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Project: New America was the Injustice Society of America's end goal and their reason for moving to Blue Valley. If the project would have been successful, they would control every developed mind in twenty-five states. The project would force people to follow the same beliefs as them. It would also strip away people's free will and beliefs.

The ISA claimed that the project would solve global warming, force Americans to use solar and wind power, and eliminate biases based on gender, race, or sexual orientation. Roughly 100-million adults would be affected, with 25% of the target demographic dying in the process.


Driven by his desire to create a better world, Jordan Mahkent brought together a team of several supervillains, each possessing unique abilities, to help him carry out his master plan of remaking the United States of America. He recruited a master hacker to cover the technical side of the plan, a brilliant believed to-be-dead scientist, two strong attackers to defend when called upon, among others. He called them the Injustice Society of America as they fight to rid injustice through any means necessary.

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By 2020, the members involved have gradually begun collecting the necessary objects and assets to execute their plan. Jordan sent Steve Sharpe, Paula Brooks, and Larry Crock to steal blueprints and the equipment needed to build a satellite. In order to accomplish this, the trio had to break into Empire Enterprises, where Sharpe was able to use his hacking skills to duplicate accessing the satellite codes. While their mission at Empire Enterprises was unexpectedly interrupted by the Justice Society of America, the day was still successful as they managed to acquire the satellite they needed.

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However, Larry claims that while the satellite is crucial, the plan needs a telepath to mind control six states. With Henry King Sr. in a coma, Dr. Ito aims for Henry King Jr. instead. Anaya Bowin then brings up that with a new JSA present in Blue Valley, it may not matter if the ISA secures everything they need for the project. Finally deciding to take their young adversaries seriously, Jordan opts to put Project: New America on hold for the moment telling his cohorts that they must gather information on their emerging foes so they can continue their plans uninterrupted.

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Just as Jordan decides this, Dr. Ito learns that Brainwave's son is also a telepath. They no longer have to wait for Brainwave to awaken from his coma, as they can use his son, Henry King Jr. instead. He explains to the team how the machine will work and how it factors into the satellite codes the team previously stole. With Henry fueling the satellite, they can broadcast his telepathic powers across six states. They will effectively control every developed mind across these states, allowing them to build a better America - their America.

When Brainwave suddenly awakened from his coma with decades worth of memories gone, Dr. Ito was tasked with restoring Brainwave's memories. Henry worried that his father would turn back into a vicious villain and sought the help of the JSA to retrieve his father before it was too late. By the time the heroes arrived Brainwave's memories had been restored and his allegiance to Project: New America deeper than ever before. He attempted to sway Henry to his side but his son refused, which forced Brainwave to choose between the cause and his son. Brainwave ultimately chose the cause.

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Following his son's death, Brainwave remarked that he felt stronger and believes he absorbed his son's power when Henry died. He will no longer be able to control six states, but instead, half of the country. With their plans ready to start, Jordan sent Brainwave to kill Stargirl and the rest of the Whitmore-Dugan family, as he turns to a computer screen. The countdown is evident with only twelve hours left until Project: New America is unleashed upon the country.

With the countdown in effect, Dr. Ito takes Brainwave to the area where he will enter the minds of millions of people for a test run. He warns Brainwave that if the experiment doesn't work every cell in his pre-frontal cortex will melt and his spine will turn to slush. The test is a success despite Brainwave being in considerable pain from the electrical charges that strike his brain. He tells Dr. Ito that he could hear all of them. Every person in twenty-five states. He heard all of their vile thoughts. He adds that the reprogramming will work, much to Dr. Ito's content.

In the meantime, the JSA works to stop the project by sneaking into the tunnels to ambush the ISA and destroy their machine. Dr. Mid-Nite accesses their files and finds a thirty-minute countdown clock, informing her team of the time crunch. She also finds their manifesto and the true title of their project, the New Constitution. She bleakly informs her team of the ISA's seemingly positive influences - erasing race, gender, and sexual orientation bias, fix global warming, and universal healthcare for all Americans. She then realizes that 25% of their target audience will fight back against the reprogramming which, in turn, will cause their brains to die. This will leave 25-million people dead out of 100-million. Gambler intercepts the group by hacking Dr. Mid-Nite's feed and informing them that the thirty minutes they thought they had to stop the machine, was really a thirty-minute marker for when Brainwave begins the process. Once those thirty minutes are up, the effects will be permanent.[1]


The effects of mental reprogramming will only affect developed minds and will be permanent yet extreme. With over 100 million people affected, the ISA has allotted for a 25% participant loss. This 25% is the number of people that will fight too hard against reprogramming and, consequently, their brains will be overwhelmed and they will die. The remaining 75 million people will view the world how Brainwave and Icicle do. The project will work to eliminate discrimination, global warming, force Americans to use solar and wind power, and initiate universal healthcare. Brainwave will also be able to manipulate 75 million people to fight for the ISA and be their personal army against the rest of the country if they don't accept their doctrine.

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Notes and Trivia

  • It's unknown if the mind control would affect those who already had similar views; being opened mind and environmentally aware.
  • It's unknown what actual age the mind control starts working, but presumably mid-20s would be an accurate guess.

Comic Comparision

  • In the Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E comic series that introduced Courtney and Shiv, a similar plan to Project: New America was enacted by Dragon King called Project: Snapdragon, but instead of adults being brainwashed, children were the primary targets.