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Lawrence "Larry" Crock, also known as Crusher, was a main character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl.

The only thing more important to him than ‘the game’ is his family. He was a member of the Injustice Society of America under the identity of Sportsmaster. He was a former star athlete who turned to a life of crime and used various sports equipment in his heists. While he may not sound threatening, Sportsmaster was one of the deadliest fighters.[2]

He was the husband of Paula Brooks, the anti-heroine known as Tigress, and the father of BVHS star athlete, Artemis Crock. Despite being a member of the ISA, Larry and Paula wanted the best for their daughter, even if it meant aligning with the new Justice Society of America. The couple served a short stint, before their release courtesy of a legal loophole. They befriended the Whitmore-Dugan family and became heroes in their own right.


Larry was born to a strict father who taught him to embrace the pain that came with training and life. He became a star athlete who went by the alias, "Crusher". He eventually retired from his pro-athlete days. Larry then turned to a life of crime, making his first criminal appearance as Sportsmaster "a few decades ago" battling against Wildcat and Green Lantern. His incredible fighting skills made him a formidable opponent for the JSA and he was recruited as a valuable asset to the Injustice Society of America. He was lauded as the best fighter out there.[3]

Larry married fellow ISA member Paula Brooks and they had daughter together, Artemis Crock.

On Christmas Eve, 2010, Sportsmaster fought alongside ISA members in a battle against the JSA.[4] This was the last time Larry wore his Sportsmaster suit for a decade.[3]

After the ISA was victorious over the JSA, their leader Icicle moved the entire group to Blue Valley, Nebraska, where they would start his dream of Project New America. They became part of the Blue Valley community. Paula became a gym coach at Blue Valley High School and Larry opened a gym with called Ripped City.

Their daughter Artemis was very athletic and joined the football team at BVHS. Her parents were thrilled and had a map for her life that included being the first woman in the NFL. Larry and Paula butted heads with the BVHS coaches on two occasions, and both times, the coaches either "mysteriously disappeared" or were killed. This made them butt heads with fellow ISA member and BVHS principal Anaya Bowin.[3]


Season 1[]

101 SC9

In a flashback to ten years ago, a masked villain wielding a baseball bat and athletic padding fights alongside the Injustice Society of America. He attacks Starman only to be knocked aside by the Cosmic Staff. When Starman and Stripesy escape the mansion, the ISA, including Sportsmaster, watch the car fly away. Icicle commands Solomon Grundy with one word to follow the car. Grundy manages to damage the car but the heroes escape while Sportsmaster and the rest of the ISA look on.

In the present day, Larry owns a gym called Ripped City that is the best gym in Blue Valley. He welcomes Pat to Blue Valley by appearing at Pat's garage, The Pit Stop, greeting the man by stating that his name is Larry Crock but his friends call him Crusher. He is the owner of the gym down the street, bragging that they offer boot camp classes to get in-shape, subtly noting that Pat could use the workout. He continues to promote his business as Pat nervously states he needs to set up the garage before he can join any gyms. Larry understands and they say goodbye, with Pat calling him "Larry", but he insists on the nickname "Crusher".[4]

102 SC43

The next day, Pat lurks outside of Ripped City and looks in the windows at the trainees. He lumbers into the gym still eating his burger when he is startled by Larry who suddenly appears and snatches the food Pat is eating out of his hand. He scolds Pat for bringing the unhealthy food into his gym and throws it away. Pat nervously apologizes to Larry, only for them both to correct that his name is Crusher. Larry asks how he's doing only to counter that doesn't look well and asks what's going on. Pat explains that he's been thinking of getting on a cardiovascular wellness program. Larry shakes his head saying he doesn't know that is. Pat explains that he calls it "getting ripped", promoting Larry to shout "ripped" loudly and it echoes throughout the trainers and trainees. He tells Pat not to be ashamed to say "ripped" telling him that they can do this. He talks over Pat telling him to get some clothes off the rack, go back there, get changed, and come out and they'll get started. He doesn't pay attention to Pat, who wanted to sign up now and come back next week. Larry dismisses the idea saying they're starting right now and to go. Pat goes along with the gesture and Larry shouts to "come on, baby" and smacks Pat's butt yelling at him to get pumped. He smacks his hands together saying this is his house.

102 SC45

Larry takes Pat under his wing and gets him started on weight lifting as he motivationally speaks that his father used to say to want the pain and make pain his friend. Pat then beings to do leg exercises as Larry stands close to pat's face telling him he's making choices for his future self right now - his better self who is going to thank him for it. He then has his new trainee do crunches with a weight, and Pat asks how long they've been doing this. Larry checks his watch and responds three minutes, with only fifty-seven more to go. He smiles as he watches Pat breathily work out.

102 Larry and Pat

That evening, Larry attends Blue Valley High's open house alongside his wife Paula and their daughter, Artemis. The family cheers loudly at the mention of the school's football team, the Prairie Dogs. When the speech portion of the vent is over, Larry finds Pat at the snack table about to eat a cookie and snatches it from his grasp along with his juice. He greets that it's him again and scolds Pat for eating off the program, which confuses Pat who didn't know there was a program. Larry explains that it's the program he started today, which he calls "Pat 2.0". He holds the cookie and juice over the trash saying that this stuff will kill him, as he drops it in and walks off. Pat mutters that Larry is crazy.[5]

106 SC6

Paula and Larry attend Artemis' football practice and witness her being tackled late. They are both upset by the slight but their anger quickly turns to pride when Artemis punches the teammate. Their pride turns to anger once more when Coach Hank benches Artemis for her violent outburst. Paula looks to Larry with an annoyed yet acknowledging look and they exchange a nod as if they knew what the other was thinking.

106 SC8

That night, when school is let out, Larry and Paula follow the coach into the parking lot as the man is getting ready to leave work. Larry drags a metal baseball bat across the pavement creating a scratching sound that catches the coach's attention. The coach explains that he didn't want to bench Artemis, but the girl has to learn to control her temper, something Larry remarks Artemis gets from her mother. Paula smiles menacingly as she agrees. The parents warn the coach that Artemis shouldn't be benched any further, with Larry putting the bat around his shoulders as he glares that the couch. The coach states that while he's new to BVHS, he's seen controlling parents like Larry and Paula before. He then threatens to bench Artemis, which doesn't sit well with them, and Larry looks to his wife before hitting the coach across the head with the bat.

106 SC26

The couple drags the body to the middle of the woods where they dig a grave for the coach. They bicker back and forth about having to carry the body. Larry holds his lower back claiming he's going to feel that one in the morning. She retorts that he should remember to lift with his legs, but Larry thinks they should hire a skinnier coach next time. Jordan arrives, having received a text from Anaya Bowin warning him that the "gym rats" are at it again. He catches the villains by surprise warning them that this is the third coach in two seasons they've killed. Larry responds that the jerk had it coming, and the way he heard it, the last coach left town and the one before that had an accident with a riding mower. Paula smirks calling it tragic but Jordan warns them not to push him down - not today. He adds that Anaya is getting tired of replacing her coaches, but Larry counters that they are only looking out for their daughter. Jordan counters that a newer, safer, America is the best gift they can give her so he needs them to focus. Larry snaps back what they should be focusing on since they've been on pause waiting for Jordan and they're ready to get back in the game. Paula seconds this notion as she can't take more of this town's rotary clubs and bake sales. Jordan scoffs telling them to finish cleaning this up, and just as Larry turns to finish digging, adds that they should get theirs suits out of storage. This catches his attention and he grows excited when Jordan states they're getting back into action tonight. He loudly proclaims "alright then, bud! alright!" then eerily adds "game on".

106 SC54

The next day, Larry and Paula are watching football practice again when they are met by Steve Sharpe who gives them a keycard for Empire Enterprises. They rebuke his claim that their friends. As Steve leaves, Paul calls out to him to pick up his trash - they pride themselves on keeping the school clean. After practice, Artemis is sitting on the couch at home while her parents lie about having a date night and won't be home for the night. Artemis remarks that they have never had a date night before, but doesn't press the issue. She seems uncomfortable along with Larry who fidgets nervously. Paula and Larry remind Artemis about doing a long list of exercises and her homework, noting that they would probably be back before midnight.

106 SC99

The couple dresses in their crime-fighting attire and interrupts the young JSA whilst they are looking at a dead body. Chuck quickly identifies them as Tigress and Sportsmaster, Icicle's attack dogs. He apologizes for the mix-up and Dr. Mid-Nite relays their names to the rest of the team. Hourman holds his fists up ready to fight but comments they don't look like hackers. Stargirl has a plan for the young team to stay together but Hourman isn't interested as he thinks he can do this himself. He charges at the couple but they tag-team him and Hourman is knocked aside. Sportsmaster then hits Hourman with a baseball bat in the back and then kicks him through a door and into the electrical room. He warns Hourman to stay down, calling him a kid. Hourman struggles to his feet then runs after Sportsmaster, speaking through his comms that he's got "Jason Vorhees".

106 SC104

Hourman tracks Sportsmaster outside and barely dodges a high-speed baseball in time that is aimed at his face. Sportsmaster remarks that he knew the last guy who wore the suit, remarking that the last guy was a big dumb idiot too. Hourman is overcome with anger and charges at Sportsmaster who throws a baseball in the air and bats three baseballs at Hourman in quick succession. Hourman is hit in the face and chest with the baseballs. Sportsmaster barrels forward and checks Hourman causing him to fly backward and roll on the ground. Hourman struggles to his knees, blood dripping from his mouth as Sportsmaster asks if he's ready for more. Hourman rises to his feet and holds his hands up ready for another round.

106 SC119

Sportsmaster continues to fight Hourman in hand-to-hand combat but Hourman's punches don't land and he is struck again with a baseball. Enraged, Hourman shoves a car at Sportsmaster and finally gets the upper-hand. He charges at his enemy, picks him up by the waist, and leaps several feet into the air before slamming Sportsmaster down on a car. They both fall to the ground before resuming their vicious battle. This time, Hourman is slammed into a car but Sportsmaster is stopped from hurting him further when Stargirl launches the Cosmic Staff at the bat-wielding villain.

106 SC124

Stargirl is able to fight him off with her staff and steal his bat much to his acknowledgment. He praises her ability to steal his weapon. They continue to fight until he knocks her to the ground stealing his bat back as she lies on the pavement. Hourman calls to "Gretzky" while lifting a car over his head which Sportsmaster praises him saying that the car is getting heavy. Hourman struggles to hold it while Sportsmaster takes advantage of this and hits a baseball at Hourman's legs causing him to drop the car. The cosmic staff slides under the car propping it up while Stargirl slides under it and pulls Hourman to safety just before the car can crush him.

106 SC135

Sportsmaster continues to fight Stargirl and kicks her causing her to stumble backward. Tigress joins Sportsmaster in an epic entrance outside while he battles Stargirl, who has managed to disarm him once again. With her assistance, the couple overwhelms the young heroine and gains the upper hand now that Stargirl is without her team. The heroine refuses to give up easily and shakily rises to her feet much to Tigress' who is surprised by the girl's resilience. The rest of the JSA falls into order around Stargirl. The couple is unfazed and exchanges a mutual nod before approaching the team confidently and calmly. Seconds later, STRIPE lands taking the villains by surprise. Larry looks to Paula and remarks that data night is over. He throws an explosive badminton shuttlecock that is masked as a smoke grenade which allows Tigress and Sportsmaster to escape.[3]

107 SC64

The next day, Larry is present at the next ISA meeting as he recounts the events of his brawl with the new Hourman and how he threw the baseballs at the hero with quick succession. Steve Sharpe makes a sarcastic comment about Larry giving them the run down, but it's redundant since they got the codes they needed. Larry remarks that the new JSA are all kids, except maybe for the one piloting the giant robot. Paula believes that if this new JSA is children that the ISA should recruit their children into the group. Anaya Bowin disagrees since her Isaac is too sensitive for this way of life and the group had previously agreed to keep their children out of it. Paula snaps that it isn't their fault that Anaya coddles her son. Jordan sides with Anaya that they should keep their children out of this life, much to Paula and Larry's chagrin.[6]

109 SC77

Larry and Paula attend another ISA meeting in the days that follow. They anxiously wait for Jordan to begin the meeting, as it concerns their progress on Project New America. Larry notices that Paula is left uneasy when Dragon King enters and she mistakenly refers to him as Dragon King, though he calmly corrects that he prefers Dr. Ito when in the presence of his allies. Larry makes an off-handed joke regarding Dragon King finally being let out of his lair by Jordan, but Paula is unamused by her husband's joke and resumes listening to Dr. Ito's presentation. Jordan, on the other hand, shoots Larry a pointed look that stops the man's laughter at his joke.[7]

112 SC16

With the timer for Project New America running down, Jordan is displeased when the JSA continuously gets in his way and orders a hit on the Whitmore-Dugan's. Brainwave dispatches Tigress and Sportsmaster to complete the job, with the duo gearing up in their garage. Larry surprises Pat at The Pit Stop, having been tasked with killing Pat and Mike Dugan. Larry, dressed in his civilian attire, enters The Pit Stop ominously dragging a baseball bat across the cement flooring. Pat turns and sees Larry and asks what he's doing there so late at night. Draping himself against a car, Crusher responds Pat really shocked him and that he had no idea Pat had it in him. Pat is confused about why Crusher is talking about, but Crusher elaborates that friends don't keep secrets and he was hurt that Pat never said anything about his big robot. He then questions Pat on the robot's whereabouts as he really wants to see it. Pat, slyly picking up a crowbar, tells him he thinks Crusher needs to calm down. Crusher, amused, tells him that as far as famous last words are, he's underwhelmed by Pat's. He smacks the crowbar away and attacks Pat.

112 SC25

As they fight, Crusher gleefully remarks that Pat's cardio training is paying off. Pat raises his fists, making Crusher decide to take it old school as well. He tosses the bat away. They match up against each other, with Crusher egging Pat on. Pat punches him in the face. Unfazed, Crusher scolds Pat that punching power comes from the hips, demonstrating twisting, and tells him to try again. Pat punches him again, making his opponent turn around from the force. Crusher smirks remarking that he likes him, before punching Pat's stomach and sending him flying into the wall where the man falls to the ground hard. Pat struggles to his knees with Crusher lumbering over, asking if he's okay. He grabs Pat by the hair as he kneels over then releases his hair as Pat begins to mutter. Pat then delivers a punch to Crusher's jaw, with the latter remarking that it was a cheap shot and he thought Pat was better than that. He grabs Pat by the neck and delivers a repetitive beatdown of punches and kicks. Pat crawls toward a door but Crusher proceeds to smack said door into his body, closing it on his body repeatedly.

112 SC31

Pat desperately crawls to S.T.R.I.P.E. as Crusher saunters into the room and compliments the robot, calling it a beauty. He kicks Pat then grabs him by the shirt. He states that by 8:00 AM it'll be over for everyone, and apologizes that he won't be able to see Pat before then. He begins brutally punching Pat's face. Crusher suddenly screams in pain as Mike drives the power drill into his back. Crusher focuses his attention on Mike, giving a sinister smile until Pat calls to him telling him to stay away from his kid. Crusher turns just in time for Pat to strike him across the face with a giant tailpipe. Mike asks who the man was, with Pat nervously calling Larry an old friend.

112 SC98

Larry awakens and goes to the Whitmore-Dugan house and greets his wife, who was also overpowered in her efforts to take down Courtney and Barbara Whitmore. They are patching one another up with a first aid kit, with Larry remarking that he's going to rip Mike's arms out of his sockets. He had Pat fine until that kid showed up and ruined everything. Paula returns complains about Courtney until they hear a commotion at the front door. They leave to investigate and are annoyed to see Anaya Bowin carrying her fiddle case. Anaya informs her ISA counterparts that Jordan had sent her to make sure they succeeded. She has a plan to immobilize the JSA, which should make them impossible to miss even for the two of them. Larry comments that killing targets that can't move is no fun, and Anaya snaps that this isn't about fun, calling them sadists. She pushes that she feels sick thinking about how their daughter will turn out. Anaya snaps that Artemis is a wild animal like her mother. Larry asks Anaya if she is saying they don't love their daughter, but Anaya turns to face Larry and says she is saying they are unfit to be parents. Anaya turns back to face Tigress, who kills her by shooting an arrow into her heart. Anaya falls to the ground. Paula stalks over to Larry who compliments his wife's great shot.[8]

113 SC78

The couple returns to the underground tunnels where they meet with Jordan and Dragon King, who have a plan to eliminate the JSA. The assembled ISA members stalk to Dragon King's lair where Paula calls out to the group, smirking happily. Sportsmaster remarks that this feels familiar, alluding to their battle against the JSA in 2010. Paula grins sadistically saying that it was a fun night, with Sportsmaster chiming in that this will be too. Stargirl glances at her team and the prepare to attack. Jordan leads the ISA in a calm walk forward that leads to a run as the teams attack one another, with Sportsmaster heading right for Hourman.

113 SC96

Sportsmaster begins an intense hand-to-hand combat fight with Hourman. Sportsmaster gets ahold of Hourman's leg and throws him several feet away. Hourman lands on the concrete steps and rolls once he lands. Stargirl looks over to see Hourman and Sportsmaster fighting once more. Sportsmaster is hitting Hourman with his baseball bat, though Hourman is managing to block his attacks until one blow to the face knocks him to his knees. Next to Hourman is Wildcat, who is fighting Tigress and being overwhelmed by the woman's fighting skills. Hourman is on his feet seconds later as he fights back with Sportsmaster. Stargirl knocks Tigress aside and then does a flip to land on Sportsmaster's head with an ax kick using the full force of her body, rendering him unconscious near his equally knocked out wife.[9]

Season 2[]

204 SC9

In the months since his defeat at the hands of the Justice Society of America, Larry is arrested and put in prison for petty theft charges.[10] He remain adamant that the charges are stupid and instills this thought in his daughter.[11] Artemis visits Larry his respective maximum security prison. She complains about the foster home she was placed in as they serve Mac n' Cheese and don't have television football packages. She has football tryouts that afternoon, which Larry knows she will crush. Artemis isn't sure, but Larry knows she will do it. Artemis cries as she relays her moms message that she loves him. Larry asks that Artemis relay the same sentiment back to Paula. She emotionally relays how much she misses them and wishes they could come home, placing her hand on the glass separating them. Their visit is cut short by a rude guard, who mocks Artemis' parents for serving long sentences. Larry and Paula break out of prison, and kidnap Mike to force Pat to let them watch Artemis tryouts, agreeing to go back to prison to afterwards.

The couple hides out at the Dugan household, much to the family's chagrin. Pat attempts a conversation with Larry, asking if prison is like the film, Shawshank Redemption. Larry is confused as he never saw it, but the prison does have a great gym. Pat asks if he keeps up with anyone from the old gang, and Larry says the only one that is still alive is the Gambler, but he has no interest in talking to him. He admits that he and Paula didn't really fit in there, and the only one they liked was Jordan. Pat asks if he's heard from the The Shade, which catches Larry off-guard. He hasn't heard from that man in ten years.

204 SC159

Larry and Paula are taken to tryouts by Pat, who instructs them to sit and down stay quiet, but they utterly fail as they encourage their daughter. Artemis does badly at first, until she sees her parents and has renewed determination. It goes well until Artemis suddenly tackles someone on the bench, hallucinating that the people she attacks are FBI agents after her parents. She is removed from the game and not given a spot on the team. With tryouts over, Artemis speaks with her parents where they admit they aren't innocent of their charges and deserve the punishment they're serving. They share their love and the truth about their pasts before sharing a large, emotional group hug. The parents then leave the field to break back into prison.[12]

Months later, after the release of Eclipso from The Black Diamond, the town of Blue Valley is under assault by the demon. The Justice Society of America aligns themselves with new allies to defeat the demon. To everyone's surprise, Sportsmaster, Tigress, and Artemis arrive to help them defeat the demon and clean up the city. Artemis confesses that she broke her parents out of prison to help. Together, the JSA blasts Eclipso with their light powers and reduce him to toast. With the threat over and the town back to normal, the Whitmore-Dugan family adjusts to normalcy. A knock at the door causes a distraction. Pat answers to find Paula, Larry, and Artemis standing before him with big smiles. They eagerly relay that they bought the house next door and are now neighbors. Pat looks to an astonished Courtney, Barbara, and Mike.[13]

Season 3[]

301 SC (68)

With Summer over, the Crock family continues to settle into a normal life in Blue Valley. They family, consisting of Larry, Paula, and Artemis, prepare for their morning jog, setting their watches to matching times. When Pat and Courtney talk on their front porch, Paula and Larry wave vibrantly from their lawn, welcoming them home. Paula grins as she tells Pat to tell Barbara they have to go get coffee together. Pat promises he will as Barbara will be thrilled.

Pat wakes up the next morning to the sound of a disturbance in his kitchen. He walks down to find Crusher making juices with a new juicer. He questions what Larry is doing there, and the man cheerfully says he's making breakfast. What he's actually doing is trespassing, a remark Crusher ignores. He gives Pat the juice he made to help boost his testosterone. Pat's testosterone is fine and he's good without the juice. Crusher gets straight the point - what the putz was doing here yesterday. He wonders why Pat and the kid didn't lock Gambler up, to which Pat explains they're dealing with it. Crusher pushes that the Kentucky-fried felon is not to be trusted. No matter what he says, he's only ever been in this life for the money. That's all he cares about. Courtney comes downstairs, confused. Pat tells Courtney that Crusher broke in, but the man dismisses the claim as the door was unlocked. He's trying to get her old man back into the program. He cuts off Pat to say the juicer is on them, so is the first protein powder, and hopes to see him at Ripped City which is having a grand reopening. He playfully fights with Pat, laughing at Pat's claim that he almost killed Crusher the last time they fought. When Crusher leaves, Pat looks to Court; they have to start locking the doors.[14]

That evening, Larry drives to the Cornhusker Estate Trailer Park where Steve Sharpe is staying. He glares at the trailer from his car, his hands gripping the wheel. He picks up the metal baseball bat from the passenger seat - it's payback time. He raises the bat but then groans, forcing himself to put it down. He speeds away from the trailer park, unseen. In spite of this, Paula tells Barbara they had nothing to do with Sharpe's death. Downtown, Ripped City has its grand opening. Paula and Larry are the only ones inside, as it's late at night. Paula punches a heavy bag, before turning to Larry. It's only a matter of time before they find out, which he knows. She punches the heavy bag with a growl, sending it flying backwards into the wall. She sighs and looks back at him.[15]

The Crock's interrupt the Whitmore-Dugan's breakfast, tossing Pat's waffles into a trash bag, as that stuff will kill him. Artemis cheerfully greets Courtney, presenting Quinoa and tofu bowls alongside Paula, who knows Barbara will love it. Larry tells everyone to pull up a chair as the whole family's on the program now. They join the family, ignoring the awkward tension that arises. Larry pulls Mike and Pat into a three-way hug and tells Mike to dig in. The boy laughs nervously and Larry stares him down, repeating for him to dig in.

303 SC (108)

That evening, Paula and Larry shop at Bell's Market. A perky cashier tells customers to make their way to the registers as the store is closing in five minutes. Paula and Larry shop in an aisle. He steals a bottle of sauce, tucking it into his jacket discreetly. Paula tells him to put it back, making him chuckle as it's a habit. She reminds him that the sodium content of that steak sauce alone will put him back in prison. He reminds her that everyone gets a cheat day. Sylvester appears at the end of the hall, questioning if they killed The Gambler on a cheat day. Or on a day like "The Purge", which he hasn't seen but read a summary online. Larry knows what the movie is, as they've both seen the films and thought they were hilarious. He demands to know what Pemberton is thinking, bringing the staff in here in public, concluding he's out of his mind. Sylvester knows The Gambler was blackmailing them and he knows they're the ones that killed him. Paula simply says they're shopping as the cashier reminds them the store is closing. Paula doesn't want to fight. Sylvester warns this is their last chance, earning a chuckle from Larry. He should go back to his basement and polish his little staff. Sylvester wants them to confess. The trio has a stare down until Sylvester sends a blast of cosmic energy at them, destroying their shopping cart.

303 SC (118)

Blasts of energy shoot through the market, destroying everything it touches. Scared customers scream and run out of the store to safety. Larry and Paula agree they were getting bored, anyway. Larry leaps over the aisle, narrowly missing another blast, as Paula slides around the aisle avoiding a blast. Sylvester leaps over the aisle with Cosmo, twirling the staff to create a swirl of energy. Paula uses Larry's arm as a springboard to jump across the aisle and land in front of Sylvester. They engage in combat until she falls, and Larry attacks. The trio battle it out in the aisles, using various objects from the store in their fight. He tosses Larry aside and turns to Paula, who is laying on the ground. He throws the staff towards her, though she dodges by doing a backbend. She smirks at him from upside down. She avoids more blasts by scaling the aisle, landing on a pile of paper towels, then leaping over the aisle to escape to another aisle.

She slides across the floor to Sylvester, ultimately getting him in a headlock on the ground. Larry recovers from his fall and picks up a wooden bat, greeting the old friend. Paula shouts at him to come on. He runs over and prepares to swing down on Sylvester. Cosmo flies under his feet and knocks him to the ground. It locks onto Sylvester's shoes and slides him and Paula backwards into a wall, giving him the upper hand once again. She dodges his attack and slides back to Larry's feet, assuming a fighting stance. Larry asks if he's done, but Sylvester isn't. He yells out to "eat this" and slams the end of the staff onto the ground, sending out a blast of cosmic energy that shatters the light fixtures, consuming his body in an aura of energy.

303 SC (145)

The trio squares off once again, fighting it out until the Crocks grab the staff, kicking Sylvester away from it. He holds out his hand and pulls the staff to his grip, but this time, slams his forearm against the staff to knock his foes to the ground. He slams the staff downwards again, this time launching the Crocks out of the windows of the store and into the parking lot. He emerges from the store and blasts a beam of energy at the couple, who leap out of the way. It hits a car, triggering a huge explosion that hits another car, sending it flying across the lot in a ball of fire. Sylvester advances as the staff rises up to fly alongside him. The Crocks stand and prepare to fight again. The staff swells with energy and Sylvester is about to release a blast when S.T.R.I.P.E. lands on the ground - the fight is over. Sylvester keeps the staff pointed at S.T.R.I.P.E., who steps forward to stand in front of the Crock's. He tells Sylvester to walk away.

The Crock's and Whitmore-Dugan's assemble at the Whitmore-Dugan House, where Paula cracks Larry's shoulder into place. The Gambler was blackmailing them, that part is true. But they didn't kill him. They wanted to, but they stayed strong. He was blackmailing them for ISA crimes they didn't commit. Stuff other members didn't without them. They're dead now so they wouldn't have a chance in hell of proving their innocence. Pat reminds them that they're not all the innocence. Larry agrees as they're guilty of plenty of things. The admission makes the couple chuckle. Some of the crimes they even went to jail for. Truth be told, they wouldn't even be sitting there with their freedom if it weren't for a legal loophole. Pat thinks some people, like Sylvester, might call that just a little but unfair. Larry doesn't care what he says, as the guy is a freaking lunatic. Paula intervenes, as regardless, they couldn't risk going back to prisons, so they paid Sharpe. Courtney references the payments stopping two months ago. They admit the putz stopped blackmailing them. He didn't say why and they thought he was playing a new angle, then, he paid them back right before he died.

303 SC (157)

Barbara brings them ice packs, as Courtney realizes Sharpe really was trying to be better. Paula and Larry didn't' realize that until after he was killed. Larry wants to get everything on the table, admitting he did pay Steve a visit the day he was murdered. When Sharpe showed up in Blue Valley spouting off his "turning over a new life" jambalaya jive talk, Larry didn't buy any of it. He figured he came back to start blackmailing them again so he drove out to his trailer to have a little talk with him. But he left before he did something stupid. Barbara asks why they didn't tell them this before. He admits he was trying to protect them from any unnecessary heat. Paula apologizes to Barbara, as they should have been honest with her. The last time they went to prison it nearly destroyed their family, not to mention the food - so many carbs. She asks that Barbara please believe her. They would never make the same mistake twice. Whoever killed Sharpe, it wasn't them. The front door opens and Sylvester was in with Cosmo. He sees the group and glares at them, heading to the basement. Pat excuses himself.[16]

A few days later, Sylvester is released from Blue Valley Medical Center after spending the night following an ambush at Cornhusker Estate Trailer Park. Sylvester and Pat watch an old movie in the Whitmore-Dugan basement, reciting the lines from heart. They banter over who says which character's lines. Larry calls out "knock, knock" from upstairs, surprising the men. He emerges down the steps, remarking that the door was open. Pat questions what he's doing as Sylvester gets to his feet, calling the staff to him. Larry heard what happened - that Sylvester was sucker punched. It wasn't them, which Sylvester knows as they don't hit that hard. Larry retorts that they hit plenty hard. Sylvester asks what he wants. Larry announces he’s brought by a neighborly sixer, thinking he might need it. Pat remarks that while it's really nice of him, the Doc said no alcohol. Larry used to knock back a few when Sylvester would kick his ass. He's man enough to admit that back in the day, when he and his wife pulled a day, Starman was the last one they'd want to see. His right hook's a killer. He cheers them and leaves the beer on the table. After a moment, Sylvester offers a beer to Larry, tossing it to the man. Pat tells him they're watching "Josey Wales", offering him a seat with them. Larry chugs the beer in one swig, crushes the can against his forehead, and proclaims that he's in.[17]

305 SC (101)

Barbara and Pat enjoy a mid-day lunch date at Richie Rock's Diner when Crusher and Paula slide into the booth, greeting their friends. He's pleased to see Pat eating sweet potato fries, which are a good source of Omega-3s. Pat sarcastically tells him to have a seat and make themselves at home. Crusher ignores him, as he and Paula have taken a page out of their do-gooder handbook. Paula admits they're doing their own investigation into Steven Sharpe's murder. They started by interrogating everyone he owed money to, which is a whole lot of people with motive to whack him. He adds they dangled them off a tall building to get answers. Paula sees Barbara's disapproving face and quickly shakes her head as Larry elaborates. They weren't the only one the putz paid back before he died. In fact, he paid them all page. She thought it was impossible for a degenerate like Sharpe to truly change, but they're thinking maybe he did. Pat praises them for investigating that angle, and while he can't condone their tactics, does appreciate their dedication. But their work is done. The couple insists they aren't done, and are going to help him solve this thing. Pat suggests they have other important things to do, like checking in with their parole officers and cholesterol levels. Crusher sternly says their levels are pristine. He quickly adds there's a weird bonus to being heroes, making Paula laugh. It's kind of super-charged their lives in the bedroom. The couple giggles and begins making out, which unnerves Barbara and Pat, who call for the check.[18]

A week later, Pat sits at his workbench in The Pit Stop, pensively looking at his computer. He searches for Maggie Shaw, Reno and the results show Mike's mom. Crusher walks into the garage a moment later, wanting to check in, since he and his family were being spied on just like Pat. He can't wait to catch these peepers, as it'll be relief to cut loose after being on a leash for so long. He asks where Pemberton is, and Pat explains how Beh tracked the feed to a mine in Utah. Crusher questions what Pat is doing, then, and he merely says he's looking for someone. The radio crackles and he picks it up, greeting Sylvester. The search is terrible as he's hit another dead end. Beth thinks the signal is being masked since it's bouncing all over the place. Crusher picks up a piece of equipment and whispers what this is, and Pat whispers back to leave it alone. Sylvester is heading back unless Beth locks onto another lead. Pat tells him to be careful and he'll see him in a few hours. After a moment, Crusher asks Pat who he's looking for. Pat admits it's Mike's mom. Crusher asks why he's Googling the ex, though Pat just wants to figure out if she's in any shape to talk to Mike. It's kind of a long story, which Crusher wants to hear. Pat appreciates it, but no offense to him, but it's a little more complicated than cardio. Crusher softens a bit as Pat's gotta know by now that he can be trusted. So, he wants them to talk. Pat smiles at his friend, pleasantly surprised.[19]

The Crock house is quiet, as Paula stands in the kitchen frosting her German chocolate cake, smiling at the creation. Crusher sits in the living room designing wrappers for Ripped City's new chocolate protein bars. He writes the new slogan, "Even superheroes need a snack!", smiling at the design. Artemis is in her room looking at brochures for Nebraska University. She smiles at the brochure and picks up a football, walking out of her room as she tosses it in the air. She leaves her JSA backpack in the corner of her room. Back in the kitchen, Paula finishes frosting the cake with a bright smile, while Crusher beams from the couch at his creations.

The Crocks head on their daily run, passing Richie Rock's Diner. They greet Maria and a supplier, who Crusher high-fives. The couple continues on as they pass a member of Crusher's gym. He playfully air boxes with the man, who laughs, and they jog on. They round the corner of Main Street, passing over a maintenance hole. They stop running to stand in front of the Mahkent residence. As they look up at the house, Crusher muses that in the old days, it wouldn't have mattered if the Mahkents were wearing dentures or being fitted for a pacemaker. If anyone attacks their family they would take them out. Paula agrees, but reminds him that Pat and his family are their people now. They don't use violence to solve their problems anymore. He can't just let Grandma and Grandpa Icicle walk away from this - they gotta do something. Paula assures him they will, she just doesn't know what yet. They exchange a pensive look than continue on their run.

In the afternoon, Paula and Crusher return to the Mahkent residence. Crusher asks if she's sure she wants to do this. Paula is, as that old woman won't listen to a word Barbara says. But they used to be on their side of the fence, on Jordan's. They might be more open-minded with them. Crusher knocks on the door, him and Paula taking breaths and clearing their throats. Lily opens the door, shocked to see her son's old allies standing there. The Crocks smile at her, and she invites them inside. As they enter the living room, Crusher remarks that he hopes they have insurance. An unfazed Lily stares at them, sitting next to Sofus. Paula is sure they know why they're there, but Lily doesn't, not exactly. Sofus knows they were friends of their son. Crusher asks if he and Paula can sit down, proceeding to do so when the elders don't protest. Crusher is gonna get right to the point. They're here on behalf of Pat, Barbara, and with the kids. Lily is offended and asks if they aligned themselves with that horrible girl and her family. Despite their difference, Paula thinks all of them in Blue Valley want the same thing. Lily calls her a stupid woman in Norwegian, making Paula's smiles fall. She asks they could presume to know what they want. Paula tells her they need to rest. No more revenge plots, no more violence. This surprises Lily, who questions if they want them forget everything. Not forget it, but learn from it. That's what Courtney Whitmore has been trying to get everyone to do, forgive one another. Lily questions if they want the Mahkents to forgive the people who murdered their son. She wickedly says never. Paula takes a breath and Crusher looks over at Paula, then back at the grandparents.

The Crocks tells the grandparents that everything that has been happening has nothing to do with them. Jordan wanted to build a new America, because he believed he could create a brighter, safer future for their children. They believed in him but if this continues, it will only bring more destruction to their families and community. Crusher knows that's not what Jordan wanted in the end, which Paula acknowledges. If they kill the JSA, then the JSA will them them, and a lot of other people get killed along the way. He asks them to believe him, as his wife and him have been doing this a long time. They know that's how this goes. Paula asks the grandparents how it will help Cameron, and what kind of future it will give him and his children. Crusher looks at the Mahkent family portrait. Jordan wanted the best for his kid, so they should do what's right. Give it up, like they did. He takes his Sportsmaster mask out of his duffel and sets it on the coffee table. Sofus looks to Lily, telling his love that even though it's hard, he can forgive them. He asks if she can too. Lily looks up at the portrait, full of emotion. Paula and Crusher leave the Mahkent residence. Crusher asks Paula what she thinks. She thinks they're considering it, and he hopes so.

310 SC (161)

The Crocks walk home from the Mahkents house, happily interlocking arms. Crusher answers a facetime call from Artemis, while excitedly tells her parents that she got in. Crusher happily exclaims as Paula screams happily. Artemis continues that Mr. Morrison was at tryouts, and she's going to Nebraska University. The Crocks scream in joy, and celebrate the moment. Crusher creams out that their kid is the first female quarterback in college football history. Paula tells her that they knew she could do it. Crusher tells Artemis that he and Paula are on their way home and that they will see her soon, and that they are going to celebrate tonight. He kisses the phone. She tells her daughter that they love her so much, and Artemis returns the sentiment. They hang up the phone and the Crocks once again scream in joy. Crusher picks Paula up and hugs her tightly - they knew Artemis could do it. He happily sighs that everything's coming up Crock today. Paula, overjoyed, says that it is fantastic, it really is.

Their happy moment is interrupted when fliers from Ripped City begin blowing towards their way. Crusher picks one up and he and Paula scoff. He asks what the hell this is. They follow a trail around the corner to an open sewer grate, the same one they passed over that morning on the way to the Mahkents. Fliers are spread around the grate opening. They crouch down by the opening as Paula looks to her husband. Someone wants their attention. Crusher nods and if they're looking for trouble, they're gonna be sorry they got it.

310 SC (185)

The Crocks climb down into the sewer, finding a trail of Ripped City fliers leading down the hall. They follow and see a room with flickering lights. They exchange a look and investigate. When they enter, they find a room full of television monitors - the voyeurs lair. They wonder what it could be, with Crusher wondering what the hell is going on. He turns around and before he can make a move, a hooded figure imaples him. He groans and ice spreads across his torso. He falls to the ground. Paula shouts out no, rushing to the figure, who grabs her by the throat, choking her. Crusher watches the scene as his body slowly covers in ice. The figure raises Paula a few feet in the air. They pull their mask off, revealing themself to be Jordan Mahkent. Jordan takes a large breath of air as Paula stares in shock. He begins freezing her body, gently lowering her onto the ground next to Crusher. With their final dying breaths, Crusher holds out his hand and Paula takes it. He whispers slowly that he loves her. She loves him too, a tear falling from her eye as the ice encases them completely. Jordan stands over them and holds out his hand, giving a final gesture that shatters their bodies. He looks down at their remains and leaves the room.[20]

In the morning, when Larry and Paula still aren't home, Artemis asks Courtney for her help in finding her parents. Beth uses her goggles to track the Sportsmaster mask, which leads them to the Voyeur's lair within the underground tunnels. Yolanda wonders if the Mahkents did anything to the Crocks or maybe that animal did. If that white ape hurt her parents, Artemis is going to skin it alive.

311 SC (67)

Beth spots remains on the floor covering the Sportsmasters mask. Courtney questions what it is, crouching next to Beth, who nervously reveals its human remains. Artemis lets out a breath as she picks up her fathers mask, trying to piece it together. She starts to sob and Courtney consoles her. Yolanda looks down at the sobbing girl who tries to gain her composure. She lets out a heartbroken scream that echoes through the tunnels. She emotionally screams again.

Pat learns of Larry's death, and becomes physically distraught. Jordan Mahkent's return to Blue Valley raises questions about his involvement, with Courtney questioning Cameron about his father's involvement. Cameron explains his father is claiming self-defense, as he thought the Crock's were attacking him. She asks why they would do that. Jordan was wearing a mask, a suit that was helping him heal. They didn't know who he was, so they probably just jumped to conclusions. Courtney confronts Jordan about it that night, with the man admitting is was regrettable. Meanwhile, as Artemis struggles with the death of her parents, Barbara takes time to comfort and look after her.[21]

Artemis plots her revenge against Jordan Mahkent, planning to kill him herself. "Sylvester" confronts her at Ripped City. He knows every fiber in her being wants to find that Nordic freak and smash the smug look off his face. But there's a future her parents wanted for her, and it's not prison. If she wants to honor her parents, she should go to college and be the star they raised her to be. She's mad Jordan Mahkent just gets a pass. He assures her that hell no, he's going to kill Jordan for her.[22]

Three months after the Battle of Blue Valley, Artemis tracks Jordan to Copenhagen, Denmark. She lures him into an alley where he steps on a sticky substance that adheres him to the ground. He looks up to see Artemis Crock standing above him. That goop he's standing on, that's petroleum jelly laced with rubidium, potassium, and azidoazide azide. Her dad put in his hockey pucks. It's highly flammable. She lights a flare, musing that it even burns on water. This is for her parents. She throws the flare onto the substance, watching him burn to death. He's not coming back this time.[23]


My dad used to tell me, "You gotta want pain. You gotta make pain your friend." You’re making choices for your future self-right now, your better self. Your better self is going to thank you for it.
Crusher in "S.T.R.I.P.E."

Larry presents himself as a boisterous, prideful athlete who isn't afraid to brashly speak his mind in his signature thunderous voice. He thrives on working out and energizing others. He is driven to be healthy and fit to be the best physical version of himself, an ideology he spreads to his friends and clients through roaring encouragements and pep talks, through topics such as weightlifting and protein shakes, which come off as slightly threatening. He gets upset when his clients don't eat healthily or practice healthy habits.

This interest in athletics, however, falls within the realm of extremism, with Larry having no qualms about injuring or outright murdering individuals who clash with his views. This is best shown by his repeated murders of past football coaches, most recently one for simply choosing to bench his daughter.

Yet, despite his past as a murderous criminal and Despite his generally violent nature, he is shown to be somewhat merciful. For instance, he chose not to outright kill Rick Tyler during their initial fight, despite having killed multiple heroes in the past. It was evident to the masked Larry that this new Hourman was a youth. Additionally, he is shown to be a loving yet suffocating parent, always praising his daughter, often to the point of embellishment. Furthermore, he was willing to kill anyone who did not treat her favorably.

Larry also has a genuine, albeit twisted, friendship with Pat. He wanted Pat to succeed in physical fitness and even extended an offer for Pat to stay at his house after learning that Pat was sleeping on the couch.

Physical Appearance[]

Larry is a middle-aged man with thick blond hair, green eyes, and a very physically fit build. In his civilian identity, he prefers various forms of activewear, primarily tracksuits and exercise shirts. He usually wears Blue Valley High School merchandise.

As Sportsmaster, Larry wears an outfit, mainly consisting of extremely thick padding similar to a hockey player's, topped with a rather ghoulish-looking goalie mask, he additionally wears a large pack, similar to a golf bag, on his back to carry his various weapons and equipment.


If there's a better fighter in the world, I've never met him.
  • Peak Human Condition: Larry is a former star athlete and one of the deadliest fighters of the Injustice Society of America. He could contend with Starman while the latter wielded the Cosmic Staff. His athleticism and physical attributes are so advanced that they are borderline superhuman and are sufficient enough to challenge the new Hourman.
    • Peak Human Strength:
      112 SC24

      Crusher punching Pat into a wall

      With his strength, Sportsmaster could throw his wife with one arm, push Hourman with enough force to knock a door off its hinges, shoulder-check him through the air, knock him off the ground with his bat, lift Stargirl over his head, and send a fully grown man like Pat (who weighs 175 pounds) flying a few feet through the air with a single punch, as well as throw him around his garage. His leg strength also allows him to jump very high, as seen in his rematch with Hourman (during which he once again knocked him high into the air).
    • Peak Human Durability: Larry's durability is also impressive. He quickly got up after Hourman kicked a car into him and shrugged off being tackled into another car. He also endured Mike using a power drill on his back.
    • Peak Human Agility: Larry demonstrated a high level of agility when he and his wife fought Starman in the grocery store, particularly when he vaulted from one aisle into another over the shelves.
    • Peak Human Stamina: Larry can push himself for extended periods without experiencing fatigue. He jogs with his wife and daughter to stay in shape.
  • Master Martial Artist: Larry is an immensely skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. In conjunction with his wife, They were able to easily ward off the new members of the Justice Society of America. His skill is such that he was able to completely overwhelm Rick Tyler, despite Rick having super strength at the time. His fighting style is highly aggressive, heavily attack-oriented, and extremely powerful, befitting his personality, but lacks an adequate defense, making him reliant on teamwork with his wife for counterattacks in prolonged combat. According to Pat Dugan, he is one of the best fighters in the world, sufficient enough to simultaneously contend with Wildcat and Green Lantern. Hence, he had the upper hand for most of his duel with Pat and only lost when he was weakened and distracted by Mike drilling him in the back. This gave his opponent enough time to arm himself with a weapon to knock him unconscious. Not long afterward, he fought again with Hourman, who required assistance from Stargirl.
    • Weapon Proficiency: In addition to his martial arts skills, Larry is shown to be highly skilled in using various forms of sports-themed weaponry. His weapons of choice are baseball bats and hockey sticks, along with weaponized baseballs and pucks that he uses to combat his foes from a distance.
  • Expert Marksman: Larry is highly accurate with his projectile weapons. He was able to hit the new Hourman with three baseballs in quick succession.


106 SC119

Sportsmaster confronting Hourman

  • Sportsmaster Suit: Larry wore this suit as his alter-ego, Sportsmaster.
  • Sports-Themed Weapons: As Sportsmaster he uses weapons designed as sports equipment.
    • Baseball Bat: He uses a metal bat as his primary weapon during combat. He also uses it to hit baseballs at his enemies. These baseballs are somewhat guided as they fly in their trajectory, allowing them to hit a single target in rapid succession. They are harmful enough to cripple an enemy with one hit.
    • Hockey Stick/Puck: A modified puck that works like an explosive. This weapon works in conjunction with a hockey stick that is used to shoot the puck at the desired target. This puck also has magnetic properties, as seen when it attached itself to the Cosmic Staff, forcing it to fly high into the air, away from Courtney, and then disabling the staff for several seconds.
    • Badminton shuttlecock: A modified shuttlecock that covertly disguises a smoke and flash bomb.


Larry's appearance in "Chapter Eleven: The Haunting" was as ashes.
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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Larry is the only character known to have two aliases. His fighting alias, Crusher, and his ISA alias, Sportsmaster.
  • He and his partner, Tigress, were known derisively by the JSA as "Icicle's attack dogs".
  • He's never seen the film, Shawshank Redemption.
  • His alter-ego Sportsmaster was the inspiration for his daughter, Artemis' costume.
  • Larry's full name "Lawrence" is only used on-screen in "Chapter Three: The Blackmail".