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History, and tradition are undervalued in favor of progress. But passing our ways onto the next generation for them to then improve upon, in their own way, that's what life's about. Legacy. My boy here is quite the musician himself, he'll be better than I ever was. A real savant. And a cute one at that!
Anaya to parents in "S.T.R.I.P.E."

Anaya Bowin is a character in The CW and DC Universe series, Stargirl.

Anaya is the principal of Blue Valley High School and the mother of Isaac Bowin. In secret, she was a member of the Injustice Society of America, having picked up her husband's former mantle of The Fiddler.

While she lacked her husband's skill with a fiddle she was thorough in her job as both a principal and a member of the ISA. She was often sent by Jordan to clean up the messes left by Sportsmaster and Tigress, her fellow teammates, and enemies.


At some point, Anaya married a man who held the first mantle of The Fiddler. Later, she took up her husband's mantle and his place in the Injustice Society of America. She also had a son named Isaac. Later, she became the principal of Blue Valley High School.


Principal Bowin sees Courtney shoving Henry King Jr. into a cafeteria worker, and swoops in and escorts her to detention. She also briefly chastises Cindy Burman for cursing at Courtney.[1]

The next day or so, Principal Bowin prepares for the BVHS open house. She gives a speech to the parents and students about how well the previous class did - landing in the top 1%. She speaks on the students being their future and talented, even her own son, Isaac Bowin. After her speech, she is seen conversing with other parents and students, mainly flattering her son Isaac.[2]

After a few days, Anaya visited the Blue Valley Medical Center and played her violin to a comatose Henry King Sr.. She waited for a minute after finishing before packing up her violin and leaving.[3]

106 SC51.png

Days later, Anaya texts Jordan Mahkent angrily telling him that "the gym rats are at it again", implying that Larry Crock and Paula Brooks had once again killed one of her football coaches. While confronting the couple, Jordan remarked that Anaya is growing tired of having to hire new coaches. The next day, Anaya introduces a new football coach to the team, albeit begrudgingly. She is later present at an ISA meeting in their headquarters, where Paula makes a snarky remark that Anaya's husband would have awakened Brainwave, unlike Anaya, who failed.[4]

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Sometime later at another ISA meeting, they are discussing the emergence of the new Justice Society and seeing as the members appear to be kids debate whether or not to reveal the truth about themselves to their own children. Anaya is firmly against the idea, stating that her son Isaac is too sensitive for their type of life. Paula replies by telling her she coddles her son too much. Later, she is seen attending the Homecoming football game and is followed by Courtney who hears her telling someone on the phone that she will try again to wake Brainwave from his coma. She then enters her office and disappears through a secret tunnel entrance.[5]

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Anaya was also present at several ISA's meetings, though she didn't have much to add to the meetings. She was, however, adamant about not telling their children their ISA business. She mentions that her son Isaac is too sensitive for this type of thing. Paula snidely remarks that it isn't their fault Anaya coddles her son, earning glares from Anaya. Jordan stops the bickering before it can escalate any further. He agrees with Anaya that their children should remain out of the ISA.[6]

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Anaya was walking to her office and noticed Isaac was there. She asked him what he was still doing at school, and noticed something was wrong. Isaac said that someone tripped him and tore his new jacket. Anaya told Isaac that his father used to get picked on for playing his favorite instruments, but eventually, they never bothered him again. Isaac asked why, and Anaya said that he took the and plunged the bow into one of their eardrums.

Anaya Bowin death.jpeg

Anaya later got a message from Jordan to help Tigress and Sportsmaster. She arrived at the Dugan-Whitmore residence and informed her ISA counterparts that Jordan had sent her to make sure they succeeded. Anaya has a plan to immobilize the JSA, which should make them impossible to miss even for the two of them. Larry comments that killing targets that couldn't move was no fun, and Anaya snapped that this wasn't about fun, calling them sadists. She pushes that she feels sick thinking about how their daughter will turn out. Anaya snaps that Artemis is a wild animal like her mother. Larry asks Anaya if she is saying they don't love their daughter, but Anaya turns to face Larry and says she is saying they are unfit to be parents. Anaya turns back to face Tigress, who kills her by shooting an arrow into her heart. Anaya falls to the ground dead, dropping her fiddle case beside her.[7]


Anaya's personality seemed to change depending on the situation and the persona she wanted to present. Under normal circumstances, she was the enthusiastic, if hard-nosed BVHS principal, showing herself to be strict when around students while she maintained a more approachable side during social events. She also showed a great deal of pride in her son and his musical abilities, happily boasting about them to other parents in a wide audience. However, when she was acting as the new Fiddler of the Injustice Society, she became almost completely emotionless and focused, almost never even uttering a word, letting her music speak for her.

She is notable for having reservations as an ISA member, being the one most wary when it became apparent that their old foes, the Justice Society, were emerging again in the realm of their power base; and despite their being comprised mostly of children, Anaya was most hesitant at involving Isaac in her cohorts' investigation into the new JSA, reminding the Injustice Society that they established keeping their progeny oblivious to their parents' criminal machinations.

Despite being an ISA member, Anaya despises Larry Crock/Sportsmaster and Paula Brooks/Tigress due to their recurring tendencies of murdering her football coaches when the coaches are involved with an unfavorable incident with Larry and Paula's daughter, Artemis Crock. This enmity is mutual as shown when Larry mockingly called her Mozart when she failed to wake Henry King Sr./Brainwave, and when Paula called her out for being too emotionally sensitive about her son, Isaac Bowin.

Physical Appearance

Anaya is a striking middle-aged woman of Indian descent with shoulder-length brown hair and a relatively slim figure. Generally, her attire consists of a woman's suit jacket, pants, and heeled shoes, with a heavy preference towards the color green.


  • Mind Control: By playing her violin, she could control the minds of those who listen.


  • Musical Knowledge: Anaya was a gifted musician and has instilled the need to be excellent at music into her son, Isaac. She was also a skilled violinist. Supposedly, her skill was such she can even use soundwaves to manipulate a person's brainwaves, such as when she attempted to do so to Henry King Sr.


  • Strong Will: Her powers only worked on people of little will.
  • Inexperience: While her skills were impressive, they are said to be inferior to her husband, the original Fiddler, suggesting she had less practice using her skills for villainous pursuits.


  • Fiddle: Anaya utilized what appears to be an ordinary violin when engaging in her criminal activities, though it is possible it is more significant.


Additional Season 2 appearances include being mentioned in "Summer School: Chapter Four" and "Summer School: Chapter Six".
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Notes and Trivia

  • Anaya was a member of the Injustice Society of America, having picked up her husband's mantle of The Fiddler.
  • The public and Isaac were told that Anaya's cause of death was a hunting accident given the nature of how she was killed.

Comic Comparisons

  • Anaya Bowin's green attire calls to mind the attire of the Fiddler from the comics. She also bears a resemblance to the comics character Virtuoso, an Indian woman who comes into possession of The Fiddler's violin.