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Blue Valley is a small town in Nebraska, USA, that is known for its entrepreneurial opportunities and idyllic ideologies. It is home to the high school football team the Prairie Dogs.

In secret, Blue Valley is home to superheroine, Stargirl, and a new generation of heroes and villains alike.


Blue Valley was settled in 1876, by a group of Freemasons that called themselves The Other Founding Fathers. These men wanted to make the land free of interference from the outside, which is why they built a slew of underground tunnels to help navigate the world undetected.

In the modern-day, Blue Valley is your typical all-American small town in rural Nebraska, which features a tight-knit community supported by self-owned businesses, clustered in its block-long business district and town center. Evidentially the town had suffered a long economic slump due to many shops having closed since Barbara Whitmore's upbringing.

However, as of the past decade, a philanthropic corporation called The American Dream has set up a stronghold in the town, intent on spreading its values across the nation while revitalizing Blue Valley's local economy with new business opportunities and other practices of giving back, while keeping the town's rustic charms. However, the corporation would turn out to be a front by the present-day members of the Injustice Society of America for their grand scheme, Project: New America.


At some point between 2010 and 2011, Jordan Mahkent moved to Blue Valley and founded The American Dream and appointed Steve Sharpe as his CFO. Around this time, William Zarick was elected councilman of the town. They also established a series of underground tunnels that connect various ISA locations to one another.

In 2011, Rex Tyler and his wife, Wendi Tyler, died in a tragic car accident that killed both of them. The police reports ruled it an accident due to a faulty tire, however, the tires were never made for the make and model of the car they were driving.

Known Locations




  • Whitmore-Dugan House
  • Mahkent Residence
  • Chapel House (1980 West Avenue)
  • Burman House
  • Montez House
  • Tyler-Harris Farm
  • Crock House


Current Residents

Deceased Residents

Former Residents


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Notes and Trivia

  • In "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite", the Chapel residence's address is 1980 West Avenue, Blue Valley, Nebraska 68066. This is the real-life ZIP code of Wahoo, Nebraska.
  • A sub-division of Blue Valley is West Farms, where the Harris residence is located.
  • A slew of underground tunnels connect several locations to each other, such as The American Dream, Blue Valley High School, and Dragon King's house. The ISA use these tunnels to navigate the city undetected. They most notably connect most of the major locations and ISA houses to their headquarters.
  • Courtney and Cindy's illusions in The Shadowlands took place in Blue Valley.

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