Matt: Gas, electric, food. I mean, who do you think pays for all this? You will never understand what you cost me. If it wasn’t for you…
Rick: You’d be a Silicon Valley millionaire instead of a Blue Valley dirtbag.
Matt and Rick in "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite"

Matt Harris is a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

Matt is the brother of Wendi Tyler and the current legal guardian of Rick Tyler.


Nine years ago, Matt was called to Blue Valley, Nebraska, by his sister Wendi. It was here that Rex quickly explained that inside was the deed to the house, which they left to Matt, and records about Rick. On the records, Matt was listed as Rick’s biological father and having the last name Harris instead of Tyler. Though Matt was hesitant as he never wanted children and didn't know how to look after one, Wendi asked him to try his best. Rex also told him that he put $50,000 in the house for the two to share. Rex and Wendi left a few minutes later but died in a car wreck that same night. Matt became the legal guardian and, for all intents and purposes, Rick's father. Their relationship is noted to be rocky and potentially abusive with Matt threatening physical violence to keep Rick in check.


Matt is an aggressive and self-centered individual, seemingly always putting his needs above that of Rick's. He is sharp and distant yet isn't quiet about telling Rick how the child ruined his life. Matt never wanted to be a parent or be responsible for someone other than himself but was forced into the situation by his now-dead sister. He allowed this forced decision to turn him bitter and regretful for the life he could have had if he wasn't in Blue Valley. It is heavily implied that he is physically abusive toward Rick. He is also shown to be quite misogynistic by harassing a waitress who wasn't interested in his advances.

Physical Appearance

Matt is a scruffy looking man of moderate height, broad shoulders, and an athletic build. He has brown hair that is faded on the sides yet unkept on the top, brown eyes, and a long face. Matt has unkempt facial hair and is usually seen in casual clothing.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Matt blames his nephew for ruining the fact he could have become a wealthy person.



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