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Beth Chapel in "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite"

Dr. Mid-Nite's Goggles are a powerful and technologically advanced artifact designed by the brilliant scientist and Justice Society of America member, Charles McNider.

Beth Chapel discovered the original pair of goggles in 2020 and assumed the superhero alias of Dr. Mid-Nite. She was aided by Charles, whose artificial intelligence operated the goggles until its destruction. At which point, Beth began to use the goggles by herself and learned of the existence of a secondary pair. The second pair had been transported to The Shadowlands with Dr. McNider in 2010.

Physical Description

The goggles themselves outwardly resemble old-fashioned aviation eyewear with a pair of oval-shaped lenses found over the eyeholes at the front; a slim and small-buckled elastic leather strap helps secure them around the wearer's head when worn. The lenses glow a vibrant green whenever the goggles are exhibiting their capabilities on the behalf of their user. They integrate into the rest of the Golden era-inspired updated design of the suit.


Charles McNider manufactured the goggles after he lost sight fighting the mob. The goggles helped him see again - but only in limited versions of technological uses. They nonetheless offerred boon to his crimefighting career. He then uploaded an artificial intelligence of himself into the goggles which are connected to the JSA database. This gave him access to personal records of those he identified or research he needed to access while away. He created two pairs of goggles - the original version from his early days as a hero, and his newer version that he wore in the 2000s. The second pair disappeared along with McNider on Christmas Eve 2010, while the original pair was stored in the JSA headquarters alongside his suit.


Season 1

When Courtney Whitmore decides to remake the JSA and recruit new members, she mentions recruiting a new Dr. Mid-Nite. That night, she steals several artifacts from the JSA's headquarters. Dr. Mid-Nite's helmet and goggles were amongst those items.[1]

The next morning, Courtney examines the JSA items she took one by one, trying to discern their functions and purpose beyond identity concealment. She admires the prototype goggles but ultimately places it back in the duffle bag in her closet.[2]

105 SC62.png

Courtney would later be forced to bring the stolen JSA artifacts over to Blue Valley High in response to her mom checking her daughter's closet where Courtney kept the duffle they were held in, and not realizing that one of the items therein, the goggles, slipped out and stayed in the closet; its lenses flashed with light and static after she left the room. Beth Chapel learns more about the Justice Society of America by eavesdropping on and behind Courtney and Yolanda at school as they contemplate on who else from the student body to recruit for the new JSA, and later visits the Whitmore-Dugan household to talk to Courtney who wasn't home at the time. While there in the family living room she catches Max chewing on the goggles. So Beth follows Max upstairs and takes the eyewear from him. Then she wanders into Courtney's room where she tentatively puts them on; they whir to life and she is introduced to Dr. Charles McNider, whose consciousness had been digitally copied and uploaded into the goggles making him an artificial intelligence. He explains his nature and capabilities to a shocked Beth, deeply impressing her and getting caught in the room by its owner, the just-arrived Courtney Whitmore. And with the goggles, she ends up helping Courtney and Yolanda track down Rick Tyler, whom the artifact identifies by his real birth name revealing that "Rick Harris" was in fact false which made Courtney realize the father-and-son connection him and Rex Tyler, the original JSA's Hourman, and why Hourman's Hourglass from earlier reacted to Rick the way it did. They find the school delinquent delivering beer kegs at Cindy Burman's house party and the girls got him to listen by giving him his father's prized hourglass, with the goggles AI disclosing through Beth the item's features and how it is activated by one who can access its power as his father Rex did. She soon befriends the AI Charles, nicknaming him as "Chuck", and she uses the goggles to show Rick what truly happened to his parents nine years ago prompting the troubled lad to join the girls' cause out of spite and vengeance.[3]

106 SC90.png

Beth becomes so accustomed to the goggles and very close friends with Chuck to the point of bringing and even wearing them at BVHS. She enjoys talking with him in the school library during her spare time and the AI fondly tells her about the real Charles' favorite book - Fahrenheit 451, which Charles apparently bought a copy of - making it hard for a conflicted Courtney, who was tasked with retrieving from both Beth and Yolanda the JSA mementos she provided them by Pat, to ask her fellow student to simply return Dr. Mid-Nite's Goggles. It is made clear that Beth is the only one who can hear Chuck's voice in the specialized eyewear. And after she and Yolanda refuse to hand back the goggles and the Wildcat Suit back to Courtney, the three of them were later approached by Rick Tyler behind the football field's bleachers and Beth attempts to use the goggles to decrypt Rex Tyler's journal per Rick's request since he and Pat suspect that Rex encoded something into the writings therein for they are inconsistent with what Rick knew of his father; however, Chuck is unable to find any pre-existing text or formula from the JSA memory banks that matches the entries and equations. Suddenly, Chuck's built-in alarm system detected a familiar transmitted wireless signal, alerting the wearer of someone hacking into a telecommunications company, Empire Enterprises. Ostensibly, the one behind the deed was someone goggles' AI knew all too well - The Gambler, Dr. Mid-Nite's personal nemesis in the ISA. The AI then spills to the teens what it knew of the criminal, about what the criminal excels in and what he does not along with where he was most likely trying to hack the communications company from, emboldening Rick, Beth and Yolanda into going to Empire Enterprises themselves to capture The Gambler, with a hesitant Courtney only agreeing to come along after the others voted against her intent to let the matter be. Once at the corporation, the goggles reveal the door code to the building so the new and fully-costumed JSA can enter without tripping the alarm. They also identify Tigress and Sportsmaster for Beth, explaining them as Icicle's attack dogs. Chuck apologizes to Beth, apparently having made the error of believing that The Gambler was personally in the establishment when Tigress and Sportsmaster were actually privies there in his stead, knowing all too well the level of threat that the two ISA members posed before the new JSA. Later, as Beth is witnessing a brutal fight between Tigress and Wildcat that saw the latter gradually losing against the former, she begs Chuck to help her do something, so he identifies a fire extinguisher which she uses to temporarily stun Tigress.[4]

Beth, now fully accustomed to the goggles, bonds more with Chuck by using their Karaoke mode to sing as she gets ready for school. She hides the goggles behind her back when her parents check on her.[5]

She wears the goggles while analyzing the Burman household, and they run a facial recognition scan on Bobbie Burman. Chuck is surprised when the goggles aren't able to identify Bobbie. They are, however, able to identify Dr. Shiro Ito and show Pat Dugan's height, weight, and resting heart rate. Chuck casually states that Pat is fourteen pounds heavier since their last encounter. Later, when Beth explores a secret passageway in the Burman household. Upon entering the tunnels, the goggles cease to work and show static interference.[6]

113 SC224.png

During the battle of Project New America, the goggles and Chuck's artificial intelligence are both destroyed by Icicle. Icicle used his ice powers to freeze Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles, causing Beth pain as she clutched at the goggles. The vision began to short circuit and the glass fractured. Chuck told her that something was wrong and begged Beth for help as he dies. He then screamed loudly as he is destroyed. Beth was forced to rip the goggles off and they fell to the ground, the glass fracturing. Once the battle is over, Beth solemnly stores the goggles in a cardboard box. Rick and Courtney try to assure her that they'll fix the goggles, but she tearfully admits that it isn't the goggles she's sad about. It's him, it's Chuck, he's what made the goggles special. Rick assures her that they'll find a way to fix him, to which Yolanda agrees.[7]

Season 2

In the months since the epic battle against the ISA, Beth has managed to physically repair the goggles, and they function normally. Though the voice of the AI inside is no longer that of Chuck, but a generic computer tone. Beth herself doesn't think the goggles are as fun without Chuck. She works to repair his AI by rewriting the code and rebooting it, but her methods ultimately fails. She finally does fix the AI, though Charles doesn't recognize Beth and shuts the goggles down.[8]

Beth continues her efforts to reboot Chuck, this time, managing to turn him on for a few seconds. He still doesn't recognize her but warns that, whoever this is, they're in danger - Eclipso is here. The goggles malfunction and shut off before he can finish his entire warning. Meanwhile, the Dr. Mid-Nite vision is full of static and cuts in and out, showing that while Beth has managed to repair the physical aspects, the technological aspects are still broken.[9]

Beth attempts to bypass the remaining firewalls but the AI still doesn't reboot properly. She is about to give up when she hears Charles's voice calling out, asking if anyone can hear him. She happily puts them on but he still doesn't know who she is. She tries to explain that she is Beth Chapel, his best friend, but he doesn't remember her. He asks why she calls him Chuck so she explains that his name is Dr. Charles McNider - his AI. Charles is wildly confused as he doesn't understand. He asks where Pat is and what happened to the JSA. He has to find them as he's been lost for years. Beth asks who he is and he reveals that his name is Dr. Charles McNider and he's been trapped in The Shadows. Beth realizes that he's the real Dr. Charles McNider. He merely mutters the name The Shade as Beth realizes that he's alive. In The Shadows, Charles calls out for Beth Chapel as he touches his goggles. He wanders through a plane of nothing but dark shadows.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Charles “Chuck” McNider narrates the goggles operating as an AI within them. He knows a vast majority of information through the JSA database which the goggles are linked to. It allowed the AI to border on omniscience when disclosing the data presented. It even comes complete with visual aids in the digital HUD overlapping both lenses, while miniscule speakers and microphones facilitate audio and vocal communication. However, there are files in the JSA database that are held highly confidential and classified -- preventing unfettered access to them even through the goggles, specifically information regarding Eclipso and the Black Diamond. In terms of imminent purpose besides enabling the visually-impaired to see, the goggles can seamlessly shift between various visionary spectrums that proves helpful for their user. They can also supply ever-relevant advice and tactical knowledge to the wearer. Their scanning and observation capabilities are such that the augmented reality point of view even automatically labels and details what the owner views through the lenses, rendering those perceived articles from every conceivable angles if necessary. Furthermore, the goggles' built-in technology can freely and wirelessly interface with modern age technology such as bank accounts, security systems, and even the internet. The two sets of goggles are connected to one another across planes of existence, allowing the wearers to communicate with one another in limited time frames.

  • Visual Enhancements: Being a newfangled eyewear of the original user's own ingenious making, the goggles provide Dr. Mid-Nite with several incredible visual enhancements and abilities when worn. These include, but are in no way limited to, X-Ray vision, infrared vision, night vision, interactive HUD, and augmented reality displays. In the case of Charles McNider, they also restored his lost vision bypassing his blindness whilst having the goggles on. Additionally, they demonstrated being able to see through Eclipso's illusions and not just in the real world to the point of even revealing to the beholder what the Shadowlands truly appears as; and Dr. Mid-Nite himself deems this unadulterated perspective as the reason why he remained sane and thriving despite of his horrific entrapment there.
  • Holograms: Using the goggles, the user can create green three-dimensional holographic projections directly from the eyewear's featured memory banks and AI software. They appear outwards from the goggles' lenses -- thereby allowing Dr. Mid-Nite to display to a larger number of audience what the wearer is seeing. It is not just limited to the user alone. In the midst a skirmish, these holograms can be deployed as a diversionary tactic. However their lack of realistic depth tempers the ability to produce convincing decoys.
    • Holographic Interaction: Holograms cast by the goggles, while of course projected and light-based, can be interacted with in a similar manner to highly advanced computer systems that makes use of holographic consoles, instead of their more materialistic counterparts, that must be manually dabbled with by the user as an innovative means of commands and messages input for the said system to comprehend.
  • Lie Detector: Via powerful sensors keyed to detect and analyze subtle physiological changes (i.e. pupil dilations, heart rate, skin temperature, vocal stress, breathing patterns, etc.) that would indicate falsehood being uttered within proximity, the goggles are accurately capable of detecting lies spoken by an observed party, making them useful for interrogations or acquiring pertinent firsthand intel from person to person.
  • Weather Predictor: The goggles are capable of predicting the weather through the discernment of atmospheric activities and their aligning patterns -- such that they can even anticipate movements, intensity and duration of an ongoing climate condition, as well as find and visually zoom in on the epicenter of such an event. This function serves well when keeping track of bizarre climatic anomalies, or "freak weather", like the one caused by Eclipso's gradually expanding power that ultimately led to his release from the Black Diamond.
  • Systems Access: Like a master gray hat hacker, Chuck can hack into reasonably pregnable electronic systems and technological securities for near-unrestricted access and control, with none but only the most skilled programmers, namely The Gambler, could counter. But if circumstances allow, the owner of the goggles can take over and perhaps even override almost any technological structure that can be remotely compromised with Chuck's range. He and Beth used this application to hijack the frequency blocking systems employed by the ISA in their secret tunnels, preventing Brainwave's amplified psychic pulses from surging through them and into the minds of their adult allies.
    • Internet Access: For something that appears to have been made at around the time when the Wright Brothers were still pioneering early aviation, and perhaps even themed after the said emerging concept, Dr. Mid-Nite was somehow able to intertwine the outdated hardware of that age with modern world's technological conveniences such as the internet and wifi; and through so, practice near-limitless accessibility to a myriad of resources and utilities from the aforementioned digital domain. Chiefly, the eyewear even has a ready feature that allows the user to access their own Twitter account and can also search, uncover, unlock and retrieve uploaded information into the WWW or any other data-gathering software system through which the goggles interface with.
    • Data Manipulation: The goggles' AI can delve into and tamper with computer systems in order to manipulate the digitized data stored securely or actively running therein. With this, Chuck and Beth were able to wirelessly transfer money from The Gambler's multiple bank accounts, sending them into charity organizations which Beth herself apparently has faithful membership and connections to, essentially robbing the ISA member of his prize.
  • Recognition/Identification: Through streamlined sensors and state-of-the-art scanning technology, the goggles allow the user to informatively recognize objects and beings -- detailing their attributes and dimensionalities, such as a person's bodily statistics (i.e. height, weight etc.) or an item's construct, material composition and deductible origin or source.
    • Facial Recognition: The goggles also readily exhibit an incredibly advanced and deductive facial recognition software that can even discern countenances from two-dimensional mediums such as those seen in screens and photographs. They are so ultramodern that, in a photo of a young Courtney with Santa Claus, the goggles listed "impostor" next Santa's name showing the eyewear's AI can deduce and see through a person's age and conventional disguises. They also knew Rick Harris' real identity as Rick Tyler despite of birth records having been falsified, plainly indicating Chuck has access to those archives. However, it would seem that there are such individuals whose identities Chuck cannot unearth for the information the goggles use as basis for the identification is primarily of the registered variety and therefore deficit at very few other areas of intel access and processing.
  • Karaoke Mode: Presumably a feature capability that Beth herself devised and installed, the goggles have a karaoke mode that plays music which, of course, only the wearer can hear, and places the words to any song on the visual field. It also shows the sound waves of the song. Chuck can also join Beth in singing.
  • Communications Network: The visual aside, technology integrated into his goggles by Dr. Mid-Nite enable the eyewear and its presiding AI system the ability to facilitate electronic communication by tapping into or emitting on-air signals both received as well as transmitted by other technological means of communication, much like a two-way radio of phone, as seen by the comms worn by the new JSA through which Chuck and Beth maintained vocal contact with each member of the team and the goggles' user. Conversely, Chuck may even discreetly listen in on otherwise private message exchanges like this, if not hi-jack so as an additional third party. Of course, this technology can be countered likewise by powerful enough frequency jammers like those used by the ISA.
    • Signal Blocking: It was hinted that Chuck is able to meddle with or even negate unwanted electronic signals and transmitted pulses by emitting a frequency of the goggles' own to counter the former, and should also be able to transmit such through comms that the said AI can tap into, wirelessly or otherwise; though it raises the question of proper signal calibration if Chuck were to void certain potent frequencies like Brainwave's mind-reprogramming pulse augmented by Dragon King's assembled satellite transmission equipment, for which the Chuck needed an earpiece - employed by the Injustice Society to spare their own from being mentally reprogrammed themselves - to replicate that same frequency-interfering transmission.
    • Interplanar Communication: Recently, the eyewear's system comms exhibited the capacity to literally bridge different planes of existence via it and another iteration of itself with the technological connection between the two serving as the medium between at least two otherwise separate worlds. And through this peculiar connection between the two pairs of Dr. Mid-Nite's Goggles, Charles McNider was able to reach out to and contact his successor to the Dr. Mid-Nite mantle, Beth Chapel, and vice-versa by brief moments and in inconsistent trading of spoken words that span and go back and forth between the Shadowlands and the mortal realm, respectively.

Notable Pairs

  • Original: This original set of goggles was designed by Dr. Charles McNider shortly after he lost his vision. They were his main goggles until his upgrade. At which point, he left them in the JSA headquarters to serve as relics from his past.
  • Second Pair: This second set was made by Charles after the retirement of his original pair prior to 2010. They were transported to the Shadowlands with him.
  • Sunglasses: This third iteration is mainly donned by Charles as incognito eyewear in his civilian guise, for he still remains blind without any special visual succor, and this less than conspicuous pair of darkened lenses have the same technology as the goggles built into it, thereby compensating for the wearer’s disability of sight.



Additional Season 1 appearances include being pictured in "S.T.R.I.P.E.".
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Notes and Trivia

  • Despite having gone dormant in 2010, the goggles can access the JSA database which has modern information that reflects beyond 2010.
  • The goggles are primarily operated with the help of Charles McNider's artificial intelligence.
  • Whenever an owl is seen through the goggles, regardless of the type, there are exclamation points next to the word "owl".
  • Bobbie Burman is the first person in which the goggles can't identify.
  • There are currently two versions of the goggles in existence. One that is in the possession of Beth Chapel, and another that Charles McNider wears while trapped in The Shadowlands.
    • The two goggles are connected with one another as Beth and Charles converse briefly despite being in different planes of existence.