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Jay Garrick was a guest character in The CW series, Stargirl.

Jay was a member of the Golden Age Justice Society of America as the superhero named The Flash, fighting valiantly alongside his fellow teammates until his death. He appeared in pivotal flashbacks that established him as a member of the Justice Society of America.


Jay Garrick was a hero and a member of the Golden Age Justice Society of America. At some point, he was able to defeat Per Degatron by banishing him to an alternate timeline.

He took part in the final battle against the Injustice Society of America on Christmas Eve, 2010. He was likely killed by Icicle as his frozen helmet landed near Sandman's corpse. His suit consisted of a helmet with golden wings and a shirt with a lightning bolt on it, all of which was placed in the JSA's headquarters after his death. A photograph of himself with the rest of his team was kept with Pat Dugan's belongings.


Season 1

In 2019, Courtney Whitmore angrily knocked over her stepfather Pat Dugan's belongings and discovered a photograph of Pat with the infamous superhero team, the Justice Society of America. In the photograph was The Flash, who Pat noted had died in a battle against their sworn enemies the Injustice Society of America.[1] To help Courtney understand the importance of being a superhero, Pat brought her to the JSA's headquarters to see the relics of the Golden Age. Included in the artifacts were The Flash's helmet and his banner, which hangs with the other Golden Age members around the JSA table.[2]

Season 2

In a series of flashbacks to decades ago, Jay Garrick attends the funeral of Rebecca McNider, reuniting with his JSA team members after the burial. Pat happily calls Jay The Flash, which earns him a reprimand from Sylvester for using code names in public. Jay greets Pat as Stripesy, but then mentions he's learned more about the demon they're facing. The diamond originally came from an island but was brought to the town by Bruce Gordon. While he isn't sure how they will defeat Eclipso, he knows it's possible. A few days later, the JSA visits Pat in the headquarters' garage, as they need an odd number in case of a tie. None of their other members were able to defeat Eclipso, who is now threatening to harm the JSA's families.

Wildcat thinks they should kill the host and take a vote. Pat objects to killing a human being, and Wildcat angrily doesn't understand why Pat is even involved as he isn't a real member of the team - he doesn't risk his life everyday like the rest of them. Despite the hostility, Flash defends Pat and his involvement. Wildcat votes to kill as he has a son to think of, Flash votes not to kill, Hourman votes to kill, and Pat votes against. The deciding vote rests in Starman's hands, with both Flash and Pat assuming their leader will vote no. However, Starman surprises everyone by voting yes to the death of Bruce. Pat and Flash are shocked, but Starman explains they don't have a choice as Eclipso is threatening his family and he will protect them. He commands Pat to make sure the Star Rocket Racer is ready, with Pat initially refusing to obey. However, Pat eventually does concede and drives the car for Starman. The JSA members kill Bruce Gordon, but broke apart after that night as they were never the same after what they did. Pat frequented the headquarters but no one ever returned until the ISA resurfaced with a new leader and mission. Years later, Pat believes the reason the JSA lost the battle against the ISA because they weren't a team anymore.[3]


Jay was the peacekeeper of the Golden Age JSA and treated everyone as equals. He saw Pat as a member of the team, despite his status as Sylvester's sidekick. He was also incredibly kind and didn't put up with the likes of Wildcat saying that Pat was lower than the rest of the team. He was also vocal about plans set up by the JSA, saying that Bruce Gordon was a victim of Eclipso and that the JSA would be killing an innocent victim.

Physical Appearance

As The Flash, he wore a super suit that signified his alter ego. It was a red, long-sleeved shirt with yellow lightning bolts stitched into the sleeves. A hardened breast plate with a large gold lightning bolt emblem attached covered his chest. The shirt had a visible zipper in the front and a slightly raised collar. He wore a bronze bet with two identical lightning bolts on either side of the deep bronze buckle. His pants were black and reached into boots. He carried around an old bronze helmet with large lightning bolts that stuck out on either side.

He is depicted in the JSA headquarters as wearing a red shirt with a yellow lightning bolt across the center.


  • Superhuman Speed: As his name implies, Jay Garrick was capable of running at an extreme level of speed. He could even travel to alternate timelines, as he banished Per Degatron to one prior to his death.


  • Vulnerability: Jay was not invulnerable to human attacks or superhuman abilities despite his immense speed and power. He was notably vulnerable to cryokinetic individuals, such as his eventual killer, Icicle.


  • The Flash Suit/Helmet: As the superhero the Flash, Jay wore a red costume with long sleeves and long pants.


Jay Garrick's two Season 1 appearances were both in photographs/posters.
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Notes and Trivia

  • The Flash banished Per Degaton to an alternate timeline.[4]
  • Despite his powers being teased leading up to his eventual introduction, Jay does not demonstrate any of his superhuman abilities in his pivotal flashback appearance. Instead, he dons a different suit than previously depicted in the JSA's banners, and doesn't mention his powers. It is possible that he had two suits, one from the promotional banner and one which appeared onscreen.

Comic Comparisons

  • In the mainstream DC Universe, Jay Garrick was a college student. He was investigating an experimental form of heavy water, when an accident released hazardous fumes that rendered him unconscious. After inhaling the fumes all night, he awoke in the hospital to discover he could move and react at superhuman speed and used his newfound powers to become a superhero. He would later join the Justice Society of America.