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Meg DeLacy (born July 9, 1996) is an American actress. She portrays Cindy Burman, a main character on Stargirl.[1] In Season 2, she temporarily portrayed the role of Eclipso.


Meg is best known for her role as Grace on The Fosters from 2017 to 2018, where she held a recurring role. She also starred in the 2017 drama film, F*&% the Prom, and other television projects such as Recovery Road and Zac and Mia. In 2018, she landed the main role of Cindy Burman/Shiv in the DC Universe and The CW television series, Stargirl.

Notes and Trivia

  • Meg initially auditioned for the role of Yolanda Montez. It was here that she first met Anjelika Washington, who would later be cast as Beth Chapel.
    • She was called back a week later to audition for Cindy, as the casting directors explained that Meg was the only actress who brought an "edge" to Yolanda. They wanted to see her for Cindy/Shiv instead.
  • Shiv's wrist blades were custom-fit to Meg's wrists, so much so, that she barely noticed them. The hardest part was resting her hands in a way that felt realistic.[2]
  • Meg loves Cindy's white streaks, referring to them as a, "fashion statement". It made her feel as though she were playing a character and not resembling herself. She also noted that on time, she forgot she was wearing them and went to a carnival in Atlanta with Yvette Monreal.[3]
  • She is best friends with Yvette Monreal who portrays Yolanda Montez on Stargirl. They are often seen together off-set and spent most of the 2020 quarantine together.
    • They also share the same birthday four years apart.
  • Meg was nominated in 2019 for Best Supporting Actress by the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival for her role in Woodstock or Bust.
  • Meg was part of the Geena Institute Q&A for the Season 2 premiere of Stargirl


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