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The Hourman Suit is a protective suit used by Rick Tyler as the crime-fighting hero, Hourman. The suit was previously worn by Rick's father, Rex, who was the original Hourman until his death. The suit was gifted to Rick by Courtney Whitmore when she recruited him into the Justice Society of America.


The Hourman suit is a superhero suit used primarily for fighting crime. The suit itself is a textured blue one-piece that reaches from his shoulders into his boots. Around his waist, Hourman wears a bronze and red belt. The belt itself is bronze while a red stripe goes through the center. In the front of the belt is a circle with an hourglass inside. He wears solid black gloves with silver fingers and bronze knuckles. On the front top side of the gloves is a thick red arrow, a slimmer bronze arrow, a thicker blue arrow, and then repeating up to his wrists. There is a thick blue band around his wrists that goes down the sides of the gloves.

Over his suit, he wears a golden hooded cloak that reaches to the center of his calves. Over the cloak, he wears a textured brown leather cloak with red stripes on the bottom. The leather cloak reaches just past the gold cloak. Hourman wears solid black boots with a gold tip. A blue stripe goes over the top center of the boots. On the front, he dons the same red, bronze, blue pattern that is on his gloves. He also wears a black mask that covers his cheekbones. Around his neck, Hourman wears his signature hourglass.


Rex Tyler wore the suit for many years while fronting as the superhero Hourman. He wore it for all of his significant battles against the ISA and other foes. He was commonly photographed wearing it. He wore it until, presumably, 10-years-ago during the JSA's battle against the ISA. Rex was one of two JSA members who survived. It is unknown what happened to the suit after that. Rex died in a car accident two-years-ago and his suit, hourglass, and other Hourman related artifacts were left in the JSA's headquarters.

When Courtney Whitmore decided to remake the JSA and recruit new members, she mentioned recruiting a new Hourman. That night, she stole several artifacts from the JSA's headquarters. Hourman's hourglass was amongst those items.

Rick came into the possession of the suit after Courtney decided to ignore Pat's warnings and have the newly formed JSA go after an ISA member. The suit proved helpful in Rick's fight against Sportsmaster.



Other appearances include being pictured in "" and "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite".

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Notes and Trivia

  • The Hourman suit shares an impressive resemblance to a black, red, and yellow version of the suit in the comics. However, the suit in the show has a blue-ish tint into the fabric, which extends to the legs, unlike the yellow leggings of Hourman in the comics.

Behind the Scenes

  • "Classic Superhero pedigree was the driving force behind our bronzed super-strong Hourman. We focused on staying true to the comics and his portrayal through the years while adding a modern take for our new generation of heroes. Cameron Gellman transforms into a modern-day angsty teen trying to find his way through his newfound powers vested upon him in a suit that holds more than a little pertinent history for his character."[1]
  • Cameron Gellman spoke of how special putting the suit on was, but said it wasn't comfortable at all and likened it to "wearing a mattress". He learned to like it for what it was, but felt tired afterward.[2]
  • Like Yvette Monreal, cheap black eye makeup was used at first but it kept rubbing off, so by the end of the season they used heavy-duty, tar-like makeup that kept falling into Cameron's eyes. [3]