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The Icicle Suit is a different version of attire that Jordan Mahkent changes into when fronting as the supervillain, Icicle.


The Icicle suit is the only super suit that resembles that of a normal outfit. He wears distressed trousers that are slightly baggy, resembling that of military pants in their styling. A tight white shirt goes over his torso and tucks into his trousers. His pants tuck into black, leather combat boots. A simple black leather belt wraps the waistline of his pants. Over his white shirt, he wears a distressed leather trench coat. He wears a rather large bronzed key pendant that resembles around his neck as a nod to his Norwegian roots.


During a flashback to Christmas Eve, 2010, Icicle is seen wearing this suit while fighting against the Justice Society of America.[1]

Icicle wears the suit while confronting Stargirl for the first time.[2]



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Behind the Scenes

  • Neil Jackson described the suit as, "We wanted to honor the way he’d appeared in the comic books, but also make his costume new and functional for the world Geoff had created. The big question we asked ourselves was “why would Jordan change his clothes to become Icicle?” What we decided is that Jordan is a businessman. But when business diplomacy fails, he uses his alter ego to get the job done. Icicle is his militant side, more viscous, less bounded. He’s a soldier. The costume reflected this, with combat boots and trousers and a distressed leather trench coat. It was Emily’s brilliant idea to add the key necklace which is a nod to Jordan Norwegian roots."
  • There is no makeup involved in the process of making Icicle. Instead, everything with Icicle is added in with CGI. Neil Jackson said, "when he turns into Icicle, I get dots on my face and a very unattractive, tight skullcap with dots on. The artists can then track my movements and put the computer-generated Icicle image on my face."[3]