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Everyone's mocking us now. But we Crocks don't forgive. And we don't forget.

Artemis Crock is a recurring character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

She is a star-athlete at Blue Valley High School, paving a name for herself as the first female quarterback at the school. She excels in sports under the guidance of her parents, who are secretly members of the Injustice Society of America. When she learns about her parents past, Artemis teams up with Injustice Unlimited to get revenge on the JSA for the part they played in her parents' arrest.

After many tribulations, the Crock family reunites, banding together to try and pave a better future for themselves, which includes Artemis' self-anointed candidacy to the JSA. Despite taking a dark turn after Larry and Paula's death, Artemis[1] becomes a hero and a member of the Justice Society of America.

She is the orphaned daughter of infamous star athlete Larry Crock and former BVHS gym coach, Paula Brooks.


Artemis Crock was born in 2005 to Larry Crock and Paula Brooks in Blue Valley, Nebraska. She was trained to be an intense athlete due to her parents' obsession with fitness. This made Artemis a talented football player, and once she attended Blue Valley High School, she became the only girl on the football team. Artemis competed in several sporting events around the country, including martial arts tournaments in Civic City.


Season 1[]

An enthusiastic Artemis sits with her fellow BVHS football team members in the cafeteria, and eagerly converses with them whilst standing.[2] At an assembly, Artemis sits with her parents. Principal Bowin speaks on BVHS' athletic department, earning a booming reaction from Larry and Artemis. While mingling, Artemis stands with her parents and is heavily praised by them for her athleticism. One of her parents note that she is going to be the first female drafted into the NFL.[3] In the days that follow, Artemis continues to socialize with her fellow football team players, ignoring her other students.[4]

105 SC26

While searching for recruits for the JSA, Yolanda suggests Artemis Crock, who is dressed in a green archer costume. Yolanda thinks Artemis would be a good fit since she is the best athlete in the school. Courtney admits that she thought about Artemis, but thinks that she's a little too competitive. Just then, Artemis viciously tackles one of the boys and begins to cheer alongside the football team about her tackle. Yolanda then agrees with Courtney and they move on.[5]

106 SC2

At football practice, Artemis masterfully avoids tackles and plays from her opponents. She scores a touchdown only to be slammed into a tackle by Brian Tanner Balloid. She is on her feet quickly and angrily points out that the late tackle is against the rules. He admits to having tackled her late on purpose. He remarks that if she doesn't like it then she shouldn't be on the team. She retorts if it's because she's a girl, but he claims it's just because she's a terrible player. As he's turning to leave she punches him across the face. This results in the coach benching her for the rest of the practice. She tries to argue that the tackle was late which the coach admits to, but he then comments that her attack was later than the tackle. She angrily storms off the field.

106 SC76

The following day after school, Artemis is sitting on the couch at home while her parents lie about having a date night and won't be home for the night. Artemis remarks that they never have a date night, but doesn't press the issue. She seems uncomfortable. Paula and Larry remind Artemis about doing a long list of exercises and her homework, noting that they would probably be back before midnight.[6]

Season 2[]

201 SC69

On the last day of school, Artemis vents to her athletic friends about her parents arrest. She believes the arrest is some bogus robbery charges from back in the day and is a total frame job. She notices Courtney staring at her from the lunch table and returns the stern glare. She twirls her hockey stick and swishes it through the air in Courtney's direction. Courtney grabs the hockey stick and flips Artemis onto her back, angrily asking what her problem is. Artemis is on her feet in a split second and snatches the stick back, as she was merely returning it to her friend. She rudely calls Courtney a blonde pinhead and storms off with her friends.[7]

Artemis visits her parents in their respective maximum security prisons. She complains about the foster home she was placed in as they serve Mac n' Cheese and don't have television football packages. She emotionally relays how much she misses them and wishes they could come home, placing her hand on the glass separating them. Larry and Paula both repeat their love for their daughter and ask her to give the other parent their love. Their visit is cut short by a rude guard, who mocks Artemis' parents for serving long sentences. Artemis is driven to school the next day by her foster mother, who loudly talks on the phone about how she isn't being compensated for six children and only five. Artemis complains about the lunch she's been packed, as there's no protein or fuel for her football tryouts. The woman doesn't care and threatens to cut-off the collect calls from the prison if Artemis keeps complaining. She stays quiet as she leaves the car, but angrily throws a football across the field at an unusually high strength and speed as she broods.

204 SC52

During breakfast at BVHS, Artemis scoffs at the lack of healthy options and interrogates the lunch lady for not having healthier alternatives. The lady flatly states that Artemis should have brought food from home then. From behind Artemis, Courtney Whitmore extends an apple as a gesture of good faith. Artemis questions what the apple is for, and Courtney admits that it's her apology for the misunderstanding with the hockey stick. Artemis glares at Yolanda and snaps at her for staring, reminding her that it wasn't long ago that Yolanda was the outcast. Yolanda brushes her staring off as also being surprised at the lack of healthy food. Courtney sympathetically brings up Artemis's parents being incarcerated, but Artemis becomes angry as she believes her parents are innocent. She crushes the apple in front of Courtney and storms out of the cafeteria, leaving Courtney and Yolanda unnerved.

That afternoon, she attends tryouts in front of a college recruiter. She underperforms which leads to frustration on everyone's part. She hears loud cheering from the stands and looks over, breaking into a smile when she sees her parents sitting in the bleachers with Pat Dugan. She begins to perform better until, unbeknownst to her, Cindy Burman uses Eclipso on Artemis to make her hallucinate her greatest fear. Artemis begins to see S.W.A.T. agents surround her parents with the order to kill being delivered. Artemis screams for them to stop and charges at the agents. She throws the drink cooler at one, not knowing that it's actually Brian Tanner Balloid, before flinging herself onto another. She begins to assault the agent as she screams about her parents innocence. She is pried off the agent by two members of the football team, only then seeing the person she tackled is Courtney Whitmore.

204 SC158

With tryouts over, Artemis speaks with her parents where they admit they aren't innocent of their charges and deserve the punishment they're serving. They share their love and the truth about their pasts before sharing a large, emotional group hug. Her parents then leave the field to break back into prison. Now angry and emotional, Artemis retreats to the locker room where she is told by the college recruiter that her temper poses too much of a risk for their program. She hangs up the phone on him and stares at a photograph of her family that's pinned to her locker. Cindy approaches her to apologize for her family, but offers her the opportunity to be a member of a whole new team - one that her parents were part of too.[8]

213 SC142

Artemis is sent with Isaac by Cindy to destroy S.T.R.I.P.E. Then she fight the JSA with her comrades. But after Stargirl destroys accidentally the Black Diamond, Eclipso is free. He kills Isaac and sends Cindy in the Shadowlands, Artemis escapes in time. Later, she retrieves her parents released from prison by Cindy to help the JSA to defeat Eclipso. Larry, Paula, and Artemis helped the heroes successfully defeat Eclipso. After the fight, Larry, Paula, and Artemis moved in next door to the Whitmore-Dugan House.

Season 3[]

Life in Blue Valley returns to a semblance of normalcy. The Crocks go jogging in the morning, continue their training, and Artemis returns to BVHS for her new class year. She eagerly slams her fists down on the JSA's table, proclaiming a "go team!" on her way past. Her football teammates question her actions as the table is full of nerds. She also confuses the JSA, who aren't sure why she did that. Meanwhile, Paula makes it clear to Barbara that Artemis wants to join the JSA, but hopes her and Crusher's past mistakes won't impact their daughter. She'll prove herself if need be.

301 SC (149)

An SOS from Beth brings the JSA together that night for a robbery at a warehouse. Shiv's presence annoys Wildcat and they begin to bicker. Stargirl cuts it off as they don't have time for squabble. She runs towards the gang, ready to fight, when Artemis leaps over a wall, donning a super suit. She takes out the gang alone, using several sports-related weapons, martial arts, and quick-wit. Shiv smiles proudly from the sidelines. Artemis cheers that it's her tryout, gloating that it's "bad guys 0, Artemis 1", holding her arms in the air in victory before running off. An astonished Stargirl looks at her team.[9]

One morning, Crusher, Paula, and Artemis suddenly arrive at the Whitmore-Dugan House. Crusher agrees with Pat - balance is important, starting with a balanced breakfast. He throws away the waffles as that stuff will kill him. Artemis cheerfully greets Courtney, presenting Quinoa and tofu bowls alongside Paula, who knows Barbara will love it. Larry tells everyone to pull up a chair as the whole family's on the program now. They join the family, ignoring the awkward tension that arises. Larry pulls Mike and Pat into a three-way hug and tells Mike to dig in. The boy laughs nervously and Larry stares him down, repeating for him to dig in. That afternoon, Artemis sits on a cafeteria table with her friends, laughing and smiling happily.[10]

One night, the JSA attacks the Mahkent family in their home, believing them to be the voyeurs who installed cameras in their homes, schools, and frequented places. Dr. Mid-Nite fights Sofus, who blasts her to the ground. She struggles to sit up as he advances. Suddenly, Artemis leaps through the Mahkent window and knocks Sofus down from behind using a bat. She groans over old people being gross. She helps Dr. Mid-Nite to her feet, only for Sofus to blast them both down. He clutches his arm, groaning in pain as he limps off. Artemis puts her bat over Dr. Mid-Nite, telling Chapel to hold on. She kicks off the ground and stands them both up in a single move. She tells the nerd it's time to go. Sofus fights Artemis as he flips her over his shoulder, breaking the arch of the hallway down. He limps off and sends a nonchalant blast of ice behind him that trips Dr. Mid-Nite.

By the time the girls recover, Sofus is pleading with Cameron to choose love and not hate. He then falls to the ground, clutching his arm. Wildcat, Artemis, and Dr. Mid-Nite enter the room. Cameron walks up to his grandma, sitting next to her. Courtney crawls over to the steps, managing to sit next to Rick. Dr. Mid-Nite reads that Sofus is having a heart attack. She decides to call her mom, who tells her that Sofus's heart has stopped. James reminds her about the gloves, which double as defibrillators because of their power. The suit will insulate her, she just has to get everyone clear. She sends a shock through Sofus then another, successfully reviving him. The man groans as Lily holds his head, relieved that he's alive. Wildcat and Artemis share a look. Cameron holds Lily's shoulder as they look down at Sofus. He looks over at Courtney, who is crying. She looks away as Hourman croaks out that he's sorry. When the carnage rests, Beth calls 911.[11]

The Crocks walk home from the Mahkents house after negotiating peace, happily interlocking arms. Crusher answers a facetime call from Artemis, while excitedly tells her parents that she got in. Crusher happily exclaims as Paula screams happily. Artemis continues that Mr. Morrison was at tryouts, and she's going to Nebraska University. The Crocks scream in joy, and celebrate the moment. Crusher creams out that their kid is the first female quarterback in college football history. Paula tells her that they knew she could do it. Crusher tells Artemis that he and Paula are on their way home and that they will see her soon, and that they are going to celebrate tonight. He kisses the phone. She tells her daughter that they love her so much, and Artemis returns the sentiment. They hang up the phone and the Crocks once again scream in joy. Crusher picks Paula up and hugs her tightly - they knew Artemis could do it. He happily sighs that everything's coming up Crock today. Paula, overjoyed, says that it is fantastic, it really is.[12]

When her parents don't come home that night, Artemis walks over to the Whitmore-Dugan House and pounds on the door. Courtney opens the door, surprised to see Artemis. She asks if Courtney has seen her parents.

Beth tells the team she picked up a signal from Sportsmasters mask. It's coming from under Blue Valley, and she thinks she's found an access point with the maintenance hole cover. Artemis lowers into the tunnel, with Beth telling her to wait up. Courtney, Yolanda, and Beth joins her in the tunnel. Yolanda asks where Rick is. Beth isn't sure as he didn't return her calls. Courtney shakes her head as they can't wait for him. Beth leads the trails as she scans the hallway. Yolanda wonders if the Mahkents did anything to the Crocks or maybe that animal did. If that white ape hurt her parents, Artemis is going to skin it alive. Beth's goggles pick up the signal being stronger. They're on the right path. They follow her down the hall and to a door. Yolanda suggests suiting up, and asks Courtney where the staff is. Sylvester has it as he's trying to get on the Ultra-Humanite's trail. Artemis rushes into the room, ignoring Courtney's attempts to make her wait. She calls out to her mom and dad, rushing into the room.

311 SC (68)

The room is full of monitors. They conclude this is command central for the peeping Tom, who can't be the Ultra-Humanite as this room is too small for a giant mutant gorilla. Beth spots remains on the floor covering the Sportsmasters mask. Courtney questions what it is, crouching next to Beth, who nervously reveals its human remains. Artemis lets out a breath as she picks up her fathers mask, trying to piece it together. She starts to sob and Courtney consoles her. Yolanda looks down at the sobbing girl who tries to gain her composure. She lets out a heartbroken scream that echoes through the tunnels. She emotionally screams again.

That night, Artemis stands in her room, pacing as she tries to stop crying. She picks up a kettlebell and holds it as she paces. She stands in the center of the room and takes a few deep breaths. She then whirls around and throws the object into the wall, shattering her certificate. She grabs the end of her bed and shakes it, screaming violently. She kneels on the floor, resting her hand on the bars as she sobs. Barbara walks in, calling out to the broken girl. She puts a hand on Artemis's back, telling her to come back over as she can't be alone here. Artemis lets out a choked sob as she falls into Barbara's comforting arms.[13]

In the morning, across town at Ripped City, Artemis dons her suit as she closes the blinds. She stands in the gym for a moment then picks up a pair of boxing gloves, holding them to her torso. She takes a metal bat out of her backpack and tightens her grip. She stares in the mirror as she wields it. Sylvester calls out from behind her. She asks what he wants, and he's just seeing how she's holding up. He asks what she's planning here. She's going to kill Jordan Mahkent. He knows every fiber in her being wants to find that Nordic freak and smash the smug look off his face. But there's a future her parents wanted for her, and it's not prison. If she wants to honor her parents, she should go to college and be the star they raised her to be. She's mad Jordan Mahkent that just gets a pass. He remarks hell no, because he's going to kill Jordan for her.[14]

The JSA goes up against Jordan Mahkent and the Ultra-Humanite, the latter of whom they learn has transplanted his brain into the body of the real Sylvester Pemberton, and had been fronting as him for nearly a year. The team goes to Zeek's Junkyard, with Dr. Mid-Nite hoping that Barbara can find Artemis. Hourman knows she will be here, since Icicle made her an orphan. Wildcat thinks she'll show up just when they need her. She wonders how Artemis always does that. However, Artemis doesn't partake in the fight, and doesn't attend the Whitmore-Dugan dinner party.

313 SC (216)

Three months later, in Copenhagen Denmark, Jordan walks down the street when he hears a woman whisper his name, Icicle. She lures him into an alley where he steps on a sticky substance that adheres him to the ground. He looks up to see Artemis standing above him. That goop he's standing on, that's petroleum jelly laced with rubidium, potassium, and azidoazide azide. Her dad put in his hockey pucks. It's highly flammable. She lights flare, musing that it even burns on water. This is for her parents. She throws the flare onto the substance. He watches in horror as the substance erupts in flames, creeping closer. He screams as his body tries to turn into ice to survive, but the heat is too intense and consuming. His body engulfs in flames as Artemis watches, tears in her eyes. She removes her mask to watch him fall to the ground. He's not coming back this time. She vanishes a few moments later, leaving Jordan's body to burn.

Ten years from now, in 2031, Artemis is a member of the Justice Society of America. The Shade gives a tour of the JSA museum to a group of tourists. He lists the names of each member of the JSA, including Artemis.[15]


Artemis is very competitive, driven and angry. She channels her anger into sports and athleticism, and isn't afraid to stand up for herself even if it means inflicting physical violence onto someone. Despite this, she is shown to deeply care for her parents and becomes emotional when they were imprisoned during a time when she needed them most.

In combat, Artemis is seen to have a dangerously reckless streak in the way she fights, employing explosive pucks at pointblank range not only close to her targets but also to herself as she engages them in melee.

Physical Appearance[]

Artemis is a pretty young girl in her early teens, with a round face, brown eyes, fair complexion and straight brown hair. She is incredibly fit due to the extensive workouts she does with her parents for both leisure and to keep her place on the football team. She has a lot of team spirit and wears BVHS merchandise frequently. When she isn't at school, Artemis has an extremely relaxed and casual sense of style; though she has been known to don military camouflage apparels from time to time.


She's the best athlete in the whole school.
310 SC (20)

Part of Artemis's awards

Artemis is extremely gifted in sports, taking after her parents natural athleticism. She's won several accolades for her teams, including "Blue Valley Tunnels Football - Most Improved Player", "Civic City Jiu Jitsu Tournament Champion", "Nebraska Athlete of the Year", holds the "Blue Valley Softball Single Season Home Run Record", the "Civic City Jiu Jitsu Tournament Red Belt Champion", and a soccer award from "Blue Valley High School All-District First Team".

  • Peak Human Condition: Following in the footsteps of her parents, Artemis is an athletic and fit individual. Her parents are adamant that she will be the first woman drafted into the NFL due to her prestige. Yolanda Montez, a promising athlete herself, deems Artemis as the best athlete in BVHS. Artemis herself stated that she was carrying the school's football team, her parents said she was their best player, Anaya Bowin introduced her as the team's "star player," and the Gambler said he would not dare bet against the team because she would take Blue Valley "all the way." Her father said she is the best in Nebraska and would be the first female quarterback in the history of college football, and a recruiter said she is incredibly talented.
    • Peak Human Strength:
      311 SC (131)

      Artemis lodges a kettlebell in the wall

      Artemis had the strength to knock Brian Tanner Balloid out with a single punch, throw a 40-yard pass, crush an apple in one hand, and later doing the same with her own phone. She was strong enough to parry off Yolanda's full bodily weight with only one arm, throwing and sending the new Wildcat overhead when Yolanda tried to descend upon Artemis with her claws out. When fighting Hourman, Artemis overpowered him several times despite his super strength giving him an edge that kept the two of them virtually at a stalemate. While grieving her parents, Artemis throws and lodges a kettlebell in her bedroom wall.
    • Peak Human Durability: Artemis also has impressive durability as she took several severe hits from Hourman in the same fight, but remained relatively unscathed. She did walk with a slight limp and favored her ribs.
  • Skilled Acrobat: Artemis is both dynamic and powerful in her athletic performance. She is seen tackling people at least twice her size on and off the football field. Once, she even hurled herself at Courtney and skillfully flipped through the air in a double twist as she took Courtney to the ground. She also showed an ability for parkour when she easily scaled up to the top of S.T.R.I.P.E. and then later the walls of BVHS in a fight.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Artemis is an impressive fighter with a skill for delivering multiple blows quickly. She overpowered the adult Pat Dugan, and fought on par with Hourman. She was even able to take down several members of the No Limit Gang on her own. She is the Civic City Jiu Jitsu Tournament Champion, and the Civic City Jiu Jitsu Tournament Red Belt Champion.
    • Skilled Weapons User: Wielding iterations of her father's weaponized sports equipment and mother's crossbow, Artemis displays superb balance and coordination. She demonstrates being able to pitch baseballs with some notable accuracy as well as shoot crossbow bolts in the same manner.
  • High-Level Intelligence: Artemis is an honor student at Blue Valley High School.


  • Short Temper and Impulsivity: Artemis struggles with anger issues and an impulsive nature in her civilian life, which is the escalated in her short-lived time as a villainess. She often rushes into battle with only a short strategy, using her athletic adaptiveness to get out of situations as opposed to thinking an attack through a skirmish from start to finish. Furthermore, Artemis has a proclivity for battle cries and victory poses in the midst of battle, giving an opening for foes to catch her off-guard. She is easily angered which causes her to lash out without thinking or distracted when presented with sensitive topics, like her parents' incarceration, leaving her vulnerable to attacks from a less impulsive opponent.


  • Artemis Suit: Artemis wore a super suit that paid homage to her father, Sportsmaster, with a few modifications for her preferences. She also donned sports-themed weapons in her fighting, such as a metal baseball bat, incendiary devices, and baseballs that she hand-throws at her opponents with superb accuracy.


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Notes and Trivia[]

  • This is the first live-action adaptation of Artemis Crock.
  • In her first appearance, Artemis is seen wearing a jacket with green accents. This could be a nod to the Young Justice incarnation of the character, who wore a green outfit during her role as the protégé of Green Arrow.
  • In "Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite", Artemis dresses up in a green archer costume.
  • Artemis is the second recruit of Cindy for Injustice Unlimited. The first is Isaac.
  • The Injustice Unlimited fight in BVHS was filmed with actress Stella Smith's stunt double in her place, since Stella was underage when the scene was shot. The Sportsmaster-esque costume was created partially to conceal the identity of the stunt double.
  • Artemis is one character who is genuinely an orphan along with Rick Tyler and Cameron Mahkent
  • She was accepted in Nebraska State and is the first female quarterback in college football.
  • She is the third JSA member to kill someone. She is preceded by Sylvester Pemberton, who killed Bruce Gordon, and Yolanda Montez, who killed Henry King Sr./Brainwave.

Comic Comparisons[]

  • In the comics, Artemis has a long romantic history with Cameron Mahkent, whom she eventually marries and has a daughter with named Isabelle.
  • Artemis' first appearance in DC Comics comes in Infinity Inc, issue #34 which is the same issue Cameron debuts. Both she and Cameron were members of Injustice Unlimited alongside their parents.