Peter Sinkowitz

The five year old boy who lives across the street from Stargirl. Peter is a little boy that Stargirl keeps an eye on. She takes random pictures, notes, and even collects little artifacts from his life, like discarded papers about him for a scrapbook she will give him when he comes to an age at which he can appreciate it.

Leo asks Star Girl why she thinks his parents aren't doing this for him, and she responds that they most likely are creating formal scrapbooks for him with his formal pictures and such, but her journal is a truer depiction of his actual life.

The FutureEdit

15 years in the future Peter is the same boy. He recieved Stargirls scrapbook and did appreciate it. Leo, Stargirls ex-boyfriend walks by a young man one day. Peter Sinkowitz, a boy who attends Mica High with a marching band with ukuleles thanks to Stargirl.
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