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Cameron in "Icicle"

Cameron Mahkent is a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

Cameron is a reserved student at Blue Valley high school with an affinity for floral designs. He is the son of American Dream founder and ISA member, Jordan Mahkent.


Cameron was born to Jordan and Christine Mahkent in Blue Valley, Nebraska. Eight years ago, Cameron's mother, Christine, was very ill after being exposed to an unknown toxin that caused her to have cancer. At this point, he was living with his father and Grandparents. One night, Cameron's father, Jordan, took Cameron to say goodbye to his dying mother. He gave her a floral drawing from her garden to which she told him to never stop drawing. They hugged but she went into a cardiac episode which scared Cameron, and he ran away. She died later that night and Cameron was primarily raised by his grandparents, while his father left to explore the country and hunt down the people responsible for Christine's death.


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Eight years ago, Cameron's mother Christine was very ill after being exposed to an unknown toxin. Cameron's father, Jordan, held his son's hand and led him into a bedroom where Christine lay dying. Cameron gave her a drawing of a flower from her garden, to which she happily thanked him. She expressed her pride toward him and hugged him close. She told him to never stop drawing as he is talented. She expressed her love for him, with him emotionally returning the sentiment. The heart monitor began to accelerate and scared Cameron, which caused Jordan to pull him back saying that it's alright. Cameron ran out of the room and sat in the hallway and cried. Cameron later witnessed his father rush outside and freeze the garden in an explosive cryokinetic episode.

Cameron Mahkent S.T.R.I.P.E

In the present day, Cameron attends Blue Valley High School. He is briefly seen walking the halls on Courtney's second day at Blue Valley High.

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One the day of the talent show, he is leaning against his locker which is near Courtney Whitmore's. He is reading a book when he begins to take note of Courtney's interactions with Joey Zarick, a bubbly young student and promising magician. Joey asks her to pick a card and she does, as he explains the talent show and how Cindy Burman always wins. Cameron pays attention to Courtney and the card she pulls and watches her closely when Joey pulls up the wrong card. Courtney, noting the small crowd around them, exclaims it is to a wave of applause for Joey. She turns around and catches Cameron staring at her but merely smiles at him and walks away. Cameron watches her leave and presumably sees her interaction with Yolanda Montez, who had the word "SLUT" painted over her locker in white paint.

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Either later that day or the next, the defamatory word on Yolanda's locker has been covered with a beautiful and colorful floral mural. In math class, Cameron isn't paying attention to the teacher and instead, is sketching flowers in his notebook. Courtney notices him and deducts that he is the one who drew the mural on Yolanda's locker. She confronts him about it but he initially brushes her off until she introduces herself as Courtney Whitmore. He looks back at her introducing himself, but she already knows his name - since both their names start with C his name was easy to remember. They smile at one another and the teacher interrupts them saying that this is math class, not The Dating Game. Cameron and Courtney awkwardly go back to their notebooks.

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That night at the Mahkents, Cameron arrives home and tries to get a snack before dinner but is scolded by his grandmother for trying to eat before dinner. He smiles but is questioned by Jordan for being late. He tells his father they had a memorial for Joey claiming Joey was a good kid. They hug, and Cameron sneaks a snack before heading out of the kitchen, prompting a chuckle from Jordan. Cameron's grandmother tells Jordan that what he is doing is for the best as he's building a safer place for Cameron.[1]

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Cameron hears his father rustling around early in the morning and opens his bedroom door, catching his father in the process of leaving the house. Cameron asks if everything okay, as it's very late in the night. Jordan assures his son that everything is fine and he should go back to bed. Cameron leans against the doorframe and carefully states that today is a difficult day. Jordan nods trying to hide his emotions, telling Cameron he loves him and will be back shortly. Cameron watches his father leave.

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Jordan and Cameron go to Richie's Diner where the waitress brings over a piece of cake with a lit candle. She overheard them talking about someone's birthday and asks which one of them is celebrating. Cameron and Jordan exchange a remorseful look before Cameron slowly explains that it's his mom's birthday, with Jordan adding in that it was her birthday. The waitress realizes her mistake and apologizes profusely for the mistake, offering to take the cake away. Jordan tells her it's okay and to leave it so the waitress goes to a different table. He and Cameron have an awkward moment before Jordan slides the cake towards Cameron, telling him to make a wish for his mother. Cameron pauses then obliges, and very faintly, his breath can be seen blowing out the candle.[2]

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Cameron arrives home from school and is greeted by his father. He doesn't respond and keeps walking, lost in thought, and looking upset over something. Jordan notices and calls to him in a slightly more stern tone that catches Cameron's attention. He turns around and admits that the Homecoming dance is coming up. Jordan nods and coaxes the issue from his son. Cameron admits that there's this girl that he wants to go with, but is nervous to ask her out of fear of rejection. Jordan admits that he was hesitant to ask Christine out, admitting that he was scared as there was another man pursuing her. Cameron smiles as Jordan tells his story, eventually asking what his father did since there was another man. Jordan nonchalantly states that he killed him which makes Cameron laugh, as he believes it to be a joke. Jordan then tells Cameron that he was put on the earth to find love, and should be happy. Take a risk and ask her. Cameron thanks his father and begins to walk away, then tells Jordan that mom would want him to be happy too before walking off.

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At the Homecoming game that night, Cameron slides into the empty bleacher spot beside Courtney, much to her happiness. They exchange hellos and he nervously fidgets with his hands, before suddenly turning to look at her. He then asks if she wants to go to the Homecoming dance with him, to which she tries to muffle her excitement. She flounders with her words until she manages to tell him that she wants to go, but already has plans. He is disappointed but she clarifies that it isn't to go to the dance, it's to hang out with Cindy Burman. Cameron is surprised by this but she suddenly states that she can reschedule her plans with Cindy, as she wants to go to the dance. Cameron grins happily and chuckles as Courtney moves past him to cancel with Cindy.[3]


Barbara invites the Mahkents to a family dinner. Courtney opens the door, and sees Cameron, trying to hide her surprise. Cameron greets her, and she stammers a welcome to the Mahkent's, inviting them in. Cameron walks in, and Courtney says hi to him, to which he replies with "hi", again. They share an awkward laugh before Jordan introduces himself to Courtney, and Cameron's grandparents hug Courtney, expressing their concern for her after the accident.

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Courtney sits next to Cameron during the dinner, as Pat reveals that chicken dumplings are a Dugans' family tradition, and Jordan asks if he can share one of the Mahkent's traditions--a Norwegian grace. After they say grace, a slightly confused Courtney looks over at Cameron, who admits that he studied French. Jordan asks Courtney about her gymnastics skills, claiming that Cameron told him about her. Courtney looks at Cameron before saying that she was a gymnast. Barbara cuts in, saying she was the best on the team in Valley Village, as Cameron keeps his eyes on Courtney. Jordan says he's always admired athletes, as Barbara asks Cameron about his artistic skills, implying that Courtney's talked about him too. Cameron hesitates before replying, "paints, mostly." Lily, his grandmother, adds that he was just like his mother.

When Courtney abruptly takes Pat with her into the kitchen to talk after deducing that Jordan is Icicle, she looks over at the table, to Cameron, who is looking back at her, giving her a smile. Courtney smiles back before finishing her conversation with Pat, worrying that Cameron might be like his father.


At the end of the night, Cameron puts on his jacket and walks to the door, Courtney walking next to him. He sees her slightly disturbed expression and asks if something's wrong. She tells him that she always looks like that when she eats too much, and he buys it. He tells her that it was "really great" to see her, and is responded with silence. Cameron then asks her out, saying that "maybe we could do something soon," to which Courtney replies with a hesitant "sure." He leans in for a hug, which surprises a wary Courtney. Jordan walks over, telling Courtney that the reason he had come for dinner was to "meet the girl that my son has been talking so much about", saying that he approves of her.[4]

Several days later, Jordan and his parents are in his office at The American Dream when Sofus proposes telling Cameron about Project New America. Jordan refuses the idea but Lily believes that it's time, as it is Cameron's birthright. He should know who his family really is. Jordan doesn't' listen any further, simply stating that Cameron shouldn't know.[5]


Cameron is a quiet and reserved student who stays to himself. He is a talented artist and often uses his art to help others feel better. This is expressed when a young Cameron gave his dying mother a floral design, and again when he painted a beautiful floral mural over the word "slut" on Yolanda's locker. He is kind to Courtney when she introduces herself and seemed to appreciate that she lied about Joey getting her card right to avoid hurting his feelings.

Physical Appearance

Cameron is a tall and slender teenager with curly black hair that drapes over his forehead and brown eyes. He wears relaxed clothing and jeans.


  • Ice Breath: The ability to emit cold or ice from within through one's mouth. Cameron's power is only just starting to manifest.


  • Artistic skill: Cameron is a talented artist in floral design. He inherited his artistic skill from his mother, Christine.


Season 1 (5/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • Cameron was raised primarily by his grandparents, despite the presence of his father, Jordan Mahkent.[6]
  • He took French in school.
  • Cameron does not appear to understand or speak his grandparents and father's native tongue, Norwegian as evident at the Whitmore-Dugan-Mahkent dinner party where he jokes, "Don't look at me, I took French" when they say their evil grace.
  • It's possible that Cameron's pending powers were inherited.

Comic Comparisons

  • In the comics, Cameron takes on the villainous moniker of Icicle, Jr., having inherited cryokinesis from overexposure to his father's cold ray gun. He would go on to marry and have a daughter, Isabelle with fellow next-gen Injustice Society member Artemis Crock/Tigress.



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