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The Brainwave Suit is a protective and identity concealing suit worn by Dr. Henry King Sr. while fronting as the supervillain, Brainwave.


The suit is a three-piece attire with a vibrant green undershirt and a matching leather green trench coat. The coat begins at his neck with a collar, which has black buttons on the side. A black leather stripe goes around the top of the collar and carries on from the second black button and down his torso. The jacket itself intersects and forks at his mid-section. The sides continue to just about his kneecap. Black leather strips define the bends and corners of the jacket. Around his waist is a shiny leather black belt. He wears solid black pants that tuck into knee-high black leather boots. Brainwave also wears black leather gloves.


In "Stargirl", Brainwave is seen wearing the suit while fighting against the JSA. In the modern-day, Henry is seen in his home after hearing that someone has picked up the Cosmic Staff. Taking off his glasses, he mentally directs his attention to levitating a key from a drawer into one of two keyholes in the wall, which pushes a bookcase aside. It reveals a hidden room with his Brainwave suit, numerous tapes, and a photo of a woman. Henry is later seen wearing the suit for the first time in ten years as he goes out to find the new Starman.

Brainwave wore the suit when he fought Stargirl and S.T.R.I.P.E. and was wearing it when he was defeated by Stargirl.[1] The heroes left Brainwave in the parking lot of BVHS, only for William Zarick to find Henry and remove the suit, placing it back in the King mansion.[2] The suit stayed there until Henry King Jr. found it in Dr. King's secret Brainwave room.[3] When Dr. King awakened from his coma he reclaimed the suit and wore it when he regained his memories of the past decade.[4] He wore it when he activated Project New America, only to die while wearing the suit in an attempt to manipulate Wildcat. It is unknown what happened to the suit or Brainwave after his death.[5]



Additional Season 1 appearances include being mentioned in "Icicle" and being pictured in "Wildcat","The Justice Society", and "Shiv Part One".
Additional Season 2 appearances include a mind hallucination in "Summer School: Chapter Seven".
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Notes and Trivia

  • Brainwave wears the suit more times than any other ISA member in Season 1, wearing it in seven episodes.
  • This interpretation of Brainwave's suit is a stark difference with the original Brainwave's signature look - physical differences aside, Brainwave wore a plain but bright green robe that covered him from head to toe with sleeves nun-style and large, round, thick glasses not unlike goggles.