Perry is one of the teteragonists of the book Stargirl. He is a juvenile boy who is about Stargirl's age. He is seen to be a delinquent, telling people he went to boot camp for a year, when he was actually staying with his aunt. His mother, is pregnant, and when his little sister is born, he shows a surprisingly caring, gentle side, and is extremely protective. He has a harem, a club of open admirers, the Honeybees. He feels no shame in kissing them in public, often in front of other harem members, who don't mind, and going on dates with them, but never seriously. He has an affection for Dootsie, but more as a sister. He likes to joke around with her, and she as well is quite smitten with him, even joining his harem. He kissed Stargirl on the second book/novel, called 'Love, Stargirl', when it was sunrise.