Hillari Kimble is the girlfriend of Wayne Parr. She cannot stand Stargirl, hating her for the attention she gets, meaning she's jealous.

Hilari was the developer of Hilari’s Hypothesis, as Kevin called it. She stated that Stargirl was a plant. She was famous for her mouth; The Hoax, in which she tried out for the cheerleading squad, was chosen, and then did not join.

Hillari is just plain not nice. It is only moments after Stargirl's arrival at school when Hillari starts being mean. She wastes no time in telling everyone that "she's not real" (2.7). To Hillari, Stargirl is just too confident to actually be genuine. The idea that such a girl could be comfortable in her own skin makes no sense to Miss Kimble.

We never learn the motivating factor behind Hillari's nastiness to Stargirl, because we don't know much about her at all. All we know, in fact, is that she hates Stargirl.

Some of her meanest deeds:

  • She spreads all sorts of rumors about who Stargirl is and where she comes from.
  • She puts up a fuss before her birthday and tells Stargirl not to sing to her after lunch.
  • She is ruthlessly mean to her when Stargirl appears on the television program "Hot Seat."
  • She delights and smirks when the school starts shunning Stargirl.
  • She takes off her shoe and beats a cookie that Stargirl gives her with it.
  • She slaps Stargirl at the Ocotillo Ball.
  • she is just plain mean to everybody she is the evil queen of the school
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