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The Injustice Society of America Headquarters is the former haven and meeting spot for the supervillains and villainess' of the Injustice Society of America. It is located underneath The American Dream in Blue Valley, Nebraska. With the destruction of the ISA, the headquarters were abandoned with the exception of a visiting Shade.

Later, Cindy takes possession of ISA's Headquarters to form the Injustice Unlimited.


The Headquarters of the ISA was built in 1876 by The Other Founding Fathers. When Icicle relocated the Injustice Society to Blue Valley, the group required a safe area to be themselves and converse privately with other ISA members. For unknown reasons, Icicle chose the sub-level of the The American Dream. He also imprisoned Solomon Grundy in one of the cells in a hallway that leads to the main room.


Season One

Jordan Mahkent arrives in the black car in front of The American Dream. Inside the closed building, he presses his hand on a secret screen which opens a door disguised as part of the wall. Walking through the subterranean tunnels, he greets Solomon Grundy locked behind a thick metal door. Jordan arrives at the main ISA headquarters table, meeting Steve Sharpe. Steven shows Jordan the footage of the bespectacled hero who defeated Brainwave. Jordan whispers that he killed one Starman, and will kill another. His breath condenses, and the screen before him begins to freeze over.[1]

A few days later, Jordan encounters Dr. Ito in the headquarters. Ito self-monologues, remarking how he was the one who believed in the ISA the most. Jordan says he's accelerating Project: New America and needs him to build his machine. Dr. Ito agrees, relishing that it's finally time and that this generation's ultimate sacrifice will protect the next. He adds that he won't fail him like The Wizard did, saying he was quite vile and asks if he can have his body. Unsettled, Jordan tentatively says yes.[2]

When the ISA are nearly interrupted in their mission to acquire satellite codes, Jordan calls a team meeting at the headquarters to discuss what happened. The entire team gathers as they attempt to figure out who is behind the newly reestablished JSA.[3] Cindy visits her father unannounced by entering his lab via a touchpad, and then descending a series of staircases to the ISA headquarters, scoffing at Solomon Grundy along the way. Cindy overhears Larry giving the others a play-by-play of he and Paula's fight with Stargirl and company. Paula wants to get their respective kids involved in the investigation into this junior-size JSA, but Jordan refuses to allow it. Before she can hear anymore, Cindy is grabbed from her eavesdropping perch by her father.[4] Dr. Ito later finds Cindy fighting with Stargirl and kidnaps her, dragging her into his lair while he watches security footage of the ISA headquarters and the above streets.[5]

Dragon King calls the group together to reveal that he is ready to commence with Project: New America, as his machine is built. He believes that Henry King Jr. can fuel the machine using his telekinetic abilities.[6] The following day, Brainwave resumes his role in the plan following the murder of his son. He meets Jordan in the headquarters, assuring his friend that he will kill, Stargirl, the sidekick, and her mother. Before he leaves, Jordan reminds him to kill the son as well, Mike, as they can't leave a legacy behind. As Brainwave walks upstairs, Jordan stares at a timer on the screen, revealing a countdown of twelve-hours until Project New America begins.[7]

Jordan watches the countdown and manifesto message when he's joined by Brainwave, who had relayed the kill order to Tigress and Sportsmaster.[8] As he watches the countdown, he is alerted of the JSA's arrival in the tunnels and the disruption they are causing. He angrily leaves the headquarters to handle the situation himself. Following the defeat of the ISA and the failure of Project New America, former ISA member The Shade visits the headquarters. He covers the ISA portrait in shadows as he mocks Jordan's plan for always having been folly.[9]

Season Two

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With the destruction of the ISA months ago, Cindy Burman enters the headquarters through the secret entrance in Blue Valley High School. She lays out potential candidates for her new team Injustice Unlimited, noting that she has some recruiting to do.[10] She prepares for her recruiting as she scolds Eclipso for his recent murder, but he believes her lingering trauma from the death of her biological mother is the reason for her being upset. He conjures a memory of Cindy's mother but she forces him to send the memory away. She threatens to throw his stone in the deepest ocean if he ever tries it again. Eclipso submits that he's there to serve her. He then conjures a version of the Injustice Unlimited where the ISA portrait is, assuring her that he has the same goals as her.

That day, Cindy brings her first recruit Isaac Bowin to the headquarters, lying that this is where their parents planned to save the world until the Justice Society of America murdered them. She shows him the ISA portrait and his parents' fiddle, a mantle she hopes he'll take up for himself.[11]


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Notes and Trivia

  • The entrance to the sub-level of The American Dream where the ISA headquarters is protected by handprint recognition and a keypad.
  • A series of underground tunnels connect the ISA headquarters to other locations, such as Blue Valley High School, Dragon King's house, and The American Dream.
  • There is a projector of sorts on one wall that allows the members to view images or footage.
  • On another wall is a portrait of every original ISA member, including disgraced member Shade.