, lowering Paula's crossbow. She warns him to stay away from her daughter. Courtney questions her mom and Icicle pulls the arrow out. Barbara and Stargirl help Hourman to his feet, taking him away. Icicle calls it such a shame. She was going to be so perfect for all of them. Courtney and Cameron would have been together. He knows that he and Barbara could have reignited what they had. Cameron's face falls from behind his father, growing darker. Barbara, dumbfounded, shouts they never had anything. He tells her goodbye and summons ice, ready to shoot it at the trio. Cameron shouts out a no as he tackles his father, sending a blast of ice across the lot.

The JSA retreats while Stargirl and Barbara help Hourman to cover. Icicle tells Cameron not to do this, sending bursts of ice at his son, who dodges them with parkour while returning his own ice blasts at his father. The Whitmores sit behind a car, where they see Ultra-Humanite shoot another ray at Pat.Barbara tells Courtney the staff belongs to her. The teen desperately asks why it works for him, then. It's because Courtney thought it should. It's why "Sylvester" couldn't just take the staff. He had to make her believe it worked for him. Another explosion makes Courtney look over to the adjoining lot. She runs off and ultimately takes the staff from the Ultra-Humanite.

With Lily dead and Cameron fighting off his father, the JSA retreats to safety. Stargirl helps Cameron and the boy makes a decision to defeat Icicle before he can do what Brainwave did to his son. Cameron's power collides with Icicles' to form a cloud of snow, mist, hail, and ice. Icicle's face emerges from the cloud, screaming until it dissipates. Barbara, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat, and Sofus look in surprise at what Cameron just did as the mist subsides. Stargirl asks where he went.

Cameron rushes to Sofus's side, as the man groans weakly. Stargirl walks towards Cameron, hopeful, but tells her to stay back. Her smile fades as she questions it. He's taking his grandfather to get help, and then he's leaving. Overcome with emotion, Cameron admits to betraying Courtney. He betrayed his own family. His grandmother's dead and his father, he can't bring himself to say it as he rests his hand against Sofus'. The men wince in pain together. Stargirl, sympathetic, insists she can help him through this. He meets her gaze and tearfully says goodbye, Courtney. He thrusts his hand to the ground and the Mahkents disappear in a puff of mist. Stargirl looks away as the snow drifts over her. When she looks back, they're both gone.

313 SC (151)

The next morning at the Chapel Residence, Rick sets the hourglass on the coffee table in front of Beth, Bridget, and James. He's sorry for the way he spoke to all of them. He's not going to blame that on anything other than being a thick-headed jerk. Bridget and James chuckle and she assures him it's alright. James adds they're just glad he's feeling better. He looks to Beth and says thank you, then to the parents, for being there for him. He looks back to Beth with a soft gaze as it's her turn. She nods and nervously stands beside Rick. They exchange a look before she talks to her parents.

313 SC (159)

They've been her guides since she was a kid, and they were her guides when she was Doctor Mid-Nite through all of this. Even when she told them she didn't want them to be. She becomes emotional so Rick puts a supporting hand on her back. She knows they love her, and she loves them too. Rick rubs her back gently in support. She does need their help. She wants their help, so she's asking for it officially. James and Bridget laugh and grin with excitement, questioning if she wants them to be her sidekicks. Beth quickly admits that sounds a little derogatory, but her parents are too eager to let her finish. James leaps over the couch, exclaiming it's a dream. They point to both of them, ready to talk costumes.

Rick walks into the woods, stopping at Grundy's grave. He lists Brainwave, Dragon King, and Icicle. It seems like everyone else got to come back for a second chance except him. He kneels on the ground. He misses his pal. He stands and takes a step back, just when the ground begins to rumble. A hand shoots through the dirt, splaying debris everywhere. Grundy groans as he comes back to life. Rick chuckles and grins at the sight.

313 SC (193)

One night at the Whitmore-Dugan House, a dinner party is held. The Chapels and Rick stand at the dining table. Beth tells her dad the dish he brought looks great. Rick asks James and Bridget about being sidekicks. He's decided to be Nite-Lite, while Bridget is choosing Hootie, in honor of Dr. McNider's wise owl. He has the whole suit design, which makes Beth chuckle as she puts her arm around him. Bridget greets Yolanda as she brings the bowl of pasta to the table on her way out of the room. Rick asks what James's powers would be, and he incredulously says he's glowing in the dark, man. Rick chuckles as that's cool. James has some new things and it's going to be great, it's going to be fantastic. Beth smiles that she knows. The group laughs together and talks. Beth and Rick ultimately meet on one side of the table, while James pulls out Bridget's chair for her so they can sit. Yolanda joins Beth and Rick, wiping her tears. Beth gives her friend a side hug and a comforting smile.

Ten years later, Richard Swift leads a group of eager patrons on a tour of a museum. He guides the ladies and gentlemen, telling them not to be shy. They arrive at the centerpiece of the entire museum. The meeting table of the Justice Society of America. He identifies who sits around the table, pointing at where the chairs would be. Starwoman, Wildcat, Jade and her brother Obsidian, Dragon Queen, S.T.R.I.P.E. 2.0, Jakeem Thunder, Icicle, Artemis, Sand, Damage, as well as Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite. The latter of whose impending nuptials are just around the corner. He proudly says they are officiated by "yours truly", smirking. With those two, come their loyal if somewhat foul-smelling and simple-minded friend, Solomon Grundy.

313 SC (227)

Banners for each member hang around them, along with exhibits dedicated to their specialties, and wings in honor of Wildcat, Dr. Mid-Nite, Jakeem Thunder, and Dragon Queen. Artifacts surround the museum, including Excalibur, Sandman's mask, a pink pen, and Shiv's scepter. Shade stops at the front of the table. United, they stopped the Injustice Society from brainwashing America, then prevented the demonic brute Eclipso from merging his nightmarish world with theirs. They shut down the Ultra-Humanite before he could tarnish Starman's legacy. They brought the true Sylvester Pemberton back to life. Then, they rescued the Seven Soldiers of Victory from a cosmic deity called The Nebula Man. He turns to look at the table. They're the greatest heroes the world has ever seen. But they won't be the last. Because there are other legacies of heroism waiting for a new generation to find, to take on, to rise up. For as much as evil has tried to destroy the Justice Society of America, it cannot. Nothing can.[30]


You hurt so much you wanna hurt everyone else. Is that it, Rick?

Rick presents himself as a mysterious teenager with an edge that makes him appear dangerous. He often gets in trouble at school and spends most of his time either in detention or drinking. He takes school-issued products and carves into his desk at detention. He doesn’t talk much unless it is to defend himself. He is a classic loner who doesn't socialize with people. Inside, Rick is a tortured soul who is dealing with the crushing loss of his parents at a young age. He's forced to live with is abusive uncle, Matt, whose aggression and overall disdain for Rick is made clear to the teen. He's forced to live under the facade of his uncle being his father, and can't publicly mourn the loss of his real father, Rex.

He pushes people away by acting sharp and distant toward them, hoping to keep everyone at arms length to avoid the pain of losing anyone else. He emotionally admits to Courtney and Yolanda that he deals with crushing and overwhelming anger. He wants to hit something all the time and feels as though the anger is poisoning him. Being part of a team is difficult for Rick, who is used to being alone and not having someone hold him accountable for his actions, or compromise with others. He always voices his opinion even if it clashes with his teammates, or could be viewed as insensitive. While fighting crime, Rick has a "punch first ask questions later" mentality. He believes his brute force and quick-reactions are the best way to handle things. Beth Chapel's intellectual and quiet ways balances Rick's violence and forces him to be patient. She reminds him to think before he acts. His cynicism often makes him the realist out of the group, as he believes things won't always work out just because they want them too.

After finally learning the truth about Rex and cracking his journal, Rick lets go of the heavy burden and responsibility he feels to cracking it. He realizes his father died saving people. Rick expresses joy for the first time and becomes more focused on helping his team. However, the anger within him still thrives, and releases when he fights Solomon Grundy, the creature that killed his parents. He spends the last five minutes of his hourglass beating Grundy, ultimately besting the beast. When Rick saw the beast's fear and humanity, he spared Grundy's life, choosing to exile him instead. Once the fight against the ISA ends, Rick becomes lighter and settles into a place of comfort and relaxation. He learns to welcome his chosen family of the JSA and the Whitmore-Dugan's. As such, Rick takes a protective stance over his chosen family, actively looking out for Courtney as he doesn't trust her friend Cameron, and physically protecting both Beth and Yolanda.

Months after defeating Grundy, Rick begins to sympathize with Grundy's loneliness and sees how the creature was manipulated by the ISA. As such, he begins to feed the creature and helps him hide in the woods. Despite their newfound friendship, Rick's greatest fear becomes Grundy being evil and killing innocent people, which Rick would view as being his fault for sparing the creature. Eclipso taps into this fear and exploits it, making Rick hallucinate his worst fear. Rick takes his anger out on who believes is Grundy, and is terrified when he realizes it's his uncle, Matt Harris, on the receiving end of the beating and not Grundy. Out of shame, remorse, and emotional realization, Rick breaks the hourglass. He comes to regret this choice as it leaves him on the sidelines of the fight against Eclipso, and makes him feel useless. Ultimately, Rick heads into the battle without the hourglass for the sake of helping his team. He enlists Grundy's help in the fight, though Eclipso kills him, leaving Rick once again heartbroken. A beacon of hope comes when Shade reveals Grundy can come back if buried in the right place at the right time. He spends weeks trying to bring Grundy back, thought nothing works, renewing his belief that the villain is a liar. Meanwhile, Matt leaves Blue Valley for good, though Rick doesn't care enough to go looking for him.

Despite befriending and grieving Grundy, Rick maintains a black and white perception of good and evil. Whereas Courtney is willing to see the good in their former enemies, Rick stands with the position that people don't change, despite the JSA's past with reformed villains. He despises Cameron Mahkent simply because he is Icicle's son, putting the sins of the father onto the son. He doesn't care that Cameron's reputation is positive, believing him to only be a punk villain. After The Gambler's death, Rick becomes consumed with fixing the hourglass so he won't ever feel helpless in a fight again. He removes the limitar that controls how much time Rick has as Hourman, thus, becoming affected by the power 24/7. He grows to love the feeling of power, strength, and invincibility that comes with the constant supply of power. He refuses to take the hourglass off his body, and it slowly changes his personality, corrupting him into an angry, impulsive, paranoia, and violent individual. He callously breaks school property because it "feels good to flex", developing a cocky edge to him. His impulsivity leads him to comfort Cameron and his family, inciting a brutal fight that ultimately hurts Courtney, himself, and the team. He still doesn't see the error in the hourglass, insisting that hurting he's fine as hurting Court was an accident. His anger and disregard for respect leaves him lashing out at the Chapels and ignoring a team meeting.

Physical Appearance[]

Rick is a handsome, tall, somewhat pale-skinned and athletically built teenager with thick, curly, black hair and brown eyes. He wears relaxed clothing such as worn jeans, neutral-toned shirts, and a worn leather jacket.

As Hourman, Rick wears a dark blue suit and mask, with several red arrows on his boots and forearms, a red belt with a yellow hourglass symbol and a gold hooded cape.


I can hit things hard.
Rick Tyler in "Shiv Part One"
106 SC87

Rick activating the Hourglass

  • Hourglass Empowerment: After activating the hourglass around his neck, Rick can manifest powers like his father before him, including enhanced strength and endurance. However, these powers only last for one hour per day, as his father designed the hourglass to be used sparingly in order to avoid becoming addicted to the power and temptation. After Rick realized that he almost killed his uncle, he destroyed the hourglass, thus losing access to all of his powers. Rick has since attempted to repair the hourglass, but he can now only maintain his powers at random intervals, each less than one hour. After speaking with Starman, Rick removed the hourglass' limiter to grant him powers whenever he desires, and enhances the amount of power he possesses at any given time. Rick’s enhanced power also causes him to go into a type of feral mind state when he gets into a fight, which makes him have tunnel vision which in turn makes him even more dangerous, as he hurts people he cares about without even realizing it. After the battle of Blue Valley, Rick removed the hourglass and spent time recovering from its effects. He has since fixed and returned the limiter to the hourglass and is now back to accessing his powers for one hour a day without any bad side effects.
    • Enhanced Strength:
      306 SC (15)

      Rick lifting weights

      Rick can manifest enhanced strength for one hour per day. During this period, he is stronger than the average human and can lift tons with minimal effort. He easily picked up and crushed a keg with his bare hands, and with one punch, destroyed the side mirror of a car. The dent he inflicted on the side of a truck was likened to the work of King Kong by Zeek. During his fight against Sportsmaster, Hourman both kicked a car across a lot and lifted another over his head. He punched one of Dragon King's henchmen with enough force to cause a visible shockwave, and bent metal bars with ease. Hourman later sent Solomon Grundy hurtling away from S.T.R.I.P.E., which Grundy was ravaging, with a single punch. When he removed his hourglass' limiter, he could lift lift weights over his head that were so heavy the bar was bending. He later threw a van at Shiv from a considerable distance, and when searching the school for cameras, easily punched through a concrete pillar. When fighting Cameron Mahkent, he kicked Cameron’s ice shield with enough force to cause the shield to erupt and generate an explosion that sent both of them flying.
    • Enhanced Durability: Rick can manifest enhanced durability for one hour per day. He was unharmed when he knocked down a tree with his bare hand, something that he wasn't capable of doing without the hourglass. He remained conscious after being hit in the head by Sportsmaster with a baseball bat, and survived being swatted across a room by Solomon Grundy without injury. During the battle against Injustice Unlimited, Rick's hourglass-empowered physical resilience had grown considerably. The arrows simply broke and bounced off of his body. He even endured an incendiary device without so much as a cut to show for it. However, he did suffer a broken rib after a close encounter with Eclipso, showing that this enhancement has limits, especially with the supernatural. He was also severely injured by Cameron Mahkent's powers and blows.
    • Superhuman Leaping:
      306 SC (139)

      Hourman leaping at Shiv

      Rick can jump incredible distances and land safely, covering frighteningly tall heights and long distances. This also means he has extremely strong and durable legs.[31] He once tackled Sportsmaster in the air, and later pushed off the ground to slam both himself and Artemis Crock against a wall several feet away. When he removed his hourglass' limiter, he jumped over the Burman residence to land on the front yard of the Burman's cul-de-sac.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Rick's reflexes are honed to precision, as he caught Artemis Crock's crossbow arrow to prevent Beth from being harmed.
    • Regeneration: Rick’s enhanced physiology grants him an accelerated healing factor. He recovered from a broken rib in a matter of days. After removing the limiter in the hourglass, Dr. Chapel observed that Rick's blood pressure and heart rate were raised beyond natural limitations.


  • Peak Human Condition: As a superhero, Rick's physical condition is beyond that of a normal person, and thus, allowing him to be capable of performing, as well as maintaining, strenuous activities. He was strong enough to smash his father's hourglass.
309 SC (162)

Hourman versus Cameron

  • Expert Combatant: Because of his endurance and strength, Rick is able to engage in hand-to-hand battles against well-trained martial artists such as Sportsmaster. However, due to a lack of formal training, Hourman tends to rely mainly on wild, heavy blows that are predictable and easy to dodge. Regardless, as time progressed in his training, he maintained a close combative sparring match with Artemis Crock, demonstrating knowledge in trapping legs and throwing his opponents as well as grappling.
I'm getting closer on this, Pat. I've read every dumb chemistry book in school and...
Rick Tyler in "Shining Knight"
213 SC17

Rick working on the hourglass

  • High Intelligence: Despite his temper and attitude, Rick is shown to be very intellectual and resourceful when the need arises. He was able to successfully decipher his father's diary, something not even Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles with all their information and knowledge could do. According to his teacher, he answered every question on a math final correctly, which resulted in him being accused of cheating. When he retook the test under the teacher's watchful eye, he received a perfect score once again, and the teacher apologized for her underestimating him and later recommended several universities for him to apply to.
    • Skilled Mechanic: Rick knows to fix cars and has at the very least a basic knowledge of cars, engines, and mechanics. While he was able to repair Rex Tyler's mustang, Rick doesn't have the knowledge or expertise that the older Pat Dugan possesses.
    • Carving: Rick has demonstrated a talent for carving. He was able to carve a near-perfect hourglass into a remaining tree trunk and was previously seen carving into his BVHS desk.


  • Temper and Lack of Formal Training: Due to his upbringing, Rick has an extremely short-fuse, which often results in him making rash, split-second decisions which often only serve to make a situation worse. This coupled with a lack of any formal hand to hand training results in his fighting style becoming predictable and sloppy, allowing seasoned fighters such as Sportsmaster and Tigress to easily overwhelm him in spite of his enhanced strength. He began to improve on his impulsivity and listened to teammates, making more calculated choices. Upon removing the hourglass’ limiter, his anger increased to dangerous levels, causing him to make reckless and violently dangerous decisions, such as attacking the Mahkent house without a plan or as a group. He wa so blinded by rage and power that he struck Courtney, and couldn't predict Cameron's intelligent fighting maneuvers, which ultimately led to Hourman's loss. Rick also has a bad habit of underestimating Cameron, as he lost to him twice and still didn’t learn his lesson as he continued to taunt him. This lead to Rick being served yet another beating at Cameron’s and Jordan’s hands, which inevitably put him out of commission for the remainder of the battle.
  • One Hour Limit: The effects of the hourglass initially lasted for one-hour per day. For the remaining 23 hours, Rick couldn't generate any enhanced abilities. After he smashed the hourglass and attempted to repair it, he could only activate his powers for random intervals. However, within 10 years, he presumably repairs the hourglass as he continues to operate as Hourman and a member of the JSA.

Former Weaknesses[]

  • Hourglass: After speaking with Ultra-Humanite/Sylvester, Rick removed the hourglasses limiter, fixing the issues of his power working for unpredictable amounts of time, but now with the risk of wielding addictive power. He had a constant supply of enhanced power, which made him feel invincible and needed. The longer he wore the artifact, the more dependent he became on it. It impacted his physical well-being and he was incapable of removing it without extreme disorientation and pain. These side effects ultimately bled through to his time as Hourman, weakening him during the Battle of Blue Valley. When Rick does remove the hourglass, he regains a sense of health and stability.


STG106c 0124r
  • Hourman Suit: Rick wears this bronzed super-suit while fighting as his alter-ego, Hourman. This suit holds more than a little pertinent history for him, as it once belonged to his deceased father.
  • Hourglass: This hourglass gives Rick super strength and enhanced physicality powers for one hour per day. It is tied to his DNA, so only a member of the Tyler family an activate it. He has an appreciation for the hourglass despite having misused the powers when he first received it. A few months later, Rick threw the hourglass on the ground, shattering it. He went without the hourglass for several weeks as he tried to repair the functions. He wore the broken hourglass during the battle against Eclipso. With Ultra-Humanite's advice, Rick removed the limiter and gained access to his powers 24 hours a day, so long as the hourglass remained on his body. He presumably fixed the hourglass during his 10 years with the JSA.


Courtney: So, uh, what do you guys do for fun around here?
Beth: Oh, oh, we’re not friends. This is the table for the singles.
Courtney: The singles?
Beth: The losers.
Rick: Speak for yourself.
-- "Stargirl"

Rick: Why are you following me?
Courtney: I need to talk to you. Wait, I just need to show you something, OK. It’s hard to explain, but look at this.
Rick: It’s an hourglass. So what?
Courtney: It was going crazy before. Something’s wrong.
Rick: Yeah, something’s wrong. You should stay on your meds.
Rick: Look, I’m not playing fairy princess tea time with you two.
Courtney: I understand.
Rick: What do you understand? My parents hit a tree, and they died. What grand plan of God’s was that?
Yolanda: It wasn’t God’s plan, Rick. It was an accident.
Rick: Then who do I blame, huh? Do you know what it’s like to be so filled up with anger that you feel like you’re poisoning yourself? Do you? I want to hit something – anything – all of the time, every second. You think I like that? I hate feeling this way.
Courtney: My dad was a member of the Justice Society too. He was Starman, and even though I only met him a few times, I feel cheated. He was killed before I even got to know him. But now I get to keep his legacy alive, and you can too. You can be a hero like your dad, Hourman. It’s your choice.
Rick: My choice? When have I ever had a choice? Be a hero like my dad? My dad’s dead.
Rick (to Courtney): I’ll do it, but I don’t want justice, Courtney. I want revenge.
-- "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite"

Rick: You look at me like everyone else around here does. Like I’m trash. Like I’m not worth a damn.
Pat: No, Rick, you’re wrong. That’s not at all how I look at you.
Rick: Courtney said you were her dad’s sidekick, but you’ve had this journal for how long, and you didn’t figure it out. You didn’t know my parents were murdered. You didn’t know about me. I got to ask you, what the hell did Starman use you for? Because as far as I can tell, you don’t do anything.
-- "The Justice Society"

Courtney: Are you okay?
Rick: Yeah.
-- "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two"


  • Beth Chapel: Beth and Rick are best friends and teammates, who share a close connection through their mutual understanding of one another. Beth often encourages Rick to act with his mind instead of his fists, while Rick served as a support system for Beth during her parents divorce and Chuck's "death". They were often paired together during JSA missions, looking out for each other whenever possible. As much as Rick is the physical force of the JSA, Beth is the brains, making them a well-balanced duo who learn to respect and appreciate the other's strengths. Rick is extremely protective of Beth, as he lept in front of Artemis's arrows to stop them from hitting Dr. Mid-Nite. She realized before any of the other JSA members that Rick was being impacted by the hourglass, which spurred her to research the artifact and reached out to him. She asked her parents to help her with the situation, which brought them all closer together. Over the next 10 years, Beth and Rick only grew closer, beginning a romantic relationship. Their impending nuptials are to be officiated by their longtime friend Richard Swift.


The appearance in "Chapter Eleven: The Haunting" was archive footage.
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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Stargirl is the first time that a live-action version of Rick Tyler is featured.
  • Rick was the only known genetic JSA legacy, as his father Rex Tyler was the Golden Age Hourman. This has since changed with the arrival of Green Lantern's daughter, Jennie.
  • Rick is currently in possession of his father's Rex Tyler's journal and after several months, figured out the formulae within it.
  • Rick inherited his father, Rex's love of cars; as he is seen rebuilding Rex's 1966 yellow mustang.
  • Rick's character arc in Season 1 is seen as a parallel to Yolanda's. He initially to kill the beast that murdered his parents, but ultimately spared its life. However, Yolanda was against the idea of murder, but wound up killing Brainwave to avenge the death of Henry.
  • Sometime between the end of of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E Part Two and the beginning of Summer School: Chapter One, Rick changed his surname back to Tyler.
  • Rick's destruction of his father's hourglass is a parallel to the destruction of Beth's Doctor Mid-Nite goggles, hence the McNider AI. However, the difference is that Rick destroyed the hourglass himself while Jordan Mahkent destroyed the goggles.

Comic Comparisons[]

  • In the DC Comics, Richard "Rick" Tyler gets his powers from the Miraclo drug, a green pill he ingests once a day. His live-action counterpart gets his powers from an hourglass filled with scientifically altered sand.
  • He is a member of both Infinity Inc and the Justice Society of America. He left the JSA to create the All-Stars team.
  • He was in a romantic relationship with Beth Chapel/Dr. Midnight until her death at the hands of Eclipso. He went on to marry Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle. Rick and Jesse would go on to have a son named Johnny, named after Jesse's father, Johnny Quick.