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What if we had help? I’m the new Starman so why couldn’t there be a new Hourman? Or a new Dr. Mid-Nite? This stuff shouldn’t be sitting here, collecting dust. It should be in the hands of possible heroes. This is our destiny, Pat.
Stargirl on rebuilding the JSA

The Justice Society of America (abbr. JSA) is an elite team of superheroes that work together to stop crime. Courtney Whitmore currently serves as the team's valiant leader under her alter ego, Stargirl. She worked to rebuild the team by recruiting Yolanda Montez/Wildcat, Rick Tyler/Hourman, and Beth Chapel/Dr. Mid-Nite to her team of misfits that became heroes. She is guided in her journey by Pat Dugan/S.T.R.I.P.E. who was a member of the Golden Age JSA.

The JSA faces foes of all varieties that threaten the safety of their beloved town, Blue Valley, while facing everyday challenges. They form a chosen family as they learn more about their namesakes histories, while creating a new future for superheroes.


The earliest recording of the JSA is in 1941 when Dr. Charles McNider joined the Justice Society of America and operated under the moniker of Dr. Mid-Nite. His vast intellectual capacities and desire to fight crime made him an asset to the team. In the later years of the JSA, he was joined by brilliant chemist Hourman, boxing champion Wildcat, and several other costumed heroes including The Flash, Green Lantern, Johnny Thunder and The Thunderbolt, and several others. They caught much media attention and were covered more in the news than any superhero group before them.

When socialite Sylvester Pemberton discovered the Cosmic Staff, he became the superhero known as Starman. He was recruited by the JSA due to his newfound powers. Sylvester brought his best friend and then-sidekick, Pat Dugan/Stripesy with him when he joined. Pat assisted the JSA in all of their battles and made sure that they were ready for whatever fights came their way. He was a mechanical genius and built many of the devices the team used. The group quickly became friends, though they didn't share their personal lives with one another. Pat was often pushed to the sidelines as the rest of the team did the heavy lifting and fighting, but things began to changed with the death of Charles McNider's daughter, Rebecca. Rebecca had been targeted and killed by the villain Eclipso, an event that changed the course of the JSA forever. The team sought justice for the little girl and wanted to defeat Eclipso, but the being's power was too strong for them to face alone.

At the same time that Eclipso appeared, as did another immortal named The Shade, who had run-ins with the JSA in the past. He offered his help to Sylvester Pemberton, and told him the only way to stop Eclipso was to kill his current host, the human Bruce Gordon. The spirit would then be returned to The Black Diamond, where it would remain harmless as long as no one touched the stone. The JSA were split on how to handle the situation, as Jay Garrick, Pat Dugan, and Sylvester Pemberton, were against the idea of murdering a human. Pat argued that it went against everything the JSA stood for, and they had to find a way to exorcise Eclipso from Bruce. However, as the situation escalated and more of the JSA members fell victim to Eclipso, the team re-evaluated their choices.

They brought Pat in to be their tie breaker, a fact that Wildcat vehemently disagreed with, though Flash and Starman supported Stripesy's inclusion. Eclipso had begun to threaten the lives of the JSA's families. Hourman and Wildcat voted for killing Eclipso's host, while Flash and Stripesy voted against. The tie breaker landed in Starman's hands, and he surprised everyone by voting for the death of Bruce. The team committed the killing and placed The Black Diamond in a wooden case that was entrusted to Starman. After the act, Starman admitted to Stripesy that he was right - they never should have taken the life of a human. The event placed a wedge between the JSA and the group disbanded for years, though Pat returned to the headquarters often in case anyone did show up. It wasn't until the ISA resurfaced with a new leader that the JSA came back together.

Their new foe, the Injustice Society of America, was led by powerful cryokinetic master, Icicle. The JSA members were forced to come back together to battle the ISA, but they were never the same after Eclipso's attacks and struggled to work together as a team. They battled against the ISA several times over the years, however, they were mainly rendered at a stalemate or near-escape as they couldn't work together. Many members had left over the years or had been killed, leaving the team at a disadvantage.

The Justice Society... they're gone.
Starman reveals the JSA's fate
101 SC2.png

On Christmas Eve, 2010, the Justice Society and the Injustice Society fought in a ferocious battle in a secluded Los Angeles, California mansion. While everyone was out fighting, Pat Dugan and Johnny Thunder were asked to stay behind. Wildcat arrived that night to request Johnny's help as the ISA now had Solomon Grundy in their control. Pat was ready to leap into action but was stopped by Wildcat, who stated that only team members were allowed per Starman's instruction. As the doors closed, Wildcat noted that Pat had Mike to think about, as that was the most important thing. The ill-fated fight proved disastrous as the JSA heroes fell one by one until only Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Starman remained. When Stripesy arrived, having responded to an SOS from Starman, he witnessed the deaths of several JSA members including Wildcat fall out of a window, Flash having been frozen, Sandman, and Dr. Mid-Nite being swallowed by The Shade. Starman was impaled with an ice shard from Icicle, forcing Stripesey and Starman to retreat, barely outrunning Solomon Grundy in time. They crashed in the woods where Starman seemingly died moments later. After the battle, Pat retired from his days of being a sidekick - but never forgot his fallen friends. He wanted justice for them but didn't know how to achieve it.

105 SC6.png

Hourman also survived the battle despite being wounded by The Wizard. He took it upon himself to follow the ISA's movements across the country, from Los Angeles to Colorado to Blue Valley, Nebraska. Rex couldn't find their trail and assumed the ISA left the town or presumably the country. Pat Dugan built an armored robot to aid Rex in his search, however, Rex declined his help and wanted to work alone. A year later, he discovered more information on the ISA and frantically sent Pat the research he managed to cumulate on the group over the year, including his journal. Rex and his wife fled Blue Valley but were murdered by Solomon Grundy before they could make their escape. The ISA had become victorious in killing the last legitimate threat posed by the JSA.

Unbeknownst to the Injustice Society, Rex and Wendi were parents to a son, while Starman's staff waited for a hero to rise. Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles waited for an intellectual successor, Wildcat's cowl would be filled by a brave heroine, and Green Lantern's ring was gifted to his daughter.


The Rise of Stargirl

I don’t know yet, but whoever they are, they’re in Blue Valley. They’re the reason I’m putting together this new team: to get justice. For my dad, for yours, for all of the JSA.
STG102 0001r.jpg

In 2018, fifteen-year-old Courtney Whitmore becomes the reluctant stepdaughter of former JSA member, Pat Dugan. She is captivated by the Cosmic Staff, which lights up in her hands for the first time since Starman's death ten years ago. Upon believing that Starman could be her father, she seeks justice for him and the rest of the murdered JSA. To do this, she takes on Starman's legacy to become Stargirl. In the meantime, she learns of her stepfathers past as a member of the JSA and recruits him to help her, as even though she proves herself quite capable of being a hero, she knows she needs help to defeat the ISA.[1]

102 SC66.png

Pat is forced to come out of retirement to save Stargirl after a face-off with ISA member, Brainwave. But this time, Pat pilots a fifteen-foot robot that Courtney dons S.T.R.I.P.E. Though he is reluctant at first, Courtney reminds him that this is their destiny and they can do this together. Her tenacity reminds Pat of Sylvester and how Sylvester used to say being in the JSA was their destiny. He agrees to help her - but under his terms and guidance.[2] When a dangerous run-in with ISA leader Icicle results in the death of a student, Courtney realizes that she and Pat aren't enough to defeat the ISA. She decides to rebuild the fallen Justice Society of America.[3]

Building a Team

104 SC104.png

Her first recruit is Blue Valley High's former popular student turned outcast, Yolanda Montez. Courtney forms a friendship with Yolanda upon recognizing her hardships yet heroic demeanor. Yolanda's impressive boxing abilities inspire Courtney to offer her the mantle of Wildcat, thus, asking her to join the JSA and fight alongside her against the ISA. Yolanda tried on the Wildcat suit and was taken by it. She had a natural rhythm with Stargirl and they worked well together. The next day, Yolanda realized that she could become a better version of herself if she accepted the mantle. She accepted Courtney's offer and became Wildcat.[4]

105 SC70.png

She secretly worked with Yolanda to bring in new members - people that weren't just physically fit but also had heroic qualities. They were unaware that they are being followed by resident BVHS intellect and go-getter, Beth Chapel. Beth visited the Whitmore-Dugan household and encountered Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles. When she wore them, they begin to work and her unique personality and mannerisms allowed her to bond with Charles McNider's artificial intelligence. Courtney and Yolanda were reluctant to accept Beth due to her chatty nature, but Beth eventually proved herself to be helpful when the girls attempted to recruit their next member.

105 SC128.png

Courtney noticed one of the JSA's artifacts, a mysterious hourglass, glowed in the presence of the brooding BVHS delinquent, Rick Harris. She soon learned from Beth, who used her newly discovered goggles, that Rick is the son of the fallen JSA hero, Rex Tyler/Hourman. With Yolanda and Beth by her side, Courtney attempted to recruit Rick, though he expressed no interest in working with a team. This changed when Beth used her goggles to show Rick what happened the night of his parent's death; that the fatal car crash was not an accident, but a murder committed by Solomon Grundy and the ISA. Upon learning this, Rick agreed to join the JSA, but made it clear that he didn't want justice - he wanted revenge.[5]

STG106d 0001r.jpg

Now assembled, the team had a difficult time learning to work together, specifically under Courtney's leadership. Pat requested that she take the monikers away as he feared the teenagers would misuse the power they were given. The JSA refused to comply so Courtney eventually conceded, just in time for the JSA to fight their first battle. Beth was alerted that The Gambler was hacking into Empire Enterprises, a technology company. With everyone suited up together, the group struggled to find a working dynamic due to their individual perspectives and eagerness. They are soon confronted with their first fight against Tigress and Sportsmaster. Hourman and Wildcat were impulsive in their advances, attacking Sportsmaster and Tigress respectively. The JSA was forced to split up as Dr. Mid-Nite followed Wildcat and Stargirl followed Hourman.

New Justice Society of America.png

The team proved to be no match for Tigress and Sportsmaster, especially while separated. Though they were able to assist one another, with Stargirl saving Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite assisting Wildcat, their inability to communicate as a group was apparent. It wasn't until the younger members assembled for the first time, ready to fight as a team, that they stood a chance against the villains. They are joined by S.T.R.I.P.E. and the six-membered-team squares off against their costumed foes who escape after triggering a smokescreen.[6]

Pat's training exercise

Pat realized that the teens were going to fight no matter what he said, so he took on the responsibility of getting the new generation of heroes ready for the fights to come. Though everyone was on-board with his training tactics, Courtney struggled to pace herself and ruined the training course for the rest of her members. She believed herself ready for everything. She ignored Pat's warning and followed Anaya Bowin, whom she believed to be the Fiddler. This moment of impulsivity proved dangerous, while the Injustice Society of America met to form a plan of attack against the new JSA who have now interfered with their plans twice.

Unexpected Allies

108 SC123.png

Stargirl's pursuit of Anaya put her on a collision course with Cindy Burman/Shiv. Their fight lead to Stargirl being gravely injured, though she was saved from death by a sword-wielding Janitor Justin.[7] Stargirl's real identity was exposed to Cindy, who decided to wait on exposing Courtney until after she killed the JSA. As Courtney healed in the hospital, the remaining JSA went on a mission to learn more about Cindy's family and past. They discovered the existence of Dr. Ito, a mad scientist with the reptilian alter-ego of "Dragon King". Dr. Ito was thought to have died many years ago. In fact, Pat recognized Dr. Ito from his time with the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and knew the man was dangerous. As Stargirl and Shiv battled it out once more on the streets of Blue Valley, Stargirl's identity was exposed once more when Henry King Jr. arrived and accidentally read her mind.[8]

110 SC125.png

Courtney attempted to reach out to Henry, as she believed his telepathic abilities could help the JSA determine which Blue Valley residents are members of the ISA. Though her team members disagreed with her choice of recruit, Pat surprisingly supported her decision as he believed she could reach Henry. She was able to reason with him and reach a brighter side of the boy that hadn't been seen in quite some time.[9] Henry remained uncertain in his alliance until his amnesiac father was seemingly lured away by Jordan Mahkent. Jordan hoped to restore Dr. King's memories of a negative world, which Henry despised as it meant Dr. King would revert to a crueler man. Henry and Courtney convinced the JSA to help them in their endeavor. They were able to track Dr. King in the underground tunnels, and together, Henry, Wildcat, and Stargirl fought Dragon King's minions. While trying to escape the tunnels, the JSA were separated by Brainwave's force field. Henry ensured Stargirl and Hourman's safety, before he made a final effort to reach his father. The idea was futile and Brainwave ultimately collapsed the ceiling on Henry, whose last words to Stargirl were that people can be good.[10]

111 SC112.png

Henry's death allowed Brainwave to absorb his son's powers and thus, grow strong enough to push the ISA's plan of Project New America forward. While the ISA plotted in secrecy, the JSA was left reeling from the death of their friend. Courtney's attention was diverted from Brainwave when her biological father suddenly returned. His sudden reappearance and realization that her father is not Starman, caused Courtney to spiral. She questioned her identity as Stargirl and lost belief in herself. When the Cosmic Staff ceased to work for her, she was ready to give up her role as Stargirl and leader of the JSA. She informed her friends of her decision and was ready to leave Blue Valley with her mother.

111 SC62.png

In the meantime, Rick, Beth, and Pat were surprised when a man from Pat's time with another superhero team returned seeking Pat's help. The man was unable to remember his life as a hero, though Pat knew him as the Shining Knight. With Pat's help, Justin is able to reclaim the memories that Dragon King stole from him and decided to help his old friend in the battle against Dragon King. Pat brough Justin home so the Whitmore-Dugan family could care for the unstable man and help him get on his feet.

111 SC146.png

When Brainwave used Henry's memorial service to threaten Courtney and her mother, Courtney was inspired to reclaim the staff. Pat reminded her that the staff chose her because it believed in her, so in order to be Stargirl again, she must believe in herself too. With her parental figures behind her, Courtney believed in herself and accepted the staff along with her role as the leader of the JSA.[11] With the cosmic staff, Justin, Barbara, and a newly aware Mike assisting them, the JSA fled Blue Valley to regroup at the Dugan family cabin. They realized the ISA's plan would start in the morning, and Rick worked to unlock his father's formula.

Battle Against the ISA

A group meeting

When Rick finally cracked the code he was surprised that Rex had not only mapped out the underground tunnels but also discovered the satellite machine the ISA planned to use to alter people's minds. The minions they fought with Henry were Dragon King's test runs for a grander scale. The team decided to split up with Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. entering through one tunnel while Wildcat, Hourman, and Shining Knight entered through the Burman residence entrance. Beth and Barbara went to The American Dream to hack the ISA's servers and unlock their plans. It was here that they learned the mission was on a timer with the thirty-minute timer marking the start of the reprogramming process. After those thirty-minutes, the process is irreversible. The young JSA members were surprised to find that Justin, Barbara, and Pat, were all under the hold of Brainwave, was worked to alter their belief systems.[12]

113 SC73.png

Beth and Chuck worked together to outsmart The Gambler, who was stopping them from activating frequency blockers that would interrupt Brainwave's signal and free the adults in the tunnel. They managed to distract Gambler and activate the frequency blockers. Pat and Justin were freed from Brainwave's hold, but Barbara and everyone above ground were still being manipulated. Stargirl and the JSA regrouped up in Dragon King's lair where they are interrupted by the ISA, led by a confident Jordan. They two teams faced-off, as Tigress and Sportsmaster reminisced about the last time they fought the JSA a decade ago. The two teams charged at one another, using every tool and power at their disposal.

113 SC80.png

As the teams battle it out, the ISA gained the upper-hand until Stargirl intervened and was able to help Wildcat overcome Tigress. Hourman defeated Sportsmaster by knocking him unconscious, while Shiv intervened in the fight in an attempt to kill Dragon King, leaving a depleted Icicle who the team surrounds. STRIPE was about to deliver a final punch when Solomon Grundy burst through the room and threw STRIPE aside. Hourman, overcome with rage for the beast that killed his parents, attacked Grundy despite the protest of Wildcat. Grundy easily swatted Hourman aside. STRIPE rose to his feet and instructed Wildcat and Stargirl to finish their mission while he fought Grundy. She and Stargirl were about to enter Brainwave's control room when Shiv lunged from the side and brought down Stargirl, who urged Wildcat to continue without her.

113 SC156.png

Shiv and Stargirl engaged in a heated fight until Stargirl blasted her away with the Cosmic Staff. Wildcat, in the meantime, defeated several of Dragon King's minions before she discovered one was a disguised Henry King Jr.. Henry began to ask questions about her plan and where her friends were. Wildcat slashed his throat, which revealed his true form as Brainwave, who had glamoured into his son in a futile effort to gain Wildcat's trust. She watched him die just as Stargirl hurried to her side. They don't have time to process the event due to the countdown, and locate the satellites that the ISA designed. The satellites emerged through the BVHS football field. Stargirl takes flight and used her staff to destroy the satellites, exposing herself to the gathered BVHS students. She landed just as the satellite caved in. The heroines fled the broken room to find the rest of their team.

113 SC204.png

With the machine destroyed, Hourman was able to save STRIPE from destruction at the hands of Grundy. Pat escaped the dismantled robot and rushed to help Barbara, who had been taken by Jordan as a last attempt to escape. Jordan also destroyed Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles and knocked Beth unconscious as he kidnapped Barbara. With only five minutes left in his hourglass, Hourman fought Grundy, and used his full force to defeat the creature. He spared Grundy's life but exiled him from Blue Valley, much to Justin's amazement. The men hurried out of the tunnels where they encountered a scared Beth, who asked if Rick was okay. He claimed that he's fine and asked about Yolanda. Beth than noticed Icicle and Stargirl battling atop The American Dream.

They fought in a slew of energy and ice sparks, brief words exchanged as he froze over her staff. The staff released a blast of energy, which, paired with Icicle's frost explosion, knocked Stargirl and Barbara over the edge of the building. Pat was able to grab Barbara before she fell, but Stargirl plummeted toward the ground. Wildcat appeared and leapt over the edge. She caught Stargirl seconds before they landed, the Wildcat suit absorbing the impact of their fall as to avoid injury.

113 SC217.png

Icicle rolled into the street, ready to attack when Mike drove the car into Icicle's frozen body. The impact caused Icicle to shatter into thousands of little ice chunks. Mike, elated to have destroyed the villain, asked if this means he can be in the JSA. With the battle now over, and everyone safe on land, the young JSA members shared a group hug while Justin and Mike celebrated. A few moments later, Pat and Barbara stood on the American Dream building and celebrate their victory with a kiss. The JSA and allies happily looked up at them.

113 SC266.png

With the Injustice Society of America officially defeated and no one posing an immediate threat, the JSA began to pick up the pieces of their battle. They started by promising Beth a way to repair Chuck and the goggles. They bid farewell to Justin, who planned to find the rest of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, but promised to return for the next battle. The public was left to believe the destruction in Blue Valley was from an earthquake that caused a satellite to malfunction, though the government promised that nothing like it will ever happen again. When Christmas arrived, Courtney invited Rick, Beth, and Yolanda to the Whitmore-Dugan household to celebrate as a family. They took a family photo much to the glee of Mike, who had cemented his role as an ally of the group. When the celebrations pass, Stargirl and STRIPE soar over Blue Valley together, unaware of the growing threats posed by Cindy Burman and an ominous Eclipso, the return of Shade, and an inquisitive old friend searching for Pat.[13]

Taking a Break

With the defeat of the ISA, Blue Valley is once again safe from the threats of imposing villains. Over the next few months, Stargirl leads the JSA on nightly patrols. When her big foe is actually a raccoon, that Hourman, Wildcat, and Dr. Mid-Nite admit that they don't think there's any real threat to the town. It isn't until Dr. Mid-Nite's scan of the town comes up clear that Wildcat insists they are protecting a small town that doesn't need protection. Hourman recaps that the ISA is gone now that everyone is either dead or in prison; The Gambler is a wimp, Icicle was shattered into a million pieces, while Tigress and Sportsmaster are locked up. He concludes that Cindy Burman was probably crushed when the satellite came down along with Brainwave. The rest of the JSA agree to put away their superhero acts for now but will gladly suit up if any trouble arises. Meanwhile, Pat accidentally exposed the existence of S.T.R.I.P.E. to local mechanic and junkyard owner, Zeek. Without elaborating, Pat asked Zeek to keep the robot a secret and Zeek obliged, though he had some suggestions for how to improve the machine.[14]

New Arrivals

Courtney unexpectedly meets the daughter of Golden Age hero Alan Scott/Green Lantern, when the girl breaks into the Whitmore-Dugan house to steal the Green Lantern.[14] Courtney explains the situation to Pat, Barbara, and Mike, though the adults primarily blame Courtney for the destruction. Pat is surprised to learn that the girl, Jennie, is the daughter of Alan Scott. Jennie, however, recognizes Pat's name as Stripesey's civilian name, and gushes over his popularity and infamy due to his mechanical genius. Barbara and Pat accept that Jennie means no harm and let her stay at their house. Courtney is still skeptical over Jennie's true identity and struggles to trust the new arrival.

202 SC84.png

Meanwhile, Pat and Jennie take to The Pit Stop to train with Green Lantern's ring. Though she struggles to focus her willpower at first, she later creates a large replica of a toy car her father left her. Beth, Rick, and Pat are enthralled by the girls powers while Yolanda and Courtney are skeptical. Yolanda ultimately gives the girl a chance. Courtney than accuses Jennie of coming to Blue Valley because she heard about the JSA being active again. The girls argue before Jennie runs out, with Beth and Yolanda chasing after her. Rick pauses a moment to tell Courtney her behavior wasn't cool.

During a long and honest with Pat, Courtney revealed that she feels like a fraud around Jennie. The girl is everything Courtney should be: perfect, kinj to Pat, and the real daughter of superhero. Pat reminds her that her power goes beyond the Cosmic Staff - it's her ability to see the good in others. Courtney realizes he's right and apologizes to Jennie, making amends with her. As they talk, Courtney drives her point that Jennie has everything now, which causes Jennie to lash out. She knocks the lantern off the table and exclaims that she only put on the ring to find her brother. The lantern begins to shoot rays of green energy. The JSA grabs the lantern and takes off to the park, where they will be away from people. Pat follows them and tells Jennie to control her emotions as it affects her power and the lantern. Courtney realizes that Jennie is the lantern.

202 SC125.png

Jennie is charging the ring which is why it worked for her before she found the lantern. Courtney believes Jennie can absorb the energy before it explodes. Jennie picks it up and tells the JSA to leave in case it doesn’t work. Courtney won’t leave and tells her she can do this. The absorption works for a moment before the power explodes across the town, blasting the JSA backward and leaving a giant crater in the ground. Believing they've lost Jennie to the crater, the JSA is left stunned. But floating above the crater, surrounded by green energy and smiling, is Jennie. She happily notes that she can fly now. The next morning, Courtney wakes up to learn from Barbara that Jennie has left the Whitmore-Dugan household. Courtney goes to the basement where she talks with Pat. She is ready to accept that her life as Courtney needs to come before her life as Stargirl from now on. Pat, while happy to hear that, is forced to admit that Shade, the only ISA member unaccounted for, has returned to Blue Valley.[15]

203 SC128.png

The JSA's plans to step back from their superhero antics are abruptly ended. While Courtney is excited about the arrival of another villain, Pat warns the team that The Shade is responsible for the death of Charles McNider and has power over shadows. Beth wants to get justice for Dr. McNider, who is the only member left without justice. They hatch a plan with help from Mike Dugan and his newfound sidekick Thunderbolt, to confront Shade about his arrival in Blue Valley. When they burst in, Shade doesn't want a fight and instead, invites them to tea. He explains that while his interests coincided with the ISA's at some point in the past, he did not agree with Jordan Mahkent's plans and defected.

Stargirl refuses to let people like him threaten their town. He assures her that he has no dark design for Blue Valley, and if they stay out of his way, he'll be gone before they know it. Unfortunately, Mike bursts in and makes a wish for Thunderbolt to "zap" Shade. Thunderbolt attacks but Shade easily renders the being useless. The rest of the JSA react to attack Shade, but he incapacitates them and disappears into the shadows. Meanwhile, Barbara tells Pat of the missing artifact in William Zarick's belongings that upset the inquisitive Richard Swift. According to the ledger, it housed a black diamond. This strikes a cord with Pat who knows the black diamond is an entity of evil called Eclipso with the power to make people hallucinate their worst fears.[16]

Injustice Unlimited Strikes

When the JSA tracks the recent storms caused by Eclipso’s power to its epicenter at the school, they are shocked to discover the art rooms walls covered in paint. The paintings around the room are of a black diamond. Stargirl is horrified when a horrific face protrudes from the wall before spiraling up the wall in a tentacle of black paint. The group is overcome by painted images of their fears and regrets, the images overcoming their minds as their eyes glaze over. Stargirl is unaffected and confronts a possessed Deisinger covered in an organic paint like substance. Stargirl is able to free him by using the light of the cosmic staff to overcome Eclipso’s darkness. The JSA did not find the diamond on Deisinger and he is sent to the hospital under psychiatric evaluation. The JSA regroup at the Pit Stop to talk about the nights events with Pat realizing that Eclipso is getting stronger as his powers are spreading beyond the Black Diamond.

The Justice Society of America fights against Injustice Unlimited in the cafeteria of Blue Valley High School. Stargirl and Shiv go one-on-one as does Wildcat and Issac, finally Hourman and Artemis. The JSA gains the upper hand in the fight that leaves the Injustice Unlimited depleted. Shiv demands they continue fighting, but her team is depleted. Shiv decides to do this herself and removes The Black Diamond, holding it up menacingly. Suddenly, The Shade arrives in a wall of shadows that surrounds the JSA and protects them from the light of the diamond. Shade warns Cindy that she has no idea of the power inside the diamond. She knows what she's doing but he scoffs that if she knew what it truly was she wouldn't be using it in a petty teenage rivalry. He instructs her to give him the diamond, triggering Eclipso to take control of Cindy's body, much to her screams to stop. As Shade battles with Eclipso, Stargirl takes charge and attacks using the Cosmic Staff, against Shade's warnings. Eclipso relishes in the incoming attack. When the staff touches the diamond, it causes the diamond to shatter and Eclipso is set free. The blast causes everyone to fall to the ground, and Eclipso rises in his true form.

Cindy realizes Eclipso tricked her and tries to attack him. Eclipso grabs Cindy's wrists, and sneers that they used each other. He tears out one of Cindy's blades from her wrist and throws it at Isaac Bowin, impaling him in the stomach, then throws Cindy against the wall. Eclipso approaches Isaac and relished in the impurities that he senses. Eclipso then absorbs Isaac's soul, turning his body into ash. Cindy gets back up, and demands Eclipso remember that she's the only reason he's here. Eclipso causally throws a piece of the shattered diamond at Cindy's feet, and it opens a black portal that pulls Cindy into it, despite Courtney's attempt to save her. Hourman charges at Eclipso but the latter swats him into the wall with his backhand. The Shade antagonizes and attacks Eclipso, who walks through Shade's shadow wall, angrily reminding Shade that his powers come from Eclipso's homeland. He impales Shade with his claws, and throws him aside into the air. Shade teleports away as a result. Stargirl then attacks Eclipso with the Cosmic staff. He grabs hold of the staff and while it appears to hurt him, he drains the staff of its light and pushes Courtney to the ground. Eclipso then runs out into the night in an animalistic way, disappearing once he's outdoors. Courtney gives chase but realizes that Eclipso has escaped and that something is wrong with the staff.

Courtney and Mike meet with Barbara and Pat in the hospital to fill them in on the nights events. Meanwhile Rick, Yolanda, and Beth head back to the Pit Stop where Beth inspects Rick's broken rib and discuss Eclipso's release and their next course of action.

Battle Against Eclipso

See also: Battle Against Eclipso

Yolanda suffers from headaches and pain since the death of Brainwave, and struggles to deal with the crushing guilt she feels over the murder. On July 3rd, her time with the church doesn't soothe her pain, as her headaches begin to worsen to the point of mental hallucinations via dreams. She dreams that Brainwave has returned and has transferred his consciousness into her, and is merely waiting for her to be weak enough so he can take over her body. She begins to dream of Henry, who is suffering in hell because Yolanda couldn't forgive him for the sins he committed against her. He warns that while she might forgive him, his father will never forgive her, and they will burn together. As Yolanda suffers, she feels as though she can't reach out to Courtney, and tries to face her torment alone. Courtney notices of Yolanda's pain and convinces her that she doesn't have to do this alone and should tell the others what happened. Yolanda hesitantly agrees so they call a team meeting.

Yolanda admits that she killed Brainwave and lied about the tunnels killing him. Rick understands that she had no other choice, but Beth struggles to see it that way. Yolanda begins to open up as she makes the team realize that she's the only one capable of murder, referencing Rick letting Solomon Grundy go. She knows she's going to have to be the one to kill Eclipso when the time comes, as the others won't bring themselves to do it. She has to face that she's the JSA member who kills. She leaves the meeting despite Courtney's pleas for her to stop. Yolanda retreats to the church where she suffers a major episode. She is found by Courtney who uses the Cosmic Staff to wake her. Yolanda is angry at Courtney now, as she was fine being alone before Courtney pulled her into the JSA. She wants to know why Courtney chose her to be Wildcat, but Courtney can't give her an answer. Yolanda coldly states that she's never going to put on that costume again and runs out. She ignores Courtney's calls and instead has her mother answer to tell Courtney she doesn't want to speak with her. Maria then calls Richie's Diner and informs them of Yolanda's choice to leave her employment. Now unable to reach her friend, Courtney leans into her family for support as she worries Yolanda's suffer is from Eclipso, or worse, just in her head.[17] The next day, Yolanda returns the Wildcat Suit to Courtney, solidifying her exit from the team.

On July 4th, Rick continues to feed a hiding Solomon Grundy in the woods near Blue Valley. He begins to grow closer to the creature, and when he leaves the woods, he hears over the radio that the town has started a manhunt for the bear in the woods. Trucks with hunters begin to fill the streets. Rick panics and grabs the hourglass before running into the woods after Grundy. He calls Pat and Courtney to franticly tell them that he needs their help protecting Grundy. He runs through the woods looking for Grundy. He stops at the sight of two hunters - one who is injured. They are frightened as the thing in the woods isn't a bear but some kind of creature, and with the ten-year-old girl missing from her parents backyard, the hunters are more determined than ever to kill the beast. Rick refuses to believe that Grundy would hurt the girl and flees. He runs to the riverbank where he finds Grundy standing by the river, his hands covered in blood, the body of the young girl floating in the water.

Rick screams that Grundy's a monster and is going to kill him. He pursues Grundy while Pat and Courtney try to help the girl, only for her to open her eyes and vanish. Courtney and Pat realize that Eclipso is behind this and track Rick to the Harris farm, where they find Rick pounding on Grundy. Courtney tries to get him to stop but he's intent on killing the creature, throwing him into the truck as he continues his assaults'. Courtney blasts him with a weakened Cosmic Staff, yelling that it isn't Grundy. Rick stands and is horrified as he realizes his assaults were against his uncle Matt Harris, who is leaning against the truck unconscious and covered in blood. Rick is overcome with emotion as he rips the hourglass off his neck and drops it on the ground. The artifact shatters and the powder inside lands in a pile. Rick is taken into police custody while Courtney and Pat are left powerless to help him or Matt.

Simultaneously, Beth works to communicate with Charles McNider and manages to briefly reach him. The man is still confused as to who she is and why she has the goggles, so she explains that she's the new Dr. Mid-Nite. He realizes she has his original goggles and her pair is somehow connected to his. He reveals that he's trapped in the Shadowlands, though the communication is interrupted before he can elaborate. Beth's parents arrive home early from work to talk with her about their impending divorce. Things start off okay, with the couple completing each other's sentences and thoughts. But things begin to take a dark turn as Bridget admits that she and James drifted apart because of Beth. Beth is hurt by the revelations and looks down at her sandwich, which is crawling with worms. She pushes it off the table and is reprimanded by her parents for her behavior.

Beth runs to Courtney's house where she sees Eclipso in the form of a young Bruce Gordon. Eclipso holds Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles and accuses Beth of stealing them. He taunts her over the fact that no one chose her to be Dr. Mid-Nite, not even her own parents. Beth demands he give the goggles back, but Eclipso runs off with them. Beth chases Eclipso through the house and when he suddenly appears behind her, she realizes his true identity as Eclipso and not Bruce. As Eclipso continues to taunt Beth, he tries to make her doubt herself, and throws out a racist insult. Beth calls him out on it, and Eclipso roars, sealing Beth in the closet. He opens the closet and she falls into the JSA headquarters where Starman, Wildcat, and Hourman reject her. Eclipso taunts that she's the only thing that doesn't fit - she's the wrong age, wrong gender, and even the wrong color.

As Eclipso taunts Beth from the shadows for being afraid, Beth asks him why he she's the one hiding then, and asks him what he is scared of. This prompts Eclipso to emerge in his true form as he yells that he is scared of nothing. He grabs Beth and continues to taunt her to make her afraid. Beth snaps that she chose herself and yanks the goggles from Eclipso's claws. She tells him that she chose herself and she loves being black. She puts on the goggles, causing Eclipso to vanish. Beth realizes she's still in her home, and wonders when she came home. Charles McNider contacts Beth through the goggles and explains that she never left her home - it was all an illusion created by Eclipso. He warns her not to take off the goggles as it will allow her to see through Eclipso's illusions. When talking with her mom, Beth also realizes her initial talk with parents was part of Eclipso's mind games, and they never blamed her for their divorce.[18]

Eclipso targeted the Whitmore-Dugan family next. He tormented Pat Dugan with visions of Rebecca McNider's funeral, and later, an adult Bruce Gordon who threatens to shoot Pat. Eclipso made Barbara Whitmore believe her car stalled and froze over with a hallucination of Jordan Mahkent having returned to harm her and her family. She was able to shake free of the illusions with help from The Shade, who convinced her to fight through illusions. Eclipso also tormented Mike Dugan with a vision of Jordan's son, Cameron Mahkent, using cryokinetic powers like his father to try and kill Mike in revenge for his father's accidental death at Mike's hand. Courtney pulls Mike out of his vision by placing his hand on the Cosmic Staff, an act she repeats with a hallucinating Pat. That night, Pat ultimately confessed to Courtney that the JSA killed Bruce to try and stop Eclipso. The secret served as a betrayal for Courtney who had trusted Pat to tell her everything. The family erupted into an argument while Eclipso watched from the outside as a young Bruce Gordon, laughing gleefully at the chaos he created.[19]

The Whitmore-Dugan's are surprised by the arrival of an injured Richard Swift, whose injuries at the hands of Eclipso still haven't healed. He is linked to The Black Diamond and it's destruction left him in a weakened state. Courtney questions how they can defeat Eclipso, with Richard saying they can repaired the Black Diamond using light. The diamond would then act as a magnet and pull Eclipso back into it. Courtney tries to use the Cosmic Staff to repair the diamond, but the artifact is still too weak. She and Pat are forced on a road trip to Civic City to find Jennie, whose ring holds enough light power to fuse the diamond together. They deduce the only place in Civic City where she could visit is the JSA's headquarters. They find Jennie, who has been searching for her long-lost twin brother, and convince her to help them refuse the diamond. Jennie uses the ring and her power is strong enough to pull the pieces together. Meanwhile, Beth learns from Dr. McNider that fusing the diamond doesn't act as a magnet, but rather, a beacon. Moreover, the repaired diamond will give Richard his full strength once again. By the time Beth learns the truth and the history behind Richard's powers, Jennie has already repaired the diamond. Eclipso arrives at the headquarters and easily dismisses Pat. The rings powers stall Eclipso but he pushes through the power and dismisses Jennie. He then throws the Black Diamond at Courtney's feet and sends her to The Shadowlands.[20]

Courtney awakened in the Shadowlands to discover people she's lost during her time as Stargirl, including Joey Zarick, Anaya Bowin, and Isaac Bowin. Before they could converse more, Courtney was attacked by Cindy Burman who donned her Shiv costume. The girls fought and Cindy sliced Courtney's arm. She then froze when she saw the blood. She realized Courtney was actually there and not an illusion, as no one in the Shadowlands ever bleeds. Courtney learned that she was trapped in the Shadowlands. A place of despair and negativity where Eclipso was born. It fed off the darkness in humanity and tormented its inhabitants with memories of all the terrible things they had committed in their lives. All the people they've lost and all the mistakes they've made. She warned that Courtney would never survive the place as she's too good. She see things in black and white but the world is more grey than that. Cindy also pressed that there wasn't a way out. She had seen peoples souls be ripped apart by the things they endured in the Shadowlands.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Pat, Barbara, Mike, Beth, and Jennie believed Courtney had died when she was pulled into the vortex. As they grieve the loss, Beth is contacted by Dr. McNider who revealed Courtney was alive and trapped with him in the Shadowlands. Beth convinced Pat and Barbara to believe in Dr. McNider, an act that was supported by Mike. She relayed Dr. McNider's instructions to use Jennie's ring to locate The Shade, as her ring could "catch the scent" of Shade's dark energy. Jennie succeeded in her search but found two potential locations where Shade's energy was present. the team split up, with Barbara and Pat going to the local theatre. They found Shade watching a black and white movie. They asked him to open a doorway to the Shadowlands so they could save Courtney and Charles. Shade was surprised that Charles was in the Shadowlands and felt remorseful for having placed him there unknowingly. Despite his weakened state, Shade agreed to open a doorway using the movie screen in front of them. With much focus, he succeeded in opening a door where the two dimensions could see each other. Courtney and Charles prepared to leave when Courtney remembered that Cindy was still trapped. She refused to leave without Cindy, and Charles pressed they had to hurry in saving her. Shade struggled to keep the doorway open long enough for them to return.

Once they rescued Cindy, the trio hurried to the JSA headquarters where they pushed through the barrier The Shade had created. Courtney pressed through the film first and transitioned from black and white to back into color. Dr. McNider followed soon after, with Cindy having crossed through last. When all three were safely returned, The Shade closed the portal. Pat and Dr. McNider embraced happily. However, the exertion of energy was too much for Shade in his weakened state, and he succumbed to his injuries. His body faded away in black shadows while everyone watched. Cindy was unphased by the death and simply asked who was ready to kill Eclipso.[21]

Once Courtney was reunited with her family and Beth, she prepared for the eminent battle against Eclipso. She knew they would need everyone they could possibly find to help them defeat the monster. Pat did what he could to convince Matt Harris to drop the assault charges against Rick Tyler so the teenager was released from prison. Pat brought Rick to The Pit Stop where he tried to fix the shattered hourglass, though the feat proved difficult. Meanwhile, Courtney tried to reconnect with Yolanda to convince her to return to the JSA. She told Yolanda about the Golden Age's choice to kill Bruce Gordon, but the revelation didn't soothe Yolanda's guilt as Courtney had hoped. Instead, Yolanda doubled down on her choice to never put on the Wildcat costume again. Cindy watched the tense standoff and decided to intervene. She used reverse psychology to tell Yolanda that the JSA didn't need her now that they had Shiv. Her efforts worked as Yolanda confronted Courtney over her choice to work with Cindy who was evil. She couldn't believe that Courtney would work with Cindy, and decided to come back to the JSA on a temporary basis until Cindy was gone.

Simultaneously, Mike hunted down the Thunderbolt and discovered that his friend Jakeem Williams was the new wielder. He explained the JSA's history to Jakeem and how they needed Thunderbolt's help to defeat Eclipso. Jakeem didn't want to part with the Thunderbolt as the creature had become his friend. Mike agreed to let Jakeem keep the Thunderbolt, but reminded him that he now had the responsibility to save the world. Jakeem agreed to help Mike and the JSA. Meanwhile, Beth and Dr. McNider explored The American Dream in search of the ISA's headquarters so they could expand the system needed to track Eclipso. They unknowingly walked into a trap by Eclipso, who was pleased when Beth sent out a trouble alert to her friends.[22]

213 SC13.png

Beth learned that Eclipso had captured her parents and trapped them in an Eclipso-vision that would eventually kill them. Just then, Stargirl, Wildcat, Shiv, and Pat arrived at The American Dream. They faced-off against Eclipso and Stargirl sent Pat to find Beth. Now, the three heroines attacked Eclipso but he vanished only to reappear across the room. He infected Wildcat and Shiv with illusions of Ted Grant and a younger self respectively. While they were distracted by the realism of the illusions, Stargirl attempted to blast Eclipso with the staff multiple times but he avoided her attacks. Pat was also attacked by a dark version of himself.

Jennie had been infected with residue from the black diamond that had created the portal that trapped Cindy. She was haunted by visions of Eclipso that revealed his plan to take over Courtney's body so he could wield both light and darkness. She jolted awake and warned Barbara that they couldn't let Courtney go after Eclipso as that was part of his plan, but it was too late as they had already left. As they prepared to leave the house to help the JSA, they were distracted by a surprise visitor.

213 SC48.png

As portals opened in the sky, Stargirl realized that Eclipso wanted to bring The Shadowlands to their world, and he confirmed her theory. Once the two world merged he could consume all of humanity at once and become a god. McNider and Beth were now focused on saving their friends, as McNider stopped Pat from his attacks on his darker self, while Beth guided Stargirl to Eclipso's true whereabouts in the room. Stargirl blasted him backward with Cosmo and managed to wound him. The team rallied around Stargirl but Eclipso quickly overpowered them with a blast of darkness that sent them flying. Stargirl, Shiv, and Wildcat recovered quickly and worked together to attack the monster. He quickly batted away Wildcat, though the remaining duo proved a challenge to him. He ultimately overpowered them despite their expert maneuvers. He threw them out of The American Dream window and scaled the rooftop.

Elsewhere, Rick gave up on trying to fix the hourglass after more failed attempts. Instead, he left with the suit to fight Eclipso without his super strength. Mike and Jakeem tried to stop him but were distracted by Zeek who announced that he couldn't finish S.T.R.I.P.E. until the next day as they needed a rare part. Mike realized that Pat knew they wouldn't fix the robot in time, though Jakeem believed it was because Pat wanted to keep him safe. Just then, Thunderbolt arrived with the Chinese food that Jakeem wished for the day before. He realized that something was wrong. Jakeem wished for the rare part and Zeek repaired S.T.R.I.P.E. just in time for Mike to pilot the robot. Mike flew the robot to The American Dream where he grabbed Eclipso from the rooftop and threw him into a car. S.T.R.I.P.E. proceeded to attack Eclipso with a newly installed chainsaw and then blasted him with the flame thrower.

Jakeem teleported into the fight and wished for Thunderbolt to electrocute Eclipso. The being obliged and attacked. He succeeded in wounding Eclipso but the monster grabbed hold of Thunderbolt's ankles and threw him in S.T.R.I.P.E. This caused the robot to short circuit and malfunction. It fell to the ground unable to move. Eclipso advanced on a defenseless Jakeem, just as Hourman arrived at the fight. Eclipso remarks that he didn't have super strength, but Hourman did - and it lasted longer than an hour. Solomon Grundy appeared and threw Eclipso across the street. He roared before he descended on the monster with multiple attacks. Eclipso regained himself long enough to grab Grundy's punch, fling him away, and then blast Grundy with a ray of darkness that formed a hole in his chest. Grundy fell to the ground now dead. Hourman attacked Eclipso out of anger and was batted aside.

213 SC99.png

Eclipso then grabbed Pat and dragged him across the road until he stood in front of Stargirl. He threatened to rip off Pat's arms if Stargirl didn't admit how she truly felt about Eclipso. She struggled as she watched Pat writhing in pain as his shoulder and arm were broken. Stargirl, finally at her breaking point, screamed that she hated him. Eclipso stopped, sighed in satisfaction, and then used his hyper speed to appear in front of her. He grabbed her by the throat and raised her above the ground. He admitted that everything he did - torturing her friends, family, the illusions, it was all so she would admit one thread of darkness inside her. That was all he needed to get his claws in her. Eclipso turned into darkness as he possessed Stargirl, entering her body through her eyes and mouth. Stargirl fell from the hovering stance to the ground. Pat called out to her. She raised her head up and her eyes glowed red. She reached out and grabbed the Cosmic Staff, which reacted to the darkness inside her as it glowed with purple energy. Eclipso spoke through Courtney as he revealed that he now wielded the power of both darkness and light. He could now merge The Shadowlands with this world. He turned to the sky and shot beams of Cosmic Staff energy into the rifts.

213 SC118.png

Beth and McNider watched as her parents were suddenly freed from their illusion by a returned Shade. He revealed that when Eclipso brought The Shadowlands to this world, it was just what he needed to come back. His whole theater debacle was just his flair for the dramatics. Meanwhile, Wildcat and Shiv, who had to pop her bones back into place, agreed to try and take the staff from Eclipso instead of killing the host as the Golden Age JSA had. They descended on Stargirl as Wildcat tried to pull the staff from her hands while Shiv wrapped her arm around Stargirl's neck. Eclipso cackled that they couldn't beat him and easily flung Shiv backward. Wildcat tried to reach Courtney but Eclipso had already taken hold. He shouted that the staff was a conduit for spiritual enlightenment and is creation itself. Only one person can wield the staff. He threw Wildcat aside as he repeated that only one could wield the staff.

213 SC120.png

Suddenly, Sylvester Pemberton grabbed the staff and smirked that maybe two can wield it. He gripped the staff as Eclipso struggled against his pull. They locked into a battle of will as the staff rose them several feet above the ground. The JSA and their allies watched in awe as the scene unfolded. As they struggled for control over the staff, Sylvester admitted to Courtney that he was still getting caught up. However, if the staff worked for her, that means she was chosen for a reason. He told her to fight the monster inside of her. Eclipso also taunted Courtney by telling her she's unwanted by her father and unloved. Memories of her friends and family flood her mind. Pat encouraged her from the ground as Sylvester pulled at the staff. Eclipso began to groan as light began to enter Courtney once again. Eclipso gave a shout before Courtney expelled him from her body in a burst of dark energy. She let go of the staff, which allowed Sylvester clutch it. Sylvester used the staff to guide himself to the ground, and caught Courtney in his arms. She looked at him in shock before they looked over at Eclipso.

STG213fg 0028r.jpg

The duo was joined by Sportsmaster, Tigress, and their daughter Artemis. Artemis had broken her parents out of jail. Meanwhile, Eclipso laid on the steps. Stargirl, Wildcat, Hourman, the Dr. Mid-Nite's, Pat, S.T.R.I.P.E., Thunderbolt, Jakeem, Shade, Barbara, Jennie, and Sylvester advanced to Eclipso. Shade stated that Eclipso was in a weakened state, so those who commanded the light must act fast. Sylvester gripped the back end of the staff while Courtney held the front half, and together, they blasted Eclipso. They were joined by Jennie who wielded green energy and Thunderbolt who used pink energy on the command of Jakeem. With their combined efforts, Eclipso was defeated, though Jakeem's wish for Eclipso to "be toast" was taken literally as the creature transformed into a half-burnt piece of toast. After the blast was over, Courtney turned to Sylvester and introduced herself as Courtney. He smiled as he said his name was Sylvester. Jakeem wondered what they should do with the piece of toast, and Hourman stated they should put it somewhere safe. Thunderbolt peered over and cringed as he saw the toast was a little burnt which was his bad.

213 SC156.png

In the days that followed, the young JSA members convened on the Whitmore-Dugan House steps. The town had finally returned to a normal weather state. Yolanda confirmed that she was back as Wildcat, Rick left to bury Solomon Grundy, and Jennie returned to Milwaukee to search for her brother. Courtney feared that Sylvester had only returned to take back the staff. This fear was laid to rest when he assured her that he wasn't back for the staff. However, he did want to show her what the staff could really do, something she happily agreed too. As Beth said goodbye to Chuck, who was on his way back to Melody Hills Indiana to find his wife and ten-year-old son, she asked what they should do if the world needed Dr. Mid-Nite again. He simply smiled and handed her the bag that contained the Mid-Nite gear. He said that the world already has one.

Meanwhile, Shade appeared to Rick to tell him that Grundy had a habit of coming back if they bury him at the right place at the right time. Rick wondered why Shade was still in Blue Valley, to which he admitted that there was something charming about the town. Across town, Yolanda left church when she spotted Cindy, who had decided to stay in town as she liked it there. She then, rather nervously, said that Eclipso got her thinking about her future and how Yolanda got a pass. Which means she should get a pass too, but knew it wouldn't happen if Yolanda didn't agree. She admitted she wanted to join the JSA. On the final day of summer school, the Whitmore-Dugan's were surprised by their new next door neighbors - the Crock's.

Across the country in Civic City, at the Helix Institute, a nurse revealed to a mysterious patron that Jennie was in Milwaukee searching for her brother, but she made friends in Blue Valley, Nebraska. The town somehow had a collection of superheroes and villains that co-existed. The man, who bore translucent skin and steam punk clothing, admitted the town sounded intriguing. He thought it was time to visit Blue Valley.[23]

The Modern Age

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Notable Artifacts

The following artifacts either belonged to the JSA or are currently in Pat Dugan's possession after their defeat. Some of these artifacts also reside in the Justice Society of America Headquarters.

  • Injustice Society of America Files: The JSA kept detailed files of almost every member of the Injustice Society of America. The files were kept hidden from the world but often used information gathered from police reports. This information helped the JSA in their fights against the ISA. Some of the known files were Brainwave, Icicle, The Wizard, and Sportsmaster. Courtney discovered at least five more files after the ISA's defeat, though these villains had already been defeated. The Justice Society were unaware of the ISA's true identities, so the files were incomplete in that regard.
  • Justice Society of America Suits: These suits are worn by the Justice Society of America while they fight crime as their alter-egos. The origins of the individual suits are unknown, though most of the Golden Age suits are kept in the JSA's headquarters in Civic City. However, the Stargirl, Hourman, Wildcat, and Dr. Mid-Nite suits were given to the next generation of heroes. They are kept safe by the individual heroes, with the exception of the Wildcat suit, which was returned to Courtney after Wildcat left the JSA.
  • Rex Tyler's Journal and Research: Rex Tyler, better known as Hourman, kept a journal detailing his life as a superhero and member of the JSA. He also included pictures of himself as both Hourman and Rex. After the deaths of his fellow JSA, Rex tracked the ISA around the country. He kept detailed and meticulous research that he later entrusted to Pat Dugan shortly before his death. When Pat learned that Rex had a son, Rick Tyler, Pat passed the journal onto the teen. It ultimately contained the needed information for the JSA to stop Project New America.
  • Golden Age Photo: This photo is a group picture of every active JSA member from the Golden Age, except Stripesy, who was taking the photo. It is the only known photo of the group from that era.
  • Thunderbolt: The Thunderbolt is a powerful weapon that Johnny Thunder used to fight crime. It appears to be an ordinary pink pen, however, it contains a magical, electrical, fun-loving, wish-granting pink imp. The wishes he grants often cause more trouble than the wish-asker would ever expect.
  • Green Lantern's Power Battery: This green lantern was used by Alan Scott to charge his ring during his time as the Green Lantern. Pat warned Courtney that the lantern was useless without its ring, but it is extremely powerful and could have killed her. Green Lantern's daughter, Jennie-Lynn Hayden, later stole the lantern from the Whitmore-Dugan house and absorbed the remaining power. She now serves at the lantern, able to charge the ring on her own accord.


Additional Season 1 appearances include a photograph of the Golden Age JSA in "S.T.R.I.P.E." and "Icicle".
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Notes and Trivia

  • Icicle was responsible for the fatal wound that was thought to have killed Starman. He also killed The Flash, Sandman, and the destruction of Charles McNider/Dr. Mid-Nite's AI.
  • Brainwave was responsible for the deaths of Johnny Thunder, Hawkman and Hawkgirl.[26]
  • The Shade was thought be responsible for the physical death of Charles McNider aka Dr. Mid-Nite until it is revealed to Beth that he's actually trapped in the Shadowlands.
  • Grundy was responsible for the deaths of Wildcat and Hourman.
  • The fates of Golden Age members Green Lantern, Doctor Fate and Spectre are unknown, though it’s believed that Eclipso killed the latter two, while Green Lantern perished in the final battle against the ISA.
  • The Golden Age Team kept files for each critical member of the Injustice Society.
    • After the Golden Age team died, their files and artifacts fell into Pat Dugan's custody.
  • Pat is in possession of the only known Golden Age photo of the JSA.
  • Several artifacts were kept at the old JSA hall as part of a memorial. Although some of these are merely sentimental, such as The Flash's helmet, several potentially dangerous items include Dr. Fate's Helmet, Green Lantern's Power Battery, and Thunderbolt. Some of these items were taken by Courtney to give to the next generation of heroes.
  • Dr. Mid-Nite's Owl still lives in the hall and appeared when Pat visited, and he doesn't understand that Dr. Mid-Nite is dead and won't be coming back.
  • Most of the Modern Age heroes are females, having taken over the mantles of their fallen male predecessors.
  • It has since been revealed that two Golden Age JSA members are alive; Starman and Dr. Mid-Nite.
  • So far, the Modern Day JSA is associated with two known legacies; member Rick Tyler who is the son of the Golden Age Hourman Rex Tyler, and Jennie-Lynn Hayden who is daughter of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott. While Rick is an official member of the JSA, Jennie has yet to confirm her affiliation.
  • The photograph taken during "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part Two" is tagged by Dr. Mid-Nite's Goggles as being the JSA's holiday photo of 2020.