The Injustice Society of America (often abbreviated as the ISA) was a group of dangerous and powerful supervillains that once worked together to achieve a common goal - Project New America. They served as the evil counterpart to the Justice Society of America. The group was spearheaded by Icicle and contained a diverse roster of individuals with an array of talents and powers.

Despite meticulous planning and detailed coordination, the ISA was ultimately foiled in its grand plan by the new JSA and broke apart.


Icicle brought together a group of super-villains, each possessing unique abilities, to work toward the remaking of the United States of America with Icicle's ideals. He recruited the criminal couple Paula Brooks/Tigress and Larry Crock/Sportsmaster, as well as, individual viallins William Zarick/The Wizard, Solomon Grundy, and The Shade. They worked together as well as apart over the years. Their individual and group antics soon caught the attention of the Justice Society of America, and the two groups began a long and bitter feud. Each battle, however, ended in a stalemate or near-escape by either party. Further driven by his desire to create a better world following the death of his wife, Icicle and his team continued to help him carry out his master plan of remaking the United States of America.

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On Christmas Eve 2010, the ISA lured the JSA into an ambush at a secluded mansion estate in Los Angeles, igniting a ferocious and bloody battle that tore the mansion apart and sent shockwaves across the county. The JSA heroes fought valiantly to the very last but nonetheless fell one by one until only Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Starman remained. Just as The Shade killed Dr. Mid-Nite and Wizard rendered Hourman unconscious, Stripsey entered the mansion in response to an SOS from Starman. Though Starman incapacitated Wizard, Gambler, Tigress, Sportsmaster, and Brainwave in quick succession, he suffered a mortal wound after Icicle fired an ice spike at him. This forced a dying Starman and frantic Stripesy to retreat, outrunning Solomon Grundy in the process. The battle ended with the JSA all but completely destroyed while the ISA, though battered, remained at full strength.

With the JSA destroyed, the ISA found itself at the height of its power. Unbeknownst to them at the time, Hourman, who survived the massacre, followed the ISA as they moved across the country and eventually settled into Blue Valley, Nebraska, integrating themselves into the community to the point where they were virtually untraceable. In 2011, when the ISA discovered Hourman was still alive and following their every move, Solomon Grundy was released. Grundy killed Rex and his wife while the couple was attempting to escape town.

Three years after the battle, Icicle left to travel the world, seek revenge for his wife, and see the chaos that those he deemed evil had inflicted on smaller communities. Wizard took charge of the ISA, with Brainwave acting as second-in-command.

At the onset of the series, the ISA members have been living in Blue Valley, Nebraska, for several years without a recordable incident. The Wizard was elected councilman at Blue Valley, Brainwave became a neurosurgeon at the local hospital, Anaya Bowin set herself as principal at Blue Valley High School, Sportsmaster opened a gym, The Gambler set himself up as the CFO of The American Dream corporation, and Tigress became a P.E teacher at Blue Valley High. All the while, the group remained committed to a mysterious grand plan called "Project: New America" that involves The American Dream corporation.


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Henry King Sr.'s son, Henry King Jr., encounters a new heroine with a staff that shoots energy blasts. The attack he experiences blows up his car forcing him to explain the incident to his father. Brainwave realizes that someone new has resumed control of the Cosmic Staff and believes this person to be targeting his son. He contacts Jordan Mahkent to inform him of the incident. Jordan instructs Brainwave to do nothing until he returns, but Brainwave ignores the command and attacks the heroine himself. He is surprised to discover the hero is a girl going by the alias of Stargirl, who believes her father is Starman.[1]

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Nonetheless, Brainwave plans to kill her and her sidekick S.T.R.I.P.E. after acquiring the Cosmic Staff through blackmail. The heroine, Courtney Whitmore, learns about the history of Brainwave through her stepfather, Pat Dugan, who was a member of the Justice Society of America. The Justice Society's sworn enemies were the Injustice Society, in which Brainwave was a key member of the group. Pat warns Courtney that the group is dangerous and they aren't safe, especially if the rest of the team is present in Blue Valley. During a face-off in the BVHS parking lot, Stargirl defeats Brainwave by placing him in a coma with the use of her staff. Brainwave's defeat lures Jordan back to Blue Valley where he meets with The American Dream CFO, Steve Sharpe, in a secret underground headquarters. Steven fills Jordan in on the details of Brainwave's collapse, including the fact that someone new has picked up Starman's staff. Jordan remains unfazed by the news claiming that he killed one Starman and can kill another.[2]

Project: New America

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Jordan's grand plan was called, "Project New America", and is the reason he and the rest of the ISA settled in Blue Valley. With Brainwave fueling the satellite, they were able to broadcast his telepathic powers across six states. They effectively controlled every developed mind across these states, allowing them to rebuild America using their ideals and beliefs. Brainwave absorbed his sons powers after his death, which made him confident that he could control twenty-five states as opposed to six. With their plans ready to start, Jordan sent Brainwave to kill Stargirl and the rest of the Whitmore-Dugan family so they couldn't foil their plan. Unbeknownst to them, Stargirl and the JSA concocted a plan to stop the ISA before the launch.

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Notes and Trivia

  • The ISA headquarters, which was built by The Other Founding Fathers in 1876, was located under The American Dream. A series of underground tunnels connected it to Cindy’s house and Blue Valley High School.
  • At one point, the ISA had a supervillain known as "The Fiddler". This mantle was held by an Irish man. In Episode 8, there is a picture of him in prison which is most likely where he is.
  • The ISA also once had a villain named “The Shade” who was responsible for killing Dr. Mid-Nite. He also betrayed Icicle and cut ties with the group.
  • Solomon Grundy's relationship with the group was ambiguous at best; though he is apparently capable of following basic commands and recognizing allies, the ISA nonetheless kept him locked away in a cell most of the time and verbally abused him regularly.
  • Despite their underlying willingness to work together, the ISA as a group is not without its flaws; as Pat Dugan pointed out, the individual super-villains "aren't the most stable people to begin with" and the group is notorious for infighting, dissension and backstabbing with some members openly loathing, threatening and/or straight-up murdering each other; Icicle was a prime example of this as he unhesitatingly murdered The Wizard and his family simply because William was indecisive and primarily leads through intimidation and fear.
  • The ISA ironically killed more of its own members than the JSA did; William Zarick was killed by Icicle, Anaya Bowin was killed by Tigress and Dr. Ito was killed by Shiv whereas the JSA only killed Brainwave and Icicle.
  • Most of the ISA members have children who may one day lead the next generation of the group. Icicle has Cameron, Tigress and Sportsmaster have Artemis, Anaya and The Fiddler have Isaac, The Wizard had Joey and Brainwave had Henry. Dragon King's daughter, Cindy doesn't count as they're only allies and not actual members. Also, two of these next generation kids are dead; Joey and Henry.
  • New membership apparently requires the consent from the other already-active members of the society, since Dragon King was worried that his colleagues would not allow Cindy to be a member after failing to kill Stargirl when she infiltrated the ISA's tunnels underneath of the school.



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