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Mister Bones is a character in The CW series, Stargirl.

A mysterious being with ties to the The Helix Institute For Youth Rehabilitation‎, Mister Bones decides to visit the quaint town of Blue Valley to witness the coexistence of superheroes and villains.



Season 2

Nurse Louise Love stands in The Helix Institute as she reveals to a mysterious patron that Green Lantern's daughter, Jennie is looking for her brother in Milwaukee. Love reveals that Jennie has friends like her in Blue Valley, Nebraska. The town somehow has a collection of heroes and villains that co-exist. The man, who bears translucent skin and steam punk clothing, admits the town sounds intriguing. He thinks it's time to visit Blue Valley for himself.[1]


Physical Appearance

Mister Bones has a translucent head and is seen waring a coat over his suit and tie.


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Notes and Trivia

Comic Comparisons

  • In the comics, Mister Bones, was born with transparent skin and organs, an acidic touch, and a deadly cyanide sweat as a result of a doctor who injected an experimental mutagenic drug into the fetuses of six pregnant women. This resulted in the women, including Bones's mother, giving birth to metahuman children.
  • He forms a friendship with Beth Chapel after she gives him an artificial leg in the hospital.
  • Though a villain at first and a member of the Helix, a group of the other metahuman children experimented on by Dr. Love, Mister Bones became an ally to Infinity Inc. He became friendly with Skyman, who he ultimately killed after Harlequin manipulated Solomon Grundy into forcing Bones to touch Skyman with his acidic touch.