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The Blue Valley Tunnels are secret underground passageways that the Injustice Society of America use to navigate Blue Valley undetected. The tunnels connect various locations, with the ISA's headquarters being the focal point of the tunnels.


The tunnels were built in the 1800s by Freemasons that called themselves The Other Founding Fathers. They were separatists and wanted to navigate the town without disruption from others.

In the mid-2000s, the Injustice Society of America migrated to Blue Valley where they used the underground tunnels to set up their operations. They made their headquarters in the tunnels and began settling in. Dr. Ito made his lair underneath the Burman residence where he did several test-runs for Project New America on his minions. Rex Tyler, a longtime enemy of the ISA and surviving member of the Justice Society of America, followed the ISA to Blue Valley. He suspected they were planning something large. He discovered the tunnels and mapped them out in his journal where he hid the coordinates behind formulae. The ISA learned of Rex's snooping and had him and his wife executed by Solomon Grundy in the hopes that what Rick learned died with him. Rex sent his journal with all the information regarding the tunnels to Pat Dugan, his longtime friend and teammate.


Jordan Mahkent arrives in Blue Valley, Nebraska, late at night. He enters The American Dream and accesses a hidden handprint scanner on the wall that opens a pin pad. Once cleared, the wall opens to reveal a secret passageway. He goes through the passageway and down the stairs, where he saunters through a tunnel. Jordan stops in front of a heavily guarded cell where a creature makes noises at the man. Jordan says hello to his old friend before continuing down the hall. The path leads Jordan to the ISA's headquarters where Steve Sharpe is awaiting his arrival.[1]

Jordan uses the tunnels from an unknown access point to meet Dr. Ito in the ISA's headquarters. This time, three stairwells can be seen - one from where Jordan came from, and one from the left and right of the room.[2]

On the night of the Homecoming football game, Courtney follows Anaya Bowin to her office where she spies on the Principal. Anaya takes her fiddle from its holding place and moments later, the wall pulls out and slides to the side to reveal a hidden access point. Stargirl attempts to follow Anaya, believing her to be The Fiddler. She tries to find the point of entry by poking the wall with the staff to no avail. Luckily, the staff can locate the point by itself. She goes through the opening and discovers a long, dark tunnel. She travels down a staircase and navigates the tunnels until she reaches another access point. When she goes through this one, she is shocked to see that she is in the halls of Blue Valley High School once again. The access point was a wall of lockers that opened outward and slid back into place when she was through. While Stargirl was in the tunnels, Cindy Burman was able to spot her on Dr. Ito's monitors. Stargirl had unknowingly tripped a silent alarm while walking.[3]

Tunnel Access Points

  • The American Dream: Jordan was able to access the tunnels by placing his hand on an otherwise hidden hand scanner, that recognized his handprint. From there, a door opened that he used to walk downstairs that connects to the main tunnel that leads to the ISA's headquarters. This particular access point was only shown once, in [1].
  • Burman Residence: In a hallway of the Burman household is a door locked behind a security interface that requires a key-pad pin to unlock. Cindy used this key-pad to access her father's lair, and later, the ISA headquarters. The next day, Beth was able to read the code, 1999, by using her goggles. The door unlocked so she was able to walk through, where she was connected to a staircase. Once she entered the hallway she could hear Solomon Grundy growling and was scared off. Her goggles also misfired so she couldn't communicate with her teammates.
  • Blue Valley High School: There are two known access points within BVHS - one in Anaya Bowin's office and one in a set of lockers. Anaya Bowin entered the tunnels using similar technology of which Jordan used to access The American Dream tunnels - an otherwise hidden button. She disappeared through the tunnels, but where she went from there, is unknown. Stargirl followed her through this point. When she was walking through them, she saw the back of the lockers. When she got close enough the wall opened and she walked through and was in the halls of BVHS once again.


Additional Season 2 appearances include being mentioned in "Summer School: Chapter Seven".
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Notes and Trivia

  • A giant commercial fan is on the opposing wall of the tunnels that most have to pass to access the headquarters.
  • The key-code to access the Burman-tunnels is 1999.
  • Dr. Mid-Nite was unable to use her goggles when inside the tunnels.
  • Henry King Jr. died in the tunnels while escaping Dragon King's lair.