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Pat Dugan's Car is a retro-looking car owned and driven by Pat Dugan during his time with the Justice Society of America. The car was damaged after the fight between the ISA and JSA in 2010, however, Pat has since repaired the vehicle.


The car itself is a red and white 1956 Buick Roadmaster according to Pat Dugan.[1] This matches with the bumper guards that are "jet engine" shape not "rocket" shape and the four oval "ports" on the sides. The car is a Super per the badging on the side. The top of the car is white. The top half of the body of the car painted red while the lower half is white. Inside, there was a button with a star printed on it. When Pat pressed the button the car unveils wings and jets that allow it and the passengers to fly.


In a flashback set ten years before during the holiday season, Pat Dugan rushes through empty streets in his red and white car. He tries to get a hold of Starman using a radio in the car. Pat bursts through the gates of the mansion and stops the car. Several minutes later, he helps Starman out of the mansion to the car to escape. However, Solomon Grundy gives chase. Pat presses a button that allows the car to convert into jet-setting mode and flies off as Solomon hits the back of the vehicle. Damage is done, as the engine dies mid-air and the car crashes into the woods. The two men escape moments before it explodes.

In the present day, Pat arrives at the sold Whitmore House in the same car. He later tows the car to their new home in Blue Valley.[2]

The car breaks down in the middle of the road on the way back to the Dugan-Whitmore house, which stumps Pat as the car should be fine. A passing stranger remarks that the issue might be the alternator, which Pat agrees with.[3]

Since the alternator incident, Pat has fixed the issue and uses the car as he normally would. When Stargirl is gravely injured in a fight against Shiv, he can't risk her identity being exposed and decided to cover-up the fight by blaming it on a car accident. In order for people to believe there was an accident, there would have to be a report. For this reason, Pat hypes himself up enough to drive the car into a pole and damage the front of the car. He later told Courtney that he wrecked the Buick, and listed Courtney as the driver.[4]

Pat has continued to work on repairing the vehicle by himself at The Pit Stop. After his fight with Barbara, he and Mike sleep at the Pit Stop in the car for one night.[5]



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Comic Comparisons

  • Pat Dugan's car is a reference to the Star Rocket Racer the car that Sylvester used in the comics as the Star-Spangled Kid.