Brian Tanner Balloid is a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

Brian is a student at Blue Valley High School and a member of the BVHS football team. He is close friends with Henry King Jr. and Travis Thomas.


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Henry approaches a table in the cafeteria alongside his other jock friends, Brian, and another teen. Henry leans to the right of Yolanda, smirking at her despite her being uncomfortable with his presence. Brian and the other teen shroud to the left of her, boxing her in. Brian remains quiet but is expressive during the confrontation between Henry and Courtney. Brian leaves when Henry storms off.

That night, Henry, Brian, Travis gather at the drive-in movie theater but cause trouble instead. They are purposely loud and obnoxious, annoying fellow movie-goers who yell at them to stop. Henry advances to a car with the teens who dared to speak up against him, Brian and the other boy in tow. As they are harassing their peers, Brian notices and then brings attention to the person letting air out of Henry's tires. The staff Stargirl is holding intentionally hurtles itself into Brian's chest, knocking him down. Henry and his other friend rush to fight Stargirl, unaware of the person's identity. The staff positions itself horizontally and glows bright, blinding Henry's friends and causing one boy to run into it. Henry recovers from being hit, and charges at Stargirl again. The staff twirls Stargirl into the air, tripping Henry back. The staff backs up to avoid Brian, who advances at Stargirl, and the staff accidentally hits Henry in the face. Aiming for Brian, the staff blasts a beam of light that causes Henry's car to explode, knocking everyone to the ground.[1]

In a flashback to three months ago, Henry is proudly showing Brian and another teen the nude pictures that Yolanda sent him. When the images leak at the assembly, Brian is one of the students that pat Henry on the shoulder enthusiastically, congratulating him for crude reasons.[2]

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On Halloween, Rick Tyler delivers three kegs to Brian and another boy as they are throwing a Halloween party. Rick tells them that the price is $100 each, earning disgruntlement from the jocks. Brian argues that the kegs are worth $50 each to which Rick tells him about inflation. The price is $300 for all three kegs. Brian and his friend try to hassle Rick by using intimidation, but Rick threatens to break their arms if they don't pay up. Brian eventually pays Rick and mutters about him being crazy as they carry the heavy kegs away.[3]

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At football practice, Artemis Crock scores a touchdown only to be slammed into a tackle by Brian Tanner Balloid. They are both on their feet quickly, She angrily points out that the late tackle is against the rules. He admits to having tackled her late on purpose. He remarks that if she doesn't like it then she shouldn't be on the team. She angrily asks if it's because she's a girl, but he claims it's just because she's a terrible player. As he's turning to leave she punches him across the face and he falls to the ground. This results in the coach benching her the rest of the practice. She tries to argue that the tackle was late which the coach admits to, but he then comments that her attack was later than the tackle.[4]


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