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This article is about the Green Lantern successor. You may be looking for the BVHS student Jenny Williams.

Jennie-Lynn Hayden is a major recurring character in The CW series, Stargirl.

Jennie is the daughter of the famed Green Lantern, Alan Scott. She is drawn to Blue Valley when her father's lantern calls out to her. She soon encounters Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl, and is taken under the wing of Pat Dugan. Her involvement with the Justice Society of America leads her to take up her father's moniker of the Green Lantern.


Jennie is the daughter of Alan Scott, who was a member of the Justice Society of America under the moniker of Green Lantern. She is the sister of Todd, though they were separated after the death of Alan. She went into foster care and was placed in Milwaukee in the The Ordway Home of Children where she lived until her eighteenth birthday. On her birthday, the caretaker of the home evicted Jennie as she was now an adult. The woman gave her a box of lozenges which contained a red car with the named Todd written on the bottom, along with her father’s ring.


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Jennie breaks into the Whitmore-Dugan house in pursuit of Green Lantern's Power Battery. Her break-in, while noiseless, disrupts the Cosmic Staff who alerts Courtney Whitmore to the disturbance. Courtney hurries downstairs with the staff and discovers Jennie coming out of the basement. The two don't bother with pleasantries as they begin to fight, though Jennie wields the power battery and shoots green energy blasts at Courtney, which throws the girl across the room. Courtney returns fire with the cosmic staff's blasts. As they fight, Courtney's expertise and training with the staff overtakes Jennie's combat skills. Though Courtney is blasted backward again before Pat Dugan and Barbara Whitmore emerge having heard the loud fight. Pat asks who she is, to which Jennie announces she's Green Lantern's daughter. Courtney, surprised and on the ground, remarks that this might have been another misunderstanding.[3]

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Six days ago at The Ordway Home for Children in Milwaukee, Jennie is removed from the group home on her eighteenth birthday. The woman in charge, Maria, gives her a box of lozenges that were meant for Jennie. She also wishes her a happy birthday. Jennie asks if the box is about her brother, but the woman doesn’t know. Jennie thanks her and the woman gives her advice; don’t try so hard to be perfect. It’s a little annoying. Jennie sits on the step as she cries softly. She opens the box to find a red toy red inside with the name “todd” written on the underside. The box also has her father’s ring inside. When she picks it up, a green glow rushes over her and into the ring. The ring floats in front of her while glowing brightly. She reaches out to grab it but it flies off. It then re-attaches itself to her hand and pulls her away.

In the present day, Jennie explains to Pat, Barbara, Mike, and Courtney, that she didn't mean them any harm. She apologizes for the damage she caused but the adults are more upset with Courtney for blasting a hole through the kitchen table. Pat asks Jennie who she is and she explains that she's the daughter of the Green Lantern, so she wasn't stealing the power battery, just taking what is rightfully hers. She tells Pat that her father was Alan Scott, with Pat knowing the name as Green Lantern's civilian identity. He notes that the JSA didn't talk about their kids often. He introduces himself as Pat Dugan, and she gleefully knows him as Stripesey; the infamous and brilliant mechanic who built the Star-Rocket Racer. Pat is surprised that he's infamous while the others are in disbelief. She asks him to teach her how to use the ring. Barbara helps Jennie get settled at the Whitmore-Dugan house, letting her stay in Courtney's room. Jennie is nervous about staying in Courtney's room as Courtney only volunteered to sleep on the couch when Barbara asked her too. Barbara assures her it's fine and leaves her to sleep. Jennie explores the room and looks over the corkboard full of family photos. Her eyes glow green as she sits on the bed, looking at a photograph of herself and Todd as children.

The next day, Jennie rises early and fixes the kitchen table, makes breakfast, and makes sure the Whitmore-Dugan's are treated wonderfully. She apologizes again for her actions and greets Courtney when the girl wakes up. Barbara praises Jennie's pancakes as being even better than Pat's. Jennie offers to get Courtney a plate of food, but Courtney claims she isn't hungry. Jennie and Pat make plans to visit The Pit Stop to test out the ring. Courtney wants to go until Mike reminds her that she has to attend Summer school. Once they arrive at The Pit Stop, Jennie and Pat watch in awe as Zeek shows off the flame thrower he installed in S.T.R.I.P.E. before he leaves. Now alone, Pat plans to open the green lantern to see what's going on inside it. He notes that Alan needed to charge the ring using the lantern at least once a day, but Jennie somehow found a way around that. As he goes to open the lantern, it flings the wrench away. He then tells Jennie that the lantern was tied to Alan's emotions, so if she's anxious the lantern will be too. They begin to discuss the ring, with Jennie knowing very little about what it does. Pat explains that the ring can create anything she wills it to. She just has to picture it in her head and want it to happen. She can’t do it at first, but Pat is kind and encouraging with her. She tries again this time, it sputters. Pat reminds her to imagine an object as vividly as possible. She almost gets there the second time by creating a red toy car. She gleefully realizes that she did it, just as the object fades away.

Jennie meets the rest of the Justice Society of America when they visit The Pit Stop. She shows off her power to Rick Tyler and Beth Chapel, who are both astounded by the display of power. Courtney and Yolanda Montez enter as the toy red car reveals the name "Todd" written on the bottom of it. Jennie makes the car disappear when she sees the girls enter. She happily realizes that Yolanda is the new Wildcat, praising the girl for having a fighters spirit. She press that Ted Grant would have been proud to know his mantle was in such good hands. She extends her hand for a handshake, and after a few seconds, Yolanda concedes to shake her hand. Jennie is thrilled to meet Wildcat and the rest of the JSA. Courtney than accuses Jennie of coming to Blue Valley because she heard about the JSA being active again. The girls argue before Jennie runs out, with Beth and Yolanda chasing after her. Jennie eventually returns to The Pit Stop and talks with Rick, Yolanda, and Beth, while Courtney has a heart-to-heart with Pat.

Courtney realizes Pat's right about her behavior and apologizes to Jennie, making amends with her. As they talk, Courtney drives her point that Jennie has everything now, which causes Jennie to lash out. She knocks the lantern off the table and exclaims that she only put on the ring to find her brother. The lantern begins to shoot rays of green energy. The JSA grabs the lantern and takes off to the park, where they will be away from people. Pat follows them and tells Jennie to control her emotions as it affects her power and the lantern. Courtney realizes that Jennie is the lantern. Jennie is charging the ring which is why it worked for her before she found the lantern. Courtney believes Jennie can absorb the energy before it explodes. Jennie picks it up and tells the JSA to leave in case it doesn’t work. Courtney won’t leave and tells her she can do this. The absorption works for a moment before the power explodes across the town, blasting the JSA backward and leaving a giant crater in the ground. Believing they've lost Jennie to the crater, the JSA is left stunned. But floating above the crater, surrounded by green energy and smiling, is Jennie. She happily notes that she can fly now.[4]


Jennie is a teenager with a sweet disposition, kind mannerisms, and a strong desire to act perfectly out of fear of being rejected by those around her. Having been raised in group homes, Jennie has an independent nature and knows how to take care of herself and others. She longs for a connection to her biological family, including her deceased father and long-lost twin brother. Her search brings her to Blue Valley, where she is forced to cope with her emotions as they're connected to a powerful artifact.

Physical Appearance

Jennie is a young woman with shoulder-length straight brown hair, small hazel-brown eyes and a slim build. She is extremely athletic and wears clothing that fit her physique. In nearly every outfit, Jennie wears some shade of green, whether it be in a deep green jacket or green plaid. Her emotions are tied to her powers, and when she becomes upset or emotionally overwhelmed, her eyes glow a bright green.


Jennie charges the ring

  • Power Battery: As the daughter of the Green Lantern, Jennie has inherited her father's abilities. She has the energy of the power battery inside her, which is only activated when she puts the ring on for the first time on her eighteenth birthday. Jennie herself didn't realize she had the power to charge the ring until Courtney points it out. With Jennie being a human battery, this eliminates the need for the lantern altogether.
  • Green Lantern Ring Empowerment: When wielding the Ring, Jennie is granted powers. After absorbing the power of the lantern, Jennie's powers grow and evolve.
    • Energy Projection: Jennie is capable of projecting green energy to attack her targets as shown when in her fight with Courtney, and again with Eclipso.
    • Energy Construct Creation: Jennie is capable of creating green energy constructs like her car her dad left her.
    • Object repairing: Jennie is able to use her ring to repair objects. She was able to put the Black Diamond back together with enough concentration.
    • Flight: After the lantern explodes, Jennie was able to use her ring to fly.


  • Skilled Martial Artist: Jennie is a skilled fighter, being able to hold her own against the arguably more experienced Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl.
  • Stealth: Jennie is remarkably stealthy, as she breaks into the Whitmore-Dugan house without making a sound or alerting any human to her arrival. She would have succeeded in her mission if not for the attuned Cosmic Staff which sensed her presence.


  • Inexperience: Due being untrained, Jennie doesn’t have the experience as the others with her ring.
  • Emotional state: Due to Jennie’s powers being linked to her emotion’s if she doesn’t control them at the right time she is at risk of losing control of her powers.


201 SC112.png

  • Green Lantern's Ring: Jade wore this ring when she stole the Lantern from Courtney's house, and it gives her special abilities that she can use in battle. It is a solid green ring with a stone in the center that glows green when she uses it.
  • Green Lantern's Power Battery: The power source for the ring. She steals this battery from the Whitmore-Dugan household and wields it during her fight against Courtney. Jennie later lost control of the lantern which caused it to nearly explode. Courtney realized that Jennie was charging the ring herself, calling her the actual lantern. Jennie is able to absorb the power of the lantern and destroy the physical artifact, though it's destruction creates a crater in Blue Valley park.



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Notes and Trivia

  • Jennie is the first live-action female Green Lantern on network television.
  • Jennie's full name is Jennie-Lynn Hayden, a fact that was revealed in the official credit list of the series.
  • Jennie is the second known JSA Legacy to show up on the show as she is the daughter of Alan Scott. The first was Rick Tyler as his father was Rex Tyler.
  • She is one of the few characters in the series to have a sibling. Other characters that have siblings included Sylvester Pemberton, whose sister was Merri King, Wendi Tyler who was the sister of Matt Harris, Courtney, who is the stepsister of Mike Dugan and Jenny Williams is the older sister of Jakeem Williams.
  • She is the oldest teenager introduced in the series, being eighteen at the time of her introduction. Because of this, she overtakes Rick who was the oldest until her arrival.
  • Despite it not being stated, Jennie is a twin as evident in the photo she has of her and Todd as toddlers.

Comic Comparisons

  • In the DC comics, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, nicknamed Jennie, (aka Jade) is the daughter of Alan Scott, the Green Lantern and his foe Thorn. Jennie can control the mystical artifact known as Starheart. She also has green skin, hair, and eyes.[5]