The Injustice Society of America (often abbreviated as the ISA) is a group of dangerous supervillains that work together to achieve a common goal. They serve as the evil counterpart to the Justice Society of America. The ISA eventually wiped out their Golden Age JSA arch-rivals in a massive confrontation.

The group is spearheaded by Jordan Mahkent/Icicle and contains a diverse roster of individuals. They don't work together all of the time and frequently split away from each other to pursue individual ambitions. While Jordan was absent from Blue Valley, he left William Zarick in charge of handling things, including Project: New America. Since returning to Blue Valley, Jordan has assumed control over the group once again and is barreling forwards with his plan.


Icicle put together a team of several supervillains, each possessing unique abilities, to help him carry out his master plan of remaking the United States of America. With Tigress, Sportsmaster, Wizard, Solomon Grundy, and others joining him, the Injustice Society of America was born. Their antics caught the attention of the Justice Society of America, and the two groups began a long feud. Each battle, however, ended in a stalemate or near-escape by either party.

On Christmas Eve 2010, the teams engaged in a ferocious battle at a secluded Los Angeles, California mansion. The JSA heroes fell one by one until Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Starman remained. Just as The Shade killed Dr. Mid-Nite and Wizard rendered Hourman unconscious, Stripsey entered the mansion in response to an SOS from Starman. Though Starman incapacitated Wizard, Tigress, and Brainwave, he suffered a mortal wound after Icicle stabbed him with an ice dagger. This forced a dying Starman and frantic Stripesy to retreat, outrunning Solomon Grundy in the process.

With the JSA destroyed, the ISA found itself at the height of power. Unbeknownst to them at the time, Hourman, who survived the massacre, followed the ISA as they moved across the country and eventually settled into Blue Valley, Nebraska, integrating themselves into the community to the point where they were virtually untraceable. When the ISA discovered Hourman was still alive and following their every move, Grundy killed him and his wife while the couple was attempting to escape.

Three years after the battle, Icicle left to travel the world, seek revenge for his wife, and see the chaos that those he deemed evil had inflicted on smaller communities. Wizard took charge of the ISA, with Brainwave acting as second-in-command.

At the onset of the series, the ISA members have been living in Blue Valley, Nebraska, for several years without a recordable incident. The Wizard was elected councilman at Blue Valley, Brainwave became a neurosurgeon at the local hospital, Anaya Bowin set herself as principal at Blue Valley High School, Sportsmaster opened a gym, The Gambler set himself up as the CFO of The American Dream corporation, and Tigress became a P.E teacher at Blue Valley High. All the while, the group remained committed to a mysterious grand plan called "Project: New America" that involves The American Dream corporation.

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Jordan's grand plan is called, "Project New America", and is the reason he and the rest of the ISA settled in Blue Valley. It involves The American Dream and includes the use of Dr. Ito building a machine to help them. They have gradually begun collecting the necessary objects and assets to execute their plan. It involved stealing blueprints and building equipment for a satellite and breaking into Empire Enterprises, where Gambler was able to use his hacking skills to duplicate the satellite codes. While their mission at Empire Enterprises was unexpectedly interrupted by the Justice Society of America, the day was still successful as they managed to acquire the satellite they needed. However, Larry claims that while the satellite is crucial, the plan hinges on Brainwave being awake to orchestrate the machine using his telepathic abilities; his being on a coma invalidates the whole endeavor and Anaya Bowin was supposed to be using her musical skills to help Brainwave recover, but with little success thus far. Anaya herself brings up that with a new JSA present in Blue Valley, it may not matter if the ISA secures everything they need for the project. And finally deciding to take their young adversaries seriously, Jordan opts to put Project New America on hold for the moment telling his cohorts that they must gather information on their emerging foes.


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