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Green Lantern's Ring is a powerful artifact that grants its owner dominion over green energy and, from it, the ability to create anything they will and desire. The ring was owned by Justice Society of America member Green Lantern, and was seen in conjunction with its power battery. Now in the possession of Jennie-Lynn Hayden, the ring is incredibly powerful and has a vast array of untapped power.


Alan Scott came into possession of the ring and became the superhero Green Lantern. He used the ring to aid in his superhero antics, but had to charge the ring once a day for it to work. Because of this, the ring was rarely seen without its companion artifact the green lantern. Alan wore the ring on all his missions, including on December 24th, 2010, when he and the rest of the Justice Society of America fought the Injustice Society of America in an epic battle. Alan was consumed by The Shade and died. His ring was left behind and sent to his daughter Jennie. However, the gift was intercepted by child protective services and wasn't given to her until her eighteenth birthday.

At this point, Jennie held the ring for the first time. She awakened a hidden power inside herself and charged the ring using the power within herself. The ring quickly took her to Blue Valley, more specifically, the Whitmore-Dugan house. Jennie fought against Stargirl while wielding the ring. She blasted Stargirl with a green energy beam from the ring. Once they realized who one another are, they ceased the fight and Jennie was taken under the wing of Pat Dugan for a crash course in all things the ring. They worked together until she was able to construct an object using her willpower and the ring. When Jennie lost control of her emotions, the lantern began to glow and shoot green beams. Jennie and the rest of the modern day JSA rushed the lantern away from people. Courtney realized that Jennie is the new lantern which is why the ring works for her without the power battery. No longer needing the battery, Jennie absorbs the energy from it - though it explodes anyway. With it destruction, Jennie gains the power of flight as she floats above a giant crater while the ring glows brightly.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Projection: With the produced green-colored energy itself multi-faceted and "pliable" to the ring-user's sense of will, it can be manipulated and molded to said user's liking. This means that the green rays originating form the ring could achieve such consistency that they can assume the form of impeccably straight beams of light which, if the user wants it so, can bend or zig-zag towards another direction deviating from the original trajectory. Conversely, the green energy can even be dissipated rendering such into a harmless emerald-colored glow, or accrued altogether to form coherent, holographic shapes conceived from the psyche.
  • Energy Construct Creation: It uses the wearer's thoughts to create and manipulate energy into any form using their willpower, even giving it corporeality and matching aesthetics. The tangible objects created by the ring are not permanent, and are contingent on the ring-wearer's ability and conviction to harness their power of sheer will. If their concentration fades, as does the aforementioned construct.
  • Dark Energy Tracking: With her father's ring at her disposal, Jennie demonstrated the ability to determine the location of ominous energy from the Shadowlands; and by extension, this allows her to locate beings wherein said energy is concentrated in.



  • Recharge Protocol: The ring only worked for the original Green Lantern for a single day, before it required recharging by its power battery. However, this function was no longer needed when Jennie came of age as she serves as a power battery.



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