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You seem to think that power comes from other people’s perception of you. From recognition or applause but… that’s not true power. No, William, true power doesn’t need to be seen. I’ve traveled across this country. I’ve hunted down everybody who played a part in Christine’s death. Everybody who exposed her to a toxin that led her to get sick. And I did this because I too made a promise, William. To my wife as she lay dying in my bed that I would combat injustice. For our son. For everyone’s children.
Jordan in "Icicle"

Jordan Mahkent was a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl.

Jordan was a meticulous businessman and both founder and CEO of The American Dream. He was the father of Cameron Mahkent and the widower of Christine Mahkent. He wanted to leave the world a better place than the one he lived in, by creating Project New America, which would effectively alter the minds of millions of people. He sought those who ruined the world and destroyed them as the supervillain Icicle.

He led the Injustice Society of America to create Project New America, and was a Machiavellian, as he believed the ends justified the means. He had no qualms with the project killing twenty-five million people if it meant the remaining people would follow his belief system. His time in Blue Valley left behind a trail of destruction that co-existed with beauty.


Jordan was in London when he first met Christine, a talented artist, who caught his attention because of her beauty. He was nervous to ask her out as another man was pursuing her, whom he implied to have killed to be her only suitor. When Jordan finally grew the courage to speak with Christine, she showed him the most beautiful drawings - of him. She had liked him too but was just waiting for him to make a move. They later married and had a son together, Cameron. At some point, Jordan founded The American Dream to rebuild America one town at a time.

During an unknown time, Jordan founded the Injustice Society of America and collected various individuals with an array of talents or gifts. His collection of supervillains was doubted by reluctant allies, and he was ultimately betrayed by one of his members. Jordan, under his moniker of Icicle, made fast enemies with the Justice Society of America, a team of superheroes who sought to protect the world. As Icicle, he fought individual members of their team several times over the years before the culmination of their feud on December 24, 2010. The battle resulted in the destruction of the JSA.

Christine worked as a school teacher at a newly built school. Unbeknownst to anyone beforehand, Bannerman Chemicals built the school Christine worked at on top of a former chemical waste dump. The chemicals Christine was exposed to everyday caused her to develop Cancer. It was in Blue Valley, Nebraska, that Christine laid in Jordan's bed at home, dying. Jordan brought their eight-year-old song Cameron to see his mother, so could have a chance to say goodbye. She died that night only moments after she made Jordan promise to do whatever it took to complete his mission - even if he had to kill anyone who got in his way. After Christine's death, Jordan was overcome with emotion and ran outside where he let out an emotional scream. He temporarily lost control of his powers and froze the entire garden while his son watched from inside the house.

Jordan left Blue Valley and temporarily resigned his leadership of the ISA to William Zarick. His son, Cameron, was primarily raised by Jordan's elderly parents Sofus and Lily. Jordan traveled around the country searching for the people responsible for his wife becoming ill. He also observed the state of the country and took notes on how broken the country is and the forgotten small towns.


Season 1

101 SC9.png

Ten years ago, Icicle fights the Justice Society of America alongside his fellow Injustice Society of America members. A war between mind and will proceeds between Starman and Brainwave until which Brainwave breaks and is hit with a beam of light from the Cosmic Staff. Starman turns but is stabbed with a dagger of ice in the chest, and falls to the floor, as Icicle descends the stairs. When Starman and Stripesy escape the mansion, Icicle watches the car fly away and commands Solomon Grundy with one word to follow the car. Grundy manages to damage the car but the heroes escape while Icicle and the rest of the ISA look on.

101 SC54.png

Henry King Sr./Brainwave calls a mysterious man, who is visiting a graveyard. Henry informs the man that someone had picked up the Cosmic Staff and taken over the mantle of Starman. Henry believes that this new person came after his son on purpose after targeting him. Jordan tries to rationalize with Henry, saying it is unlikely and tells him to do nothing until he returns. They hang up and Jordan has a serious look on his face.[1]

102 SC106.png

The next night, Brainwave is defeated by Stargirl, just as Jordan returns to Blue Valley. Back in the heart of town, Jordan Mahkent arrives in a black car in front of The American Dream. Inside the closed building, he presses his hand on a hidden screen which opens a door disguised as part of the wall. Walking through the subterranean tunnels, he greets Solomon Grundy, who locked behind a thick metal door. Jordan arrives arriving at the main ISA headquarters table, meeting Steve Sharpe. Steve shows Jordan the footage of the Stargirl|bespectacled hero who defeated Brainwave. Jordan whispers that he killed one Starman, and will kill another. As his breath condenses, the screen before him begins to freeze over.[2]

103 SC12.png

In a flashback to eight years ago, Jordan holds his son's hand and leads him into a bedroom, where a woman lay dying. He urges Cameron to say goodbye to his mother and is Jordan tries to cover his grief. Cameron gave her a drawing of a flower from her garden, to which she happily thanks him. She expresses her pride toward him and hugs him close. She tells him to never stop drawing as he is talented. Jordan can hardly bear to look at the children. She expresses her love for him, with him emotionally returning the sentiment. The heart monitor suddenly begins to accelerate and scared Cameron. Jordan quickly pulls Cameron into him, saying that it's alright. Cameron runs out of the room but the cardiac event subsides a few moments later. Jordan takes his wife's hand. He tells her he'll make the world pay for what it did to her, but she begs him to continue his mission and make the world safe for their son. With her last breath, she makes him promise to destroy anyone who tries to stop him then dies. Overcome with grief, Jordan runs out of the house and into the garden's where he lets out an emotional scream and freezes the garden in an explosive cryokinetic episode.

103 SC53.png

In the present day, Jordan visits Henry King Sr. at Blue Valley Medical Center. As he's leaving he attempts to call William Zarick, who consistently dodges Jordan's calls. TO make a point, Jordan waits for William at the Zarick's porch. He delivers the news that Brainwave is in a coma. William tells him that Brainwave's son was attacked by someone using Starman's staff and knew that Brainwave called Jordan. Jordan asks William why he didn't call him, and tells him to sit down. William reluctantly does and confesses that it was a girl but Henry said he'd take care of it. Jordan reiterates that William was supposed to take care of things in his absence, but Brainwave was insistent, unlike William who was always hesitant. William shoots back that he was the one who cleaned everything up, who found Brainwave, took him to the hospital, took care of the suit, and came up with the story. Jordan disapprovingly reflects on William's story, how he killed his master before his lessons were completed, and never thinks big, continuing to perform the small show. As a politician, he makes promises he can't keep, just as he did with Jordan. Jordan lectures that power doesn't come from one's perception of you but from within, saying how he hunted everyone responsible for his wife's toxic exposure and subsequent death. He did it to fulfill Christine's dying wish to combat injustice. William agrees, and Jordan stands, ensuing a pregnant moment of silence before praising him. Project: New America is Jordan's destiny, and Jordan wants it for William's too, but he's in charge now and will take care of Stargirl.

103 SC61.png

At The American Dream, Jordan introduces himself as the new boss and restates his promise to a past loved one about making America a safer place for their children. He explains that he is a child of immigrants, and has traveled across the country and seen people in forgotten communities that are in need. He's met with applause, and Steve Sharpe adds that they'll continue the revitalization of downtown. As he points out addresses, Barbara makes a noise that catches Jordan's attention. He spurs her to speak, and Barbara, stepping forward, tells him it used to be a community theater where residents would put on plays and such. Steven informs her it's been operating at a loss for years. Dejected, she turns away, but Jordan tells her it's a good idea and wants to go with her idea over Steven's. Steven protests but Jordan tells him to make it happen. Jordan then asks for her name, and Barbara responds, smiling. He takes note of her name and returns the smile.

103 SC85.png

At work, Barbara is rearranging her family's photos when Jordan unexpectedly walks in, spooking her. This causes the items to fall to the ground. They both get to the ground to pick up the pieces, and he notices the photos. He tells her she has a lovely family, and wanted to say something. Barbara interrupts, saying she understands if he changed his mind about the theater. However, he states he's assembled a task group solely for the new community theater project, much to her surprise. Their new meeting is at 6:30 and he wonders if she'll join them, but Barbara can't as she has family dinner. She says she can go to the next one and apologies once more but Jordan understands that her family is more important. He tells her to call him by his first name.

Icicle's message

That afternoon, Jordan leaves Stargirl a message in Blue Valley Park. As she approaches the section, she begins to feel cold wind and winter weather. She looks down to see a frozen star in the middle of a field, which scares her as she realizes the message is from Icicle. She returns home and enlists S.T.R.I.P.E.'s help. He and Stargirl fly to the field. However, they discover that the ice has melted. Feeling a cold wind, she jumps off the robot as two ice daggers hit S.T.R.I.P.E., freezing the robot's controls and locking Pat in. Looking around for Icicle, she runs to the woods against Pat's wishes.

103 SC105.png

In the woods, Stargirl looks around her surroundings with caution as the Staff warbles in her hands. As she nears the lakefront, the Staff emits a higher warble and takes the punch of an incoming ice dagger. She loses her balances and falls to the ground as Icicle approaches. He says hello as she points the ice-covered Staff at him, which seems incapacitated at the moment. He says goodbye to her as he raises his hand but suddenly turns to see S.T.R.I.P.E.'s rocket fist before it hits him. Icicle hangs on to the fist until he is deposited across the lake into a bridge as it flies back.

103 SC122.png

On land, Stargirl frantically tells S.T.R.I.P.E. Icicle is on the bridge, which a Blue Valley high bus is approaching, as Pat tries to defrost. Looking to see the bus, Icicle touches his hand on the ground and freezes the road. The bus driver notices and begins to swerve, turning the bus at a sharp right degree towards the side of the bridge until it's tipping off the bridge at its halfway mark. Stargirl looks at the scene with fright, but Pat manages to free himself and flies to grab the bus before it falls to the water. The robot safely puts the bus back on the bridge and flies away. Inside, the students begin to file out. A traumatized Joey slumps on the side of the bridge, beginning to collect his cards. Icicle, back on land, blows a powerful swoosh of breath that reaches far enough to impact Joey and his cards, flying them into the air. Joey begins to collect them back, not seeing a red car approaching, the road still slick with ice. Stargirl screams his name, but it's too late - Icicle has killed Joey.

103 SC157.png

At the Mahkent house, Jordan and his parents are in the living room when they hear loud banging from the front door. Jordan goes to investigate and finds William, who angrily pushes through the door and demands to know if it was an accident. He begs Jordan to tell him that he didn't mean to kill his son. Jordan tries to comfort William, but he pushes Jordan away and whips out his wand, screaming about wanting answers. Jordan puts his hands up and tells him to calm down, then touches the wand. Ice races through the wand and up William's arm. Jordan soothes his dying friend, telling him he wished he understood he was doing it for his son, and for him. William freezes to death on the floor, now only a corpse statue of ice. Jordan's parents come out and examine the scene. In Norwegian, he apologizes that they had to see this, but his mother replies in the same tongue that they'll clean it up. His father tells Jordan he has work to do.

103 SC169.png

That night, Cameron arrives home and tries to get a snack before dinner but is scolded by his grandmother for trying to eat before dinner. He smiles but is questioned by Jordan for being late. He tells his father they had a memorial for Joey claiming Joey was a good kid. They hug, and Cameron sneaks a snack before heading out of the kitchen, prompting a chuckle from Jordan. Cameron's grandmother tells Jordan that what he is doing is for the best as he's building a safer place for Cameron.[3]

104 SC62.png

A few days later, Jordan encounters Dr. Ito in the underground ISA headquarters. The doctor self-monologues, remarking how he was the one who believed in the ISA the most. Jordan makes chit chat - Dr. Ito says he's been busy working on his daughter. Jordan says he's accelerating Project: New America and needs him to build his machine. Dr. Ito agrees, relishing that it's finally time and that this generation's ultimate sacrifice will protect the next. He adds that he won't fail him like The Wizard did, saying he was quite vile. A moment passes and he asks if he can have Wizard's body. Unsettled, Jordan tentatively says yes.[4]

106 SC20.png

Jordan sleeps soundly in his bed as puffs of compensated air appear from his mouth. He suddenly awakens with a start and places his hand on the other side of the bed, as if he was expecting someone to be there. He grows sad for a moment and then rolls onto his side where a family picture of him, Cameron, and Christine sits on his end table. He picks up his phone and sees a text message from Anaya Bowin saying simply, "The gym rats are at it again".

106 SC22.png

He tries to leave the house quietly but Cameron hears his father rustling around and opens his bedroom door, catching his father leaving the house. Cameron asks if everything is okay, as it's very late. Jordan assures his son that everything is fine and he should go back to bed. Cameron leads against the doorframe and carefully states that he knows today is a difficult day. Jordan nods trying to hide his emotions, telling Cameron he loves him and will be back shortly. Cameron watches his father leave.

106 SC25.png

In the woods, Larry and Paula bicker as they bury the coach's dead body, and are confronted by an irritated Jordan. He tells the pair this is the third coach in two seasons they've eliminated, and Anaya's getting tired of replacing coaches. Larry says he's only doing what's best for his daughter. Jordan reiterates that Project: New America will ensure her a safe future. Larry's tired of waiting and wants to get back in the game already, and Paula's sick of the small-town living. Jordan announces that they will clean this mess up and take care of any loose ends. As he's leaving, he remarks that they should get their suits out - they're going in action tonight, much to their glee.

106 SC79.png

That night, Jordan and Cameron go to Richie's Diner where the waitress brings over a piece of cake with a lit candle. She overheard them talking about someone's birthday and asks which one of them is celebrating. Cameron and Jordan exchange a remorseful look before Cameron slowly explains that it's his mom's birthday, with Jordan adding in that it was her birthday. The waitress realizes her mistake and apologizes profusely for the mistake, offering to take the cake away. Jordan tells her it's okay and to leave it so the waitress goes to a different table. He and Cameron have an awkward moment before Jordan slides the cake towards Cameron, telling him to make a wish for his mother. Cameron pauses then obliges, and very faintly, his breath can be seen blowing out the candle.[5]

107 SC27.png

He goes to The American Dream where he is working until he sees Barbara. He scurries to her side and asks her to accompany him to Oakville for the acquisition of an old sewing factory. He believes her knowledge and passion will help him secure the factory and will allow her to gain more experience. She wants to accept but asks if she can check with Pat Dugan, her husband, first. Jordan agrees to let her sort things out with her family but to let him know if she can go. Barbara later confirms that she can, indeed, go with him to Oakville.

107 SC67.png

Jordan calls the ISA together for a meeting following Tigress and Sportsmaster's showdown with the Justice Society of America. He is quiet as he listens to Larry recount the events of his fight. Paula believes that if this new JSA is children then the ISA's children should be recruited to help find the JSA. Anaya Bowin disagrees due to her fear that Isaac is too sensitive for this way of life. The group had previously agreed to keep their children out of it. Paula snaps that it isn't their fault that Anaya coddles her son. Jordan stops their fighting quickly by saying they aren't getting their children involved, much to Paula's chagrin. Jordan also decides to postpone Project New America until they can weed out these children. He refuses to believe they are the new JSA, as they killed the Golden Age before. As he gives out his orders he hears a rustling at the top of the steps to the headquarters and gazes curiously at the source, but ceases to see anything as Dragon King yanked his daughter away before Jordan could see her.

107 SC96.png

He returns to his home and is packing for a business trip when Cameron returns home from school. Jordan greets his son but Cameron doesn't respond and keeps walking, lost in thought, and looking upset over something. Jordan notices and calls to him in a slightly more stern tone that catches Cameron's attention. Cameron turns around and, after some prompting by Jordan admits that the Homecoming dance is coming up. Jordan nods and coaxes the issue from his son. Cameron admits that there's this girl that he wants to go with, but is nervous to ask her out of fear of rejection. Jordan admits that he was hesitant to ask Christine out, claiming that he was scared as there was another man pursuing her. Cameron smiles as Jordan tells his story, eventually asking what his father did since there was another man. Jordan nonchalantly states that he killed him which makes Cameron laugh, as he believes it to be a joke. Jordan then tells Cameron that he was put on the earth to find love, and should be happy. Take a risk and ask her. Cameron thanks his father and begins to walk away, then tells Jordan that mom would want him to be happy too before walking off.[6]

108 SC5.png

That night in Oakville, Barbara and Jordan have dinner together. Barbara comments to Jordan how nice their hotel is. He says it was recommended by a friend and takes a moment to thank her for their successful sale - he couldn't have done it without her. She is surprised by his compliment so she merely smiles at him. He has to leave to meet a friend but encourages her to have dessert. The bill has already been settled with the restaurant so she doesn't have to worry and should get whatever she wants. Barbara thanks him for his generosity so Jordan bids her good night. As he walks away, Jordan looks back at Barbara and smiles at her.

108 SC52.png

In a hotel room across town, Jordan greets a man named Ed Reilly who enters the room. Jordan tells Mr. Reilly that he's waiting for him, and Mr. Reilly retorts to keep waiting as he reaches for the door handle. However, he finds the doorknob and his hand frozen in ice, much to his pain. Reaching over at the tabletop, Jordan compliments the man for his success with a chemical company, noting it was a far cry from his previous employment at Bannerman. Reilly asks Jordan what he wants. Jordan replies he wants a country free of companies like Bannerman who poisons water supplies and watches public schools be built over bulldozed lots. He doesn't want community members of the public schools to get sick and die. Jordan tells him of Christine Mahkent, a schoolteacher who loved her students as much as she loved her own son. Ed claims that he didn't have anything to do with that project. Jordan agrees that while Ed didn't get rich off the project like his superiors, he knew what Bannerman was doing and didn't blow the whistle. Doing this could have saved lives, including his own. Just then, blue ice ripples through Jordan's skin until he becomes encases like Icicle. Ed is terrified and turns to run when Jordan and uses his breath to freeze the business to death. Ed becomes encased in ice then tips over and shatters on the floor. Icicle crosses his legs and watches the destruction.[7]

109 SC75.png

The next day, Jordan returns to Blue Valley and calls a meeting with the ISA. The members bicker slightly between themselves until Anaya asks if Jordan had something he wanted to tell the group. Jordan states that it isn't he who has something to say, but Dr. Ito, who enters the room with his minions. The rest of the ISA is instantly uncomfortable with the doctor's presence but mask their disdain with quiet. Dr. Ito addresses the room before asking if he can sit, which Jordan responds with an eager "of course". He then urges Dr. Ito to tell the group his news. Jordan watches happily as Dr. Ito explains that they can push forward with Project New America as he has discovered that Henry King Jr. has his father's telepathic abilities. He explains that with Henry's powers, they can broadcast the same signal and assume control over every developed mind in six states, carving out their "new America".

109 SC88.png

Jordan resumes his work at The American Dream later in the day. He is visited by Barbara, who apologizes for having to leave their business trip early. He tells her not to apologize and asks how her daughter, Courtney, is recovering after her car accident. Barbara assures Jordan that Courtney is recovering at home. He's glad that Courtney is okay but has a solemn expression on his face. Barbara asks if he's alright to which he confides that he's been working a specific project for many years, and now that it's close to completion, he thought he would feel more accomplished. But the project forced him to travel quite a bit, which cost him precious time with his son. He thought it would all be worth it in the end, but he isn't so sure of that anymore. He brushes it off by telling Barbara there isn't anything a little family time can't fix. He adds half to himself, that Christine used to always make a family dinner once he came back from a trip. He thanks Barbara again for stopping by, and she leaves the room, only to stop halfway and ask if he and his family are busy tonight. He looks at her inquisitively.

109 SC126.png

Jordan, his parents, and Cameron go to the Whitmore-Dugan household for dinner that night. Courtney answers the door and is surprised to see Cameron, her high school crush. Cameron greets her happily and the Mahkent's enter the household. Jordan extends his sympathies to Courtney for her accident, attempting to shake her hand though the gesture is awkward since Courtney can't shake his hand properly due to her bandages. They chuckle awkwardly and Jordan shakes her hand the best he can, saying it's great to finally meet her. He then moves out of the way so his mother can greet Courtney. He smiles as he enters the household.

109 SC140.png

The families sit for dinner with Jordan complimenting Barbara for the beautiful food that she's prepared. She thanks him but differs credit to Pat. The group is about to eat when Jordan asks if the Whitmore-Dugan's mind if his family says a Norwegian prayer beforehand. The family is fine with it, so Jordan and his parents clasp their hands and say a Norwegian prayer that only the three of them understand. The prayer blesses the fallen land of Nifelheim, the Norwegian version of Hell, and thanks to their great ancestors so they may lay power in the food and them so their enemies might suffer. The prayer ends and Courtney looks at Cameron who chuckles saying that he took French, making everyone laugh. Barbara stands and begins to dish out food exchanging borderline flirtatious words with Jordan, who smiles at the woman.

109 SC135.png

Dinner goes well with Jordan asking Courtney about her gymnastics skills, saying that Cameron's mentioned it before. Courtney laughs nervously, looking at Cameron, before saying that she was a gymnast. Barbara chimes in that Courtney was the best on her team back in Valley Village. Jordan comments that he has a lot of respect for athletes. Barbara asks Cameron about his artistic skills, implying that Courtney's talked about him too. Cameron looks at Courtney before saying that he uses mostly paints, to which Lily adds, "like his mother." Jordan averts his eyes at the mention of his wife.

109 SC149.png

Jordan diverts the conversation by asking Pat how the mechanic business is going. Pat explains that he mostly fixes up classic cars, but since the town's small, he fixes whatever comes in. Jordan asks why he moved to Blue Valley when he could fix cars anywhere, and Pat replies that the pace and the people around the town are nice. He adds that Barbara grew up in Blue Valley, to which Jordan adds that with the cornfields and the theater nearby, it's the perfect American life. Barbara says that Blue Valley wasn't perfect back then, and Courtney hastily adds that it isn't perfect yet. Jordan claims it's getting there. Barbara agrees with Jordan, saying that Blue Valley is going to be rebuilt on the most important building block of all - families. Sofus tells Lily in Norwegian that he likes Barbara, while Lily replies that Courtney bothers her. Jordan shoots his parents a look as he understands their native tongue.

109 SC155.png

Jordan finishes his plate of dumplings remarking that he would like more, just as Mike scoops the last one from the bowl. The boy gives a half-hearted apology causing a dark expression to fall over Jordan's face. Pat says he'll get more but Courtney volunteers to get them. She stands up and walks to the kitchen. She opens the oven and retracts her hand back from the scalding hot plate. She grabs the oven mitts and takes them out, bringing them over to Jordan. He reaches for the plate just as she is about to warn him of the heat of the plate. He takes the plate with his bare hands and scoops some into his bowl without any pain. Courtney notices, realization dawning over her that Jordan might be Icicle, while everyone else is distracted by Buddy, the Dugan's dog who steals food from Mike. Courtney sits down next to Cameron and suddenly announces to Pat that she left something in the oven and that it's going to burn. Pat goes with her into the kitchen, and Courtney opens the oven to make it believable as she tells him that she thinks Jordan is Icicle. Pat asks if she's sure, and she tells him about the hot plate. Pat is a little hesitant but Courtney is sure in her deduction.

109 SC166.png

As the night dwindles to an end, the Mahkent's prepare to leave with Cameron and Courtney exchanging a goodnight hug. When Cameron and his parents leave, Jordan approaches Courtney alone which scares her due to her belief he's Icicle. He asks if Courtney knows the real reason he came over for dinner. Courtney backs up slightly and Jordan puts a hand on her shoulder, asking if she knows. She shrugs, and he says he had to "meet the girl my son has been talking so much about," and says he approves, thanking her for their hospitality. She gives him a forced smile as he leaves the house.[8]

110 SC70.png

The next evening, Jordan receives word that Brainwave has awakened from his coma. He visits his old friend once Henry leaves for the night. Jordan wakes Brainwave from his nap and greets him happily. They converse with Jordan learning that Brainwave doesn't remember anything from the past ten years. Jordan proudly states the decade-long progress of Project: New America is nearing its reality, but Brainwave is the last piece needed to control every mind within six states. As Henry gets dressed, Jordan excitedly tells Henry about helping people see the light - their light, their way. Brainwave asks about this Stargirl that Jordan was talking about. As he does, the Cosmic Staff crashes into the room, hitting Jordan with a beam of energy that sends him into a wall. Henry immediately neutralizes it, trapping it in place with his mental shield. The Staff cries out in warbled shrieks as Jordan approaches. Jordan touches the tip of the staff and encases it in ice. He smiles as he holds the neutralized staff. Brainwave asks if that is Starman's staff. Jordan tells his friend that all of his questions will be answered when Dr. Ito restores his member. As they step out of the room, Brainwave senses the mental presence of his son, whose hiding nearby. Jordan asks what Brainwave is sensing but the latter claims that it's nothing and they leave.

Jordan is Henry's memory projection

Meanwhile, Courtney's identity as Stargirl is revealed to Barbara who struggles to accept everything her daughter and husband are saying. Courtney rushes through the history of the JSA and ISA, telling her that Jordan is Icicle and the one who killed Sylvester Pemberton who she believes is her biological father. Across town, Henry watches his father's documentary tapes that Brainwave made during his power progression. He learns that Jordan is the one who lured the JSA to California for a final showdown and is responsible for the death of the Starman. Henry also learns that his mother, Merri, was the sister of Starman and couldn't forgive her husband for his role in her brother's death. Henry mistakenly believes that Jordan is the one who murdered his mother. The next morning, Henry accidentally projects his memories to Courtney and shows her that Jordan has Brainwave and that he previously saw Jordan when his father was admitted to the hospital.

110 SC132.png

The same morning, Jordan enters Barbara's office with his parents and is surprised to see Pat there. He bumbles that he's happy to see Pat and glad he came to visit but isn't sure why he's here. Pat explains that he came to visit his wife. Jordan awkwardly states that his parents wanted to thank Barbara for dinner last night, and Sofus gives Barbara a plate of cookies. The elders turn to Jordan and begin to talk to him in Norwegian which makes Jordan a little uncomfortable. He brushes them off and tells Barbara that he'll see her later and to say hi to Courtney for him. He then ushers his parents out of the office. That night, Henry confronts Brainwave that night about his mother's death, and Brainwave admits that Jordan didn't kill Merri - he did.[9]

111 SC66.png

The next morning, Jordan enters his office at The American Dream to find Brainwave waiting for him. The man's memories have been restored by Dr. Ito. Jordan extends his sympathies for the death of Brainwave's son, Henry, but Brainwave doesn't want to talk about it. He instead, counters by saying that he remembers who Stargirl is. He informs Jordan that their arch nemesis is Courtney Whitmore, who Jordan instantly recognizes as Barbara's daughter. Brainwave adds that Jordan might remember his stepfather Pat Dugan as Stripesy, Starman's sidekick from the JSA. Henry announces he's going to go kill the family. Jordan however, declares he won't. Henry asks why not, and reads Joran's mind, outraged to discover he's hesitating because of Courtney's mother. Furious, Jordan demands Henry to get out of his head and admits that the death of her daughter will devastate Barbara. Henry incredulously admits he killed his own wife and son for Project: New America, and Jordan's hesitating because of a woman who works for him. He proposes erasing Barbara's memories of Courtney and Pat, but Jordan tells him no since no one is the same afterward. Henry presses that when he killed his son, he felt his powers grow as if he absorbed his son's abilities into him. Project: America will be even bigger than imagined, as he has the power to reprogram half the country now. It is everything Jordan wanted, everything his wife ever wanted. Brainwave demands that Jordan make up his mind soon or he will. Brainwave leaves and Jordan watches him leave with a tense expression.

111 SC116.png

Jordan's suspicions of Barbara escalate and he decides to snoop on her work computer. He enters the office and is annoyed to see the cookies his father gave Barbara are still on her desk. He sits at the desk and opens her computer, which is password protected. He calls Steve Sharpe for help in logging into her computer, something Steven is confused about but Jordan commands him to do it. Once logged in, Jordan opens her browser but realizes that her history has been cleared. He tells Steven to restore her deleted browser history and lowers the phone as he sees the news article Barbara looked at last. He clenches his jaw as he looks at the headline, "Starman Murdered By Icicle".

111 SC157.png

That night, Jordan meets with Brainwave at the ISA headquarters to discuss the Whitmore and Stargirl situation. Brainwave reads Jordan's mind and congratulates his friend on making the right decision. Brainwave assures Jordan that he'll eliminate Stargirl, the sidekick, and her mother. Before he leaves, Jordan tells Brainwave to kill the son as well, Mike, noting they can't leave a legacy behind. As Brainwave walks upstairs, Jordan turns to look at a timer on the screen, revealing a twelve-hour countdown for Project New America.[10]

112 SC9.png

With less than 12 hours to go, Brainwave informs Jordan that the orders to kill Courtney and her family have been given, with Sportsmaster and Tigress on the hunt. Dr. Ito will turn on his machine, and the Gambler will cause a massive communications blackout using Russia as a proxy, and by the time the government realizes it's coming from within the country, it'll be too late. Brainwave warns the reprogramming will come at a great cost, but afterward, they'll think like them. He congratulates Jordan that his dream is about to become reality, and says his wife would be proud. Jordan maintains a stoic face and requests Brainwave to tell him when Stargirl and her family are dead. He leaves the room while Brainwave smirks watching him walk away.

112 SC45.png

At The American Dream, Jordan's mother Lily remarks in Norwegian that Barbara wouldn't have made a suitable wife, to his father's agreement. Jordan ignores their comments but seems annoyed by their claims. Sofus asks his son if Cameron should know what's going on, but Jordan sharply responds no. Sofus insists he's old enough and it's his birthright. Jordan refuses to discuss it further and steps toward his door as he gets a call from Steve and is informed Stargirl and her family escaped, much to his disappointment. He then makes a call to Anaya Bowen. Anaya goes to the Whitmore-Dugan house and tells the failed assassins that Jordan instructed her to paralyze the Whitmore-Dugan's so Sportsmaster and Tigress can kill them. He wants it done now.[11]

113 SC14.png

Brainwave succeeds in projecting his telepathy across twenty-five states, causing every adult in Blue Valley to freeze in place as the mental reprogramming takes hold. Jordan walks through the street when he hears a little girl begging her father to wake up, as she doesn't understand what is happening to her father. She asks Jordan what's going on, and he assures the girl her father will be alright. She asks what's wrong with her dad, and Jordan responds he and everyone else will think differently once it's over, they will think good things and be better people. The girl retorts her father is already a good person, but Jordan simply chuckles and utters she will see and leaves.

113 SC61.png

The ISA runs into complications when the Justice Society of America breaks into the underground tunnels and manages to break the adults in the tunnel free of Brainwave's telepathic hold. Gambler relays the message to Jordan that the kids are here and causing trouble in the tunnels. Jordan is aware of their presence and is angered by their persistence in stopping his plans. He turns and begins to walk to the exit as he tugs at his tie, pulling it loose, as he angrily tells Gambler that it's time to stop those kids once and for all.

STG113e 0002r.jpg

Jordan rallies the rest of the ISA and they confront the Justice Society in Dragon King's lair, the teams facing off across the room. Stargirl smirks commenting on Jordan's lack of his Icicle make, but he stoically responds that he has nothing to hide anymore, referring to her as Courtney. Sportsmaster comments on this being Deja-vu, which annoys the JSA who exchange a look as they prepare to charge. Jordan leads the ISA in a calm walk forward that leads to a run as the teams attack one another.

113 SC82.png

Jordan shoots ice blasts from his hands as he fights Stargirl who expertly dodges his attacks. She attempts to hit him with her staff but he dodges. Stargirl performs a backflip as Icicle continues to shoot ice blasts at her, which she flips over and around. He produces an ice shield before being thrown off and chased after by the heroine and S.T.R.I.P.E. Icicle grabs the Staff and an ensuing blast sends Courtney across the room as S.T.R.I.P.E. punches the floor next to Icicle. Stargirl notices Hourman and Wildcat struggling in their fights. Determined, she pounces on Tigress and swings at her with the Staff, throwing her over to Wildcat. In a flip, Courtney kicks her leg at Sportsmaster's neck and knocks the villain unconscious, thus, saving her teammates. Icicle notices and begins to form an ice attack until Hourman punches him into a pillar. Wildcat checks to see Tigress is unconscious, and then ambushes Icicle, striking him across the face and throwing him into the center of the room. Stargirl swipes the Staff up Icicle's chin, sending him flying through the air. He painfully lands on the marbled steps, breathless. The rest of his comrades defeated, Jordan looks up at the JSA as they form a line in front of him. S.T.R.I.P.E. raises his fist but is suddenly punched across the room. Everyone looks over, surprised to see Solomon Grundy, who roars at the JSA.

113 SC122.png

Jordan watches the fights that ensue between STRIPE and Grundy and Stargirl and Shiv, while Wildcat breaks into the machine room. He is breathless and struggling to recover from the onslaught he experienced. Gambler contacts him over the coms warning him that Brainwave's abandoned the machine but Jordan needs to get to Dr. Mid-Nite and stop her from using her goggles before she breaks into the whole system. Jordan hesitates as he glances over at Stargirl and Shiv who are battling at the machine entrance. Gambler presses that it won't matter what happens in the tunnels if Dr. Mid-Nite succeeds. Jordan groans and shoves his hair back, letting out a muffled "yeah" as he stands and hurries out of the tunnels.

113 SC170.png

The satellite machine the ISA used is destroyed by Stargirl, freeing Barbara and the rest of Blue Valley and beyond from Brainwave's grasp. Beth and Barbara are celebrating when Jordan bursts through the door of Barbara's office, a wild look in his eye. Barbara panicky tells Courtney that Jordan is here. Jordan glares at Beth and tells her that he's had enough of her goggles, and uses his ice powers to freeze them. Beth grabs at them as the ice causes her physical pain. She is forced to rip the goggles off her face and watch in horror as the goggles shatter along with Chuck. Beth begins to approach Jordan, who blasts her backward with a burst of air that slams her into the wall. Barbara hurries to Beth's side to see if the girl is okay, but Jordan has no patience and stalks to Barbara's side. He grabs her arm and drags her out of the office against her will.

113 SC184.png

Jordan drags Barbara to the top of The American Dream building where he pushes her to the edge and holds the back of her neck, forcing her to look over Blue Valley. He angrily tells her to look at everything he's done for the city, the beauty that he's brought to the town. He dares her to remember what the town was like before he came. He elaborates that the town was dying but they brought it back better than it ever was before. That's why he's doing everything to help people, he just wants to help people. Barbara looks over at Jordan who loosens her grasp. She tells him to tell that to Joey Zarick and his parents. To Henry King. Jordan grips Barbara's arms wildly telling her that half a million people die from cancer every year, but if he kills half a million people right now he can cure cancer forever. She calmly responds that no one was going to die because of the way people think, causing him to passionately inform her that his wife died because of the way people think. Because of greed and politics, everything that he can fix now. It isn't too late, he can still save America - not today, but he can do it. He takes her face in his hand saying that he wants Barbara to help and Courtney too. He tries to convince her to come with him and go away somewhere, but that kind look turns ice cold when Barbara tells him he's crazy. She stoically tells him that his wife would be ashamed of the person he's become. Jordan is overcome with rage as he grabs Barbara roughly, telling her she didn't know Christine. He pulls Barbara to his chest and kisses the top of her head as she cries. He assures her that he will succeed and will kill her daughter and husband for what they've done. He wants her to think about that on the way over the edge. He is about to throw her over when Pat intervenes.

113 SC211.png

Jordan asks Pat how he plans to protect Barbara without STRIPE or any powers. Pat smirks and responds "with our daughter". Stargirl swoops in from the side and kicks Jordan in the back, knocking him to the floor. Jordan lands hard but manages to turn the landing into a roll. He turns to face her and begins to change into his Icicle form. They charge at each other and collide int he middle in a slew of sparks and energy. Icicle struggles to freeze the cosmic staff while Stargirl pushes against his resistance. He eerily states that he won't let her stop him as she twists her body trying to free herself from his grasp. He uses this as an advantage to pin the staff around her neck. She angrily tells him that he will never save America, he's filled with too much hate. The staff emits a burst of energy that flings Icicle in one direction and Stargirl in the other. Wildcat saves Stargirl from falling to her death, but Icicle slams into the ground with the full force of the blast pushing him. Ice shards surround his point of impact. A few seconds pass before Icicle rises to his knees, summoning a large ice blast with a scream. Only half his face is covered in ice, when suddenly, he is slammed into by an SUV driven by Mike Dugan. All that remains of Jordan Mahkent are thousands of little ice shards and a mess for the JSA to sort through.[12]

Season 2

Eclipso uses his powers to make Barbara think her car has stalled. Ice then forms around and Jordan appears behind Barbara, and taunts her claiming she has feelings for him as well and wanted the same things he did. Barbara tries to deny that Jordan is there saying he is dead. Jordan tells Barbara he will haunt her and her family forever. Suddenly, dark wisps appear in the seat beside Barbara, and The Shade spoke to Barbara and told her to start her car. Barbara says she has tried as Jordan continues to taunt her. The Shade snaps that there is nothing wrong with her car and orders her to start it. Barbara successfully starts her car and looks back to see that Jordan is gone. [13]


In Jordan's civilian identity, those around him would describe him as an ambitious, honorable man dedicated to his aim at a better community for the next generation, and one who doesn't shoot down voices with ideas and opportunities he finds worthwhile.

But behind this façade, Jordan is quite literally a cold-hearted, meticulous man with a set goal. Before the fall of the Justice Society of America, Jordan was allegedly a one-dimensional villain who clearly had little empathy for humanity through his nefarious actions. However, the birth of his son and the death of his wife eight years ago changed him deeply into a more emotionally-complexed person, with developed morals and values however so twisted. Dedicated to fulfilling her dying wish for a "better, safer" America for their son, he believes he has righteous permission to take out anyone who interferes if it's for the better, as his wife instructed.

In spite of Jordan's cold-hearted nature, even Icicle was left stunned at the Dragon King's request to be given the Wizard's body, implying that there are some levels of depravity even he won't stoop to. However, he allowed Dragon King to take the body, clearly not too upset by the request. Jordan is often the one who picks up the messy pieces that the ISA leave and keeping the peace between the members.

Physical Appearance

Jordan is a professional-looking man with wavy blonde hair that is styled away from his face and hazel eyes. He has sharp features and high cheekbones that accentuate his hollow features and face. He wears expensive suits with blue tones and a black trench coat.

When fronting as supervillain Icicle, Jordan changes his attire completely. Jordan freezes his skin into a blue tinge, wears a long gray trench coat, with button holes all over the opening, a white long sleeve shirt, gray pants, and wears a golden key around his neck.


103 SC109.png

  • Cryokinesis: The ability to manipulate, harness, and create ice-based substances. Jordan can also create forms of snow, slush, hail, icicles, and ice spikes through the use of his hands. He has a very powerful form of this power, able to use it from both a distance and by touching something. He once used this power to freeze a star-shape in the middle of the park as a warning to Stargirl. It was also used to freeze a bridge, field, and water - all to his advantage. This power also allows him to access another known as snow manipulation, which has only used once. It is also possible for him to freeze objects seemingly without needing to touch them as when he was interrogating Riley. He was able to freeze a door handle from across the room without needing to touch it or even use his Ice Breath.
    • Ice Attack/Ice Blasts: He can create shards of ice and manipulate them to attack others. These will occasionally appear in blanket ice attacks that freeze its target. He was able to freeze S.T.R.I.P.E. to the point of immobility, and freeze the Cosmic Staff so it couldn't be used. The freezing effect isn't permanent and does wear off in a few minutes or seconds depending on the strength.
    • Ice Shield: Jordan could also use his powers in a defensive way, such as creating a wall of ice to block attacks.
    • Ice Breath: The ability to emit cold or ice from within through the mouth. Jordan's breath is usually so cold that it can be seen at almost all times. He used a variation of this power to blow a playing card off of Joey Zarick's hand. It is with this power that he turns Reilly into an ice statue that shatters when the corpse lands on the ground.

108 SC53.png

  • Cryophysiology: The power to transform his physical body into a light blue block of ice. In Jordan's case, the ice forms a protective layer around his body so his physical form remains intact. The protective ice layer can be cracked or fractured without causing direct harm to Jordan. Due to his Cryophysiology, Jordan's core body temperature is lower than that of an average human. When he speaks, his breath is visible due to his lowered temperature. It is implied that he is incapable of sensing warm temperatures, even in his default human likeness, as seen when he touched a scalding plate without flinching.
  • Thermokinesis: When Jordan enters an area or focuses on a specific area, he can significantly lower the temperature just by being present.


  • The Cosmic Staff - The Cosmic Staff is the only known thing that can harm Jordan when he is in his Icicle form. Despite this, Jordan was able to temporarily disable the staff by freezing it.
  • Ice body: Despite Jordan being powerful in his cryogenic form, his body is still made of ice, which means that he could be destroyed by strong hits, which in turn led to his demise at the hands of Mike Dugan.


  • Icicle Suit - This suit is a different version of attire that Jordan changes into when fronting as the supervillain, Icicle.


Additional Season 2 appearances include being mentioned in "Summer School: Chapter One", "Summer School: Chapter Three", "Summer School: Chapter Four", "Summer School: Chapter Seven", and "Summer School: Chapter Ten", being in a painting in "Summer School: Chapter Five" and "Summer School: Chapter Six", and as a hallucination in "Summer School: Chapter Nine".
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Notes and Trivia

  • Jordan was bilingual as he was able to fluently speak English and Norwegian.
  • Jordan was responsible for the death of Starman, after impaling him with a shard of ice.
  • Jordan was responsible for the deaths of Joey and William Zarick.
  • Jordan made his first on-screen transformation from "Jordan" to his "Icicle" state in "Shiv Part Two".
  • Jordan was the fifth and final ISA member to die on-screen in Season 1, following William Zarick, Anaya Bowin, Henry King Sr. and Shiro Ito. He was also the last on-screen death of the season.
  • It has been implied by Lily that Jordan's powers were inherited. This is likely the case with Cameron too.
  • Jordan's death could be seen as a mirror to Joey's death and karma for what he did to William's son.
  • Barbara calls Jordan "Iceman" instead of "Icicle". This may be a reference to Bobby Drake in Marvel Comics who is not only known as "Iceman", but he is a member of the X-Men and has the same powers as Jordan does.
  • Jordan's demise at the hands of Mike was an accident. Though, it might be seen as karma for all the lives he destroyed in his quest for revenge.
  • Like Pat and Barbara, Jordan isn't big on formalities and prefers people to use his name as seen with Barbara when she thanks him for helping her pick up the stuff she knocked off her desk on her first day.

Comic Comparisons

  • In the comics, Icicle's real name is Joar Mahkent. Joar was a foe of Alan Scott's Green Lantern. He used a cold ray gun as opposed to his television counterpart's cryokinetic abilities (which were lifted from his son's comic counterpart).