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Cameron Gellman (born October 10, 1998) is an American actor. He portrays Rick Tyler/Hourman as a series regular on Stargirl.[2]

Career Highlights

Cameron Gellman's previous credits include Mary Harron's Charlie Says, The Fosters, The Middle, and the feature film 20th Century Women. In 2018, he was cast as Rick Harris in the DC Universe original series, Stargirl. He portrays the modern age version of Hourman.


  • Both Cameron and Brec Bassinger have type-one diabetes. Neither one of them had worked with anyone with their disease. They were able to work together and be honest with one another on how they were feeling. He enjoyed being able to play a strong, cool superhero despite his condition.
  • Cameron has become best friends with co-stars Hunter Sansone and Anjelika Washington.
  • Cameron was the last series regular and cast member to be cast, as Geoff Johns and the rest of the crew couldn't find the perfect Rick Tyler/Hourman. He was cast in January 2019, while the rest of the cast had signed on during November and December of 2018.
  • When he auditioned, he went for a fake character and was a little upset when he signed the contract for the Pilot claiming his character to be "Rick Harris". He thought that they had given him a minor role instead of the series regular role, despite signing a series regular contract. It wasn't until LJ from supersuits called him to get him fitted that he found out he was playing a superhero named "Hourman", a secret that was kept even from Cameron's team.
  • Upon flying out to Atlanta, he only expected to do a three-week Pilot shoot, but while talking to Brec, he found out that the show was going to straight to series for a 13-episode order and he would be in Atlanta for six and a half months. She was the one who told him that Rick is in the JSA and he would be involved in nearly every episode.
  • He attended the 2020 DC FanDome panel event.

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