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If he finds out who you are and comes here... I don't even want to think about it. You know, you might laugh at those red and white stripes that I wore, but people looked at those instead of my face. We had costumes for a reason: to protect our families.
Pat in "S.T.R.I.P.E."

Patrick "Pat" Dugan is a main character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl.

Pat Dugan is a gifted mechanic with a penchant for helping others. He once went by the less-than-inspired superhero name of Stripesy, serving as the sidekick to a young hero known as the Star-Spangled-Kid, later known as Starman. Pat was also an important member of the legendary Justice Society of America.

Today, Pat has left his sidekick life behind him. When his new step-daughter, Courtney Whitmore, discovers Pat's secret past and takes on Starman's legacy to become Stargirl, Pat is forced to come out of retirement and once again become a sidekick — to his step-daughter — this time piloting a fifteen-foot robot called S.T.R.I.P.E.


Pat's father was a mechanic in the army who worked on tanks. His work required the Dugan's to move around a lot, especially when he was a teenager. Every year or two they had to pack up and move to a new place. The constant moving never allowed Pat to form lasting friendships, so he grew close to his father and regarded him as his best friend. At some point Pat followed in his father's footsteps and joined the army.

101 SC40.png

When Pat was twenty he was hired by the Pemberton family to serve as their mechanic and driver. He befriended the Pemberton's fifteen-year-old son, Sylvester. One day, Sylvester put on a mask to stop criminals that were threatening his parents, and Pat helped him in his endeavor. Their partnership eventually turned to friendship with Sylvester and Pat extending their crime-fighting antics to superheroism. Sylvester went as the masked hero, Star-Spangled Kid. Pat served as Sylvester's sidekick and guardian, Stripesy. His less-than-inspired superhero name of Stripesy was due to his striped outfit and highlighted Sylvester's alias as the Star-Spangled Kid. He served as the sidekick to Sylvester's teenage alias, Star-Spangled-Kid. The duo's antics caught the attention of the media, specifically Civic City News when they defeated a villain named Doctor Weerd.

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At the beginning of their crime-fighting days, Pat and Sylvester joined the underappreciated group known as the Seven Soldiers of Victory. They followed the leadership of Shining Knight with Pat growing close to the Shining Knight. The group later encountered the reptilian villain known as Dragon King. The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy helped the Seven Soldiers of Victory stop Dragon King from destroying New York. They even saved the world once. Once Dragon King went into hiding, the Soldiers disbanded and lost contact with one another.

101 SC41.png

A few years later, Sylvester found the cosmic staff and began using it in his times as a superhero. He reinvented himself as the adult superhero Starman, though Pat still operated as his sidekick Stripesy. Sylvester was recruited into the Justice Society of America, an elite team of superheroes that gained much media attention. Sylvester brought Pat into the JSA and the team became very close. Pat served as the team's sidekick and took care of their artifacts and kept their suits clean. He was a valued and important member of the JSA.

101 Stripesy.png

On Christmas Eve, 2010, the Injustice Society lured the JSA into a battle in an abandoned California mansion. Unbeknownst to them at the time, the battle was a trap as the ISA planned to eliminate the JSA so they could further a secret agenda. The JSA was defeated by the time Pat, who was absent from the battle for a majority of the time, arrived. He rushed to Starman's aid in the hopes of saving his friends. He witnessed the deaths of Wildcat, Dr. Mid-Nite, and many others. He attempted to escape with a fatally wounded Starman, who died later that night.

105 SC6.png

Pat kept Starman's staff safe and retired from his sidekick days. He ensured the rest of the JSA's artifacts and suits were safely stored in the JSA headquarters. Pat still wanted revenge on the ISA and offered to help his fellow JSA member, Rex Tyler, who had also survived the battle. Rex declined his help, even turning down Pat's new armored robot. Nine years ago, in 2011, Rex changed his mind and sent Pat all of his research including his journal.

Two years ago, Pat followed Rex's research to Blue Valley, Nebraska. During this visit to Blue Valley, Pat met Barbara Whitmore at Richie's Diner while they were both visiting Blue Valley. They ordered the same food - a corn dog and banana split. They had an instant connection and were married a few years later. After accepting a job in Blue Valley, Barbara, Pat, his son Mike, and stepdaughter Courtney, moved from California to Blue Valley.


Season One

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On Christmas Eve 2010, Pat Dugan witnessed his superhero team the Justice Society of America be killed during a battle against the Injustice Society of America. He tried to reach his best friend Sylvester Pemberton, who went by the moniker Starman, but was nearly killed by The Wizard. Pat's efforts were futile in saving Starman, as the hero was impaled with a shard of ice thrown by Icicle. After they fled the scene, Sylvester made Pat promise that the JSA would live on while someone with honor and strength carrying the Cosmic Staff. He thanked Pat for being a good friend and died in Pat's arms.

In the present day, Pat is the father of Mike Dugan, the newly-wedded husband of Barbara Whitmore, and the step-father of Courtney Whitmore. He is excited for the move even though Courtney pushes away his help or attempts at bonding. It isn't until Courtney finds boxes of superhero paraphernalia in Pat’s things that she begins to think of him as a non-annoyance. She learns from a series of photographs that Pat was a hero named Stripesey, the famed Starman’s sidekick, and a member of the Justice Society of America. She also finds a magical staff that glows in her presence and takes her on an adventure. She is confronted by a worried Pat who tells her about his life as a sidekick, and that his best friend Starman, Sylvester Pemberton, was murdered during a fight. He explains that the staff only ever worked for Starman, prompting Courtney to see a resemblance between her father and Starman. Now believing that she is Starman’s daughter and that this is her destiny, she convinces Pat to help her be a hero, though he refuses as she needs to be safe and being a superhero is anything but safe.

Courtney ignores his warnings and her mothers claims that Pat is the only man who has ever been there for them, and takes flight with the staff once again. She encounters danger when she is confronted by ISA member Brainwave, and barely escapes with her life. When she escapes she encounters a giant robot piloted by Pat, ready to take her home.[1] He tries to reason with her over the ISA members, explaining that Brainwave is incredibly dangerous and Pat never would have moved them to Blue Valley if he knew a member was here. He presses that the ISA were responsible for the deaths of JSA members and dozens of innocent lives, though Courtney is adamant in wanting real answers. He explains that one member of the JSA lived, Hourman, and Pat followed Hourman to Blue Valley which is when he met Barbara. Before Hourman was murdered, Pat built the robot to help Hourman fight against the ISA and get justice, but Hourman rejected him. When Courtney makes it clear that she isn't going to sit on the sidelines like he did, Pat launches himself into preparing for a battle by ensuring S.T.R.I.P.E. is ready. He also purchases a membership at Ripped City.

Courtney puts herself in danger when Brainwave confronts her and demands the staff in exchange for him sparing her family's lives. Pat goes in her place to fight Brainwave and is nearly defeated when Courtney appears, donning a suit and the Cosmic Staff. Together, Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. are able to defeat Brainwave when an accidental collision with the staff renders him comatose.[2]

Season Two

In the months since the destruction of the ISA, Pat adjusts his now calm life with Barbara. He plans a family vacation to take a break from the superhero world, as Courtney's obsession with finding any super villain has consumed her life. Mike, on the other hand, desperately wants to be a member of the JSA and begin his superhero training. Pat breaks the news of their cabin trip to Courtney, telling her specifically that she can't bring her staff or have any JSA related contact. She and Mike protest the vacation, but Pat and Barbara are adamant in their decision - which Max agrees with. With the matter settled, Pat asks junkyard owner Zeek to watch over The Pit Stop while he's away. Zeek inquires what is beyond the "employees only" door, but Pat brushes it off as nothing Zeek needs to worry about. The men shake hands over their new agreement. Pat is called into Blue Valley High School by the new principal to discuss Courtney's schooling and recent behavior.[3]


You were a good friend.
Starman in "Stargirl"

Pat is a kind-hearted and brave man with a strong sense of loyalty. He stayed by his best friend through the many phases of their lives. His loyalty to his friends lasted well after their deaths. He even came to Blue Valley in the hopes of finding the people responsible for their deaths. He felt honored to be a side-kick and enjoys helping others. He is protective of his family, including his new stepdaughter, Courtney. He has a good sense of humor that sometimes is overlooked by his family or friends.

Pat carries the weight of his friends' deaths with him every day but doesn't let it overwhelm him. He is intelligent and methodical, wanting to air on the side of caution as he knows the consequences of not having a plan. He tries to express this to Courtney and coach her to be a normal teenager. Pat is also extremely patient and level-headed. He didn't get upset when Mike was sent home from school or when Courtney blatantly ignores his advice. He is devoted to Barbara and wants to be honest with her about his superhero endeavors, but is easily talked out of his decisions by Courtney, showing that he still has a long way to go in parenting. As time progresses, Pat shows a strong sense of duty and loyalty to his family and newfound friends. His reluctance to help Courtney was based on a sense of loss for his fallen friends and a desire to protect his wife and family. He shows an extraordinary sense of patience in training the JSA and handling his pre-adolescent son who is acting out in an attempt to gain his father's attention.

When Courtney's biological father returned to Blue Valley, emotions run high for the family and Pat snaps at Mike for the first time. He shows remorse for yelling and apologizes almost immediately, claiming that he's handling a lot. After Sam leaves, Courtney is devastated by the discovery that her father is actually a crook who just came for her valuable locket. Pat supports Courtney in the way that only a true father could, and tells her that whatever she needs to do - yell, scream, whatever it may be, he can take it. He is surprised yet emotional when Courtney embraces him. His comfort turns to anger when he confronts Sam and demands that the man leaves the family alone forever. When Sam's cockiness turns to a crude remark regarding Barbara, Pat snaps and punches Sam which is the first time he exhibits unprovoked physical violence. This streak of violence and anger lays dormant in Pat most of the time, but when confronted with "bad guys" (particularly those who threaten his loved ones), Pat shows he is capable of terrifying things, such as torturing the already hospitalized Matt Harris in order to protect Rick. Pat does not seem particularly fond of this part of himself but is willing to use it when he feels it's necissary.

When it comes to the new JSA, Pat serves as more than just their trainer, he is their father-figure due to the complicated family situations of each of the members. He doesn't seem to mind as he sees the kids as his own, just as he does Courtney.

During his time as Starman's sidekick, Pat was often outspoken and excitable to even be a part of the JSA at all, similar to how his own son, Mike would turn out when he sought to join Courtney's JSA. Pat often referred to members of the original team by their alter egos, rather than their actual names. Due to his friendship with Sylvester, he also overlooked how he and the other members of the team treated him as being lesser than they were.

Physical Appearance

Pat is a middle-aged man with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a relaxed sense of self. He often wears relaxed clothing such as plaid shirts over a darker colored t-shirt and either jeans or dress pants. He has minimal facial hair. Pat uses a fifteen-foot armored robotic suit when operating as the superhero sidekick S.T.R.I.P.E.


  • Durability: Pat is also highly sturdy and resilient by human standards, as he survived being hit and thrown around by the incredibly strong Sportsmaster, and later only received a concussion after getting repeatedly blasted by Isaac Bowin with his sonic violin and beaten by Artemis Crock. Pat also shrugged off getting knocked into a wall by Eclipso.
  • Stamina: When Pat signed up to join Ripped City, he was put on a cardiovascular wellness program under Larry Crock's supervision, who later said his exercise paid off during their duel. When he and Courtney were running after Rick in the woods, he did not display any signs of fatigue and kept up with her, despite the latter being younger and arguably more athletic.
You're a mechanical genius.
  • High Level Intelligence/Mechanical Engineering: Pat is a professional mechanic and a highly skilled engineer; he made a 15' tall robotic set of armor from scrap and car pieces. The very intelligent Beth Chapel said that Pat should work for NASA, he easily fixed Bobbie Burman's garbage disposal, and Jennie-Lynn Hayden described him as a mechanical genius for building the Star-Rocket Racer. Pat's intelligence also extends to being a mentor to the modern roster of the JSA.
    • Expert Detective: While the original Doctor Mid-Nite was the JSA's resident detective, Pat is a skilled investigator in his own right, as he managed to track down Jennie to Civic City.

Pat fighting Sportsmaster

  • Combatant: Pat has some skill in hand-to-hand combat, particularly boxing, as he has been a vigilante since he was twenty years old. He was a member of both the Justice Society of America as well as the Seven Soldiers of Victory. He tries to avoid physical violence which makes his exact level of skill unknown. However, he was able to easily knock down Sam Kurtis with a single punch, though Sam had insulted Pat's wife and the punch was fueled with emotion and not necessarily strategy. He also failed to hold his own against Larry Crock, a skilled martial artist who was also taunting Pat about his weak punches. The only time Pat was able to land a punch was when Larry let him or when Pat took him by surprise. Starman stated that Pat taught him how to stand up for himself, implying that Pat trained him in self-defense. He can improvise weapons, as he was ready to defend himself from Larry with a tire iron and eventually knocked him out with a tailpipe, and later prepared to use a wrench against Eclipso, although he was quickly dispatched.


  • S.T.R.I.P.E. Armor: S.T.R.I.P.E. is a fifteen-foot armored robot that was built by Pat after he retired from the JSA and his time as "Stripesy". The robot allows Pat to safely operate as the sidekick, S.T.R.I.P.E., while he aids Stargirl.
  • Pat's Car: This car is a retro-looking vehicle owned and driven by Pat during his time with the Justice Society of America.
  • Stripesy Costume: As a teenager, Pat wore a white and red striped shirt as his "Stripesy" sidekick costume. When he retired as a sidekick he gave up the costume, but presumably still has it in his possession.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Wildcat gave him a Big Boy keychain which was the closest thing he could find to a Stripesy action figure.
  • Pat is 5'11" and weighs 175 pounds, and his heart rate is 120 beats per minute. According to McNider's AI, he gained 14 pounds in the ten years after the demise of the JSA. At Rebecca McNider's funeral, McNider's goggles stated his heart rate was 82 beats per minute.
  • He uses a flip-phone.
  • Much like his wife, Pat isn't big on formalities or social dictations. He doesn't correct Jennie and Beth when they called him Mr. Dugan, or Rick when he uses Pat's first name. The only annoyance he doesn't hold over his name is when Mike calls him "Pat" instead of "dad".
  • Pat is five years older than Sylvester as he tells Courtney.