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Courtney, listen to me. You absolutely can do this. Go get your friends. And go get your brother. Be Stargirl for them. And honey, kick that girl's ass.
Barbara to Courtney

Barbara Whitmore is a character in The CW and DC Universe series Stargirl.

Barbara is the mother of Courtney Whitmore, the wife of Pat Dugan, and the stepmother of Mike Dugan. With her daughter in high school, Barbara is diving back into the workforce but striving to balance workplace demands with the commitments of both matrimony and motherhood.


Barbara was born and raised in Blue Valley, Nebraska. She moved to California during her adulthood, which is around the time she met Sam Kurtis. They had a daughter together, Courtney, which is when Barbara settled into Valley Village, California. Sam was never present in Courtney or Barbara's life, leaving her to primarily be a single mother.

On Christmas Eve 2010, Barbara Whitmore waited impatiently at her house with her daughter, Courtney, waiting for Courtney's father to arrive. When he failed to show and Barbara had to work, she asked her longtime friend Maggie Kramer if Courtney could stay at her house for the evening. Maggie agreed happily and told Barbara that they are friends and she's happy to help. Barbara kissed her daughter goodbye saying that Maggie will watch her while Barbara's at work. Courtney understands but cries that she wants her father, which Barbara knows. She leaves for work while Courtney looks out the window waiting for a man that would never show.

In 2018, Barbara met Pat Dugan at Richie's Diner while visiting Blue Valley to settle her deceased mother's estate. They ordered the same food - a corn dog and banana split. They had an instant connection and were married two years later. After accepting a job in Blue Valley, Barbara, her husband, daughter, and stepson moved from California to Blue Valley.


Season 1[]

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101 SC12

In the present day, Barbara is married to Pat Dugan and the newly blended family is packing up their California house to move across the country to Blue Valley, Nebraska for Barbara's new job. She takes notice of Courtney's agitation for the move and asks her to give Pat a chance. It isn't Pat's fault they're moving to Blue Valley, they made the decision together when the job opportunity presented itself for Barbara. She also adds that she grew up in Blue Valley and that Courtney will love it. The teen gives a forced smile and nod before walking off.

STG101d 0023b

Barbara and her blended family later arrive at their new house, with her viewing the sight with happiness alongside her stepson, Mike. She is happy with the move and hugs Pat, who returns the sentiment until he sees movers handling a crate roughly. Barbara watches as she runs off to deal with the movers, then returns asking if they're hungry and should eat. Barbara is on board and nudges Courtney who feigns happiness. The family walks through the idyllic streets of Blue Valley when they come across Richie's Diner, which is where Pat and Barbara lovingly note this is where they met two years ago. They both ordered an ice cream sundae, even saying their orders at the same time as they recall the events. They laugh before Courtney asks what Pat was doing in Nebraska. Pat ominously replies he was looking for something, with Barbara noting that she was selling her mother's house.

The next night at dinner, Mike is excited to announce that he's made friends at Blue Valley Middle School and tells his father, Barbara, and Courtney about the video game he and his friends are designing. Barbara is excited for the boy and smiles as Pat agrees to let him go. She then asks if Courtney has any plans for the night with Mike quipping that she doesn't, which makes Courtney angry. Pat offers that they should go to the movies or explore the town, but Courtney snaps back that he isn't her father and leaves the table much to Barbara's protest. She apologizes to Pat once Courtney is out of the room.

When Courtney emerges from the basement later that night, she rushes to tell her mother about Pat's secret past. Barbara, however, is angry with Courtney for her behavior towards Pat. Courtney refuses to apologize as she tells her mom that Pat isn't who he claims to be. Barbara isn't interested in Courtney trying to blemish Pat, saying that he's exactly who she knows him to be. Courtney bluntly asks if her father was a superhero. Barbara resentfully tells her that her father only came to see her once a year, and disappeared when she was five, effectively abandoning them. Pat is the only man whose been there for them. If her father was as great as she thinks he was, he'd be here now, but he's not. Now calmed down, Barbara asks her daughter what she was saying before, but a remorseful Courtney changes her mind and leaves. They say goodnight to one another as Courtney walks away to her room.

STG101c 0165b

Barbara hears Courtney rustling around in her bedroom and knocks on Courtney's door asking if she's okay. Courtney wrestles the staff under her bed, ordering it to stay and she resumes her sleeping position as her mother enters. Courtney tells Barbara she couldn't sleep, giving Barbara the impression it's because of what she said earlier. She apologizes to her daughter for making the jarring move and just wants to make sure she's okay. She knows that having a new stepfather and stepbrother in a new town can't be easy. Courtney rebuttals that she's the one who's sorry as she hadn't given Pat a chance but she will try to now. Barbara is relived at Courtney's new mindset, and they bid each other goodnight again with a hug.[1]

Season 2[]

201 SC30

In the months since the defeat of the Injustice Society of America and the death of Jordan Mahkent, Barbara continues to work at The American Dream while maintaining an open communication with Pat. The parents want to take a lake trip away from Blue Valley for two-weeks as a way to put distance between them and the superhero world. They would leave behind all their superhero paraphernalia - including the Cosmic Staff, to take a well-deserved break. Courtney and Mike protest as they both want to focus on their respective superhero careers, but Pat, Barbara, and even Buddy are pro-vacation. Now outvoted, Courtney and Mike reluctantly accept their impending vacation. The families plans are derailed when Courtney is called into the principal's office, forcing Pat and Barbara to sit down for a meeting with the new principal.

Principal Sherman discusses Courtney's recent behavior, though Courtney tries to explain the fight even though that's not what Principal Sherman was referencing - yet. Courtney tries to explain what happened to Pat but can't without outing her secret. Principal Sherman explains that Courtney failed three classes, and if she wants to be a junior next year, she has to attend Summer school. Once in the hall, Pat and Barbara scold Courtney for focusing too much on being Stargirl and not enough on normalcy. Because she is so obsessed, they all have to pay the consequences by not going on their family trip. Barbara tells Courtney to figure out how to balance her life and think about what she's giving up by putting on the mask. That night, Barbara, Pat, and Mike, are awakened to the sound of fighting in the kitchen. They head to see what's going on and see Courtney wielding the Cosmic Staff against an unknown girl holding a power battery. They walk in just as the girl states that she's Green Lantern's daughter. Courtney looks to her parents and awkwardly states there's been a misunderstanding.[2]

Courtney tries to explain the situation to her family, since Jennie broke in and Courtney was defending their home. Courtney's parents are disapproving of her use of the Cosmic Staff while being more lenient on Jennie. Through Pat's inquisitions, the Whitmore-Dugan's learn that Jennie is the alleged daughter of Alan Scott - the Golden Age Green Lantern. Barbara is pleasantly surprised when Jennie reveals that she knows of Pat as he's a mechanical genius and infamous member of the JSA. Jennie eagerly assumes Courtney is the daughter of Starman, but Courtney bashfully declines. Jennie assumes she's Stripesey's daughter, but Courtney solemnly corrects that she's his stepdaughter. Barbara watches as Jennie asks Pat to help her train with the Green Lantern ring. Barbara helps Jennie get settled at the Whitmore-Dugan House, even letting her stay in Courtney's room. Jennie is nervous about staying in Courtney's room as Courtney only volunteered to sleep on the couch when Barbara asked her too. Barbara assures her it's fine and leaves her to sleep.

The next day, Jennie rises early and fixes the kitchen table, makes breakfast, and makes sure the Whitmore-Dugan's are treated wonderfully. She apologizes again for her actions and greets Courtney when the girl wakes up. Barbara praises Jennie's pancakes as being even better than Pat's. Jennie offers to get Courtney a plate of food, but Courtney claims she isn't hungry. Jennie and Pat make plans to visit The Pit Stop to test out the ring. Courtney wants to go but Barbara reminds her that she has school, with Mike rubbing it in that it's Summer school.

202 SC81

Barbara heads to work at The American Dream, when she is unexpectedly visited by a stranger named Richard Swift. Richard introduces himself as an antiques collector with an obsession for stage magic. He heard that The American Dream was holding the later William Zarick's collection of stage magic. Richard offers to pay a hefty fee for William's collection. Barbara has to run it by the board first, so he leaves his business card. She notes that it doesn't have any contact information on it, which is odd to her. He assures Barbara that he'll be in touch. He then asks where he can find a decent cup of tea in the town, so Barbara directs him to Richie's Diner. The next morning, Barbara tells Courtney that Jennie left the Whitmore-Dugan household before anyone woke up.[3]

Pat reveals to Courtney that the former ISA villain The Shade is in Blue Valley, operating under the alias of Richard Swift. He learned of Richard's arrival from Barbara, who had directed Pat to Richie's Diner to meet Richard. It was there that Pat had recognized The Shade's antique watch and pieced together his true identity. Now feeling vindicated over her feeling of a looming threat in Blue Valley, Courtney dives into researching The Shade. She reads the ISA files and shares some of them with Mike before taking them back. Barbara is nervous over Shade's presence and wants Courtney to be careful, as she mistakenly believes that S.T.R.I.P.E. can turn invisible and attack Shade or they can just report him to the authorities. Courtney tells her to leave this up to the professionals.

Barbara heads to work when she catalogs William Zarick's collection of artifacts in The American Dream's clocktower. Richard appears which startles her as he seeming appears out of thin air. He quickly states that he hopes he didn't startle her, but she presses that he did. He calmly asks for her forgiveness. She asks what he's doing here, and he was told by Charlotte where Barbara was and thought they could have a little treasure hunt together. Barbara firmly tells him that he's trespassing, which doesn't seem to bother him. She was looking into the inventory in case she heard from him, asking if he was looking for anything in particular. He mysteriously adds that he'll know when he sees it. She begins searching for her phone in her bag, which Richard extends as must have dropped it. The phone won't turn on and he coyly mentions the unreliable nature of technology. He continues to search until he finds the small box in which the black diamond was housed in. He opens the box but it's empty. He touches the velvet and is annoyed as he closes it firmly. He asks to keep the box but she can't let him as it's part of Zarick's inventory. Richard turns to her with a dark look, noting that they were getting along famously. The room suddenly goes black. When the lights come back on, Barbara is alone in the tower and her phone turns on.

203 SC144

That night, Pat calls Barbara to inform her of the JSA's plan to capture The Shade until they can turn him over to the proper authorities. They have a device that will hopefully render his powers useless. Barbara asks what the device is and Pat nervously explains that it's her tanning bed. She's disgusted by the plan but agrees to let Courtney participate, but tells him to be careful. The plan goes sideways when Mike bursts in and uses Thunderbolt without Pat's blessing. Pat, Courtney, and Mike return home. The kids are scolded by Barbara and Pat for being reckless. Courtney defends Mike as his superhero journey is just starting so he's going to make mistakes. Mike knows he messed up and is ready to surrender the Thunderbolt to Pat, giving up his chance to be in the JSA for now. He mistakenly wishes the Thunderbolt were in better hands, causing it to vanish just as Courtney tries to stop him.

With the Thunderbolt gone and the kids in bed, Pat finds Barbara on the porch. He's still thinking about what Thunderbolt said about Mike feeling alone, which makes Pat feel guilty for not being there for his son more. Barbara assures him that if it's true, that is on all of them not just Pat. Pat knows what it's like to want to be part of the team, which Barbara states that Mike already is whether her has the pen or not. She and Mike both are even though they don't have costumes and code names. She tells him that she found something in Zarick's inventory. The empty box that Swift took wasn't always empty, as it used to hold a black diamond. Pat nervously knows it isn't a prop, but something very, very bad.[4]

The next morning, Pat tries to fix the kitchen table while Barbara mentions she was up most of the night. He apologizes but thought she should know everything. Barbara calls the black diamond scary, especially with what happened to Dr. Mid-Nite. She wonders if they should tell Courtney about the JSA and Eclipso. Courtney overhears them mention Eclipso and questions how they know about him, with Barbara and Pat asking her the same thing. Barbara makes Courtney tell them first and the teen admits that she doesn't know much. Beth's goggles told her to be careful as Eclipso is here, but they aren't sure what it means. Barbara wonders how Beth's goggles know, and Courtney explains the trouble alerts.

Pat tells Courtney that Eclipso is the devil in the shadows - real evil imprisoned inside the black diamond. Barbara adds that Shade has been looking for it, with Pat agreeing that whoever has the diamond has Eclipso's power. He can make people see things that aren't there. Starman said it drove people to do bad things to themselves and others. The JSA somehow managed to stop Eclipso but the longer he's active the more powerful he'll get. Courtney thinks Shade wants to team up with Eclipso to do something evil. Barbara worries that Courtney will go rushing in, but Courtney assures her mother that she can handle his. She plans to hit the books with the team after school to learn more about Eclipso. She promises not to rush in and leaves for school.

Meanwhile, Paula and Larry escape prison and kidnap Mike to force Pat to help them attend Artemis's football tryouts that afternoon. Pat agrees as he has no other choice, and takes the escaped felons back to his home. Barbara doesn't like the idea as Paula tried to kill them and almost killed her if it weren't for Courtney. Pat thinks it's the best thing to do right now to keep everything under control. They banter back and forth as Pat firmly believes that if Paula and Crock wanted them dead they would be. Barbara glares that it doesn't make her feel better. They peek out from behind the wall every so often to check on the felons, before agreeing to play nice for now.

204 SC84

Barbara and Paula stand in the kitchen defensively. Paula is disgusted by the pile of mail and the obvious signs of a fight, noting their unpopularity with people. Barbara offers Paula coffee, but the woman rebuffs as she doesn't drink caffeine. She offers tap water but Paula is grossed out by the idea. She then scolds Barbara for letting her children eat processed food. Barbara defends herself as the teens would get the food if Mike wanted it anyway. She relates it to Courtney's stubbornness, which Paula instantly relates too as Artemis is the same way. It doesn't matter what they say because their daughters won't listen. Barbara likes that her daughter is driven, and both women unanimously states that it's frustrating as a mother. Paula catches the coffee pot before it falls off the counter, and reluctantly pours two cups. By the time Courtney comes home looking for Pat, Barbara is the only one home to tell her what happened.[5]

In the days that follow, Barbara continues her work at The American Dream. Richard visits Barbara at her office at The American Dream, which startles her. He hopes the day finds her well but she quickly closes the door and confronts him for being Shade. He chuckles the he sees where Courtney gets her bravado, but that she has something extra. He remarks that she reminds him of someone from long ago. She steps forward that she had enough with his friend Jordan viewing her as a prize to be won. He clarifies that she mistook his intentions, as the person she reminds him of, was family. He continues to tell her that Courtney spent the night searching for him and Barbara has to ensure she stays out of his affairs. She admits they just want to know what he knows about the black diamond and the weird weather. He's mildly impressed that they figured that much out, but warns that the weather is the premiere and she won't like the finale. She shouldn't talk about the cursed gem again as Barbara's daughter and friends are far too young to face the horror within. She asks why he cares but he doesn't, but asks her to inform him if Courtney and her friends find the location of the black diamond. She's not sure if she believes him but also doesn't have a way to contact him. He smirks that she should check the card again, and when she does, his number is burned into the card. When she looks back up, Richard has disappeared.[6]

Pat is attacked at The Pit Stop and badly beaten, resulting in his hospitalization at Blue Valley Medical Center. Barbara sits by his bedside as he sleeps. Courtney arrives worried and embraces her mother, learning that Pat has a severe concussions but should be okay. Courtney feels guilty over having split up as she should have gone with him, but Barbara embraces her daughter as it wasn't her fault. As they sit, Courtney gets a call from Mike's phone. Cindy Burman is on the other line threatening to kill Mike if Courtney and her friends don't show up at BVHS by midnight. Courtney relays the message to Barbara, but the teen worries she can't handle the fight or save Mike. Barbara reminds her that she can do this and has to be Stargirl for her friends and her brother. She tells her to go get her brother back. With a renewed confidence and a request from Barbara to kick Cindy's ass, Stargirl and the JSA head to BVHS.

As time passes, an unsure Barbara later calls the number Richard gave her, summoning Richard there at once; he muses over the injured and bedridden state of the man he once knew as Stripesy. Barbara is conflicted over what to call Richard, so he admits it's fine to address him either by his civilian identity or as the Shade. Barbara tells him about the recent developments, including Cindy Burman's abduction of Mike and Courtney taking her friends to rescue her step-brother, Richard maintained his apathetic demeanor asking how her troubles should concern him. Though unsure, Barbara got his attention by mentioning that the black diamond was currently in Cindy's possession, piquing the Shade's interest.

Barbara paces in Pat's room and notices an eclipse in the night sky. By the time Courtney and Mike return to the medical center, Pat is awake and talking. The teens fill their parents in on Eclipso's escape from the diamond, Isaac and Cindy's deaths, and how the eclipse disappeared along with Eclipso. Mike wants his training to start now as he can't be defenseless again. Pat agrees to help him, while Courtney worries what Eclipso's plan is now that The Shade is missing. Barbara holds Courtney's hand as the family sits.[7]

207 SC19

Barbara goes to work the next day and learns that the new woman in charge of their budgeting wants to close the Oakvale center. Barbara argues that this will force over 200 employees to lose their jobs, something Janet isn't concerned over. Barbara suggests they liquidate their back stock to afford the center, as Jordan wouldn't have given up on the town. The staff vote in favor of Barbara's proposal, adjourn the meeting, and leave. Barbara looks over at the portrait of Jordan hanging on the wall. She hears someone say the name "Emily" causing her to turn around. She doesn't see anyone, but when the name repeats, a shadow crawls over the ceiling and then vanishes. A single drop of liquid lands on the floor. Barbara walks over to examine the substance. When she touches it, she realizes it is blood.

That night, Courtney talks to her family about Yolanda's decision to leave the JSA, citing that she didn't tell anyone about Yolanda killing Brainwave as it isn't her secret to tell. Barbara understands that but thinks Courtney should give Yolanda some space. Courtney worries if Yolanda's visions are from Brainwave, Eclipso, or just a figment of Yolanda's conscience. Mike admits that he didn't mean to kill Icicle either, prompting Barbara and Pat to comfort him. Barbara then admits she might have seen Shade earlier at The American Dream.[8]

The next morning, the family enjoys breakfast together when Courtney goes to leave early. Barbara asks where she's heading, to which Courtney admits she's going to try and talk to Yolanda. Pat reminds Courtney that what happened isn't her fault, but she should give Yolanda some space. Mike disagrees as he thinks Yolanda should come back to help defeat Eclipso. When the doorbell rings, the family is on-edge until Courtney returns with a duffle bag containing the Wildcat suit, undoubtedly left by Yolanda. That night, Barbara learns that Rick has been arrested for assaulting his uncle after being manipulated by Grundy. She tells Mike about the incident and he wonders what they can do to help. She admits they can only just be there for Pat and Courtney when they come back. They might not have powers, but they can still be there to support them. Mike thanks her, calling her mom, and they hug.[9]

Season 3[]

301 SC (55)

The Whitmore-Dugan's return from their family trip to Yellowstone Park. Sylvester Pemberton greets them as they come through the door, calling them his, "Star family", earning love from Buddy. He asks how the trip was, getting three different answers. He comments on Pat's facial hair, joking that he left home a boy and came back a man. Mike isn't thrilled about it, earning a sideways look for Sylvester, as facial hair is a man's birthright. He'll understand when he starts shaving. Mike argues that shaves, but Sylvester doesn't believe him. Barbara goes into the kitchen and remarks on him fixing everything, including the new expensive marble countertop. He knows a house needs to earn his keep. Pat had that on his list, confusing Courtney and Mike who didn't know he had a list.

The next morning, Paula visits Barbara at The American Dream to talk with her. She realizes Artemis has a history with Courtney and her friends, like Paula with Barbara, but Artemis desperately wants to join the Justice Society of America. If she wants that for herself, so does Paula. She just hopes Courtney doesn't hold grudges or punish her for the past actions of herself and her husband, because that would be a real shame. Potentially, with real consequences. Paula's intimidating behavior and demeanor instantly scares Barbara, who insists that who's in the JSA isn't up to her; it's up to them. She adds that Artemis is such a great kid. Paula nods briskly and stiffens her posture. Artemis will proves herself if she has to, telling Barbara to just watch.

Sylvester and Pat are gone for the evening, having taken S.T.R.I.P.E. and the staff out for some fun. They stumble into the Whitmore-Dugan House late at night, gushing over their adventures of saving a crashing plane. Courtney realizes Sylvester took the staff, as Barbara critiques Pat for being out way past dinner. Sylvester just wanted to see Stripesy's tech in action, recapping the big plane that S.T.R.I.P.E. caught. Barbara presses that he told Courtney he wouldn't be Starman anymore. Cosmo warbles sadly, with Sylvester lowering his head. He apologizes to Court, who tells her what he did saving a place is amazing, really. He gives her the staff and apologizes for causing trouble. He goes back to the basement as Pat prepares for dinner.[10]

The next day, Barbara returns to The American Dream. Charlotte asks if she's heard about Steven Sharpe being dead, as a tornado apparently touched down right on top of him. James quickly explains that Blue Valley has been known to have bizarre weather from time to time, like this summer's storms. Janet thinks it serves Mr. Sharpe right, adding in a "God rest his soul", as she passes them. Barbara turns to her office when Tim suddenly slides in front of her. She's three minutes late, calling her Babs as he makes a pouty face. She reminds him that he isn't her boss, at least not yet. He doesn't want her to be late for the park budget meeting. He wouldn't want her to miss him voting against her proposal again. He gives another pout as they laugh at one another. She gives a fake smile in return and enters her office.

302 SC (65)

She finds Paula waiting for her. S announces they didn't do it, referring to Steve Sharpe's murder. They would never be so sloppy as to leave the body there. Disposing of the corpse is 101. Barbara shudders in disgust, telling her not to tell her that. Paula would never risk going back to prison over some schmuck like Steve. They're home with their daughter again - that is everything. She becomes prideful at the mention of Artemis, asking if Courtney mentioned how well Artemis did with the JSA last night. Barbara admits she didn't mention anything, but Paula is sure she will. They have been doing everything they can to fit in here. She gardens, smiles at strangers, and even applied to join the Blue Valley Rotary Club. Barbara asks how that's working out. They asked Paula to bake a German chocolate cake. She doesn't know why, when she can just buy one. Barbara tells her it means more if she makes it herself, confusing Paula. She elaborates that when someone puts their personal time into something, it makes it more special, by showing that she cares. Paula muses that baking makes people think you care. She quickly rephrases that she does care, plastering on a smile. She takes a big step forward, asking if Barbara knows how to bake, but the woman doesn't - at all. Paula sits down, exasperated.

Once at the Whitmore-Dugan House, Barbara and Paula try to bake a German chocolate cake, ingredients scattered across the counter in a mess. Barbara puts the latest attempt on the counter, both women eyeing it suspiciously. Barbara doesn't think they used enough of something, or maybe they used too much of something else. Paula points out that it does look different than the picture. With a forced smile, Barbara decides the third time's a charm. Pat comes home, looking at the scene curiously. She points to Pat, who is the real baker. He nods slowly then asks if Courtney's here. Barbara tells him that Courtney's at school, but his quiet demeanor makes her sink, asking if she isn't at school.

When Sylvester and Courtney come home from training, Barbara and Pat scold them for their little rendezvous. Pat scolds him for taking her out of school and attacking The Shade. Sylvester went to apologize and things got out of hand. Seeing The Shade at the diner, at his house, that took him back. Shade was the one that told him that the key to stopping Eclipso was to kill Bruce Gordon. He took that to the JSA and they killed a man in cold blood. He's not running away from that. But it all started with The Shade. The JSA broke up, only to get back together, still broken, to take on the ISA. Shade played a role, but it's not himself that Sylvester's really mad at. He's mad at himself for killing the Justice Society. He asks why he got to come back. He questions why he is here and not them. He swells with emotion as he admits to missing them. He softly apologizes and leaves the room. Pat, Barbara, and Courtney watch him go with sympathetic expressions.[11]

Courtney makes a big breakfast for the family. Barbara is happy by the meal, asking what the special occasion is. Courtney claims there is none, but Mike thinks she's still kissing up for ditching school. Pat remarks that it looks great and thanks her. She smiles that she learned from the best. As the family sits for their waffles, Courtney jumps back to what's important. They know The Shade was at the diner when The Gambler was killed, which puts them back at square one. They know the killer has incredible strength and that The Gambler was stabbed in the heart with something, which is why there was so much blood. Barbara stops drinking her juice and puts it back on the table. It's a little too much murder talk in the morning for her liking. Mike shrugs it off as he grabs a waffle - it doesn't bother him. Barbara asks if Sylvester is coming up, but Pat tells everyone he went on a walk to find balance, and get to know the real Blue Valley. Mike snorts that he's going to be disappointed. Pat disagrees, because Blue Valley is the perfect place to hit the old reset button. If someone can't find balance here in the heartland, he doesn't think they can find it anywhere. Mike asks if he works for the chamber of commerce. Crusher, Paula, and Artemis Crock arrive suddenly. Crusher agrees with Pat - balance is important, starting with a balanced breakfast. He throws away the waffles as that stuff will kill him. Artemis cheerfully greets Courtney, presenting Quinoa and tofu bowls alongside Paula, who knows Barbara will love it. Larry tells everyone to pull up a chair as the whole family's on the program now. They join the family, ignoring the awkward tension that arises. Larry pulls Mike and Pat into a three-way hug and tells Mike to dig in. The boy laughs nervously and Larry stares him down, repeating for him to dig in.

303 SC (56)

Barbara starts her morning at The American Dream when Paula suddenly intercepts her, taking her into the office by her arm. They have a problem. The German chocolate cake was a big at the Women's Rotary Club. Barbara thinks that's great, but questions the statement when Paula gives her a dumbfounded expression. It's a nightmare. They want her to give an initiation speech at tomorrow's meeting. She doesn't know how to do that or what to talk about. Barbara advises that she talk about what she's looking forward to doing whatever it is the Women's Rotary Club does. She asks what they do and Paula freezes, looking up in horror; she doesn't know. Barbara surmises she joined because she wants to be part of Blue Valley, so she should tell them how much the community means to her. Tim pokes his head into the office. He read the new proposal which excites her. He gives her a thumbs up but slowly turns his thumb down, remarking that it's slipping. He smirks that maybe she'll get it next time and leaves with a laugh. Paula scoffs at him, asking who the geek is. That's Barbara's new manager, Tim. He's the reason she'll be staying up late doing this proposal again. She sorry but has to get back to work. Paula, now distracted, understands and wishes her luck. Barbara returns the sentiment.

After the Crock's brutal fight with Sylvester at Bell's, The Crock's and Whitmore-Dugan's assemble at the Whitmore-Dugan House, where Paula cracks Larry's shoulder into place. The Gambler was blackmailing them, that part is true. But they didn't kill him. They wanted to, but they stayed strong. He was blackmailing them for ISA crimes they didn't commit. Stuff other members didn't without them. They're dead now so they wouldn't have a chance in hell of proving their innocence. Pat reminds them that they're not all the innocence. Larry agrees as they're guilty of plenty of things. The admission makes the couple chuckle. Some of the crimes they even went to jail for. Truth be told, they wouldn't even be sitting there with their freedom if it weren't for a legal loophole. Pat thinks some people, like Sylvester, might call that just a little but unfair. Larry doesn't care what he says, as the guy is a freaking lunatic. Paula intervenes, as regardless, they couldn't risk going back to prisons, so they paid Sharpe. Courtney references the payments stopping two months ago.

They admit the putz stopped blackmailing them. He didn't say why and they thought he was playing a new angle, then, he paid them back right before he died. Barbara brings them ice packs, while Courtney realizes Sharpe really was trying to be better. Paula and Larry didn't' realize that until after he was killed. Larry wants to get everything on the table, admitting he did pay Steve a visit the day he was murdered. When Sharpe showed up in Blue Valley spouting off his "turning over a new life" jambalaya jive talk, Larry didn't buy any of it. He figured he came back to start blackmailing them again so he drove out to his trailer to have a little talk with him. But he left before he did something stupid. Barbara asks why they didn't tell them this before. He admits he was trying to protect them from any unnecessary heat. Paula apologizes to Barbara, as they should have been honest with her. The last time they went to prison it nearly destroyed their family, not to mention the food - so many carbs. She asks that Barbara please believe her. They would never make the same mistake twice. Whoever killed Sharpe, it wasn't them. The front door opens and Sylvester was in with Cosmo. He sees the group and glares at them, heading to the basement. Pat excuses himself.[12]

304 SC (91)

Barbara gives her new park pitch to The American Dream. She thinks Blue Valley needs this park, as more families than ever are making their town their home. They need a safe place to take their children. They would have a new playground, and an outdoor auditorium. Tim cuts her off to say it's wonderful. He gives her two thumbs up as she has his vote, calling her Babs. He tells that group that any project she's for, he's obviously supportive of. He asks who's with him, earning near unanimous support except from a man taking notes. Tim hisses for him to put his hand up, making the vote unanimous. He tells James to push the paperwork through immediately. He offers Barbara a coffee for all the hard work she's done. He gives her two thumbs up again which she returns. He leaves the room and painfully tells her congrats, clutching the back of his head as he groans out that she's the best in the world.

Barbara returns to her office only to find Paula, who asks how her day is going. She hopes it's going well, asking if there's any problem with her new manager. She guesses a few incorrect names until Barbara reminds her it's Tim. He actually voted for her project this time, which Paula remarks is terrific. She's here as she got her a gift for helping her out so much this week. She takes out a taxidermy fox that she made herself, to show how much she really cares. Barbara whispers that it's beautiful and that she loves it. Paula knew she would.[13]

Sylvester stays up late at the Whitmore-Dugan house, sitting at the dining room table. Barbara finds him and asks what he's doing up. He's polishing silver like a useful person. She asks what happened. He took the kids into the tunnel but didn't find anything, except for a huge painting of Icicle and his cronies. He started thinking about what Icicle did to him and lost his temper, big time. He sighs as he must look pretty unhinged again. A thought that kept him up. He doesn't think he's the kind of person that's good at setting examples, unlike Pat. He just never planned on being a parent. She understands as before she met Pat, she never thought she'd have a son. She thought her life was just Courtney and her. But when Pat came with Mike, she wasn't sure how she was going to do stepping into Mike's life. But she tries, and that's all they can do. Be their best and if he has a bad moment, help them learn from it. Sylvester asks how it's going with Mike, and she swells up with tears at the thought. He's her son and she's really grateful every day for it.

In the morning, Pat enters the kitchen to find Sylvester and Mike, cheerfully asking who wants an omelet. Barbara and Courtney walk in, giving each other a hug. They discuss how things went with the kids last night, learning Sylvester came up empty handed with no Dragon King. Sylvester plans to find one of his hidden labs across the country, which is news to Courtney. Sylvester explains that he and The Crimson Avenger tracked them back in the day. There's one south of them he wants to check out. As he talks, Courtney keeps checking her phone and smiling. Sylvester knows she missed out on the tunnels, so he offers to wait until after school if she wants to come check them out herself. She's good as they've got it covered. She grabs an orange and tells everyone to enjoy the waffles, walking out happily. Pat corrects that they're having omelets. Sylvester wonders if Courtney knows the difference.

For lunch, Pat and Barbara enjoy a meal together at Richie Rock's Diner. Maria brings them their food and Pat thanks her. She tells him to tell Zeek she said hello, which confuses him. She gives Pat a wink as she walks away. Barbara, however, is just happy to have a lunch date in the middle of the week. They should do this more often and he absentmindedly agrees. She asks what has him so distracted. He admits that it's Courtney, as she hasn't been herself lately. He's sure Barbara's noticed it too. Barbara starts to laugh which confuses Pat, who wonders if its an inside joke or something. She smiles that Courtney has a crush on someone, though she doesn't know who. She's sure Courtney will tell them eventually. This is what they wanted for her, to just be a normal teenager once in a while.

305 SC (100)

As Pat thinks on the reveal, Crusher and Paula slide into the booth, greeting their friends. He's pleased to see Pat eating sweet potato fries, which are a good source of Omega-3s. Pat sarcastically tells him to have a seat and make themselves at home. Crusher ignores him, as he and Paula have taken a page out of their do-gooder handbook. Paula admits they're doing their own investigation into Steven Sharpe's murder. They started by interrogating everyone he owed money to, which is a whole lot of people with motive to whack him. He adds they dangled them off a tall building to get answers. Paula sees Barbara's disapproving face and quickly shakes her head as Larry elaborates. They weren't the only one the putz paid back before he died. In fact, he paid them all page. She thought it was impossible for a degenerate like Sharpe to truly change, but they're thinking maybe he did. Pat praises them for investigating that angle, and while he can't condone their tactics, does appreciate their dedication. But their work is done. The couple insists they aren't done, and are going to help him solve this thing. Pat suggests they have other important things to do, like checking in with their parole officers and cholesterol levels. Crusher sternly says their levels are pristine. He quickly adds there's a weird bonus to being heroes, making Paula laugh. It's kind of super-charged their lives in the bedroom. The couple giggles and begins making out, which unnerves Barbara and Pat, who call for the check.[14]

Mike juices fruits and veggies in the kitchen, which surprises Barbara and Pat. He remarks that Mike's making a mess and that it looks like a farmer's market, while Barbara asks where it all came from. It came from the Crocks. When Mike got up for his route, they were in the kitchen messing around. Barbara is proud of him for being healthy. The Crocks took his cereal and the doughnuts, with Pat adding how Crusher came in yesterday to throw away his light beer. Mike tells Pat to stand up for his house. Barbara knows Crusher and Paula are a bit much, but they do have good habits. It would be good if some of them rubbed off on the family. Pat's just under the impression they were trying to help them be better people. Sylvester comes up from the basement, sighing over his late night, as he found no sign of Dragon King. He feels like he's on a wild-goose chase. Mike clarifies that it isn't Dragon King, but Sylvester isn't sure, they can't rule anything out. He wants to update Courtney, but Mike mentions she already left. Pat and Barbara question where she went. Sylvester references Yolanda saying Courtney's meeting with Icicle's kid, Cameron Mahkent.

Looking for more information, Pat carries a basket with fruits and vegetables to the Mahkent residence. He reminds Barbara she didn't have to come, but she thinks it will be less suspicious if both of them come. He thought he was worrying too much and that she was fine with Courtney having a crush. She is fine with that, but it's Cameron Mahkent. It's the grandparents she's concerned about. He agrees they definitely knew something about the mind machine Jordan was building. Barbara worries they know about Courtney, Mike, Pat, and all of them. Pat notes it could get real complicated, but she corrects it could get really dangerous. He knows Courtney's got great instincts, but she reminds him that love can cloud someone's judgment. Her eyes might not be as wide open as they think. She just wants her to be safe. They ring the doorbell. He wonders if they should keep some of the fruit, but it's for them. He urges her to put a couple of the bananas in her purse, but the Mahkent's answer before he can finish. Lily greets them followed by Sofus. He loves smoothies and the families convene in a larger room.

Barbara compliments the room. Lily mentions it was her son's office and her daughter-in-law's studio. Barbara knows Cameron is quite the artist too. Lily invites them to sit as Sofus comes in with plates. They don't entertain much, but would like to offer them a Norwegian specialty: lutefisk. In Norwegian, Lily asks if he poisoned it, with Sofus scoffing that of course not. She asks why he's serving it then, earning a side look from him. Barbara really came by to share how delighted they are that Courtney and Cameron are spending a lot of time together. Because they're here, Lily assumes they have concerns. Pat brushes it off as just wanting to tell them that Cameron's such a nice young man. Lily starts to speak about Courtney, but Sofus interrupts. They think Courtney's very special too. Barbara asks how they think she's special, earning inquisitive looks. Pat fixes it by saying he thinks Barb means to say thanks. A moment of silence passes and Barbara expresses that she never had a chance to tell them personally how sorry she is about what happened to Jordan. He was a great man. Lily repeats the sentiment and asks if Barbara knows how it feels to lose a child. She starts to raise her hand when Sofus takes it. Courtney calls out to her mom and Pat, asking what they're doing here. She and Cameron enter the room, their family watching them.

She questions why her parents didn't call her. Barbara reminds Courtney that she was ignoring everyone. Cameron reveals that Courtney was helping him on a new sculpture, which unnerves Lily, though Sofus is sure it's fine. Courtney presses there was no reason for her parents to come all the way out here. Pat shrugs it off, as if he hadn't come then he never would have gotten to try lutefisk, which now enters the pantheon of great fish. It's right up there with catfish, grouper, and tilapia. His humor lands hollow, prompting Pat to think they should get going. They don't want to overstay their welcome, as they've all been so hospitable. Like he said, they just wanted to come by, say hello, and wish the teens good luck. Sofus looks to Cameron - as long as their children are both happy, that's all that matters. He looks to Lily and urges her that Cameron and Courtney being happy is all that's important now. She gives a brisk nod, glaring at Courtney. Cameron and Courtney hold hands.

306 SC (91)

The Whitmore-Dugan's leave the house. Courtney remarks that it was humiliating, asking what they were doing there. Barbara was worried about her. They're the one always telling Courtney that she can't just be Stargirl. Pat was just concerned for her, that's all. Courtney exasperatedly asks how many times she has to tell people that Cameron's not his father. They understand, but his grandparents knew Jordan was up to something. They're worried they have the same abilities that Icicle did. Courtney nervously reveals they probably do, according to Cindy, anyway. She thinks she saw his grandmother have the same type of powers Jordan did. But even if she does, if they both do, if they wanted to hurt them they would have done it already. Pat's not sure why they would wait. He loves old people, but they scare the hell out of him.

Courtney sits on her bed when Barbara knocks on the door. She brings in a vase of beautiful flowers that Cameron just dropped off. Courtney is surprised by the gesture. She grins happily and takes the card from the bouquet, which now sits on her end table. Barbara pauses at the door, smiling happily. Courtney looks up and gives her mom a slow look, so Barbara leaves.[15]

Beth discovers that an unknown person has been spying on them using hidden cameras. The JSA makes a plan to locate and remove the several cameras, as identified in the feeds Beth discovered. As they attempt to act normal for their voyeur, the Whitmore-Dugan family sits for dinner. Pat asks Michael if he'd prefer a leg or a thigh. Mike thinks a thigh would suffice, so Pat remarks that one wing is coming up. Over the comms, Sylvester groans at Pat, wondering if he and Leonardo DiCaprio can lay it on any thicker. Courtney clears her throat, asking her mom how work was today. Barbara shrugs it off as not bad, asking about school, which was boring as usual. Sylvester calls the girls naturals. Courtney elaborates that class, homework, and painfully, friends are fine. Sylvester tells them Beth needs ten more minutes, so just try and act normal until then. Pat asks Michael if he would lead them in grace, confusing the boy. Pat brushes it off as he's got it.

They finish their prayer, which is remarkably similar to the pledge of allegiance. Once the lights go out, they jump up, clicking on their flashlights. Mike walks down to the basement, searching for his dad and Courtney. He sees their flashlights on the floor and runs back up the steps, calling out for Barb. Mike and Barbara wander the house, wondering where Pat and Courtney went as they couldn't have just vanished. Someone knocks on the door so they answer, finding Yolanda on the other side holding a duffle bag. She knows she and Courtney aren't really speaking, but she had nowhere else to go. She breaks down in tears and Barbara embraces her with a hug.[16]

Pat and Courtney are taken to Civic City by The Shade, which results in Pat being accidentally sent to The Shadowlands. While there, his subconscious shows him versions of his worst fears, including a version of Barbara that tells Pat she'll never be Mike's real mother.[17]

In the real world, Barbara nervously sits on the steps of the Whitmore-Dugan house, fighting back her emotions. The door opens and she lets out a sigh of relief at the sight of Courtney. She embraces her daughter, who she knows must be exhausted. Courtney isn't as they got some sleep on the bus. She asks where Yolanda is, and Barbara explains that she's in Courtney's room. The teen heads up the stairs and Barbara turns to her husband. He claims he's fine, but she knows he went to that place, The Shadowlands. She asks what he saw but he remains silent. She hugs him tightly and they hold one another.

Barbara and Pat walk into the kitchen. He has to get down to The Pit Stop to suit up and help Sylvester on his hunt. She wants him to rest but he can't. They might have gotten the cameras down, but they still don't know who's been watching them. He needs to go help Sylvester. She stops him for a moment, because what he just went through, it's not normal for anyone. She tells him to please, just talk to her. He clears his throat then admits he saw his dad. He said the same twisted stuff he'd tell Pat when he was a kid. Only that's not what got to him. She asks what did, and he takes a moment before answering. That place made him feel like he's following in his father's footsteps by making Mike feel like he's not good enough. Barbara shoots that down instantly, as he shouldn't think that for one second. Mike is following in Pat's footsteps, not Mr. Dugan's. That why he's bright, strong, and kind. He knows Pat loves him. Pat admits he hasn't talked much about Mike's mom. They weren't together long, which of course, Barbara knows. He didn't even know about Mike until after they'd split up. But when he found out, he's never been so happy. There was nothing that was going to keep him from being in his life. They shared custody for a couple years. Until one day, a policeman knocked on the door with Mike. He'd been in a shelter overnight, alone, which worries Barbara. Maggie had left him there and didn't even turn up again until after she'd been arrested for possession. Pat got full custody and she didn't even put up a fight. She just walked away from Mike, who used to ask Pat if he could talk to her. He would say no and after a while, he just stopped asking. He thought he was protecting Mike by treating her like she didn't exist. But now he doesn't know if it was right, something Barbara understands. When Courtney's father came to Blue Valley, Barbara blamed herself for the hurt it caused her daughter. But she does think Courtney got some closure from it as it made her stronger, and the bond between them stronger. Sometimes, letting their kids face the pain is the only way to help them learn how to cope with it. Maybe Mike needs to see his mom again.

309 SC (72)

In the afternoon, Paula and Barbara stand in Ripped City in front of a heavy bag, wearing boxing gloves. Barbara isn't sure about this training exercise. Paula's going to start with the basic - how to shatter a man's spleen. She punches the bag to demonstrate, making Barbara cringe. She cautiously approaches the bag then stops, as violence was never her thing. Paula tells her to call it self-defense, then. In this town with a voyeuristic killer still on the loose, it's important Barbara is ready for any kind of attack. Barbara tries again but fails, turning back to Paula. She appreciates this, but she's not comfortable learning how to hurt someone. She's sorry, but this just is not her. Paula takes a breath then concedes as she understands. It means a lot to Barbara that she's trying to help her. She's a good friend. The sentiment lands with Paula, as no one's ever called her their friend before. Barbara's sure that's not true, and Paula simply smiles at her new friend.

Meanwhile, the JSA impulsively attacks the Mahkent residence, an action that leaves battle lines clearly drawn.[18]

Pat tries calling Mike's cellphone, though he doesn't pick up. He tells the family that he still isn't answering his phone. Courtney puts her phone away, since Jakeem isn't answering either. Yolanda asks where they could possibly be. Pat sighs that Mike told him he was going to spend the night at Jakeem's and that Jakeem told his mom that he was spending the night here. Yolanda wonders if they think the Mahkents did something to them. Pat, begins to worry if they found out that Mike killed Jordan, but Sylvester then cuts him off. Mike and Jakeem lied about where they were before everything with those Norwegian frosted freaks went down. So they boy were already off doing whatever they set out to do. Pat still has to be sure that the Mahkents are not involved and Barbara agrees. Courtney nervously says that Beth tracked the receiving signal from the spy cameras to the Mahkent house. They're the ones who've been watching them, so they have to be involved. Sylvester isn't convinced, as they've been set up before. She looks at him curiously. He tells her to think about it -- at the exact moment she and Cameron were trying to bury past demons, Beth suddenly cracks into info that points the rest of the team at the Mahkent house like a gun, making everything go boom. He's betting one of his red boots and one of Pat's puffer vests that the signal Beth found was a fabrication. Someone is trying to distract them. Yolanda questions that if the Mahkents haven't been watching the ones watching them, then who's left.

As the rest of the team disperses, Barbara sits in the kitchen, talking to Mr. Bloomkiss. She asks if that if he sees Mike and Jakeem to just have them call her. He tells her not problem as he's got her. She thanks him and hangs up, though a knock at the door catches her attention. She opens up the door to find Lily on the porch. She pushes her way inside, her tone accusatory as she tells Barbara that her husband his friend came to their house today, so he came here. Barbara asks what she wants, stepping away from her. Lily's here to tell her that she and her family has hurt hers too many times now. Her son could have saved this country's future and he was so very fond of her. She stretches out her hand as her eyes freeze over. Barbara shields herself, anticipating a blow. An arrow shoots past Barbara and pierce the front door. Lily gasps in surprise as Paula walks forward, standing protectively in front of Barbara. She won't miss on purpose again. She gives Lily one second to leave. She glares at the duo before leaving. Paula turns to her friend, who needs to learn how to use the crossbow.

Paula and Barbara are in a field with Paula trying to teach Barbara how to use a crossbow. Paula tells Barbara to stabilize her stance, to which a confused Barbara asks what that means. She tells Barbara to move her legs, standing behind her to demonstrate. She shouldn't lean forward, keep her center of gravity over her base, keep her hands below the rail, and if they're anywhere near these cable's, she'll lose a finger. A nervous Barbara now tries following what Paula taught her,, but doubts herself as she's not a superhero. Paula chuckles and tells her that not all superheroes fly through the air - some fire arrows. Barbara insists this is not her, but Paula confidently replies that it is. Courtney is a fighter, which she gets from Barbara. She doesn't want to lose the only real friend outside of her family that she's ever had. They smile at one another. Paula tells her to try again, but this time, to picture that it's Mrs. Mahkent's face is the target. Barbara breathes out,focuses her stance, and pulls the trigger. The arrow whizzes out but the target remains unhit. Paula's face falls as she tries to stay positive, as they'll keep practicing. Barbara asks where the arrow went. Paula doesn't see it and looks down at the crossbow, questioning if she fired it. Barbara did and they look up at one another. Paula pats Barbara's back and assures her she has lots of chances - she's got some arrows in the car.

310 SC (139)

Courtney returns home after her meeting with Cameron, finding that Beth, Yolanda, Mike, Jakeem, Barbara, Pat, and Sylvester are gathered. Barbara asks if she's alright, and Courtney says that she's fine. Pat asks about Rick, but Beth hasn't heard back from him yet. Pat scoffs that he needs to get his head on straight, because the man that Mike and Jakeem found, he's worst threat they can imagine. Mike reminds Pat that the creature isn't a man. Sylvester says that he used to be. When the Justice Society first formed, there was a scientist, though the didn't know his real identity. He just went by "The Ultra-Humanite", but he went by a lot of other names. When they first met, he was just another criminal until he escaped the JSA by putting his brain into the body of an actress name Dolores Winters. Pat knows it sounds like a science-fiction horror movie, but it's exactly what happened. Barbara is stunned over him putting his brain into Dolores Winters, the famous actress. Jakeem asks how could he do that, with Yolanda suggesting magic. Pat reveals it was surgery, with a little help from Dragon King. Sylvester doesn't even know if the scientist body they first met him in was his original one. Anyway, he assumed Dolores Winters' identity and fooled everyone. Pat adds that Dolores went on to win an Oscar, which Beth knows is for "Remembering to Forget", as it's one of her mom's favorites. Sylvester reveals that the Ultra-Humanite had been in Dolores' skull for over a year by then. Jakeem realizes that he won the award, with Pat confirming. Sylvester adds that when the JSA found out the truth about Winters, the Ultra-Humanite sought out a body strong enough to destroy the JSA. So he and Dragon King stitched that mutated ape together and put his brain in it. Sylvester thinks that has to be the one who sucker-punched him back at The Gambler's trailer. that Humanite had been in Dolores's skull for a year by that time. Jakeem says then he technically won the award. Pat tells Jakeem exactly. Mike thinks that's probably who killed The Gambler, too. Sylvester confirms that would be his M.O., with Barbara wonder what he wants. Aside from revenge against the JSA, Sylvester admits it's anyone's guess.

Courtney suggests the Ultra-Humanite is the next Eclipso. Pat asks what she means by that. He's the next great evil that has to be stopped by all of them. That's what she was talking about when she said they had to come together - the Crocks, Cindy, and hesitantly, now the Mahkents. If this villain is as powerful as they say, it'll take everyone to stop him, including the Mahkents. Yolanda knows Courtney wants to help Cameron, but Courtney cuts her off. This isn't just about helping Cameron, it's about all of them. Good and bad have come together before, and they can do it again, and get another new start. Sylvester thinks she might be right. Pat insists it's gonna take each and everyone of them, though, working together. One-by-one, the teams agree on the decision - first the Young All-Stars and then the JSA.[19]

Courtney concludes that the Ultra-Humanite killed The Gambler, destroyed his trailer, and stabbed him in the heart with his claw. Mike didn't see any claws, so it's more like it was his teeth. Jakeem adds they were big and sharp. Courtney dismisses the teeth, as however he was killed, this is exactly why she's been asking everyone to work together. Whether someone belongs to the JSA or the ISA, their town needs them again. She knows putting the past behind them has been challenging for everyone. Sylvester cuts her off, admitting that it's especially hard for him. Pat reassures him that he's working at it, and that's what matters. Courtney agrees as they've made progress - the Crocks are with them, and she thinks they can get Cindy back on board. Yolanda questions why they're bothering with Cindy again. It's because she's already on the hunt for the Ultra-Humanite, so she might know what he's up to. Jakeem admits that Cindy seemed pretty firm on working solo. If history has taught Pat anything, it's that whatever grand plan the Ultra-Humanite might have, it'll involve hurting a lot of people, including them. This "ain't no Donkey Kong". Sylvester chimes in that if they don't stop him, it'll be game over, imitating a losing video game sound from 1981. While Mike and Jakeem laugh, the rest of the team force smiles. Pat tells Sylvestser that he doesn't have to make a joke on top of every joke he does. Sylvester smirks that it's called banter - all superheroes use it during stressful situations to defuse tension. Pat knows, but it just seems like he always has to get the last work in on him. Sylvester doesn't know what he's talking about, and Pat points out that he's doing it right there.

A silence falls over the room. Sylvester asks if this is what he wants - no banter, just an overly serious conversation that scares the hell out of everyone. Barbara tells the guys to stop, and Pat apologizes to Barb. Sylvester does the same seconds later. Courtney shakes it off as banter aside, they need the Mahkents too. They need Cameron. Mike smirks that she means that she does. She ignores his comment, insisting he's as powerful as his father was. Mike worries that if they team up and then the Mahkents will put him on ice when they figure out that he ran their son over. Courtney assures him they won't, admitting they think she killed Jordan. Everyone questions this, but she dismisses it as not being important. A pounding on the front door casts a silence over the room. Courtney starts towards the door, with Pat telling her to be careful. She opens the door and is surprised to see Artemis Crock on the other side. She asks if Courtney has seen her parents.

The JSA splits up to look for the Crocks and Ultra-Humanite, so Barbara goes to work. She walks into The American Dream where she lowers her phone, emotions filling her face. An employee eagerly comes up to Barbara and happily tells her she won't believe it, but he's back. She leads her around the corner where Jordan turns around to face Barbara, greeting her as she stares in surprise.

Barbara walks into her office, with Jordan following her. She can barely make out his words from her state of shock. She saw him die, which he knows. She asks how he's back. He wasn't sure himself at first, but it seems his abilities extend beyond just creating ice. He can somehow become it. She asks what he wants. He wants his life back. His death can be explained away easily enough as misinformation after a tragic accident. She knows no one will believe it, but they already have. They want to believe it, because the people of Blue Valley love him. He's lost a year of his life. A year away from his son, his parents, his work. He knows he can't get that time back, but he can put the past behind him, start over, and rebuild. He asks her to trust him, as he's a changed man. She's seen who he is - pure evil who will never change. He argues that he has, and asks who she thinks they have to thank for that. It's ironic, maybe, or fitting. Her daughter, Courtney, showed him it was possible. She believes in people in a way that he never did. Barbara knows he never will, but he insists that he wants to. He wants to wipe the slate clean. To show he means business, he's willing to help the JSA take down the Ultra-Humanite. She asks how he knows about that, and he pauses before admitting he's been watching Blue Valley for some time. That creature followed Sylvester Pemberton here. The Ultra-Humanite hated the ISA just as much as the JSA, because they refused to accept him into their organization. Barbara realizes that the Ultra-Humanite didn't freeze Crusher and Paula, it was Jordan. The man barely takes a second to respond. He didn't want to, he didn't set out to. They came in, and it happened so fast. It was terrible, but it can end there, all of it. He tells her to let him know when she's ready to accept his help against the Ultra-Humanite. He starts to leave then looks back at her, pausing at the doorway. It really is good to see her. He leaves the office as she stares after him, unnerved.

She goes home to tell Courtney and Pat about Jordan. Pat comforts her at the table while Courtney calls Starman to tell him about the Crocks and Icicle.

311 SC (134)

That night, Artemis stands in her room, pacing as she tries to stop crying. She picks up a kettlebell and holds it as she paces. She stands in the center of the room and takes a few deep breaths. She then whirls around and throws the object into the wall, shattering her certificate. She grabs the end of her bed and shakes it, screaming violently. She kneels on the floor, resting her hand on the bars as she sobs. Barbara walks in, calling out to the broken girl. She puts a hand on Artemis's back, telling her to come back over as she can't be alone here. Artemis lets out a choked sob as she falls into Barbara's comforting arms, sobbing.[20]

In the morning, Pat walks into Courtney's room and finds her sitting at her window seat. She can't stop thinking about Artemis and how alone she is. Sylvester wanting to take the staff and taking on Icicle himself - there's so much wrong with that. Pat agrees but Sylvester still thinks Icicle is his fight. Barbara enters the room, remarking it's everyone's fight. She doesn't care what Jordan says about wanting peace. He didn't kill the Crocks out of self-defense and needs to be stopped. Pat agrees with her.

Pat, Courtney, Barbara, Beth, and Yolanda convene at the table. Barbara asks how he took the staff from her. He asked Cosmo to come to him and she couldn't do anything about it. Yolanda wonders why it didn't come back. Courtney tearfully thinks it's because she's not Starman. Pat's going to go and get S.T.R.I.P.E. to try and intercept Sylvester before he gets to Jordan's. Beth says they need Rick and he needs their. Pat tells them to go talk to him and he'll check in later. He puts a hand on Courtney's shoulder, as he's really sorry. She tells him he didn't do anything wrong, and he leaves. She puts her head in her hand.

Courtney, Beth, and Yolanda prepare to leave the Whitmore-Dugan House to find Rick. Barbara asks them to call her when they do, leaving herself. Courtney opens the kitchen door to find Rick on the other side. He tearfully needs their help. The JSA convenes in Courtney's living room. Yolanda thinks he should take the hourglass off. Barbara offers to help him manage the pain if it hurts. Beth thinks her mom can help. He asks about Ultra-Humanite and Jordan, as they need him powered up. Courtney assures him they just need him healthy. He shakes his head, asking where Sylvester is, as he might know what to do. He knew about the limiter. He told him how to take it off, which surprises everyone. Beth did some reading. His father went through the same thing once and the JSA helped him through it. Courtney notes that Sylvester would know the dangers of the limiter, with Beth confirming Starman was there. If he was there, he knew what it would do to Rick. They question why he would tell Rick to remove it.[21]

A storm brews over Blue Valley as the JSA convenes in the Whitmore-Dugan House. Courtney reorients everyone that "Sylvester" told Rick about the hourglass's limiter, but he didn't warn Rick what happened to his father years before. "Mr. Pemberton" also told Beth to protect her parents. Courtney realizes that he was really getting her to do was push them away. After all the help they've given Beth, she knows that was a mistake now. "Sylvester" told Yolanda not to let up Cindy, so she never gave her a chance. Barbara wonders why "Sylvester" would purposefully give them all bad advice. One by one, the JSA realizes it was to keep them distracted, to break them apart, to weaken them, and Courtney morosely adds it was to take away their confidence. He took the staff from her and said she wasn't worthy of it. Barbara knows he's dead wrong, but Courtney questions why she couldn't bring it back to her. Yolanda thinks "Sylvester" might have wanted the staff for himself this whole time. Rick doesn't understand why he wouldn't just take it from Court in the first place, why he would wait. Barbara laments that they have to find Pat.

Courtney can't reach Mike on his phone, and Barbara's only getting Pat's voicemail. Beth relays that Zeek has S.T.R.I.P.E. fixed back up, but he hasn't seen Mr. Dugan since he went to the Mahkents'. Rick is ready to start there when Courtney's phone buzzes. She answers a call from Cameron, who tells her Starman is at the junkyard. He asks if she's looking for him and she questions how he knows that. He apologizes as his family is coming so he has to go. She tells him to wait, but he hangs up.

313 SC (98)

The JSA goes to the junkyard where they encounter Icicle, Ultra-Humanite in Sylvester's body, Cameron, Sofus, and Lily. The Battle of Blue Valley commences, and Stargirl hurries to an injured Hourman's side, checking on him. Icicle gives Courtney one last chance to pledge her loyalty right now. He holds out his hand, ice appearing. He's suddenly shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Everyone looks in shock to see Barbara a few feet away, lowering Paula's crossbow. She warns him to stay away from her daughter. Courtney questions her mom and Icicle pulls the arrow out. Barbara and Stargirl help Hourman to his feet, taking him away. Icicle calls it such a shame. She was going to be so perfect for all of them. Courtney and Cameron would have been together. He knows that he and Barbara could have reignited what they had. Cameron's face falls from behind his father, growing darker. Barbara, dumbfounded, shouts they never had anything. He tells her goodbye and summons ice, ready to shoot it at the trio. Cameron shouts out a no as he tackles his father, sending a blast of ice across the lot.

The JSA retreats while Stargirl and Barbara help Hourman to cover. Icicle tells Cameron not to do this, sending bursts of ice at his son, who dodges them with parkour while returning his own ice blasts at his father. The Whitmores sit behind a car, where they see Ultra-Humanite shoot another ray at Pat. Barbara tells Courtney the staff belongs to her. The teen desperately asks why it works for him, then. It's because Courtney thought it should. It's why "Sylvester" couldn't just take the staff. He had to make her believe it worked for him. Another explosion makes Courtney look over to the adjoining lot.

Stargirl ultimately takes back the staff, returning to help Cameron in his fight against Icicle. Cameron's power collides with Icicles' to form a cloud of snow, mist, hail, and ice. Icicle's face emerges from the cloud, screaming until it dissipates. Barbara, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wildcat, and Sofus look in surprise at what Cameron just did as the mist subsides.

One day after the fight, Pat and Barbara park outside Richie Rock's Diner, supporting Mike as someone should be inside. They'll wait outside if that's okay unless he wants them to leave. Mike asks them to wait, and they agree with a forced smile. Barbara wishes Mike luck as he gets out, walking into the diner and passed Maria. Mike's birth mother Maggie Shaw stands from the table by the window, greeting Mike. The duo takes a seat. Pat looks at Barbara and holds her hand.

Pat and Barbara watch as Mike hugs Maggie and then leaves the diner. Maggie waves goodbye to Mike and mouths a bye to Pat. Mike gets in the backseat and Pat asks him how it went. It was nice. It seems like she's got some stuff figured out, and seems like she's doing good. Barbara looks away and Mike notices. He thanks Pat for asking if he wanted to see her. Pat's proud of him, which makes Mike nod. He looks at Barbara and says, "thanks mom". She looks at him with an emotional smile. They love him very much. Mike looks between his parents, softly saying he loves them too. Pat nods and starts the car.

313 SC (196)

The Whitmore-Dugan's host a dinner party which the JSA, Chapels, and Young All-Stars attend. After seeing Beth and Rick with her parents, Yolanda walks into the hall and decides to call her mother. Barbara pauses when she sees Yolanda but ultimately heads into the kitchen. She asks Pat where Court is. He's sure she'll be home soon. They embrace in a side hug, looking over at their guests. Beth and Rick ultimately meet on one side of the table, while James pulls out Bridget's chair for her so they can sit. Yolanda joins Beth and Rick, wiping her tears. Beth gives her friend a side hug and a comforting smile. Barbara rests her head on Pat's shoulder, smiling.[22]


Barbara is an intelligent and kind woman who values her relationship with her daughter above everything else. She cares for her family and is devoted to her husband and has a desire to grow closer to her stepson, even attending his science fair. She gets excited when her family dynamic begins to grow closer and is happy at the prospect of Courtney making friends or forming a relationship with Pat. Barbara is also dedicated to her work and doesn't hesitate to speak up when she has the opportunity and values a positive repour with her boss, Jordan Mahkent, and appreciates that she is becoming increasingly more involved in the company.

Barbara is also seen to be a maternal figure to Courtney's friends as she allows them to celebrate Christmas with her family, though it appears she is closer to Beth as she has spent more time with her.

Despite her experiences with Jordan, Barbara still had some ounce of respect for him due to his work in preserving small towns. However, this is as far as that respect goes.

As a mother, Barbara is fiercely protective of her children and is willing to lay down her life for them when they're in danger. One example of this is when The Shade threatens to kill her and Pat and she tells him to kill her because she cannot live without her daughter.

Physical Appearance[]

Barbara is an attractive woman in her late thirties. She strongly resembles her daughter, Courtney. Barbara has shoulder-length curly blonde hair, blue-green eyes, tan skin, and a slim physique. She often wears light-colored tops or a bright shawl. Her clothes are both fashionable yet professional. She wears slim-fitting jeans. When going somewhere professional, she favors grey or black business jackets and dark dress pants paired with heels.


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Barbara was unaware of her husband's past as a member of the Justice Society of America until "Brainwave Jr."
  • Barbara has only ever been addressed as Mrs. Dugan by Beth when Barbara was being mentally manipulated by Brainwave.
  • Barbara's one-sided relationship with Jordan can be seen as a parallel to Courtney's relationship with Jordan's son, Cameron.
  • Barbara was named after Barbara Johns, the mother of Stargirl creator, Geoff Johns. This was confirmed by Amy Smart during the Stargirl DC Fandome Panel.
  • Barbara isn't big on formalities as she insists that Jennie call her by her name.
  • Barbara has long embraced being Mike's mother to the point she openly accepts him calling her, "mom". Actress Amy Smart made reference to this when she took over the Stargirl Instagram account.