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That's what you need me to do? Give in to my worst fear, that I'm an outsider? I won't. I'm strong, proud. And I chose myself to be Dr. Mid-Nite. I choose me! Oh, yeah, and I love being Black.

Beth Chapel is a main character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

Beth Chapel is a brilliant student at Blue Valley High whose intellectual nature made her an outcast amongst her peers. She forms an unlikely friendship with Courtney Whitmore, Yolanda Montez, and Rick Tyler as they work together to stop the villains of the past. Aided by the artificial intelligence of Golden Age JSA member Charles McNider, Beth works with her friends to continue the legacy of the Justice Society of America as the superheroine Doctor Mid-Nite.


Beth was born on May 15th, 2004, in Omaha General Hospital to Bridget and James Chapel. She primarily grew up in Blue Valley, Nebraska, with her loving and attentive parents. They were her best friends and very close throughout Beth's childhood. They had ant farms, roach farms, and did almost everything together. Beth grew up and eventually attended Blue Valley High, which is when her parents expressed a desire to get back to their lives. This proved difficult for Beth, so she threw herself into schoolwork and created the BVHS teachers appreciation club - though she is the only member. She quickly became an outcast despite her talkative and outgoing personality, but often participated in school events despite being relatively friendless.


Season One

STG101q 0176b.jpg

In the crowded cafeteria, Beth is eating lunch at her usual spot with Yolanda Montez and Rick Tyler, when they are suddenly joined by new-girl Courtney Whitmore. Courtney introduces herself and Beth warmly responds. When Courtney tries to converse with the group Beth stays silent along with everyone else. Beth tells her that the people at the table aren't friends with each other or anyone else and they're basically the Loser Table. She hardly reacts to Rick abruptly leaving or Henry King's aggressive behavior with Yolanda and the incident that followed.[1]

102 SC53.png

The next day, Beth video conferences with her mom at lunch and cues in her father. She excitedly gets her dad to join the "family lunch", only to be informed by him that he's busy. Bridget's colleague, Dr. Henry King Sr., stops by and waves hi to Beth, taking a seat at his desk behind Dr. Chapel. She asks her daughter who the girl sitting next to her, and Beth introduces Courtney to her. Beth tells Bridget she'll see Courtney at the open house, and their video call ends. Beth tells Courtney her parents were the best and Courtney gives her an awkward smile. At the open house that night, Beth excitedly tells her parents about her teachers and is seen socializing alongside her parents.[2]

103 SC107.png

Beth spends a large amount of time preparing for the annual talent show. She happily greets Courtney when they pass in the hall, a large smile on her face. She is later on the bus with Joey Zarick and other students when they are heading back to BVHS from the talent show. She sits next to Joey and apologizes that he didn't win, but is happy for him when he says that he's okay with third but can feel his magic growing. When the bus suddenly slips on the bridge, Beth can be seen jostling around and is scared by the ordeal.[3]

104 SC159.png

Beth brings her mother lunch the way she does every night and enthusiastically greets a medical orderly by name. She explains that she made a different dish for her mother to try and can't wait for her mom to eat it. As they talk, she is oblivious to Wildcat, who is hanging on the wall several feet above Beth and the orderly. She heads inside where she has dinner with her mother, who reminds Beth that she doesn't have to bring her dinner every night or worry about her parents. Beth doesn't understand, as her father is often out of town on business so it's just the girls. Bridget reminds Beth that she and James are not her best friends, but her parents. Beth struggles with this fact but ultimately agrees. On her way out of the medical center, she witnesses Wildcat and Stargirl climbing out of a patients window. Courtney is flying on the Cosmic Staff and accidentally calls Wildcat by her real name - Yolanda. Beth, in a state shock holding her food dishes, repeats Yolanda's name unable to believe that the mousy girl at school is the Wildcat scaling a brick wall.[4]

105 SC27.png

Now knowing the truth about Courtney and Yolanda's superhero identities, Beth begins to follow Courtney and Yolanda through the halls of BVHS. She eavesdrops on their conversation about recruiting new JSA members, all while pretending to listen to music in her AirPods. She smiles to herself after they walk away. When she turns, she almost slips on the water that Janitor Justin is using to mop the floors. He warns her to be careful, as there are dragons in the water. She smiles awkwardly and then continues on her way.

105 SC44.png

After school, Beth goes to Courtney's house where she is greeted by Barbara Whitmore who initially mistakes her for a trick-or-treater. Beth clarifies that she is a friend of Courtney's, happily introducing herself as Beth Chapel. In the kitchen, Beth is rambling to Barbara about what she would be doing if her parents were home for Halloween. She explains that they are working but they used to love all the same things. She speaks on their ant farm and roach farm that she had as a child. Her rambling earns a dirty look from Mike but Beth doesn't notice. Barbara interrupts Beth's rambling by saying she's late for work, telling the girl to wait in the living room.

105 SC48.png

Beth is sitting in the living room when Max appears chewing on something. She worries about the dog's safety but no one is around to ask. She follows Max up the stairs where she takes the object from him, admiring the goggles in her hands. She cautiously enters Courtney's room admiring it. She tries on the goggles and bonds with the A.I., Dr. Charles McNider, who she nicknames Chuck. When Courtney finds Beth in her room, she tries to get the googles back and Beth reveals that Rick Harris is really Rick Tyler, son of Hourman.

105 SC81.png

This prompts Courtney to decide that she and Yolanda should recruit Rick to join the team. Beth tags along as the goggles were able to track Rick's location by tracking his cell phone. Yolanda is hesitant to accept Beth into the JSA due to her track record with friends, to which Courtney explains that she didn't require her. Beth found the goggles and got them working. She remarks that Beth hasn't stopped talking since, with Yolanda adding that everyone knowns talking is Beth Chapel's superpower. Beth continues to smile saying that it's true. The goggles trace Rick's phone to Cindy Burman's house. Beth and Courtney venture inside to find Rick. Beth remarks that this is her first party but she finds it loud. Courtney suggests splitting up to cover more ground, so Beth makes her way through the party alone.

105 SC111.png

After Courtney finds Rick, Beth and Yolanda join her in speaking with Rick. Beth enthusiastically tells Rick about his father's chemist background and how the hourglass is tied to his DNA. He is confused on how to activate it, so she tells him to just turn it over like any other hourglass. She watches in awe as he activates the hourglass but stays quiet when he lashes out about not wanting to be part of the JSA. Courtney and Yolanda plan to follow Rick in their superhero attire, which excites Beth as she wants a suit. Courtney carefully tells her to stay behind as it can get dangerous, and Beth solemnly agrees.

105 SC118.png

After Courtney and Yolanda leave her to go after Rick, Beth leaves the party and has a heart to heart with Chuck. She opens up about her parents not spending as much time with her, noting that if her parents died in an accident she would be angry like Rick. This prompts Chuck to reveal what really happened to Rick's parents by showing her through the goggles.

105 SC139.png

Beth flees to where Rick, Stargirl, and Wildcat are, barely making it in time to stop a showdown between Rick and Stargirl. She frantically explains that Rick's parents were murdered and that Chuck can show them what happened. She is surprised when the goggles project a three-dimensional hologram of the accident. She narrates it for the group. When the hologram disappears, she keels over in fear noting that was really scary. Knowing the truth allows Rick to embrace his dad's mantle of Hourman and join the team.[5]

106 SC39.png

Courtney faces the unhappy wrath of Pat Dugan, and fills him in on the new JSA team she has built that includes Beth Chapel as Dr. Mid-Nite. Pat tells her to get all of the JSA objects back from the team as they aren't ready. Courtney obliges and arrives at Blue Valley High School where Beth is sitting in the library giggling and talking to Chuck, who she has bonded with immensely. They talk about their shared interests in books with him telling her about how he bought the first edition copy of Fahrenheit 451. They share the same quirky humor. Beth looks up and notices Courtney and greets her by her superhero alias, Stargirl. Courtney warns her to be quiet about using the aliases in public, but Beth reassures her that no one ever listens to what she has to say anyway. Except for Chuck. She goes on to praise how she and Chuck have become friends. She thanks Courtney for trusting her with the goggles and bringing her and Chuck together. She then asks Courtney what she's doing at the library, to which Courtney lies about having to study for a test. Beth smiles and wishes her luck before returning to her excited. Courtney admits that she needs the JSA stuff back as Pat found out and wants them back.conversation with Chuck.

106 SC43.png

That afternoon, Yolanda and Beth sit together at lunch when Courtney approaches them. They are excited at the idea of having their first mission, with Beth admitting that she is nervous but Yolanda instantly gets defensive over her Wildcat suit and leaves, but Beth lingers saying that she doesn't want to lose Chuck. He's her only friend and the only one who listens to her. She begs Courtney to not make her give him up.

106 SC65.png

Beth and Yolanda leave school and are chased down by Courtney, who offers to talk to Pat with them. Rick arrives behind her explaining that he was just with Pat and calls the man useless. He then asks Courtney what she would do if Pat asks for her staff back, causing Beth to look expectedly at Courtney who can't meet their eyes. Rick hands his father's journal to Beth, explaining that it belonged to his father and he wants to know if the goggles can recognize the coding inside. Beth agrees to try and puts her goggles on. Chuck is unable to identify the formula, and Beth sadly states that Chuck doesn't know and returns the book. She suddenly gasps and the goggles begin to show her that The Gambler, an ISA member, is active once again. He's hacking into Empire Enterprises. Yolanda prompts Beth and asks her what's going on, so Beth fills them in on everything. The team wants to head out and agree to go with or without Courtney, who is more hesitant to go. She eventually concedes, however, they need to conceal their identities. Beth excitedly asks if this means she gets a costume, remarking that she would really like one.

106 SC90.png

The newly costumed Justice Society of America stands outside the Empire Enterprises building ready for their mission. When prompted by Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite admits to being nervous but ready. She later tells Stargirl and Hourman that she can get into the building without tripping the alarms as the goggles can show her the code. This is a better alternative then Hourman's initial plan of punching the door down. She enters the code and the door opens much to her glee. She gestures for the team to go ahead of her and they file inside.

106 SC95.png

The team navigates the halls with Dr. Mid-Nite staying in the rear of the group, following the lead of Stargirl. The approach a desk where they discover a man who was shot in the head and they are shocked at the sight. Beth has a horrified look on her face and emotionally asks if the man is okay. They are interrupted by voices that Chuck quickly identifies as Tigress and Sportsmaster, Icicle's attack dogs. He apologizes for the mix-up and she relays their names to the rest of the team. Stargirl has a plan to stick together which Beth is all for, but Hourman has other plans and attacks Sportsmaster. The villains split in different directions, with Stargirl following Hourman and Wildcat going after Tigress. Dr. Mid-Nite stands in the hallway nervously trying to figure out who to follow. She then decides to run after Wildcat.

106 SC137.png

Dr. Mid-Nite runs down a fleet of stairs and witnesses a brutal ending to Wildcat and Tigress's fight. Tigress has the upper-hand as she is shooting arrows at Wildcat who is barely catching them in time. Beth quietly and nervously asks Chuck what she should do, and he identifies a fire extinguisher. She grabs the extinguisher and points it at Tigress, activating it so it covers the villainess and stops her onslaught. Dr. Mid-Nite nervously tells Wildcat to run and fearfully runs after Wildcat, barely escaping before Tigress can recover. They burst out of the door and see Hourman laying on the pavement, badly injured and rush to his side.

New Justice Society of America.png

A few moments pass before Dr. Mid-Nite appears to Stargirl's right, the rest of the JSA falling into formation around their leader. They assume a fighting position just a giant robotic armor lands behind the group, much to everyone's amazement. Dr. Mid-Nite takes a moment to appreciate S.T.R.I.P.E., before turning back to shell-shocked Tigress and Sportsmaster. The newly assembled JSA assumes fighting positions and she watches as a badminton shuttlecock flies at them then explodes, causing a smokescreen that allows the villains to escape.

106 SC158.png

Beth and the rest of the JSA return to The Pit Stop. Rick, Beth, and Yolanda are still dressed in the superhero attire as they admire S.T.R.I.P.E., while Courtney sits above with Pat. Rick admires the way Pat managed to build the suit out of cars, initially in disbelief about the feat. Beth is amazed by Pat's ability to build the robot and remarks that he should work for NASA. Rick then smiles lightly as he admits that Court was right and there's more to Pat then they thought. A few moments later, Courtney and Pat watch Rick, Yolanda, and Beth admiring S.T.R.I.P.E.[6]

107 SC7.png

Beth has become fully bonded with Chuck, with them singing Karaoke together in the bathroom as she brushes her teeth and dances around the bathroom happily. They are interrupted by her parents knocking on the door. She whirls around and hides the goggles behind her back. Her parents enter and ask if Beth made them lunch, as they didn't see it in the fridge and are about to leave. Beth nervously moves around her parents, trying to conceal the goggles behind her back. She admits she got too busy and quickly leaves with a smile telling them to have a great day.

107 SC23.png

Beth is settled in the halls of BVHS when she notices Courtney and Rick beginning to walk together. She smiles and joins in on the walk, falling to Courtney's right. Rick gives a crooked smile to each of his new teammates. Their moment is interrupted when Cindy Burman shoves into them knocking them apart. She calls them losers before walking off. Courtney asks why Cindy is so mean, to which Beth explains that Cindy wasn't always like this. Cindy was nice in second grade, but lost her mother in third grade and was the meanest person in the fourth. Courtney is sympathetic but Rick snaps that isn't an excuse. He adds that Cindy is just a terrible person but Beth isn't so sure. The group disperses to their classes.

107 SC61.png

After school, Beth joins the rest of the JSA at The Pit Stop where they meet Mr. Dugan, who Beth is excited to see. Pat expresses that he's been working on something really special all day for their training against the ISA. Beth is very excited when Pat states that they have to start with two things: what they can do and what the bad guys can do. As they walk through the Pit Stop, Rick remarks that they already know what they can do. He can punch things really hard, Yolanda can climb walls and murder toasters, and Beth can talk about anything. Beth chimes in that she'd be happy to. He then comments that Courtney has a glowstick that blows things up. Pat asks the group to be patient and shows them his makeshift ISA group that will serve as their practice dummies. Beth is a little underwhelmed but remains positive as she enters the room.

107 SC77.png

Once inside, Beth nervously looks at the lo-fi training course, with mop buckets and the like representing members of the ISA. She listens as Pat gives them information on the ISA, but glances at Rick when Pat starts talking about Solomon Grundy. However, impatient for some actual training, Courtney and the Cosmic Staff make quick work of the mop bucket enemies, wrecking the course before any of her frustrated teammates get a crack at it. Beth chimes in that she could have saved one of those for her because she needs the training too. She admits to not being like the others and could have used it. Pat promises that Rick, Yolanda, and Beth will get to try the course tomorrow. Beth tells Courtney that the exercise was supposed to be for the team not just her. Courtney looks guiltily after Beth who leaves.[7]

108 SC27.png

Rick angrily swipes objects off a table in The Pit Stop as he learns that Courtney's in the emergency room. He wants to act instead of just standing around and tells Yolanda his plan to break down Cindy's door and "take the bitch out". Beth refuses the idea by saying that Cindy has powers, but Rick gestures to himself and Yolanda saying that they have powers too. Beth tries to explain that Cindy's parents might be members of the ISA but Rick hopes that they are and storms past her. He grabs his hourglass and tries to leave. Beth blocks his past and tries to rationalize with him that there is a smarter approach to all of this. Rick merely states that an eye-for-an-eye is how things work. He tries to move past her but she stops him by putting her hand on his chest. He looks down at her in surprise until she tells him that she cares about Courtney and wants to act too, but he has to sit down and cool off. He asks what she'll do if he doesn't, making a snide comment about her just staring at him to make him stop, which she is hurt by. She takes a moment before asking him if he's so hurt that he wants to make everyone else hurt too. He takes a moment before turning and slamming his fist on the table as he sets the hourglass back down. Beth reiterates that they need to be smarter about their next move, to which Yolanda agrees with her. A moment passes before Rick steps forward and asks Beth what she wants to do, at which point, she holds up her goggles saying she has a good plan.[8]

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Season Two

In the months since the defeat of the Injustice Society of America, Blue Valley is back to being its quaint self. Beth continues her involvement with the Justice Society of America, even though their biggest foe is a raccoon. Stargirl asks Dr. Mid-Nite to do another scan of the town. She remarks that the goggles still work but aren't as fun without Chuck. The scan comes up empty for any signs of trouble. Wildcat insists they are protecting a small town that doesn't need protection. Hourman recaps that the ISA is gone now that everyone is either dead or in prison. The rest of the JSA agree to put away their superhero acts for now but will gladly suit up if any trouble arises.

By morning, Beth is once again working on rebooting Chuck's AI. Her attempts fail but she is distracted by her parents leaving for work. Beth gives them their lunches and wishes them a great day. She mentions that today is her last day of school before the Summer break, though her parents clearly forgot and aren't sure what tests she has that day. When her parents do leave, Beth goes back to the goggles but accidentally knocks a stack of papers off a coffee table. As she picks them up, she comes across a petition for divorce. By lunch, Beth is still upset over her discovery, but lies to Yolanda and Courtney that her distance is just last day of school blues. The trio notices Artemis Crock and her teammates coming toward them, with Artemis clutching a hockey stick. Courtney grabs the stick and flips Artemis over, misunderstanding her passing the stick to someone as a threat. Yolanda is shocked as she watches the event unfold.[9]

202 SC95.png

The next day, Beth calls Rick to tell him the exciting news; there's a new superhero in town. She meets Rick and Pat at The Pit Stop, where they introduce themselves to Jennie. Courtney and Yolanda arrive later and aren't as keen to Jennie's arrival. Courtney bristles at them telling Jennie about the JSA, and accuses Jennie of only coming to Blue Valley when she heard of the team. Beth protests but Jennie leaves with her feelings hurt. Beth runs after the teen and is followed by Rick and Yolanda. They convince Jennie to come back inside, with Courtney approaching the group to apologize. She was jealous of Jennie for being and having everything that Courtney doesn't - including being a real legacy. Jennie lashes out over the accusation, making Beth jump backwards as the green lantern clamors to the ground. Beth watches in horror with the rest of the JSA as the object begins emitting waves of green energy.

202 SC123.png

They run the artifact to the park where Rick brings up crushing it, but Beth logically protests that breaking it could make it worse. Rick drops the artifact as he can't hold it any longer. Pat suggests that Jennie contain her emotions, with Courtney realizing that Jennie is the lantern now; she's charging the ring and causing everything to happen. Beth watches as Jennie absorbs the energy into herself, but the team is blasted backward with the destruction of the lantern. They roll onto the ground where they look up to see a giant crater where the lantern and Jennie once were. But floating above the crater surrounded by energy, is Jennie - gleefully stating that she can fly.[10]

Beth and the JSA meet at The Pit Stop to discuss the return of a former ISA villain, Richard Swift/The Shade. Rick arrives late and lies that he was "feeding his dog". Yolanda questions when he got a dog but Rick doesn't answer, instead asking about the meeting. Pat explains The Shade's past and that Shade was responsible for the death of the original Dr. Mid-Nite, and Beth concludes that Chuck is the only person they haven't gotten justice for yet. Rick assures her they'll get The Shade, but Yolanda wonders how they can beat a shadow. Courtney turns to Pat for the answer, but he doesn't have the answer to that yet.

The JSA and Mike regroup at The Pit Stop where Mike tries to prove himself worthy to Pat, now that he possesses the Thunderbolt. Beth is supportive of him joining the team, and stands with Courtney and the others when it comes time to vote Mike into the team. Pat is against it at first but the team presses that Thunderbolt could help them find The Shade since they haven't had much luck yet. Pat agrees but it has to be the perfect wish, so they take turns writing and re-writing the wish on the whiteboard until they reach the perfect outcome. Mike makes a wish and Thunderbolt burns a hole in the map where The Shade is hiding. The JSA, minus a benched Mike, are cleared by Barbara Whitmore before they head to William Zarick's old house in search of The Shade.

The team bursts in with Wildcat unsheathing her claws. The Shade merely invites them to sit for tea. Pat coolly dismisses his proposal as they want to know what he's doing in Blue Valley. Shade places Pat's name as the superhero sidekick of Stripesy, and learns that the new hero is Stargirl. He invites them to sit down again as they could do it they other way but he wants the more genteel approach. Dr. Mid-Nite lashes out at him as Shade murdered the Golden Age Dr. Mid-Nite so she doesn't deserve the genteel approach. Hourman pulls her back to stop her from attacking Shade. He calmly responds that she doesn't know what she's talking about. The team has a reluctant seat at the table but continue to question Shade's motives for being in Blue Valley. He wonders why he would hurt the town, but Wildcat answers that he's a member of the Injustice Society. Shade assures them he did not agree with Jordan Mahkent's plans. He assures them he has no dark design for Blue Valley, and if they stay out of his way, he'll be gone before they know it.

As things begin to calm down in the room, Mike Dugan bursts in and makes a wish for Thunderbolt to zap The Shade. Thunderbolt attacks but Shade easily renders the being useless. The rest of the JSA react to attack Shade, but he incapacitates them. He pins Dr. Mid-Nite's head to the table and restrains her in her seat. With the team unable to move, Shade tries to take the Cosmic Staff from Stargirl but fails. He then warns them to stay out of his way before he disappears into the shadows. With Shade gone, the team is freed from their restraints. They clear the house and surrounding area but find now sign of Shade, so they disband for the night.

203 SC162.png

Beth returns to The Pit Stop with Rick as she tries to fix Chuck once again. She fails and angrily slams the computer shut as she feels frustrated that it's still not working. He assures her they will get Chuck back. She snaps that they won't because it's pointless and she's never getting Chuck back, plus they lost Dr. Mid-Nite's killer. She proclaims that everything is falling apart. He softly asks what's going on with her, but she gets up to leave instead. Rick quickly reminds her that she can talk to him. A moment passes before he tells her to pretend he's Chuck. She stops and takes a moment as he waits patiently. She admits that she thinks her parents are getting a divorce as she found the papers. He logically reminds her that papers are just papers so she should ask her parents about them. She wipes a tear away and he simply states that he would talk to his parents if he could. A moment of silence passes before they are interrupted by the goggles which call out to Beth. She puts them on and the voice still doesn't know who she is but warns her to be careful, as Eclipso is here. His voice cuts off before he can finish. Beth lowers the goggles and relays the warning to Rick.[11]

In the morning, Beth continues her pursuit to talk with Chuck about his ominous warning about Eclipso. The goggles scan the house but are otherwise silent. Bridget enters so Beth hastily removes the goggles, telling her mom that she just missed dad. Bridget doesn't seem that concerned over it, so Beth reveals that the mini golf place where Bridget and James went on their first date isn't closing after all. Apparently, the owners thought it was over but were able to save the place. She tries to set her parents up on a date for mini golf, but Bridget merely says she's too busy for that but suggests Beth go with her friends instead. When Bridget leaves, Beth puts the goggles back on and sees they've found a file about Eclipso but it's sealed as confidential.

STG204fg 0011r.jpg

After school, the JSA meet at Richie's Diner where Yolanda is beginning her first shift as a waitress. Yolanda brings Beth and Rick the wrong order which upsets Yolanda. Courtney gives Rick a look that makes him admit that chocolate is fine, while Beth adds that Rick can have her whipped cream. Courtney quickly changes the subject to their research, as she and Beth have learned a lot about Eclipso, the black diamond, and where it all came from. She and Beth explain through maps and books that the diamond itself is from Diablo Island, a now-forgotten island in the Pacific Ocean, that was removed from maps by 1832, as those who visited never returned.

According to legend, there were two waring tribes living on either side of the island. One tribe summoned an evil entity of vengeance trapping it inside the black diamond, which Courtney believes is also Eclipso. Rick wonders how the diamond came to Blue Valley, with Courtney stating that an explorer named Bruce Gordon rediscovered Diablo Island, but when he arrived everyone had been dead for decades. He wrote many books about the island and was the only person who ever returned. She hopes to find books written by him in the used bookstore. They make a plan to meet up later, with Courtney leaving. Rick has to leave to feed his dog, but orders a dozen burgers and fries from Yolanda. Yolanda asks if he's joking but Rick's expression tells her he isn't. She leaves to get his order, leaving Beth and Rick alone at the table. Beth asks him what kind of dog he has, to which Rick merely say a big one. She smiles and offers a toast with their milkshakes and they clink glasses before drinking.

That night, Beth attempts to bypass the remaining firewalls but the AI still doesn't reboot properly. She is about to give up when she hears Charles's voice calling out, asking if anyone can hear him. She happily puts them on but he still doesn't know who she is. She tries to explain that she is Beth Chapel, his best friend, but he doesn't remember her. He asks why she calls him Chuck so she explains that his name is Dr. Charles McNider - his AI. Charles is wildly confused as he doesn't understand. He asks where Pat is and what happened to the JSA. He has to find them as he's been lost for years. Beth asks who he is and he reveals that his name is Dr. Charles McNider and he's been trapped in The Shadows. Beth realizes that he's the real Dr. Charles McNider. He merely mutters the name The Shade as Beth realizes that he's alive.[12]

In the days that follow, Beth meets with Pat at The Pit Stop as he wants to talk about the weather patterns and how they can use the goggles to track them, and thus, Eclipso. She tries to convince Pat that she spoke with the real Dr. McNider who is still alive. He doesn't believe her as it's impossible, as he saw McNider die. She argues that it could be possible just as Rick enters, asking about the bickering. She ecstatically says that she heard the real Dr. Charles McNider last night, that he's alive, and that's why he didn't recognize her voice. Rick tries to joke that the goggles are a Ouija board now, with Pat interrupting to say they can't talk to the dead. Beth states that he must be alive, though Pat still isn't convinced as it could be Eclipso making her see or hear what she wants. Rick believes Beth and asks Pat what that could mean, so Pat states that if Dr. McNider is alive then they'll stop at nothing to help him. But until they know for sure, they have to focus on the problem at hand.

205 SC123.png

At nightfall, Dr. Mid-Nite and the rest of the JSA gather outside of Blue Valley High School, where the goggles are indicating an electrical disturbance and odd weather pattern above the school. As the group waits for S.T.R.I.P.E., Stargirl sees Paul Deisinger's car still in the lot. She knows he could be in danger and leads the team inside to search for him. They cautiously enter the art room where they find paint splattered across the walls and floors, and frantic nonsensical drawings covering every canvas and blank space of wall. Mixed in with the nonsensical paintings are sketches of the black diamond. The team begins to look through the canvases just as Wildcat begins to experience another headache, though this one leaves her in agonizing pain. Stargirl calls out for Wildcat who is balanced in Dr. Mid-Nite's grasp, until a splash of paint covers her goggles. The door to the art room slams shut as Stargirl looks at a drawing of the black diamond on the wall. It morphs into a face that pushes through the wall. It then spirals upward in a giant black glob of paint. Stargirl realizes it's Eclipso and tells her team to run.

Hourman breaks down the door as they spill into the hallway, however, the team is soon ambushed with paintings of their darkest fears. Dr. Mid-Nite's eyes glaze over in paint. She sees paintings of her parents as Eclipso's voice taunts her over what's happening to her life - it's being ripped apart. The painting of her parents tears down the center. She drops to her knees as she picks up the pieces with trembling hands, trying to patch them back together. Her parents voice angrily say that Beth doesn't want this family anymore as she doesn't have time for them. Dr. Mid-Nite is unaware that Stargirl not only wasn't affected, but had left to save Paul Deisinger. Wildcat and the team are released from their trances and she quickly realizes Stargirl isn't there. They run to Stargirl who is crouching over a barely conscious Deisinger. They retreat to The Pit Stop where Pat tells them Paul is under psychiatric evaluation. Their cover story is that Courtney forgot something at school when she found him. Yolanda remarks that Eclipso made her see things, with Rick adding that it was things that weren't really there. Beth chimes in that Eclipso was working through Mr. Deisinger and it was scary. Pat asks if Deisinger had the black black diamond on him, but he didn't, which means Eclipso's powers are getting stronger as they are spreading beyond the containment of the black diamond.

Beth goes home where she holds a family picture. Her parents enter the room to ask about their lunches, with Beth admitting she didn't make them. She quickly confronts them about getting a divorce. Bridget assures Beth that it's a mutual idea that hasn't been decided on yet. James adds that it doesn't change how much they love Beth, and that this won't change that. Beth wants to talk more about the situation, but Bridget has to leave for work. The parents decide to talk with Beth that night over dinner. James gives Beth an awkward hug and Bridget follows suit before they both leave. Beth is left standing alone in the room, heartbroken over the revelations.[13]

206 SC17.png

As she recovers from the revelation of her parents divorce, Beth visits her father at The American Dream and turns away from the portrait of Jordan Mahkent. James comes to see her in the waiting area and greets her happily. She gives him his lunch but also has a thick binder full of different idea for a romantic date, ranging from dinners to cruises. James stops her before she can explain fruther, reminding her this won't help their marriage. He has to get back to work but thanks her for her efforts before leaving her alone again. She leaves The American Dream as she leaves a voicemail for Rick to call her back. The phone is smashed out of her hand by a projectile baseball, launched by an angry Artemis Crock. Artemis taunts Beth and threatens that she knows what Beth did to her parents and who she is. She warns that Beth will pay for what she did, as perfect little Beth Chapel couldn't possibly understand what it's like to have her whole world change. Beth tries to explain that she does know what that feels like, but Artemis grabs her shirt and pulls her close to warn that the fight will be jock versus nerd. Artemis storms off as Beth looks at her shattered phone screen.

That day, Pat is attacked by Artemis Crock and Isaac Bowin, while Mike is kidnapped by Cindy Burman and held hostage as leverage for the JSA to fight the Injustice Unlimited. The JSA head to BVHS and arrive to a tense showdown against Isaac Bowin, Artemis Crock, and Shiv - the newly formed Injustice Unlimited. Stargirl demands to know where her brother is, but Shiv taunts her that she got bored and killed Mike, leading to the first blows being delivered. Shiv and Stargirl pair off, Wildcat lunges for Artemis but misses, leaving Artemis to aim her crossbow at Dr. Mid-Nite. Dr. Mid-Nite freezes in shock as the arrows fly toward her, but Hourman jumps in front of Dr. Mid-Nite and the arrows breaks upon contact with his back. He whirls around to catch the third one, throwing it to the ground. Artemis attacks him as Isaac sends a sound blast at the heroes, sending them crashing into a table. Artemis stands over Dr. Mid-Nite and taunts that it's "joke 1, nerd 0". She is about to deliver another blow when Dr. Mid-Nite uses her goggles to project the mugshots of Larry and Paula, distracting Artemis as she's surrounded with the imagery. This allows for Hourman to attack Artemis and kick her across the room, her body hitting a pillar before landing on a table.

As the rest of the team fights it out, Dr. Mid-Nite uses her goggles to scan the room for Mike's heat signature. She finds him in the supply closet and rushes in, finding him bound and tied on the door. She hurries to his aid, with Mike asking what took her so long, so she gives him a look and statement of disbelief. The fight continues in the cafeteria, with Dr. Mid-Nite freeing Mike just in time for the boy to save Stargirl by hitting Shiv over the head with a toaster. As Stargirl and Mike hug, Shiv jumps up and heads to attack a vulnerable Mike. Wildcat spots this, as does Hourman, and they meet in the center. She lunges and Hourman launches her across the room so she can kick Shiv in the chest, before landing behind Stargirl and next to Dr. Mid-Nite. The JSA assumes their positions as they face a depleted Injustice Unlimited.

206 SC140.png

Shiv demands they continue fighting, but her team is depleted. Shiv decides to do this herself and removes The Black Diamond, holding it up menacingly. Just then, The Shade arrives in a wall of shadows that surrounds the JSA. Dr. Mid-Nite is astonished at the sight. Shade warns Cindy that she has no idea of the power inside the diamond. She knows what she's doing but he scoffs that if she knew what it truly was she wouldn't be using it in a petty teenage rivalry. He instructs her to give him the diamond, triggering Eclipso to take control of Cindy's body. As Shade battles with Eclipso, Stargirl takes charge and attacks using the Cosmic Staff, against Shade's warnings. When the staff touches the diamond, it causes the diamond to shatter and Eclipso is set free. The blast causes everyone to fall to the ground, and Dr. Mid-Nite watches in horror as Eclipso rises in his true form. They watch as Eclipso betrays Cindy by having a shard of the black diamond absorb her, stab Isaac in the stomach with Cindy's shiv, feed on his soul, and then face off with Shade. Eclipso easily overpowers Shade and throws him aside, prompting Stargirl to attack him with the Cosmic Staff. Eclipso grabs the staff and drains it's energy, forcing the staff dark. He then flees while Stargirl chases after him, despite Wildcat shouting for her to stop. By the time Stargirl is outside, Eclipso is long gone. Yolanda, Rick, and Beth, meet at The Pit Stop where they talk about Isaac's death. Yolanda thinks Isaac was troubled but not evil, though Eclipso is evil. She coldly states that while Isaac didn't deserve to die, Eclipso does.[14]

On July 3rd, Beth talks with Courtney, as Beth doesn't know if the goggles can still track Eclipso now that he's out of the diamond. The weather is impossible to track as the conditions are completely erratic over the entire town instead of isolated. She's not having any luck in communicating with Dr. McNider either. She's worried as Pat warned that the voice could be Eclipso, so she doesn't know what's real anymore. Courtney doesn't either but tells Beth to keep looking and to stay safe. Beth returns the sentiment and they hang up.[15]

On July 4th, Beth continues to try and repair the goggles as Dr. McNider contacts her again. She explains who she is again and he asks what she's doing with his goggles. She states she found them but he detects the partial lie. She changes the subject to him supposed to be dead, so he explains that clinically speaking he's alive. He deduces that she has his original goggles so the two pairs must be connecting because the shadow barrier has been breached. She giddily says it's bonkers and he hesitantly asks how old she is. Beth states she just turned sixteen but is very trustworthy. He begins to panic as he thinks "they" have seen him and has to keep moving. She asks where he is, so he reveals he's in the Shadowlands. The connection cuts out before he can elaborate.

She also deals with the emotional ramifications of her parents potential divorce. Beth's parents arrive home early from work with food to talk to her about their impending divorce. Things start off okay, with the couple completing each other's sentences and thoughts. But things begin to take a dark turn as Bridget admits that she and James drifted apart because of Beth. Beth is hurt by the revelations and looks down at her sandwich, which is crawling with worms. She pushes it off the table and is reprimanded by her parents for her behavior. Beth runs to Courtney's house where she sees Eclipso in the form of a young Bruce Gordon. Eclipso holds Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles and accuses Beth of stealing them. He taunts her over the fact that no one chose her to be Dr. Mid-Nite, not even her own parents. Beth demands he give the goggles back, but Eclipso runs off with them. Beth chases Eclipso through the house and when he suddenly appears behind her, she realizes his true identity as Eclipso and not Bruce.

As Eclipso continues to taunt Beth, he tries to make her doubt herself, and throws out racist insults. Beth calls him out on it, and Eclipso roars, sealing Beth in the closet. He opens the closet and she falls into the JSA headquarters where Starman, Wildcat, and Hourman reject her. Eclipso taunts that she's the only thing that doesn't fit - she's the wrong age, wrong gender, and even the wrong color. As Eclipso taunts Beth from the shadows for being afraid, Beth asks him why he she's the one hiding then, and asks him what he is scared of. This prompts Eclipso to emerge in his true form as he yells that he is scared of nothing. He grabs Beth and continues to taunt her to make her afraid. Beth snaps that she chose herself and yanks the goggles from Eclipso's claws. She tells him that she chose herself and she loves being black. She puts on the goggles, causing Eclipso to vanish.

Beth realizes she's still in her home, and wonders when she came back as she thought she traveled. Charles contacts Beth through the goggles and explains that she never left her home - it was all an illusion created by Eclipso. He warns her not to take off the goggles as it will allow her to see through Eclipso's visions. She thinks the goggles saved her life but he clarifies that she saved herself, whoever she is. Beth smiles and proudly says she's the new Dr. Mid-Nite. A moment passes as the JSA database updates with Beth as Dr. Mid-Nite.

STG208fg 0002.jpg

That night, Beth talks with her parents about her emotional state. She has a heart-to-heart with her parents where she realizes their conversation that afternoon was part of Eclipso's illusion. They never came home early or talked about the divorce. Beth admits that she sometimes feels as though she's pretending to be someone she's not, or that she has to pretend to be someone she isn't. Bridget understands that feeling from her first years as a doctor in Blue Valley. The previous doctor who retired was an older white man, and the residents of Blue Valley were reluctant to trust Bridget as she was a newcomer and the first black doctor in town. She had to work hard to convince them she was a competent doctor, and now, she's one of the most sought after doctors in town. Bridget tells Beth that she can be anything she wants to be, because their family works hard and she shouldn't let anyone tell her what she can be. Bridget than asks about the goggles Beth is wearing, and Beth claims that they're swim goggles as she's joining the swim team.[16]

The next day, Beth and Courtney agree to go after Eclipso when the goggles lockdown his location. Even though they will be down Hourman and Wildcat, Courtney doesn't see any other choice as they have to do something. Beth agrees that they have to do it.[17] The following day, Beth is at her family home talking to her parents. They are worried about her wearing the goggles all the time, and try to encourage her to take them off. She declines as she has to wear them as they help her see what is real and what isn't. Bridget wants to take Beth the hospital and James supports the idea. However, Beth refuses as she insists she's fine. She doesn't feel like explaining or talking about it right now, just as they didn't want to talk about their divorce. It's also safer for them if they don't know yet. Suddenly, Beth sees something in the goggles that makes her leave. Bridget and James ask where she's going so she stops. She evenly states that they told her to make friends because they had work and were too busy to spend time with her. So that's what she did - made friends who need her now.

She goes to the Whitmore-Dugan house just as Courtney and Beth are preparing to leave on a road trip to find Jennie-Lynn Hayden. Mike worries about him and Barbara being at the home unprotected, especially with a wounded Richard Swift occupying their couch. Beth happily informs them that she's there to protect them. Mike gives an unsure smile. As they unfolds, Beth uses the goggles to periodically scan the room for any sign of Eclipso's illusions. She doesn't see any so she instead asks Barbara about the JSA's decision to kill Bruce Gordon all those years ago. She wonders if Dr. McNider voted to kill Bruce, but Barbara admits that she doesn't know. Charles's voice breaks through the goggles as he states her took a vow to never take a life. Beth tries to communicate with him further, but the goggles cut out.

That afternoon, Beth succeeds in making the connection between the goggles stronger. She reveals she's at her friends house but The Shade is there. She knows he tried to kill McNider the night the JSA died. McNider refutes this statement as Shade saved his life. She finds this hard to believe as Shade was a member of the ISA and helped kill the Justice Society. McNider explains that while Shade may have toyed with playing the role of super villain for amusement, McNider doesn't think Shade wanted anyone to die. In fact, McNider thinks Shade tried to pull him to safety when he accidentally put McNider in the Shadowlands. Beth asks how Shade got his powers, so McNider explains the origins of his old frenemy. He also promises to help Beth however he can from here. He's not sure it's possible to bring him back but she thinks Shade can find a way to bring him home. She asks him to unseal the confidential files on Shade and Eclipso, and McNider happily obliges. A second later, dozens, if not hundreds, of files appear to Beth who remarks they have a lot of reading to do.

She learns that be reforming the diamond it will not serve as a trap for Eclipso like Shade said, but rather, a beacon that pulls Eclipso to the diamond. Beth tries to tell Barbara of what she's learned but she's too late. Fixing the diamond also restored Shade to his full strength, and he apologizes to the ladies for his deception before vanishing. Meanwhile, Courtney, Pat, and Jennie are attacked by Eclipso. Courtney is subsequently sent to the Shadowlands.[18]

Beth is heartbroken to learn her friend is dead, and tries her best to give Barbara and Mike space. Pat and Jennie return with a dimmed staff. Beth watches as the Whitmore-Dugan family exchanges a heartbroken hug, while she and Jennie try to comfort one another. Beth eventually finds her way to Courtney's bedroom where she uses the goggles to learn more about the photos, medals, and accomplishments Courtney has earned. Jennie appears in the doorway as Beth admits that her goggles are full of tears, but she's too afraid to take them off. Jennie understands as she was afraid during the fight against Eclipso. She blames herself for not being brave enough to save Courtney, as the ring knew she was scared and wasn't at full strength because of it. Beth is about to speak when she hears Dr. McNider's voice in the goggles telling her that Courtney is alive, but trapped in the Shadowlands with him.

Beth convinces Pat, Mike, and Barbara that she heard McNider's voice telling her Courtney is alive. They are skeptical as it might be another trick of Eclipso's, but Beth thinks they have to believe in something. Despite their skepticism, the family agrees to try whatever they can to save Courtney and Charles. Beth explains that Charles told her that Jennie can use her ring to find the dark energy of The Shade, who can then open a barrier between the two realms, allowing those who are trapped to escape. Jennie is ready to try and uses the business card that Shade gave to Barbara to see if she can catch his "scent", per Dr. McNider's instructions. The power works and two locations light up as potential zones for Eclipso. One is the movie theater while the other is Blue Valley High School. The groups decide to split-up, with Beth and Jennie going to the school while Pat and Barbara head to the theater. Pat and Barbara ultimately find a weakened Shade, convince him to help, and save Courtney, Dr. McNider, and Cindy Burman.[19]

Meanwhile, Beth and Jennie arrive at BVHS but can't find any trace of the alleged dark energy that Jennie's ring pinpointed. Jennie still isn't sure if she understands the rings, so it might just be a mistake. They arrive in the cafeteria, which is still destroyed from the JSA's fight last week, and Beth's goggles pick up on black residue. The residue seems to be alive and moving. The girls examine the residue when Jennie's ring suddenly jerks towards the residue and blasts it. Beth looks down at the spot where it used to be and remarks that Jennie destroyed whatever it was.

The girls return to the Whitmore-Dugan House where Beth squeals happily at the sight of Courtney. The girls hug happily at the reunion, but the happiness is cut short when Beth sees Cindy a few feet away. She demands to know what's going on and Courtney explains that Cindy wants to help them defeat Eclipso. Beth doesn't trust her but neither does Courtney, but they need all the help they can get.[20]


Beth is a smart, kind young girl who initially only converses with others she's spoken to. She considered herself a loser. Despite this, she is energetic and talkative, but lacks the self-awareness to know when to stop talking or not to talk about certain topics. She values the time she shares with her parents, even video chatting them so they can eat lunch together. She thinks of her parents health and well-being, preparing them lunches with new recipes that Beth has decided to try. She usually thinks of others before herself and values other people's feelings. Beth is courteous in the way that she refrains from sharing information that would otherwise hurt someone's feelings, such as when she refrained from telling Pat that Chuck had commented on Pat gaining weight since their last encounter.

Her patience and ability to process her emotions make her a valuable asset to the JSA. She counters both Yolanda and Rick's emotion-based decisions and tries to bring logic to the discussion. She is the only person thus far who has talked Rick out of making hasty decisions. She can concoct brilliant plans in a limited time frame but lacks the experience needed to execute them to their fullest extent, or visualize possible complications. She is intelligent and, with the help of Chuck, was able to find information on the ISA's secret passageways virtually by herself. She retains information and does much of the heavy lifting when it comes to research, while Chuck merely helps speed the process along. However, Beth relies heavily on Chuck for help in combat, showing that while she has the mental capacity for leadership, she lacks the skill to execute most of her ideas due to her young age. She is often the one bringing others up and making sure everyone feels appreciated and included in the team. This most likely stems from her feelings of being an outsider for so long that she doesn't want others to feel that way.

With the loss of Chuck, Beth is forced to come out of her shell and not rely on the help of the AI. She begins to expand her knowledge in an effort to restore Chuck. However, her constant fails to reboot the goggles leave her depleted and let down. She also discovers that her parent's are getting divorced, a fact that shakes Beth's beliefs and home life. She tries to internalize her struggles but lashes out at Rick as she admits that things aren't going to be okay. Rick offers to fill the confidante role that she once had in Chuck, and she takes the time to express herself to him on multiple occasions. The feat helps her cope, and she later learns that Dr. McNider is alive, becoming adamant that they must save him. Beth becomes more vocal about her desires and role in the team, becoming more sure of her choices. She grows stronger emotionally and mentally, and it's through this maturity that she is the only member of the JSA to see through Eclipso's manipulations and stand up to the creature. She shows a streak of bravery and assurance when she pulls the goggles away from his hands, refusing to give into her fear. She shakes away her insecurities over not having been chosen to be Dr. Mid-Nite, as she strongly states that she chose herself. This sense of self and assurance is solidified when she introduces herself to Dr. McNider as the new Dr. Mid-Nite.

Physical Appearance

Beth is a cute young teenage girl with short curly hair styled in an afro, attentive brown eyes, and a round face. Her facial features are complemented with a warm smile, round nose and define smile wrinkles. She has a shorter stature compared to most, with a slim but curvy body and a smooth dark complexion. She wears circular glasses and light-colored clothing in a casual prep-style, such as polos and sweaters with jeans.


Beth using the goggles

  • Abilities via Dr. Mid-Nite's Goggles: When using the goggles, Beth is able to have an enhanced vision, X-Ray vision, night vision, and infrared vision.
    • Holographic Projection: Using her goggles, Beth is able to create three-dimensional projections.
    • Recognition: The goggles allow Beth to recognize objects and beings and search about them (like real name, relatives, etc.).
    • Lie Detection: Beth’s goggles are capable to detect lies.
    • Weather Prediction: Beth’s goggles are capable of predicting the weather.
    • Twitter: The goggles allow Beth to access her Twitter account.
    • Decryption: The goggles allow Beth to decrypt any kind of code, like passwords, allowing her to manually bypass technological security systems.
    • Karaoke mode: The Charles McNider A.I has a karaoke mode to sing with Beth.


  • High-Level Intellect: Beth has a 4.4 weighted GPA (4.0 unweighted). Beth displayed this level of intelligence in the episodes Shiv Part Two and Stars and STRIPE, where she came up with a clever plan to get more information regarding Cindy, and where she outsmarted the Gambler, respectively. She is seen to have several academic awards and science trophies stashed in her room. Beth puts her intellect to the test when she teaches herself technology and coding to restore Chuck, and later, when she realizes Eclipso wants her to give into her fear. She sees through his illusions and stands up to him.
  • Skilled Chef: Beth has incredible chef skills that exceed that of a normal high schooler.


  • Minimal Combat Training: Unlike the other Justice Society members, Beth has undergone no combat or martial arts training of any kind, thus is unable to defend herself against even low level enemies.
  • Lack of Physical Conditioning: In addition to having no combat training, her overall physical abilities are quite poor, due to relying exclusively on her intellect and Dr. Mid-Nite's Goggles.
  • Acrophobia: Beth is afraid of heights and falling.


  • Dr. Mid-Nite Suit: Beth wears a suit as her alter-ego, Dr. Mid-Nite. The suit was previously worn by Charles McNider, who died in a battle against the ISA. Her gloves are made of customized leather that holds pouches and pockets for potions and healing salves. Goggles that supply tactical knowledge to the wearer integrate into the rest of the Golden era-inspired updated design.[21]
  • Dr. Mid-Nite's Goggles: This pair of goggles is a powerful artifact that was designed by the brilliant scientist and Golden Age Justice Society of America member, Charles McNider. Beth discovers the goggles and manages to activate them, which leads her to befriend Chuck. Her ability to work well with Chuck and convey the knowledge he gives her to the new JSA allows her to inherit the mantle of Dr. Mid-Nite.
    • A.I: Equipped inside the goggles, this Artificial Intelligence is tasked with guiding the wearer and also as the goggles main operator. The AI introduced himself as 'Dr. Charles McNider' upon his first meeting with Beth, though she later nicknamed him Chuck. When Icicle attacked Beth, he broke the goggles and somehow deactivated the AI.


Courtney: So, uh, what do you guys do for fun around here?
Beth: Oh, oh, we’re not friends. This is the table for the singles.
Courtney: The singles?
Beth: The losers.
-- "Stargirl"

Beth: Normally, at this time, I’d be planning a fun evening activity to enjoy with my parents. My parents and I love all the same things, but our first hobby was ants.
Barbara: Ants?
Beth: Yeah, before my parents got so busy with work, we had this huge ant farm, which is a replica of Manhattan. I voted for Paris, but dad said our ants wouldn’t understand French. Isn’t that the funniest thing?
Beth: I can’t believe how much Mr. Keating owes on his house.
Yolanda: When you called and said you found a new recruit, I wasn’t exactly expecting Beth Chapel. Why did you choose her to be the new Captain Mid-Nite?
Courtney: Dr. Mid-Nite, and I didn’t choose her. She just found the goggles and got them working, and she hasn’t stopped talking ever since.
Yolanda: Oh, it’s well known that talking is Beth Chapel’s superpower.
Beth: It’s true.
Beth (to Chuck): I'd go home but no ones there. Mom's working a double shift, dad's out of town on a business trip. They don't have much time for me anymore now that I'm older. They want to get back to their lives, but still. You know, I get why Rick's so mad all the time. Losing his parents like that. I can't imagine what I'd do if mine were in some kind of accident.
-- "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite"

Beth: That's what you need me to do? Give in to my worst fear, that I'm an outsider? I won't. I'm strong, proud. And I chose myself to be Dr. Mid-Nite. I choose me! Oh, yeah, and I love being Black.
-- "Summer School: Chapter Eight"


Additional Season 2 appearances include being mentioned in "Summer School: Chapter Nine".
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Notes and Trivia

  • Beth has a 4.0 decided GPA and a 4.1 undecided GPA.
  • Beth has a tendency to address adults formally whereas her friends don't. The exceptions she has made is Pat during a conversation with her friends, and Barbara, who was under Brainwave's control at the time.
  • Beth is the only member of the modern age JSA who wasn't chosen by anyone to be Dr. Mid-Nite, a fact that left her with insecurities that were exploited by Eclipso. She overcomes these insecurities and feelings when she realizes that she chose herself and isn't any less worthy than her friends.