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Isaac Bowin was a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

Isaac was the only child of Anaya Bowin, the principal of Blue Valley High School, and her husband. He was a talented musical prodigy whose lowly status at BVHS caused him to be overlooked by his peers unless he's being subjected to bullying. He was later recruited into Injustice Unlimited to avenge his parents, and took up his parents' violinist powers although that was untimely short lived.


Isaac was born in 2005 to Anaya Bowin and an unnamed man. Unbeknownst to Isaac, his parents were both members of the Injustice Society of America and worked to alter the world. Anaya believed her son was too sensitive to handle the knowledge that she was in the ISA, and chose to keep Isaac in the dark while she raised him by herself. Instead, Isaac was a musical prodigy whose instrument of choice is the tuba.


Season 1

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Isaac is seen as a nerdy student who plays the tuba and favors assistance from Anaya Bowin, the principal of Blue Valley High School, and his mother.[1] Isaac attends the BVHS opening house where his mother publicly praises him during her speech to the entire student body and their parents. He awkwardly waves to his mother, groaning about the embarrassment that she inflicts. After the speech, Anaya praises Isaac's musical talent while speaking to other parents despite him standing next to her.[2]

As the weeks pass, the bullying that Isaac is subjected to worsens to the point that he confides in his mother. He complains that they called him "Tuba-Turd" and ripped his new band club jacket. Anaya instructs Isaac to teach the bullies a lesson just as his father did.[3]

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Isaac takes his mother's advice to heart and, when the bullies attack him the next morning at band practice, he lashes out by striking Travis on the head with his tuba. Travis' head bleeds but Isaac pays no mind to the pain the student is in. Mr. Levine confronts Isaac on what made him attack Travis, to which Isaac blatantly responds that Travis called him "Tuba-Turd". Mr. Levine is in shock that Isaac would then result in violence over a verbal disagreement, and asks what Isaac's mother would think of this behavior. Isaac eerily states that his mother is the one who told him to do it.[4]

Season 2

In the months since his mother's death, Isaac hasn't been coping well. He is quiet and withdrawn at school, barely reacting when Courtney bumps into him at the cafeteria.[5] The next day, he attends Summer school and the teacher does roll-call. When he calls for Isaac, the teen doesn't respond at first. The teacher calls his name again, this time, resulting in an angry shout that he's here.[6]

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While eating lunch, Isaac is visited by Cindy Burman, who offers to become his friend. She can relate to the death of his mother as both of her parents have died horribly. She then offers him a chance to avenge his mother, which Isaac accepts. When he visits Cindy's lair, she explains his father alias as The Fiddler. She gives him The Fiddler's fiddle which he can't play, but she is sure he'll learn.[7]

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Isaac, and the now recruited Artemis, patiently wait for Cindy to recruit their fourth member Cameron Mahkent so they'll have a fair four versus four fight against the JSA. When Cindy returns without Cameron, Isaac angrily questions what happened to the plan while Artemis complains the fight won't be equal now. Cindy assures them she has a plan that involves Eclipso, and the black diamond is power.[8]

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Isaac joins the fight with the new JSA where he uses his violin to subdue Yolanda Montez, rendering her incapacitated by the severe music and unable to fight back. But, he was quickly defeated when Courtney Whitmore comes to her aid on her cosmic staff and weakens him long enough for Yolanda to take his weapon and destroy it. When Eclipso ends up betraying Cindy and manifesting his true form due to Courtney destroying the black diamond, he tears off one of Cindy's blades and throws it into Isaac. Eclipso then absorbs Isaac's soul, turning his body to ash.[9]


Isaac was an extremely intelligent yet introspective student who stays to himself. He was publicly showered with love and compliments from his mother, which made him embarrassed and introverted. He was often bullied for playing an instrument and being a "band geek", which hurt Isaac's feelings. Anaya often called him a gentle boy. She urged her son to take action against the bullies, reminding him that his father never tolerated that kind of harassment. Isaac took his mother's advice and lashed out at the bullies, unleashing an anger inside him that was dormant before. He beat the teens with his tuba and was reprimanded for his actions. After Anaya's death, Isaac closed into himself and became even more of a loner. He grew angry at the world and lashed out at teachers or anyone who spoke with him. He channeled this unbridled rage into his short-lived membership with the Injustice Unlimited. Isaac was a deeply troubled young boy who didn't know how to process his emotions or handle the outside world. He had a certain level of creepiness to his demeanor that was especially evident around young women. After his death, Yolanda Montez said Isaac was just troubled, not evil, as Eclipso had stated.

Physical Appearance

Isaac was a young teenager with black shaggy hair that reaches his shoulders, almond-shaped brown eyes, and thin lips.


Isaac sonically blasting Pat

  • Sound Manipulation: Using his parent's violin, Isaac could manipulation and generate sound for various purposes.
    • Sonic Blasts: Using the sound he generated from the violin, he produced powerful blasts of sound strong enough to throw people and destroy a table and a concrete pillar.
    • Pain Inducement: Isaac used his violin to create high-pitched, targeted sound frequencies, that debilitated his victim and forced them to the ground. Wildcat tried to cover her ears to escape the pain but still writhed from its effects.


My boy here is quite the musician himself, he'll be better than I ever was. A real savant.
  • Musician: Isaac is a savant musician, like his parents, being a member of his school's marching band. His mother has praised his musical talents with the tuba, stating that he was a prodigy who would be better than she ever was. Indeed, though Isaac had initial doubts of being able to use his mother's violin the way she or her husband has, he quickly learned how to weaponize music through it within days' time.


Additional Season 2 appearances include being mentioned in "Summer School: Chapter Seven".
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Notes and Trivia

  • He was the first recruit for Cindy Burman's supervillain team, Injustice Unlimited.
  • Isaac was also the first and only member of Injustice Unlimited to die, having been killed by Eclipso.
  • He is the second person to be killed by Eclipso in the present day, but the first teenager. The first was the young woman Bobbie Burman.

Comic Comparisons

  • "Isaac Bowin" is the name of the original Fiddler in the comics. However, it is unknown if Isaac and his father share the same name in Stargirl.