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You know, my dad doesn't have any special powers either. And he still built STRIPE. Maybe one day I could do something like that. For the JSA.

Mike Dugan is a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl.

Mike is the overly-charming son of Pat and the new step-relative to household newcomers Barbara and Courtney Whitmore. Mike's eager attitude initially causes a distance between him and the Whitmores, though he bonds with Barbara over time, with her assuming the motherly role that he's lacked during his life.

His observant nature makes him question what Pat and Courtney are really doing, and his persistence makes things difficult for the duo to operate in secrecy. After Courtney was injured, the siblings accepted one another, though they faced obstacles due to Mike's lack of knowledge about the Justice Society. When Pat does finally tell Mike about his present-day antics, the boy proves to be a valuable asset to the team as an ally, who hopes to one day follow in his father's footsteps and become a hero.


Mike lived with his single father, Pat Dugan, in California with their dog. They moved around a lot when Mike was younger, but seemingly settled in California after Pat met Barbara Whitmore. When Pat and Barbara married, Mike gained a stepmother and new stepsister, Courtney. The blended family moved from California to Blue Valley, Nebraska. While he wasn't thrilled about the idea of moving to a nowhere town, he quickly adjusted to the small-town lifestyle by throwing himself into gaming.


Season One

Pat Dugan arrives at the former house of the Whitmore's, his son Mike in the passenger seat and their dog Max in the backseat. Mike voices his disapproval about moving to a rural location that doesn't have several popular California food locations. Pat begs his son to stay positive, only to get a snarky reply that he's positive it'll blow ass. Mike tells his father he thought they were gonna stop moving around when he hooked up with Barbara, a term Pat rejects. Mike tries to pitch other ways of saying hooked up, but Pat ignores his son's snarkiness.

STG101d 0023b.jpg

The blended family and their movers arrive at their new house, with Mike being awestruck by the size of his new home. Pat's attention is distracted as the movers begin to handle a mysteriously long trunk, exclaiming its delicate. He tells them he'll handle, and asks his family if they want to get a bite to eat. Mike is enthusiastic about the idea of getting food.

The four walk into the heart of the town, greeted by fellow residents. Mike is confused as to why the townspeople are talking to them, to which Pat explains that they're being nice. Mike initially doesn't like it until a cute girl walks past him, waving hello. He quickly changes his mind on the sentiment. The family stumbles upon Richie's, the diner where Pat and Barbara met two years ago. Mike mocks the story that he's heard a dozen times.

At dinner, Mike enthusiastically talks about his first day of school. He is excited about how quickly he met his new game design friends. He fills his family in on the game they are designing, dodging Pat's question about the violent game being approved. He asks if he can go over to his friend's house and skip dinner. Pat agrees but gives him a curfew that Mike doesn't appreciate. Courtney notices Mike microwaving marshmallows and rejects his offer to have some. As she is leaving the house, Pat can be heard scolding Mike for feeding the marshmallows to Max.[2]

102 SC26.png

In the morning, the family comes together to eat breakfast together. Mike isn't thrilled about the healthy food and wants Pop-Tarts, but Pat dismisses the idea. Barbara notices Courtney's injuries, and Courtney lies that she fell down the basement stairs. Pat comes to the table and gets asked where he got his injuries at. He comes up with the same excuse and elaborates that he fixed the problem as Courtney distracts Barbara and Mike with food. Mike and Barbara still take note of their weird behavior. Barbara leaves, and Courtney drops the good girl facade and announces she's not hungry. Mike then takes Courtney's pancakes.[3]

103 SC17.png

The following morning, Pat reminds Courtney, Mike, and Barbara about family dinner with mandatory attendance for everyone. Mike asks Pat what he's making. Pat states that he is making real fish but Mike wants him to make fish sticks instead, even though they are notoriously unhealthy. Pat reminds Mike that he can't get everything he wants.

103 SC56.png

Pat's fixing up S.T.R.I.P.E. in his garage when he gets a phone call from Mike's school. Mike was caught playing video games during class and is being sent home early. At home, Mike complains about what he's going to do without his games and is lectured by Pat that back in his day, he played in the arcade, and his favorite game was Paperboy. Pat tells Mike, who rudely asks if the story has an ending or just goes on forever, that his father told him to stop feeding quarters into the machine and start earning his money. Thus, he made Pat into a paperboy, which Pat will make Mike as well.

Later that afternoon, Mike enters the kitchen to grab a snack where he interrupts a conversation between Pat and Courtney. Mike asks if he interrupted something, but Pat lies and says he isn't. He then gives him money to go to the store, claiming it's an advance on the paper route. Mike gleefully leaves to get whatever he wants from the store.

103 SC101.png

That night, Barbara arrives home for family dinner but finds no one but Mike. She asks him where everyone's at, but Mike doesn't know. She asks him if he ate dinner already, and he holds up a bag of chips. She asks if they fed the dog, to which he holds up another bag of chips. The following night, Mike notices Barbara's absence but is silenced by Pat who refuses to speak about it.[4]

STG104b 0045b.jpg

In the kitchen, Mike looks around for a Pop-Tart and asks Pat what he's making for dinner as he wants to invite his friend, Jakeem, over. He then comments on Courtney not having any friends. Pat states that he is making real fish but Mike wants him to make fish sticks instead, even though they are notoriously unhealthy. Pat reminds Mike that he can't get everything he wants, but Jakeem is still welcome to come over. He is later grossed out by Barbara and Pat's public display of affection in a kiss, commenting to please not do that around the children.

104 SC121.png

That night, Mike is excited to put his Pop-Tarts in the toaster, even singing a little Pop-Tart song he made up. He tries to push the lever down but is confused when it doesn't work. He tries a few times before turning the toaster. He is shocked to see three large claw marks on the side of the metal. He turns around slightly and shouts for his father to come to the kitchen.[5]

106 SC29.png

Mike is placing the finishing touches on his candy volcano for the science fair that day. Albeit last minute, which annoys Pat but Mike claims he does his best work under pressure. Barbara enters a few moments later and is impressed by the project, earning positive feedback from Mike. He is using the leftover Halloween candy to construct the volcano, even planning to use the chocolate syrup as lava. She asks him when the fair starts and, even though it conflicts with a meeting, she states she will reschedule to be there. Especially since Pat isn't going. Mike appreciates the offer but tells her that he doesn't want to be the nerd visited by his parents.

106 SC58.png

Mike attends the Blue Valley Middle School science fair and stands by his volcanic booth, alone. He looks over to another booth where a girl is standing with both her parents, a dubious yet disappointed look on his face. He frowns but moments later Barbara rushes over, apologizing for being late and hopes she didn't miss anything. Mike is happily surprised that Barbara came to the fair and eagerly explains his project to her. His class learned about the different kinds of volcanos so he incorporated that into his candy volcano. She asks him what kind of volcano this one is to which he gives her a funny look and tells her that it's chocolate syrup. He holds up the bottle and then proceeds to empty the entire thing into the opening of the volcano. Moments later, it erupts causing chocolate syrup to run down the sides of the volcano and toward the screaming marshmallow men. Barbara exclaims happily and remarks on how cool it is. Mike smiles at her happily.

106 SC81.png

They return home that evening where they proceed to eat the volcano and watch an old black and white film. Barbara thinks he deserved better to win - or at least better than last, to which Mike tells her that it's okay. They learn they have similar tastes in film and food. Pat comes home and asks where Courtney is, to which Mike rolls his eyes and ignores his father. After Barbara answers Pat, he watches Mike and Barbara continue to laugh and bond.[6]

107 SC10.png

Mike is eating breakfast when he overhears Courtney and Pat talking about him teaching her something, and he asks what they were talking about. The pair cover by saying they were talking about Pat teaching Courtney how to drive. Mike is a little annoyed by the gesture and listens to Pat and Courtney bicker over allowing her to drive, all while Pat slides him the cereal box and milk without looking. They have a good rhythm between them. Pat tells Courtney that she can't just jump behind the wheel of a vehicle she has to learn the rules first. Otherwise, it's a great way to get herself and those she loves killed. Mike remarks on the harshness of his father's grim outlook.

107 SC91.png

After school, Mike bids farewell to Barbara who is going away for the night for a work trip. He gives her snacks for the road, smiling nervously that they're his favorites for a dull road trip with his dad. Pat gives Mike a look before assuring Barbara that the family will be fine, as they're just going to a football game at Blue Valley High. Barbara insists on a hug from the kids before she leaves, which Mike awkwardly, yet happily, gives.

107 SC100.png

Mike is engrossed in the game and enjoying it, but glances over at his father and Courtney who are talking about something and not paying attention to the game. Mike asks what they're looking at, but they both claim it's nothing. Pat asks if they want any food, prompting Mike to give him a list which Pat chuckles saying that he'll get him a hot dog and soda. Pat leaves and, once he's gone, Mike lets out an annoyed sigh. He abruptly states that Pat is his father, not Courtney's. She is confused about his outburst, and he elaborates them hanging out all the time. Teaching her how to cook and drive and be annoying. She tries to interrupt but he refuses to let up, adding that he doesn't see her with Barbara all the time just because he doesn't have a mother. Instead, he deals with it despite everything that he and Pat have been through. Things she doesn't even know about. He stands up and walks away from her despite her protests.

107 SC134.png

By the time Mike returns, Courtney is gone. He is joined by Pat who has food and asks about Courtney, but Mike claims he hasn't seen her. He doesn't understand the point of going to a game if they aren't going to actually watch the game. Pat looks around, but grows worried about Courtney, and leaves Mike in the bleachers to search for his stepdaughter. This gesture annoys Mike who just wants to watch the game with his father.[7]

108 SC37.png

The night of the game, Courtney and Pat were in what the public is lead to believe is a car accident on the way home from the game. Mike, on the other hand, got a ride home from a friend and was absent during the time of the "accident". When she is discharged from the medical center, Mike visits Courtney's room with a plate of pizza bites, telling her that he saved her some. Courtney remarks that he never gives up pizza bites which made him chuckle. He apologizes for what he said at the homecoming game, he didn't really mean it. Courtney says she's already forgotten about it. He nervously opens up to her, saying that Courtney and Pat have been spending a lot of time together, and as much as he says he doesn't want to do the same with Pat, he's still his father and he never had to share him with anyone else before. He also adds that he's glad Pat is her dad too because that makes Courtney his sister, which is pretty cool. Courtney smiles returning the sentiment that it is cool, calling him little bro.[8]

109 SC154.png

Mike is present at the Whitmore-Dugan dinner with the Mahkent family, where is uncharacteristically quiet. He does, however, see the way Jordan and Barbara interact and seem annoyed by them. Jordan remarks that he would like more dumplings just as Mike decides to pile the last few dumplings onto his plate, which annoys Jordan deeply. Mike gives a half-hearted apology as he sits back down. Courtney retrieves another bowl of dumplings from the oven, but when she returns, Mike is caught feeding Max the dumplings from the table. Pat scolds Mike for feeding the dog from the table, while Cameron finds the ordeal funny.[9]

110 SC39.png

The Mahkent's leave and Mike goes to bed but is awakened by arguing between Pat and Barbara. He goes downstairs to find his dad and confronts him, saying that Barbara came back upstairs. He asks what's going on but Pat brushes over it saying that he can't explain right now, prompting Mike to ask if the couple is getting a divorce. Pat sits on the steps sighing that he hopes not. But he's going to stay at The Pit Stop tonight. Mike insists on going with Pat, who initially discourages the idea, but Mike is persistent. He reminds his dad that the Dugan's have to stick together. Pat begins to tell Mike he loves him, but Mike jogs up the steps to get packed, telling Pat not to get all soft.

110 SC83.png

Mike sleeps in the backseat of Pat's car at The Pit Stop when Courtney visits in the morning to talk to Pat. Pat leaves in a hurry which is when Mike gets up and goes outside. He asks Courtney if she knows what Barbara and Pat are fighting about, and she confirms that she does know. He wants to know what it is but she can't tell him right now. He gets annoyed as they are supposed to siblings, and siblings tell each other secrets and trust one another. Courtney starts to say something when he cuts her off, glumly saying that he knows they aren't real siblings. He just thought they were different. He tells her to forget it and goes back in the garage, closing the door before she can protest.[10]

111 SC31.png

The Dugan's return to their home that night, where Mike answers the door in the morning to a man claiming to Courtney's father, Sam Kurtis. He goes to the basement where he interrupts a meeting between Barbara, Pat, and an upset Courtney. He informs that he's sorry to interrupt their gathering but a man is at the door for Courtney. He is absent from the exchange between Courtney and Sam but follows Pat and Courtney upstairs when she flees upset. Mike tries to prod into what is going on and if that guy is really Courtney's father. Pat tries to tell him to stop that he'll explain later, but Mike pushes despite his father's warnings and Courtney's emotional state. Pat snaps at his son to stop for once and leave it be, which makes Mike very upset. He emotionally admits that he doesn't know what he did wrong or why his dad won't tell him what's going on. Pat turns and places his hand on Mike's shoulder, saying that he's sorry to have yelled and Mike didn't do anything wrong. He will explain everything later, but right now, Mike has to go to school. This annoys the kid who shakes his head and leaves.[11]

112 SC13.png

The next night, Mike is taken to The Pit Stop by his father who is trying to show him something. Mike isn't interested in seeing another old junker his dad is fixing up, and finds a drill that he begins messing with. Pat warns him to stop playing with the drill as it isn't a toy. Miek continues to use the drill, pointing it like a weapon and turning it on so the sound drowns out Pat's voice. Pat is angered by Mike's flippancy and grabs the drill out of Mike's hands, telling him again that he said to stop and listen to him. Mike shouts back to stop yelling at him all the time and storms off. Pat sighs watching his son walk off, knowing that he's upset his son.

112 SC29.png

Pat is attacked a minute later by Larry Crock who is also the villain Sportsmaster. The attack seriously injures Pat due to Larry's advanced fighting skills while Pat isn't much of a fight. The fight extends to the room where Pat stores STRIPE, and before Larry can deliver a knockout punch, he begins to scream. Mike has snuck up from behind Larry and used the drill to drill into Larry's side, rendering the villain incapacitated. Larry turns angrily while Mike lowers the drill. Pat staggers to his feet and calls Larry who turns just in time to be hit across the head by a large tailpipe. Pat approaches Mike asking if he's okay, but Mike is entranced by the giant robot in front of him. He asks what that is and who the man was, prompting Pat to explain that it's the robot he built and the guy is an old friend. He walks over to STRIPE and activates the robot, while Mike iterates in shock that Pat built the thing. He remarks that it's so cool. Pat smiles saying that he'll explain everything later, but right now, they have to get out of here. He tells Mike to bring the drill and the boy raises it up to show he still has it.

112 SC56.png

The Dugan's arrive at a secluded cabin in the woods where they are greeted by Yolanda, Rick, and Beth, who were there before. The group watches as STRIPE lands on the lawn. Barbara asks in awe how Pat did that, and Pat holds up a fab saying that STRIPE has a remote control. Miek eagerly asks when he gets to drive it, prompting Pat to quickly respond with a sure never. A car approaches and Mike looks over at the vehicle, along with the group, but they are relieved to see the person driving is Justin. Max runs from Mike's side to greet Justin, much to Mike's joy. The group moves their operation inside for food and rest.

112 SC97.png

As the night goes on, Mike goes outside to find Courtney who is keeping watch for any unwanted visitors. They exchange small talk before Mike comments on how great STRIPE is, pride for his father evident in his face. He wonders what would have happened if he found the staff first and if he would have been chosen instead. Courtney agrees that it would have been interesting, with Mike joking that it would have made his paper route a lot easier. She chuckles and agrees. He asks if he can touch the staff which she is fine with. He approaches the staff and slowly extends his hand out before gripping the metal tightly. The staff stays dormant. Mike is let down a bit which Courtney can tell so she apologizes for the disappointment. He shrugs putting his hands in his pockets. He knows that his father doesn't have any powers either, but he still built STRIPE. Mike wonders if he could do something like that one day for the JSA, and Courtney responds that it would be really cool.

112 SC126.png

The group meets in the living room of the cabin as Rick gives a rundown on the map he discovered in his father's journal. Mike listens as the JSA makes a plan that includes Justin and Barbara. When the meeting ends, Mike asks Pat what his job is. Pat places his hand on Mike's shoulder, telling him that he has the most important job of all. Mike's eyes widen as he is filled with hope for the task. Pat states that Mike gets to watch the dog, much to Mike's disappointment.[12]

113 SC212.png

The JSA and company launch into a brutal night-long battle against the ISA, only for the fight to emerge on the streets of Blue Valley. Icicle is the last ISA member standing with Stargirl facing off against him on top of The American Dream before they fall to the ground. Her staff is rendered useless due to being frozen, while Icicle stands from the road ready to fight again. Icicle is about to attack when Mike rams the Dugan van into Icicle, shattering the villain into thousands of ice pieces. He slams on the breaks and the tires squeal. He looks over at the mixed expressions of the JSA, asking if this means he can be in the JSA, with Max eagerly barking at the end. Justin grins complimenting the lad on his driving, while the rest of the group breathes a sigh of relief that the battle is finally over. Mike gets out of the car and joins the group with Courtney hugging her brother. They watch as Pat and Barbara rekindle their relationship with a kiss on top of The American Dream building. Mike is present on the JSA says goodbye to Justin the next day.

113 SC266.png

Six-weeks-later, Christmas has arrived at the Whitmore-Dugan household. Rick, Yolanda, and Beth spend the holiday at the Dugan home. Mike is tasked with dishing food onto plates and places a drumstick on a paper plate at the end of the table. Max jumps up on the table and steals the drumstick and runs off with it. Mike curses as that was the last drumstick and darts after the dog, with Pat scolding him to watch his language. Mike covers by exclaiming gully-gee! as he pushes past Courtney who is coming down the steps. He emerges several minutes later with a FujiFilm polaroid camera and a tripod. He calls the Whitmore-Dugan family together for a photo, which includes Rick, Yolanda, and Beth. Mike starts the timer and hurries over the family just in time for Buddy to bark and the camera to snap the photo.[13]

Season Two


Mike is an unctuous young boy in his early teens with a smug attitude. He doesn't hesitate to voice his, oftentimes, unfiltered opinions. He is intelligent and enjoys playing video games to the point where he designs them with his friends. Mike can often have a disregard for authority figures due to the generalized lack of discipline from his father. Despite Pat's attempts to curve Mike's abrasive tones, he still beats to the sound of his own drum and is independent for a boy his age. He adores sweets and all things sugar, a trait that annoys his father but Mike barely pays attention to his father's attempts to get him to eat healthier. As Mike notices Courtney and Pat beginning to hang out all the time, he becomes increasingly more annoyed. He eventually lashes out at Courtney, emotionally stating that Pat is his father and not hers. He isn't hanging around Barbara all the time to make up for not having a mother and tells Courtney to deal with the absence of a parent like he does.

Upon discovering his father and stepsister's secret lives as superheroes, Mike is incredibly accepting and wants to join the team. He embraces the JSA as his family and they, in turn, are accepting of him as being one of them. He is also seen to be reliant on Courtney who is seen to very protective over him, especially when he is kidnapped by Cindy and Injustice Unlimited. According to Thunderbolt, Mike is also a very lonely kid which is why Thunderbolt was drawn to him.

As noted by Larry "Crusher" Crock, Mike often runs his mouth, which gets him into trouble.

After becoming a trainee member of the JSA, Mike now understands the burden of having to keep his father and sister's secret, but is just glad to be included in the group. When Jakeem ends up wielding Thunderbolt, Mike takes it upon himself to teach his friend the ropes of how to wield the genie. This shows his maturity towards his is new role.

Physical Appearance

Mike is a young boy with thick brown hair, light brown eyes, tanned skin, and a slim build. He wears relaxed and casual graphic t-shirts with jeans. He was shorter than Courtney in season one, but grew to be slightly taller than her in season two.


Mike: Good-bye In-N-Out, good-bye friends, good-bye indoor plumbing.
-- "Stargirl"

Mike (to Courtney about Pat): He's my dad you know, not yours. I'm talking about you and him hanging out all the time. Him teaching you how to learn to drive, and cook, and be annoying. Do you see me with Barbara 24/7 because I don't have a mother? No, you don't. Because I deal with it. Pat and I have been through a lot, more than you know.
-- "Shiv Part One"

Mike (to Courtney): I'm also kinda glad that he's your dad too 'cause that makes you my sister, and that's pretty cool.
-- "Shiv Part Two"


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Notes and Trivia

  • Mike was unaware of his father's past as a member of the Justice Society of America until "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One".
  • He placed last in the Blue Valley Middle School science fair for his chocolate syrup volcano.
  • He is responsible for the death of Icicle.
  • Mike has come to accept Barbara as the mother-figure in his life much quicker than Courtney accepted Pat as her father-figure.
  • Mike is the second character to embrace his step-parent as his actual parent. In Summer School: Chapter Eight, he calls Barbara "Mom" for the first time. However, he says it with affection while Cindy was basically mocking Bobbie.